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Round one, fight four; Bobby vs. Darnell
OOC: I'm sorry, but I really don't feel like formally wrapping this up, both in the lack of motivation sense and the fact that lately I've been too sick to think up a very good post. Just assume Darnell released the hold, was declared the winner and then went upstairs to relax and mingle for the half hour between rounds.

Round one, fight three; Brad vs. Melissa
OOC: I've gotten word from the other judges; Melissa advances. Wrap it up if you want, but otherwise good match.

Round one, fight two; Lance vs. Jessa
OOC: There's no rush.

Round one, fight one; Paul vs. Troy
OOC: Paul Smith advances. Wrap it up if you want to.

Everyones a Critic v2
That actually sounds interesting. Good luck with it.

Round one, fight two; Lance vs. Jessa
OOC: Well there you have it, folks. Lance Barrett wins by knockout. Nice match, both of you.

A collective gasp seemed to rise from the crowd when Jessa Vanallen's head smashed into the concrete floor of the Shooters basement. The girl had stopped moving, but as soon as she hit the ground Montezzo Valtieri moved in. Standing between Lance and Jessa, he knelt next to the fallen girl (ignoring the dirt that started to get on the pants of his suit) and looked her over. First bringing his middle and index fingers on his right hand to where her carotid artery would be, and then to her wrists, he checked for a pulse. Nodding silently when he found said pulse, he moved his hand up to Jessa's left eye and lightly pinched the top eyelid between his thumb and index finger, lifting it to open the eye. Leaning in closely, he carefully looked into Jessa's eye to check for any signs of consciousness in the young girl.

Nothing. She must've hit her head even harder than it looked.

Thinking this, he closed the girl's eye again and, after lightly slapping her cheek as a last check, slowly got up. While brushing the dirt off of his expensive suit pants, he casually walked over to Lance, who would hopefully still be standing where he was when he originally suplexed Jessa, and closed in on his side before the man could react. Then his left hand lashed out quickly and grabbed Lance's hand by the wrist before jerking both of their arms upward into the air, the typical victory gesture of a referee.

"It's a knockout! Lance Barrett wins!"

After saying this, Montezzo Valtieri detached himself from the victorious combatant, but stopped as he started to walk away, turning around again so he could talk into the former delinquent's ear.

"Nice fight, Barrett," he whispered, "I knew you still had what it takes."

He then briskly walked off into the crowd, and could be heard making orders to get Jessa some smelling salts and have someone check her for a concussion before taking her outside.

Notice: This round will be judged next Wednesday due to the timing of the tournament's start. Both of the next rounds will be in the intended Monday-to-Saturday timeframe. Thank you for your time.

Round one, fight four; Bobby vs. Darnell

That was the name of the game. Animals knew it, soldiers knew it, and anyone who had ever been in a fight knew it. Plans never went exactly as expected, and if you couldn't adapt you couldn't survive. In a fight, the winner was usually the one who was better at changing their plan on the fly. Knowing this, Darnell was not in the least surprised when he encountered resistance to his move. In fact, he would've been more surprised if it worked perfectly. While trying to resist the arm pull subjected to his right, which was mostly unsuccessful because of momentum, Bobby used Darnell's own pinning motion to pull Darnell forward. While the pin and armhold would still be applied, the whole exchange would now take a couple seconds longer. Also Darnell would find himself falling forward a bit.

Whatever Bobby was planning, it was the additional forward lurch of his upper body that would be the part where Darnell ended the counter. Relying on his downward momentum and the fact that he currently had Bobby's means of defense tied up he forced himself forwards even more than Bobby had intended, meaning he essentially dropped downwards at Bobby. This drop was headfirst, the top of the forehead--being the hardest part of the skull--rapidly falling towards the bridge of Bobby's nose. Like every other strike coming from Darnell, this would hit hard, and Darnell hoped it would break the nose outright. Regardless of the condition of Bobby's nose, Darnell would rear back slightly from the headbutt and bring his head down again. Once. Twice. Three times. Four times.

He seemed to be content at five headbutts, starting to return to a normal mount, but then the kick struck his back. Sent downwards again, Darnell sent yet another headbutt, which would have an even stronger landing due to the added force given by the fact that Bobby's kick gave his fall more momentum than his previous strikes. After this, Darnell finally let himself back up and went through the same move he had planned last time, ignoring the pain from the relatively hard kick as he pivoted after switching the hand that held down Bobby's arms like he had originally planned. This time, though, he quickly dropped to a sitting position while using both of his hands to pull up Bobby's left and then wrapped his legs around the arm near the shoulder and bicep. Tightly holding Bobby's arm to his own shoulder with his hands, Darnell then allowed himself to fall backwards.

The fall onto the hard concrete irritated his already sore back, but it was worth it to apply such a perfect armbar. Just like he had done to win a match in the previous year, he slowly started to push his hips upward against Bobby's elbow, also forcing that joint up. Still tightly holding on with both his arms and legs, he would continue this pushing upward for ten seconds in the hope that it would be enough time in the painful submission hold for Bobby to realize the danger and give up. If the desired tapout did not happen, Darnell would slowly lower his hips, and then immediately thrust them upwards again, up to three times if necessary. This would snap the arm like a wishbone, and the fight would surely be over.

I'm sorry to do this, Bobby, but the sooner I win the less damage you take.

Round one, fight four; Bobby vs. Darnell
Everything would have gone as planned for Bobby, having parried the second hook after removing almost all force from the first by blocking and then sending a right jab at his face, if he hadn't forgotten to take Darnell Butler's left hand into account. Darnell took part in his own boxing training from time to time, and thus knew to always keep the non-striking hand up to guard against attacks. Because of this, Bobby's punch was being sent right towards a location on Darnell's body that the wrestler was actively defending. Darnell would be sure to make Bobby pay for that mistake.

As the jab--which was more of a straight--approached, Darnell first acted by moving his head slightly back and to the right. At the same time as he dodged the punch, his left hand moved just barely to the left and shot forward, grabbing Bobby's arm hard just below the wrist and almost instantly pulling to the right while his right hand grabbed his left and pulled it down. The result was that Bobby's right was stretched across his body and pinned over his left arm at around the bicep/elbow joint. This quasi-hold would put strain on Bobby's collarbone and the shoulder area, meaning it would be rather painful and the perfect setup for the next part of his move.

Starting things off by taking his left arm off of Bobby's, he immediately replaced the left arm with the right as he temporarily rose slightly and stepped to the left, pivoting and bringing his knees down in a very quick movement before Bobby would have the chance to capitalize on his brief freedom. His right knee would be on Bobby's chest, but the left rested square on his throat, forcibly driven down by Darnell's own body weight. The positioning of his knees was designed as to constrict Bobby's breathing while also reinforcing his hold due to the fact that Bobby's right arm was currently underneath him. With both the choke and the hold taken care of, as Darnell's right was still pinning both of his opponent's arms, Darnell would bring his left hand up after forming it into a fist and promptly bring it down into Bobby's face in a barrage of quick and powerful hammerfists.

Meanwhile Montezzo had noticed their situation and moved to Bobby's right, closing in and positioning himself to give himself the best view. It would be clear to anyone watching by taking account of his body language that the referee was ready to stop the fight if Bobby proved unable to defend himself against Darnell's assault.

Well, as I said before, part of the point of me setting up the tourney in the first place was so people had a convenient way to practice their RP skills in an interesting manner (because, as Cyco said, Pregame might be great for character stuff but most of the time it's just boring, both to write and read). Either way, let's try not to count the chickens before they hatch, aye?

Round one, fight four; Bobby vs. Darnell

Darnell's trick was somewhat more devious than he was comfortable with, but it did seem to work. The whole time he had been waiting for Bobby to move he had also been making very small, nigh un-noticeable movements forward, sliding both legs slowly in order to just barely close the distance at a pace slow enough that Bobby would have had to specifically look for the signs to spot it. It was a trick he had been taught when he first joined the wrestling team, a way to subtly shift one's position without giving away intent. The main advantage was that it looked more like the person using it was adjusting their balance than actually moving. It had worked quite a few times in the past, so he had thought to try it with Bobby.

Therefore, Bobby was already easily in range for a quick dash by the time he started his assault. Jacks had one thing right though, Darnell hadn't expected a boxer like him to start the fight by throwing a kick. Still, he wasn't caught completely off guard as he saw Bobby's right leg raise for the kick; he had dealt with kicks before. Indeed, as soon as he saw the telltale signs of a kick being prepared part of his mind had gotten to work processing several different possible responses to the attack. In the end, he decided on the simplest; a charge.

It was indeed quite simple; relying on his dash speed and the relatively close proximity between the two fighters, Darnell would rush forward at Bobby as the kick was being set up and thrown while also ducking down slightly as he had done before. The kick wasn't as fast as it could have been due to Bobby's bulk, and Darnell didn't need to be that close for what he was about to do anyway; those two factors coupled with Darnell's impressive dash speed, as many people forgot the constant drills and practice in both football and wrestling made him almost as fast as he was strong, and he arrived at the "target" in practically a split second. As soon as he did so, his left arm hooked around Bobby's leg above the knee and lifted it up in order to trap it against Darnell, slightly above his hips. This meant that Bobby's kick still technically hit, though rather harmlessly as the act of taking hold of it and forcing it against his side removed a good deal of the force from the blow, but the point was to unbalance Bobby--if he had wanted to defend against the kick itself he would have done something else.

That was where the next part of the attack came in. He didn't run much further after seizing Bobby's leg, but still continued to push forwards into/at him. Planting his own legs so they could serve as a sort of base, he essentially pushed his upper body at Bobby's gut area with his forearm placed diagonally in front of his head, basically using the momentum of his upper body and the bone/muscle of the forearm to ram Bobby. The logic was that with the sudden loss of balance (Bobby's leg being trapped) and the amount of force pushed against it, the boxer's body would be forced in the only possible direction; backwards, and down, crashing onto the concrete floor of the basement with Darnell on top. The whole move would take a second, at most.

Quickly moving himself into a mount, Darnell would immediately thereafter try to take advantage of what he hoped would be a small window of opportunity, perhaps a couple seconds or so, where Bobby might be stunned from the hard fall by sending a quick but powerful combination of two short right hooks to the other boy's left temple. It was nothing personal, he just knew he had to keep Bobby tied up in order to win.

OOC: Sorry I took so long, I spent almost literally all day playing a videogame and still spent a few hours deciding just what to do. If the wording seems awkward it might be because I've been without sleep since roughly twenty four hours ago and just wrote how I thought the move would work. Still, if you want clarification you know how to reach me.

Round one, fight four; Bobby vs. Darnell
((Continued from What's in the Past is History))

Though he had had the chance in the past, Darnell had never really been in Shooters until this day. Nevertheless, it hadn't been hard to find; every self respecting Southridge student knew where it was, and if he hadn't Montezzo would've offered directions anyway when he signed up. As he pulled into the parking lot of the bar/restaurant Darnell allowed the irony of his signing up for an underground tournament to sink in quickly. He used to be one of the tough guys of the school, but had mellowed out quickly; nowadays he never really liked to fight, especially since he had been keeping himself on a relatively short disciplinary leash. Apart from that, he just hated the idea of hurting people these days. So, one might ask, as he did while going through the front door of Shooters and heading through the crowd to the basement door and the big man guarding it, why was someone like him in a fighting tournament? In reality, he wasn't too sure at first.

I suppose I just did it because I felt like it at the time.

He had been paying more attention to his thoughts than his surroundings at the time, and thus barely noticed when the bouncer (was he a bouncer? Darnell didn't know, but wouldn't be surprised), after taking a look at the black man and checking a clipboard, waved him through. Regardless, he walked through the door and started to descend down to the basement pool hall where Montezzo said the tournament was being held. Really, the year had been piling on the stress so far, and Darnell Butler had needed an outlet for it all. Sometimes working out just wasn't enough. Not only that, but Montezzo had asked him to participate as a favour between friends, and Darnell wanted to be sure he hadn't gotten rusty since the last time he had been in a real fight anyway.

Just like Bobby, Darnell noticed how hot and muggy the basement was as he finished going down the slightly creaky stairs, the clamour of excited patrons (both fighters and spectators) ceasing as they noticed his arrival. The basement was normally Shooters' pool hall, but Darnell noticed upon looking around that Montezzo and the rest of the Shooters staff, some of whom were in the crowd, had mostly cleared out the tables and other billiards equipment. Understandable, they had to make room for the fighters. They were still all over the place, but there was a specific area near the bulletin board with the brackets written on them cleared out, probably the designated fight area. He'd head over there in time, but in the hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants he currently had on the basement was stifling (it had been rather chilly outside, so he had worn them over his planned fighting outfit). To take care of that, he swiftly took them off, leaving him in his classic black T-shirt and shorts combination, and placed them on a nearby table. Memorizing their location so he could come back to get them after the fights, however many he had, he found himself moving over to the large piece of paper on the bulletin board to find his matchup, the sneakers making a light scraping noise on the concrete.

You're fucking me...

His heart nearly sank when he saw just who he was fighting. His first opponent was ace boxer Bobby Jacks, the very one he had had a standoff with at the Bonfire earlier in the year...one of the few people in the school he didn't think he could stand up to in a fight. Still, he would have to try his best. He didn't need the money offered as a prize like he figured people like Brad and Lance did, and he wasn't here for pride either, it was just something to do. He supposed it was an interesting matchup anyway, the classic boxer vs. wrestler fare. Finally finding Bobby among the sea of faces as he stood on a spot in the designated fighting area, he would wait for the boy to step forward while flashing him a mild grin. Judging from Bobby's added bulk, it looked like Darnell would have a speed advantage at least. Once Bobby got close enough the crowd would start to form a sort of ring around them, and in his peripheral vision Darnell spotted Montezzo's suited figure stepping out, ready to act as referee.

"Heh, boxer versus wrestler, just like the old days," Darnell said with a bit of a laugh, "well, good luck Bobby. First move is yours."

With that Darnell would sink into a small crouch, raising his hands so that his right was at his chin and his left a bit in front of and below his left eye, both elbows down and over his torso. This would allow him to have a pretty solid defense while waiting for Bobby's move.

Who knows, maybe I'll actually pull this off.

Round one, fight four; Bobby vs. Darnell
If it's alright with Clueless, I'd like him to post first.

Round one, fight three; Brad vs. Melissa
Let's get started.

Round one, fight two; Lance vs. Jessa

Round one, fight one; Paul vs. Troy

Understood. That clears everything up, then. Remember, people, fights are goin' up soon.

Alright, that makes eight, everybody. Since we're now even, and I doubt many if any more people will join (all three judges were forced to become participants so we'd have enough people, not a good sign), I'm afraid I'll have to cut the tournament short by closing registrations at this point. I thank those of you who joined, and for those that missed it they're perfectly well allowed to watch, and maybe join next time if there is one. Keep your eye on the Shooters forum so you don't miss the fights going up (I'll probably start things up on Wednesday) and the introductory post.

Man Is Tasered to Death In Vancouver Airport
When one keeps misreading the topic title as "Man is toastered to death in Vancouver Airport" it is suddenly much harder to take seriously.

I have that taken care of; an outside party who can judge a tied up fight.