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Agreed. Please stay safe, Melissa, we'd all hate it if anything were to happen to you (though I don't think staying with the Dodds in Canada is much an option, we'll see how the dice fall).

V3 Pregame Character Poll
Oct 21 2007, 10:47 PM
Oct 21 2007, 01:31 PM
Wrong forum.

Didn't think that putting this in the polls section was necessary, because... Actually, I wasn't thinking straight.

...It's a fucking poll. The entire reason the POLLS FORUM is there is to put POLLS IN IT! It's not that hard!

V3 Pregame Character Poll
Wrong forum.

Sports Teams Sign-ups
Darnell's a football player and a wrestler, also training in boxing but that doesn't count. My other characters don't play sports.

The Plastic Hammer Awards

The Ultimate Question...
Life may be meaningless and a whole bunch of other nihilistic terms, but at least it's not as annoying as Chuck Norris jokes. :P

The Ultimate Question...
Shut the fuck up about Chuck Norris. Mentioning "Chuck", "Norris" or any combination thereof is so retarded it ought to be a capital offense.

The Ultimate Question...
I voted for all of them because they were check boxes. :D

Just dropping in...
Hey, Jordan! Good to see ya back.

Man, I just realized...
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Such as that.

just a thought
Meg's already written out the prologue.