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Character Injuries
Darnell Butler- Various minor cuts and bruises, minor slashing wound on neck.

Dante Cooper- Currently uninjured.

Nicole Husher- Currently uninjured, minor cold from exposure to elements (recovering). Stomach cramps from period (period has passed, cramps continue sporadically).

Adam Reeves- Various minor cuts littered on body, head cut open by blow to head with a rock (bandaged).

Freiheit unerreichbar
OOC: Thank you, I should've asked, sorry, I was in a rush. Edited.

Freiheit unerreichbar

After firing the six shots left in the first magazine, Adam had ducked back behind the tree instead of looking to see the results of his ambush, grabbing another mag from out of his pack and quickly reloading the weapon. He heard them on the other side, but that wasn't anything he could judge the success of his attack on. Fortunately though, there wasn't any return fire, which had to be a good sign. Either dead or at least no guns. Still, he had to at least scare them off, there was no other way to be sure they weren't a threat.

Besides, firing at someone with the intent to kill them is kind of crossing the Rubicon.

Adrenaline as it was, he didn't even notice the lack of the announcement, or the rising sun, or really anything but the noise of a fresh mag being placed in the gun and his own breathing. There wasn't time for any of that, it was kill or be killed. Fight and live, or hide and die. Bringing the gun up, he turned the corner of the tree again, aiming it at where he remembered the two to be.


Oddly enough, only one of them was still there, though she was kneeling on the ground. The other had disappeared. He hadn't heard anyone running, though. Had he killed her? The one standing up looked wounded in the arm, but there was no trace of the other. Still, there wasn't time to spare. Forcing down the weight it put on his conscience, he aimed at the remaining girl again and squeezed off a shot.

(OOC: Dante continued from Ratio Decidendi.)

Dante had been wandering through the jungle when he heard the gunshots, oblivious to what had been going on in the field only a matter of metres away from him until gunfire rang out. This aroused his suspicions, as he had been on edge ever since he'd left the caves way back when and there'd been no announcement, so he clenched his roundel tightly in a fist, put away the water he had been drinking (he'd made a point of trying to conserve his water supply, ample as it was, for when he really needed it, but he was really fucking thirsty), and headed off with packs over one shoulder and weapon in the other hand.

Becky, at last, we see each other plain...what the hell? Why's that song stuck in my head now of all times?

Shaking the odd thought and song out of his head, Dante was still slightly surprised to see Becky from the cave kneeling in the middle of the field. From the angle he was standing at, he couldn't see her assailant, but it looked like at least one of the gunshots had hit her, though he wasn't entirely sure. Before he could get a better look though, the next volley of shots rang out, causing Dante to wince and duck back into the treeline.

C'mon, Dante, do something. You call yourself a man, hiding here like some coward? You're no man, you're a mouse!

Every logical part of his brain told Dante to just run, leave Becky to be cut down by the shots and get out of there. Play to survive, play to win, damn everyone else. Still, even after having shoved her to the ground back in the caves some part of his conscience wouldn't let him just abandon her, even if she was probably gonna be cut down by the bullets anyway. Was it that he was actually a decent person under the asshole front? Maybe, maybe not. Fucked if he knew. Maybe he was just bored. What he did know was that he found himself dropping the packs to the ground and crouching, picking up a large rock with his non-weapon wielding hand as he ran out to the field.

"OI! Girl from the caves! You wanna get out of here alive or what?!"

The rock was tossed to further get the girl's attention, and another shot rang out, somehow missing Dante. Startled, Dante allowed himself to fall to the ground amid the flowers, crouching low and looking around while gripping the dagger, hoping to get a glimpse of who was firing. Now just to figure out where the shots were coming from, he'd already done something foolish, may as well pay for it.

"If ya can walk, make for the trees! Ten bucks says this asshole's focusing more on me at the moment!"

Another bullet struck the ground next to his hand, causing Dante to immediately shut up. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to bet on who was trying to kill who.

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Super Llama
Nov 13 2008, 08:20 AM
Heard this from another source, and I thought I'd post this here, since a lot of handlers here seem to frequent TVTropes.

'You can't go to any of the tropes, it will just send you to the main, hacked site. Do not even attempt going to it; it will attempt to run a script on your computer, and probably attempt to download viruses onto your hard drive.'

So yeah, it's probably best to steer clear of TVTropes for a while.

Another hacking, huh? Probably the same one who kept doing it over and over earlier.

Agree on everything Dan said but one: Technically, v2 hasn't ended yet because Bryan hasn't finished the endgame. :P But yeah, other than that, seconded.

The PM System
Nov 8 2008, 02:23 AM
It's because of the Jack O'Connor virus.

Don't ressurect an old thread about a problem that has been fixed just to say something incredibly stupid, please.

He's about to speak! Kamina Obama is about to make his accepting speech! It's starting! Nobody miss it!

McCain supporter, huh?

I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS! John McCain has stepped down! Barack Obama is our new President! The first black man in office, the winner by submission! There is hope after all, I LOVE you people! *hugs everybody* We have HOPE! Things will finally start to right themselves! I thought this would never happen! I have an affidavit to write, and I don't care! BARACK OBAMA HAS WON! Your winner by tap out, and NEW, President of the United States, BARACK! HUSSEIN! OOOOOOOOOBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAA!

Yep, just a bunch of spambots. Now shut up about it and wait for the staff to do the job of getting rid of them. Gods, you people are bloody annoying.

Removability of collars
Shut up about it, then.

Darkling Perhaps
Nov 3 2008, 12:14 AM
I think that's what's weirding me out the most. I can't find where they're all getting the She Bop link. I've looked for quite a bit, and it just doesn't make sense. It seems like it has to be a pretty influential site to give us a constant 20+ guests all checking out the lesbian scene.

And I read that scene, it wasn't too bad or unrealistic, even considering the circumstances. It was pretty hardcore though, so I'm guessing most of the guests are like Kyle said: Male.

I think it's more likely they heard about the topic, went to the site, and then found the topic. It explains why there seems to be half viewing the index and half She Bop. Anyway, since Guests can see this: GO AWAY, GUESTS!

I think he more means the fact that the thread would never end, and after a while just got absurdly inactive. And there's still a crazy amount of guests online, especially if they all showed up just for the purpose of jacking off to Jessa being raped with a vase.

I'd like someone to kill.
Do what everyone else does, and ask in PMs, instead of wasting our damn time with threads the staff has said NOT to make anyway.