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Somebody please kill Shane.
Why not do both? You could bring him into Cause and Effect and have the "something" that happens be him slowly keeling over from the sickness and stuff.

Somebody please kill Shane.
If you don't want to start posting with him again, kill him yourself.

Cause and Effect
OOC: Gah, it's taken FOREVER to find a good place to put Nicole. That + Writer's block + this computer WON'TSTOPFUCKINGUPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH = I'm not a happy RPer. Also, there's the aforementioned things I have mentioned in away which frankly mean at the moment I more want to curl up and die than actually roleplay, but I'm just doing this to save my characters. I hope you people don't mind.
Nicole Husher (Female Student No.77) was of two minds about the fact that she had already lasted a week into the game, further than almost half of the class, to say the least. On the one hand, she was relieved to still be alive and healthy, but she couldn't think about that without the reminder that as far as she could tell almost ninety people had been killed. Ninety people! No matter how smart she was, it was a hard concept to wrap her head around. Just how many of her classmates had been on that bus, anyway? Her bag had said "Female Student No. 77", so probably a lot. She knew that nobody who'd been on that bus had escaped, though the students who were on other busses hadn't been taken it seemed, but she couldn't put her finger on just how many that was. She hadn't exactly taken count, and the sheer scale of the game overwhelmed her. Even now she could barely believe it was really happening, it seemed like a nightmare to be cliché about it. Not that she liked being cliché, but it was the first thing that came to mind.

Could I have saved any of them?

Maybe it was a little naive to think that if she had been more active at the start of the game she could've saved any of the dead students, especially since the sheer size of the island and the number of people playing the game made it so the odds of actually finding people who weren't killing were against her, but nearly eight days of the game hadn't quite beaten that out of her. Maybe it was just her guilty conscience; when she'd woken up in some remote part of the cave system (apparently undiscovered by the other students, since she didn't see any classmates until she had left) at the start of the game she had been too afraid to leave, and had stayed hidden in that little nook until the caves became a dangerzone and she had to get out on pain of her neck being blown out. She liked her neck, she didn't want it blown up, so she did what any non-suicidal person would've done; freaked the hell out and gotten out of there.

Of course, if there had been a choice (aka, the cave system hadn't turned into a stay-here-and-you-will-explode zone) she wasn't sure if she'd have preferred to stay in there or not. At least there she'd been well hidden enough that after a while she wasn't worried about killers finding her, and her eyes had even adjusted to the dark (though her flashlight helped even before that). Of course, even beyond that she couldn't help but have been relieved had how few cameras there had been in that cave, as she had always been proud but very self-conscious of her body and status as one of the "hotter" girls in the school and was very uncomfortable with the thought that people from all over the world could be tuning in to get their rocks off to her, whether taking care of every day business or just sitting there crying from fear as usual or-


As she walked through the jungle path, her gait natural if frightened instead of the hip-swaying and attention grabbing strut Alessandra had encouraged her to adopt in order to show off her assets (sometimes Nicole wondered if the other woman understood that she didn't necessarily WANT everyone looking at her "assets", just because she had such a busty/curvy figure didn't mean she liked being gawked at, though she had caved and put a bit of Alessandra's swagger into her step on the day of the trip along with dressing down.), a whimper of pain interrupted her thoughts, a hand moving to her stomach as she descended to her knees for a second, taking in deep breaths and by now not really being embarrassed by the filthiness of her jeans and trainers or the fact that her v-neck was soaked entirely though, not only dulling the once vibrant yellow colour but turning into what she had always called a "shirt in name only".

It had become so saturated by the rain that it had turned paper-thin (Nicole was actually very careful about how she placed her hand out of fear of ripping the shirt) and clung to her body enough to basically show almost everything a shirt was supposed to cover, to the point where her skin could clearly be seen through it, when she had first noticed it she had suddenly found herself even more relieved that she had blown so much money on a custom made/fitted bra, since at least then she had some modesty and comfort (most didn't fit that well, and going without never failed to be a cause for extreme back pain), but it was still embarrassing to think that she was so exposed when there were cameras everywhere. She did have a few changes of clothes in her pack, but had been trying to find shelter so she could do so inside where it was warm, dry, and there were at least not as many cameras around so she didn't feel like every pervert and his dog was leering at her from the other side of a TV.

However, as she winced and breathed sharply, her stomach cramping up terribly as she tried not to cry out any more than she had, she didn't really think about any of that. She had been one of the few SOTF contestants unlucky enough for the game to happen during her period, and even though she had brought along everything necessary to address that since she knew she'd be on her period during the trip that was supposed to happen, she had always had trouble taking care of it with the feeling of being watched. In the cave she could just take something and cover the few cameras, but out here it wouldn't have been possible. It had stopped something like three days ago, but she still dealt with the cramping. She was still attractive, but overall she was a mess, her hair starting to be tangled and matted from so much time in the jungle and rain along with parts of it actually straightening from the curls so that it just looked inconsistent, her clothes filthy and her actual body not too clean itself. She had sweat and grime on her, was starting to smell some, despite having hygenic products with her had never actually found the shower building marked on the map so as to use it, lack of sleep due to the sheer terror of the events was starting to show, and overall she was clearly having about as hard a time as you could without being injured/killed.

She'd even come down with a cold on one of the other days, though she was better now, and as her face contorted in a pained grimace it just hammered home just how much she looked like hell. She was lucky that she hadn't been attacked or anything, but she'd still seen other people hurt, running, being...killed. Her eyes started to mist up again thinking about it, she'd stopped feeling sick from the idea after enough days of it constantly being in her face, but the sheer tragedy kept hitting her. Forcing it down, she pulled herself back up to her feet as the cramping subsided and her features relaxed. Her eyes shut, she took a few more deep breaths and started to feel better, opening her eyes again and picking up the pack and her weapon, which had fallen to the ground from her hand...

Was a weapon like this supposed to be ironic? Give the girl who can't fire a gun to save her life a gun designed for Russian special forces troops?!

No matter how many times she'd read the instruction manual, Nicole still didn't entirely "get" how the SPP-1 was supposed to work, especially its complex reloading system and the fact that it was much less reliable above water. The opportunity to practice with it had never presented itself, and she'd found herself a bit glad for that. If she were doing that, it'd be like accepting the eventuality of having to kill her classmates, and her friends. Besides, the bullets were of such a low calibre that the more cynical part of her wondered if they'd even hurt someone, much less kill them. But she wasn't exactly a Russian special ops soldier, she knew she probably wouldn't have been able to use it. She'd really have been better off with a stick, at least that didn't take being an expert to use it right.

Don't think I can stay here. Have to keep moving...maybe finally find some shelter.

The early morning's light made it much easier to navigate through the jungle, though it made her wonder what the hell was taking Danya so long to announce anything, and before long she was faced with a building she had passed a few times before, enough to recognize it as the mess hall. Reluctantly taking the gun out of her pocket, she held it in one hand as the pack was over her opposite shoulder, more so it would be ready than because she was ready to fire it, moving carefully towards the entrance to the building and starting to press herself against the wall near the entrance.


The sound of something clattering loudly on a surface and then dropping to the ground, followed by a familiar but still hard to distinguish voice cursing, startled the already-nervous girl enough that she let out a small yelp of surprise as she tried even harder to duck into the wall. After a few panicked seconds and nobody rushing out to inflict grievous bodily harm on her, though, she was able to muster up the strength to try to call in. Her heart racing, she gripped the pistol tightly as she worked her voice to a point where it was audible.

"H...hello? Is anyone in there? This is Nicole, you know, from the s-student council? I don't want to play the game, if at this point anyone could actually be said to not be playing...c-can I come in, please?"

Even when trying to sound trustworthy she wasn't able to get rid of that "I'm scared out of my fucking mind" tone in her voice, no matter how soft her speaking actually was. Being half British and half American gave her traces of both accents, making her voice seem a bit odd except to those who spoke to her a lot, but she knew she'd be understood. If people were in there, they were people she'd gone to school with for four years, after all.

Smooth work, Nikki. At least they won't shoot you, maybe.

I'm so sorry everyone, really, I am. I've wanted so badly to start posting again, but something very important has come up. At the moment I am extremely hurt emotionally and mentally, though not physically aside from being a little sick. I need some personal time, alone, so I'll be taking a short break from posting but will post as soon as I can. I'm just too crushed to do anything right now. Please forgive me, I just...need this time off. I really do, I feel like I'll fall apart otherwise.

d0ddi0slave,Oct 26 2008
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Clueless,Oct 26 2008
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Although I don't see the point in attributing 'blame' to something which is to most people a positive thing.

Anywho, away from the TV Tropes stuff, welcome to the site Safetyman, I hope you'll stick around for v4, though you'll need some patience, seenas we're only about halfway through v3, haha.

I only know of a couple people on either site who think it's a positive thing. And you're one of them. Also, Safetyman, this board has pretty much collapsed on its own weight, so you didn't exactly pick a good time to be another newbie.

Hasn't collapsed on its own weight, we're just going through some...hard times right now.

Welcome to SOTF, by the way.

Things're going to get rumbling again very shortly, just last week my real life decided to go ahead and release a shock wave through pretty much everything and kick me while I was down.

Next week should be far better. :)

We say that every week. And yeah, I do mean "we". :unsure:

Oct 26 2008, 10:40 AM
Although I don't see the point in attributing 'blame' to something which is to most people a positive thing.

Anywho, away from the TV Tropes stuff, welcome to the site Safetyman, I hope you'll stick around for v4, though you'll need some patience, seenas we're only about halfway through v3, haha.

I only know of a couple people on either site who think it's a positive thing. And you're one of them. Also, Safetyman, this board has pretty much collapsed on its own weight, so you didn't exactly pick a good time to be another newbie.

Oh, another one. Hi.

Uncle Sam n'stuff
Oct 22 2008, 02:28 AM
I didn't add, that if there ever was a real incident, something along the lines of another world war, or an invasion of my country or whatever, I would sign up in a heart beat. Despite the criticisms of the military, I do love my country and I would defend it.

Just as a career choice, no thank you. My career lies in law enforcement.

Well, in that case, there'd probably be a draft. Especially since we'll be fighting resource wars where the losing country starves to death within the decade. As to my opinion on the military: Tch, bunch of baby killers. Contempt at best, hatred at worst.

Been a tough week in terms of schoolwork and training, but I hope to post this weekend.

The Basics

Handler Name: Kyle

Your Trademark Character: Darnell Butler

Current Status of Trademark Character: Waiting for Meg to post, can't say where.

Favourite Character: I've got so many characters I like I can't really pick one.

Favourite Weapon: BFR .50 Beowulf revolver. Such a powerful gun you can't help but love it.

Favourite Scene: No real favourites.

Favourite Death: No real favourites.

Favourite Quote: "Oh Adam, there's no way you could shoot me with that gun. You see, people like you aren't fit for these kinds of situations. Sure, you're basically a big load of muscle with more than enough attitude to compensate, but compared to people like me, you're nothing. Ultimately, it's the smart, the beautiful, and the well-prepared that are going to make it far in this game, and when it comes to you-*shot*" < I love it when people get shot mid-sentence. Especially stupid people like Kathleen.

Most of the stuff Owen and James have said, especially the "Fuck you, Kenny!" thing.

Favourite Thread: At A Loss, so far.

Favourite Post: No real favourite.

The Plastic Hammer Awards!

Most Evolutionary Character: Harry Tsai? No, probably not. Uh...crap, I had someone in mind, forgot who it was.

Most Revolutionary Character: We have no Che Guevaras. :P But seriously, Danya. Without him the game wouldn't have happened.

Most Unorthodox/Original Character: Blood Boy, but not in the good way.

Most Realistically-Portrayed Character: Not sure.

Most Heroic Character: Neil, dangerously so.

Most Villianous Character: Danya

Most Tragic Character: This is a goal I'm setting for Darnell, but other than that? Alice, Gabe, Steve D, or maybe Neil, but that's stretching it a little.

Most Humourous Character: Owen Fontaine. So far the only character made explicitly for comic relief.

Most Likely Winner: Trish. She's got the best weapon in the game.

Most Epic Character: None. *fucks up the Bocelot bandwagon*

More Characterization

Which character did you relate to the most? Ed Sullivan usurped the title from Dan Brent, who I made as an insanely exaggerated version of myself (or at least of how I've always saw myself), just because it's such a jarring similarity.

Which character did you feel the most for? Not being a suckup, but for some reason when I read Alice's posts I always want to give her a hug or something, just stirs that protective instinct, y'know? Just can't help but trigger your sympathies.

Which character do you feel 'played the game' the best? Anyone who's still alive to this point has been playing pretty well, but so far that might be Bobby. I'm a bit behind due to real life, but that's my idea.

Which character do you think had it the worst? Well, pretty much any character unlucky enough to have been on the bus that was kidnapped. Everyone's had it horribly.

Which character would you be willing to kill yourself? Any of Laz's, Liam, Carson, Bobby, Dodd (because if I were in a v3er's place I know who I'd blame for being thrown on the island), Joey, Madison, and a bunch of others.

Which character were/are you cheering on to win SOTF? My characters excluded, I'd like to see what happened if Keith (or Kallie for that matter, but I don't think she has it in her, she's not a fighter and she's been spending the whole game either with big groups or her friends, something about that makes me feel like she wouldn't make it if it were just her against the island), Trish, Neil, Ed, Dorian (PA's), Rick, or JR won.

Which character do you think should NOT have died? Paul Smith had too much potential to be killed in such a BS way, heh.

Which character do you think deserves to die? Or for the characters already dead, which character do you think totally had it coming? Shawn fucking Waits.

The Drama Category

Most Tragic Scene: Meh.

Most Disturbing/Gory Scene: Heather's death, hell of a second scene in the game.

Most Pivotal Scene/Event: Jack's virus coming back to bite the terrorists in the arse. Late in the game, maybe, but I predict that really fucking everything up for Danya. One of those things you read and go "Holy shit, they're about to get their asses kicked!".

Most Humourous Scene: James Brown's LSD trip.

Most Action-packed Scene: On a literal note, SADD vs. Blood Boy or Bobby Jacks vs. Everyone Else At The Barracks Including SADD. Literally have had the most action.

Most Emotionally Moving Scene: Jake's death, I guess.

Most Drama-filled Scene Not sure. There've been quite a few.

Most Unexpected Scene Dodd vs. Ivye vs. Garry Gabriel.

Death, Death, and More Death

Most Tragic Death: Jake's maybe

Most Violent Death: So far? Anything Blood Boy's done, because Chad intentionally went for insanely over the top violence.

Most Disturbing Death: Quite a few, but Cara's and Heather's have been the first to EVER actually make me cringe while reading them.

Most Unexpected Death: Reg's. Maybe Kathleen's too, because I didn't even intend to kill her, Chad just went inactive.

Most Original/Unorthodox Death: ...

Most Humourous Death: Anton's.

Predictions and Disillusionment

Who are you counting on to be the overall winner of SOTF? Dunno.

How do you predict the ending of SOTF is going to turn out? SOTF goes under before we ever get to endgame. Or Godzilla attacks.

If you could change ANYTHING that has happened thus far, what would you change? Be a bit more active with Darnell so he'd be in more than a few threads and actually would've met up with any more than maybe two of his friends before they died or at least were convinced enough he was playing to point a gun at him. Though on one note that does help the tragedy of the character, it'd also get more development from him if I could change that.

How do you think V3 has differed from V2/V1, and has that change been positive or negative? Why? No comment.

Your thoughts on SOTF

How much did you enjoy/not enjoy SOTF v3? Eh, kind of at first, but now I don't. Or at the least I barely do, or at least I try to...I'm not making sense, but you know what I mean. Anyway, it's ground to a complete halt though and ironically the very newbie surge that saved the board is making it crumble. Starting the TV Tropes article was a bad idea.

What do you like the most about SOTFv3? Meh.

What do you think could have been better about SOTFv3? This post would take a year to read if I listed it all. :P

How would you compare SOTF to the original BR? Better. BR's shit.

How do you feel about the upcoming ENDING of SOTFv3?? What ending?

Would you like to see a SOTF v4? Would you stick around to RP in it? I guess so, but I doubt it'll happen. Like I'd bet money on it. Sticking around, maybe. Dunno.

Do you think V3 will be any more or less enjoyable than V2/V1, or the same? More or less the same. Every SOTF's enjoyable in their own ways if you think about them, but at the same time shit in others.

How do you feel about v4? It hasn't started yet, so...I have no idea how the fuck I'm supposed to answer this. Except in song..."We're not gonna make it, no, we're not gonna make it! We're not gonna make it, to v4!"

Which v3 couple, canon or fan-made, appeals to you the most? Huh, haven't really thought of it.

If you were a tree, what kinda tree would you be? I object, this question is not relevant.

Characters as deconstructions...
Oct 16 2008, 02:03 AM
The idea of this thread was to start a discussion of whether or not using characters to deconstruct popular archetypes is a good idea. I may have been pimping my own idea on the side, but that wasn't the main point of the thread.

(I also pimped my idea because PMs are apparently down and I think Eris' handler should know what I plan to do before I do it.)

Considering the whole post read more as you pimping your idea as opposed to starting a discussion, it'd help if you worded things more carefully. Also, they don't necessarily have to know what you'll try, that ruins the surprise a little.

Characters as deconstructions...
Dude, you realize that nobody freaking cares, right? Stop wasting our time with these stupid threads. You have an idea for a story? Fine, post with the idea in mind and shut up about it. We don't give a shit unless we're RPing with you.

Freiheit unerreichbar
OOC: Continued from Desperation (bloody finally...).

After the incident at the trail, Adam had been alone for however many hours he'd been travelling, taking care of the cut on his head, resting, eating, and all the rest of the bullshit actually keeping himself alive and healthy (he'd even done pushups and the like a few times, once using a branch as an improvised chinup bar, though he stopped when it felt like it was about to break) on a death island entailed. This was not a good thing, as it meant he had time to think. Time to let everything really settle in his mind, and his mind didn't like it. How could he have gotten so carried away? Part of him felt sick at himself, for what he had been doing back there. You didn't just...rape a girl to survive. He should've left Maxie alone after she wasn't a threat.

And Kathleen...better shot than I give myself credit for. Must've got her right in the heart, because I killed her with that first bullet. One shot, one of the hottest and craziest girls in school drops dead. Saw her corpse...oh God, I'm a murderer!

Everything had happened too fast at the trail, so it had been a while before Adam caught up to the concept that he had actually killed Kathleen, helped by the fact that he'd only seen her body for a split second or so while leaving and was too preoccupied with getting the hell out to go "wait, why is that person lying on the ground? Didn't I shoot at someone over there?". However, instead of the mind-shattering freakout he expected he just felt...numb, shocked almost. For a bit it was like he didn't care. Not just about the kill, but about anything. He'd gotten like that a few times before, but not as strong as it had been for a few hours after realizing he had shot and killed Kathleen Martin. He didn't even get sick like some others did. There was guilt, yeah, but eventually he just moved on.

Amazing how easily you justify things to yourself when you're on an island being forced to kill your schoolmates or be killed by them and almost everyone you know has turned into a murderer or a corpse. That mindset, that you do what you have to do to survive because death frankly sucks even worse than life does, really took the credit for a lot of the more awesome things people could do under stress. Maybe there was some malice to it, but Adam certainly wasn't happy about the killing, he was just trying to get used to the fact that it was what he had to do, and when faced with Kathleen's death, a girl who he really only knew as a girl he'd have liked to get in the pants of if she wasn't a psychotic bitch, he quite literally felt nothing. It was almost a sense of fatigue, one of those things that makes you think "You know, the world is a terrible place" and feel so tired not even sleeping for a year would make you feel rested.

As he approached a break in the treeline, Adam covered up a yawn with his free hand (he had figured out what to do with the sword by putting the gun in his waistband and holding the sword on the opposite shoulder of his pack, the idea being he could put the sword down when he needed to use the gun and vice versa if the sword was needed) and mused that it may have just been literal fatigue he was thinking about. It was early morning, probably almost dawn, but the storm had not yet abated from so many days earlier, and he felt justifiably miserable at this. Everything in the day only served to tire him more, no matter how many quick "power naps" he took, but at the same time he was afraid to outright go to sleep lest someone find him and slit his throat or shoot him in the head.

Whoa there, stop!

Absentmindedly breaking through the trees into the field of flowers caused him to come to a sudden, startled, halt. He'd been here before, admired the fact that it was a good looking field, if one where there was no cover and you'd be a sitting duck if someone saw you there. The whole place just screamed 'location of final fight in a badass kung fu flick' or something. That wasn't what startled him, though, neither was the corpse of Shawn Waits which he couldn't really see from where he was standing. What startled him, causing him to take several rapid steps back into the treeline and put his pack and sword down, pulling his gun out, where the two girls standing around chatting.

Just what I fucking need...ain't even that pretty...

Truth be told, after spending most of the day alone Adam had gotten used to it, and the things that'd happened at the trail had made it so that Adam was also in the mood to stay alone. Especially since he was pretty fairly convinced anyone he could see could see him, and anyone who could see him would try to kill him. Therefore, by a bit of convoulted logic, if nobody was around nobody could kill him. He didn't entirely recognize the two girls or hear exactly what they were chatting about, but as the gun was almost subconsciously raised he tried to push it out of his mind, forming the proper two handed grip on the weapon as he aimed. He had to fight to survive, the girls were just obstacles. It was him or them, and Kathleen and Maxie had made his choice for him in a way.

I don't wanna die...I dont wanna die...

After bracing himself for the recoil and beating his ears were about to take, Adam squeezed the trigger, firing off a few shots first at one girl, and then the other. If it killed them, it'd be great, but it'd also be good if he just wounded them or if they ran off. Adam just wanted to take away any chance of them being a threat.

OOC: Yeah, it's a fucking one liner, got a problem with it? Get out of my damn face about it, I don't have anything to prove to anyone by writing a fucking novel. Besides, I've got other places I've got to be, and because of the godawful delay on this thread Adam's probably inactive now. This damn thread should've been finished in fucking August like Clue and I originally planned...

Keith and Maxie ran off shortly after Adam's outburst, and after several minutes he was able to compose himself, getting dressed, taking his things (especially the gun and sword), rooting through the bags that'd been left behind (which allowed him to find the ammunition and manual for the Mauser, which went into his own bag), and eventually heading off into the jungle, his head still killing him and a prodding feeling of self-disgust taking root in the back of his mind.

OOC: Continued in Freiheit unerreichbar, next post will have more content.

Burned my finger yesterday while working on a school project. Still acting up, so it is difficult and quite painful to actually type anything. I will try to post when it settles down.

Been swamped with schoolwork, connection has been unreliable, and my mom keeps threatening to take the computer out of my room for no reason. These have made getting a post down nigh-impossible. I apologize to anyone I am holding up, and for my lack of activity. I will post ASAP, or at least try.