"We tried to be better, but we aren't. I don't think anyone could last more than a week here if they weren't willing to do bad things." - Alba Reyes

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Student representative for the School Site Council Brian Calvert would be interested in this. More details to come when I'm not watching movies at midnight.

V5 Pregame Tournament!
Welcome to the site, yaksha!

Backup fighters:
1. Aidan Flynn
2. Jamie Snicket
3. Allen Blue
4. Samuel Milgram

Need a Track Team here!
Brian Calvert runs track. He's in.

Too late?
They're all lying, v5 started a few months ago. :|

My first SOTF
Nov 17 2011, 11:51 AM
Your characters are practically designed to interact with Laura. She probably would be one of Zack's former flings and probably doesn't like him for not pursuing a relationship with her. He probably would be one of the many guys suspected of being her baby daddy, but if it was a one time thing, it's probably not likely. Still putting him on the list.
Stop this. At least without actually asking.

Anyway, to be on topic, I suspect neither Brian nor Viktor would like Zack very much, due to his rich-ness and attitude. I'd have to think more on Mike, but possibly a friend or "bit on the side" for Tamsin?

Alternate Roleplay Ideas
I could see about helping on and off. Kinda forgot this was a thing.

'Second Chances' (Interest Check)
Just bumping this, and putting it on the record that if nobody else takes them I'll probably lean towards reusing Reeves and Nikki.

The Questions Game - V5 Edition
MK Kilmarnock
Nov 13 2011, 10:02 PM
Question: What's your idea of a perfect late-night snack?
Viktor: A bowl of chanko! Or some homemade ice cream, or whatever it is we cooked for dinner that day; we leave leftovers so there's more to eat over a longer period of time, saves money. And of course there's a good shake if you know how to make 'em. Long as the nutrients are there not every meal has to be whole food. Gah, and how could I forget... *he goes on to recite a whole list of food possibilities*

Mike: Um... I guess a sandwich or something?

Brian: I don't eat late at night; if I'm not asleep, I'm working.

Katherine: During or after the season? Something light but with a decent amount of carbs during, whatever I feel like after.

Question: How would you define a perfect, or at least successful, life?

V5 Pregame Tournament!
Spectators and commentary are allowed and encouraged! Just be careful not to clutter up threads too much.

V5 Pregame Tournament!
Backup fighters:
1. Aidan Flynn
2. Jamie Snicket
3. Allen Blue

V5 Pregame Tournament!
Backup fighters:
1. Aidan Flynn
2. Jamie Snicket

Additional IC info: In-character, the judges are probably fighters at the gym who have some spare time.

The Twelfth Announcement