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V6 Facemaker!
You have it now.

V6 Facemaker!
I chat PMed you Rod's current completed description a while ago. I can send it again if you need it.

Also technically I changed Kaylee's hair colour to black but I don't care.

V6 Facemaker!
I think you have three of my characters' appearances if you want to try them.

Hello! I can draw something for you if you'd like
You don't need to draw an actual background, just turn it a different colour or something for this pic so he doesn't blend into it.

Hello! I can draw something for you if you'd like
Could've maybe coloured the background a bit, the white on white (with his shirt) doesn't come out very well and makes him look pretty weird. Other than that, good work.

Or has she.

General Video Game Discussion Thread
There's a lot of fan art for a game only out a month

Kingman info thread
It's not really information per se, but for the three or so people still doing pregame, I thought this photo series could be cool to look at.

Kingman info thread
Thanks for bumping the thread! I've kind of dropped the ball on hunting down more Kingman info, partly because I'm not sure what people are interested in.

New Official V5 Away Thread
You know, this isn't really a v5 away thread any more.

Base and Bastardly Ballers We Be!
It looks like Fiori's dropping, so the slot his character was filling is open again.

Is it too late for friends?
I'm trying to remember what we've discussed. Are you still around? I've seen you pop in on and off.

V6 Critiquing Chain
Well, yes; the question was if people who don't yet have a character are allowed to critique or should sit out until they've got someone done.

V6 Critiquing Chain
Can critiques be done by people who don't have profiles done yet?