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Challenges for V6
I accept the challenge but am not sure what you mean with the distinction between a fighting/martial art. Did you mean a martial art/other sport?

Challenges for V6
Well you threatened to "slap the fuck out of" me in chat if I didn't ask for a refund, so... here we are? Consider it a bonus challenge maybe because I've already incorporated a lot of your first challenge into one of my v6 concepts and I'm going to test drive it at least through pregame.

(For the record, initial challenge: Introverted, unathletic nice girl, where "unathletic" means "her idea of exercise is going up a flight of stairs quickly".)

MW's Tiny Critiques: Strength/Weakness
Max I guess.

General Video Game Discussion Thread
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Birthday Threads and Security
Yeah, I'm fully on board with this extra measure, I was just also taking the opportunity to draw attention to aforesaid lacking security options.

Birthday Threads and Security
Yeah, I guess where I'm coming from is this would make it harder for non-members to doxx people, but we don't have any in built protections from members who might be inclined (this is purely hypothetical, nobody is being alluded to) aside from "we will be very cross with you."

Birthday Threads and Security
Yeah, it was a stupid question once I thought about it. But in that case, what's stopping a handler who's especially angry at another from doxxing them anyway?

Birthday Threads and Security
Pardon my ignorance, but what makes a birthday in itself so easily identifiable? Lots of people are born on say, March 3rd.

Wiki Tropes
I don't see the point when we already have a page on that bloody site.

Read the thread, it'll become pretty clear what's being needed and done. Minis will probably be represented as Australian promotions but there's enough room in the game world for me to scatter workers in a bunch of places I think. V1's promotion is entirely done, though you might notice that not every character is there so feel free to whip up some bios like in that post for some of the others, if you don't know if someone's already in the database PM me and ask. Elena put up a breakdown of some of the major companies of the game world, which should help in whipping things up. But yes, S.O.T.F (the v1 promotion) is the only 100% finished company so there's a lot of room.

EDIT: Of course, some of this is going to end up changed up to account for v5, but I'm sure I can make room. And if anybody is good at making icons, logos, title belts or the kinds of character renders TEW 2013 uses, those would all be extremely helpful - probably moreso than just writing up the characters, honestly.

So just shy of four years later, I've taken over this project from Elena! Any help with bios, icons, setting ideas etc. still useful.