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NaNoWriMo 2012
Not sure I'll do NaNo proper, but I have an idea for a film noir kind of novel set in a university that I might use this as an informal prompt for.

Going into semi-Away status. Sandy's rolling in and I don't entirely know what'll happen; if there's a power outage or anything, I'll be unable to get on except at school because my laptop can't really hold a charge any more. This is just to let people know what's going on in case I suddenly vanish - hopefully I'm not dead, just without power for my laptop. :P

I Hate Free Study
(Here's something quick 'cause it's all my fault this thread stalled out.)

Whoa, suddenly people everywhere. Some random nervous kid, Cody, Owen, and Rose, from track. All of them piled on while he was still picking up the nervous kid's stuff; not that he was complaining about the distraction, but bloody hell, give a man a moment to react. Mike gave a bit of a wave to the newcomers as he gathered the last few books and papers that'd assailed him, sliding them back over to Nervous Kid. What the heck was his name?

"Here y'go, man, don't worry about it. You okay?"

That last was said with a raised eyebrow. Poor kid looked like he wanted to sink into the floor, or at least run for his life.

He looked like Mike might have looked faced with a big-name footballer, years back. Before the change, and the confidence, and becoming what he'd once shied away from. Had he really become the kind of guy people feared? He held the kid's gaze for a moment longer before acknowledging everyone else, with a bit of a shrug.

"You guys all as bored as me, huh?"

Regular party over here.

MK's Game Concept! (Contrast Wing)
I expected him to look more blob-y somehow, but I like the lion-scorpion thing he has going.

The locker room. A place of blood, mud, sweat and hijinks.
(I'm a fail! Here's something quick to get things rolling again)

"Sure, sure."

It was a little non-committal, but it was hard to be entirely dismissive as he felt his stomach begin to gnaw at itself, even with Miles. Mike preferred making a little something for himself, but the Diner was good, and in the throes of post-game hunger he rarely felt like being super picky. Long as it tasted good, wasn't poison and had plenty of protein. Body needed the fuel to repair itself after all, or all the toil was for nothing.

Cody's failed joke had drawn a mostly good-natured roll of the eyes, while a tired sigh escaped his lips at Ethan's predicament. Some people just didn't stop screwing around. He'd help him find his stuff in a second, if he didn't manage it on his own. Michael needed a moment to cool, to start looking at the world outside of the gridiron again, so he plopped down on a bench near Cody.

"Miss anything?"

Michael Eastmund
Figured I'd give this subforum a shot in the arm while I'm writing posts instead of important schoolwork that'll determine my GPA and academic future 'cause it's week 10 of 16 in this semester next Monday. The only character I have so far is Michael Eastmund, though I'm hoping to get my next few done soonish, so I figured I should drop by and ask how people think I'm doing.

The only thread I've got to post with him in to a substantial capacity is here, though for completion's sake I have posts in these threads if anyone wants to thumb through.

MurderWeasel's Post Clinic
Just checking in, are the critiques still a thing? Know you've been busy with stuff so just wanted to see if everything was still good.

V2: How It Could've Been
Hey guys, ever wonder what Kaishi originally had planned for this site after v1, before the whole revolution thing went down? Well, I'm still an admin on the long-dead V1 site, and she posted her original concept for version two, and the direction the SOTF world would have taken. I remembered it was still sitting there collecting dust, so I thought I'd put it in a gdoc and have it here for people to look at, to see the direction we almost took things - personally, I think it's for the better we didn't, but it's still an interesting thing to look at.

You can find the doc here, though there's bits missing and not wholly filled in, and we actually kept some on - the test runs, for example. That said, can't say for sure how much is still current - probably almost none of it. Have at!

Unto the Breach
Michael was unaware of Amy's apparent ability to read his thoughts, which was probably for the better. As much as they'd joked about one or the other being a psychic, the idea of his mind being an open book for someone to peruse at their leisure, even if it were her, was damn creepy. He held too many secrets too close, too many weaknesses and private things he wanted to stay that way, for literal mind reading to sound like fun.

But speaking of fun, he was fairly certain that was the goal for tonight. Sort of the Class of 2012's last stand, just not as literally as in previous years. Leaving the house and leading the way down that stone walk with Amy, he idly wondered what security would be like. Hopefully not too intrusive; he'd heard rumours of SWAT teams on standby for proms and police escorts for senior trips in the past few years, and that was for the schools that didn't just cancel them, but with SOTF having been gone so long that would just be extreme. Not to mention way too much of a mood-killer.

'Course, if something that huge were going to be set up, mum probably would've said something about it, wouldn't she? That or made sure Aurora got one of the "SWAT team hanging around" proms, but he really hoped she wouldn't go that far. They deserved this night, at least. High school had been a battle every day, and it was finally just about over; even if it was just one night without worries, one night of having fun and maybe getting a small glimpse of his father's world with its formality and brushes with high society, it'd be worthwhile.

"So yeah..." He leaned against the wall, going for casual without looking like he was trying to look that way. Hopefully Amy couldn't hear his heart pounding in his ears. "We've known each other a while now, and I really like you, so I was wondering if you'd like to go to prom with me?"

The walk to his car somehow felt too long and too short at the same time, the somewhat cool Pacific air pressing down on them as he opened the passenger door for her - obviously she could've done it herself, but it was the principle of the thing. At least it was a nice car, a black '99 LeSabre tuned up so it ran like it just came off the line, and coupled with a comfortable red interior that complemented the outside without looking garish. They'd joked before that the red was so the blood wouldn't show up if and when he ended up dealing with that one douchebag ex of hers. What the hell had his name been, Maxwell? ...No, Maximillian, he remembered now.

Sometimes it was hard telling one douchey rich kid from another, but that kid really did need a punch in the face. Too bad Mike didn't need an assault charge with his hands registered. Maybe one day, he thought as the Buick roared to life, as if wondering who dared disturb its slumber.

He started backing down the drive, and hoped traffic wouldn't be too bad and nobody'd end up punched in the face tonight.

V4 Read-A-Thon: The Reboot
Can I put Hilary back into the list and get rerolled?

V4 Epilogue: OOC and Discussion (Epilogue is now complete!)
I'd go for it. He seemed like he was gonna be pretty interesting. But any more on the matter ought be a PM, kinda off topic.

V4 Epilogue: OOC and Discussion (Epilogue is now complete!)
Make those other two v5ers in your sig then!

V4 Epilogue: OOC and Discussion (Epilogue is now complete!)
I the only one who thinks this is a really good song for the end of v4?

Plastic Hammers: V4's Finally Done Edition
Oct 17 2012, 04:21 PM
What else would you like to share? Anything goes! I just want to say how excited I am for v4.

Unto the Breach
(So this delay is my fault, I'm made of fail. Here's something quick to get the thread moving.)

So it was. He wouldn't mind hanging around and getting to know the Bachelors or something on a normal day, but this was prom. Arriving a bit early would be nice, especially to beat parking and the glorified taxis, and arriving late? Unthinkable. Prom would never come again, and he'd never see most of the people there again once graduation came.

Funny, four years ago this part of the year would've been something to dread. Not just because of the end of what had been their whole world for almost half a decade, but... part of his mind remembered those sick games. All the futures destroyed, the corpses piled up on the screens, the silent tension every year as everyone wondered who would be taken next. When it'd been Tom's turn to go through all this, their parents had barely let him go to prom, and the senior trip was out of the question, just in case the terrorists weren't as gone as everyone thought.

But they were gone. It had been four years, Mike's entire high school career, without a sign any of them were even still alive since the last incident. They were ghosts of a past that couldn't hurt anyone any more, and they weren't going to stop him and Amy from having a good time. His eyes wandered for just a moment as Amy said goodbye to her mother and sister, but didn't linger long enough to be disrespectful - hopefully, nobody even noticed. Then it was time to go, Mike's decorum failing him as he found himself unsure what to say to Amy's family, settling for a quick bow of the head.

"It was great meeting you all," he said, before turning to Amy with the most charming smile he could muster. "Shall we, then?"

He offered his arm, and with that he would lead her out.

V4 Epilogue: OOC and Discussion (Epilogue is now complete!)
Really partial to the bit where she goes back to the island. It just seems like a nice touch to me.

V4 Epilogue: OOC and Discussion (Epilogue is now complete!)
Do we get a wrap party?

Edit: Also, good job on making someone who's honestly pretty bloody unlikeable (or can be at least, and admittedly Kim wasn't my first winner choice) without turning them into an outright monster/cartoon character.

V4 Epilogue: OOC and Discussion (Epilogue is now complete!)
As an initial impression, didn't like the bit with Natalie. Too speech-y, felt unnatural. Still gotta get through the rest though.

V4 Epilogue: OOC and Discussion (Epilogue is now complete!)
How close is the epilogue to finishing? It seems to be starting to drag just a little bit.

V4 Epilogue: OOC and Discussion (Epilogue is now complete!)
Why did you even do it that way. What's wrong with one doc everyone workin' can see.