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Let's get the relationship train going.
My Navajo wrestler guy might have tried to see if Walt would be interested in real wrestling, on that note.

I'll keep you posted because Brian might be interested in pro wrestling as like an off-time hobby and I floated an idea by staff on some stuff. I'll talk to you about what it could mean for Walt if I hear back positively from them.

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Going to hash out ideas I have in PM with you once there's the chance.

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If it has no bearing on your character and is only around on the off chance someone else wants it, bringing it up at all makes it seem kinda shoehorned. Especially since those connections would no longer really be relevant at all in the here and now.

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Might be? I thought we ironed it out. :P

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There seems to be a bit of a mixup on if we're talking La Cosa Nostra or just "mafia" in terms of an organised crime group, or the Mexican drug cartels. It seems like Grim might have the Italians in mind but that's why I pointed out they're not really much of a presence in the Southwest any more (aka the connection wouldn't be that relevant anyway) and due to associations with the more prominent organisations in the Southwest and south-of-the-border the whole thing feels kinda iffy.

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Brian might or might not do pot? I also have a concept who might or might not be a dealer that your dude could have competition with. If he mouths off to unnamed Navajo wrestler dude though, he's probably getting head dropped.

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Kami basically has the right of what I'm getting at, then there's the concerns of negative stereotypes like the implication that since a POC family is successful, there must have been some shady connections somewhere helping out. Also, having had a bit to think about it I think on top of these concerns, a Mafia connection would just be kinda cliché to be quite honest.

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Kaylee's big passion is acting, so yeah, she's in theatre club.

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Working it in based just on sketchy info seems like a bad position to start from to me, but I'm not staff, I don't have any authority to go like "don't do this." I just think it'd a bit iffy to have the wealthy Mexican-American family be connected to organised crime.

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Keep in mind also the Mafia doesn't have the stranglehold on Vegas it used to, there's more groups than La Cosa Nostra in the American underworld, and also having the Mexican-American family be criminals/connected to crime is a bit problematic unless handled with extreme care. Like, it kind of ties into real-Arizona's "they're all cartel members/illegal immigrants" stance and whatnot. Why can't they be wealthy legitimately?

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I'm a little worried about the organised crime connections honestly. You do that a lot, and also having the Mexican-American family be connected to crime seems pretty stereotypical in the bad way?

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As athletes, Brian and "Hashké" would be known to cheerleady people probably, though I've never seen cheerleaders at a baseball game personally.

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Probably! He wouldn't've physically harmed her but he would've probably given her both barrels verbally and socially.

Friends? Friends.
Before being sidelined by injury late in the most recent season, Hashké (my unnamed Navajo wrestler guy, who I'm calling that mostly for bookkeeping purposes at the moment) was a star Cochise athlete who is probably pretty well known in the area. Seems probable Ivy would've gone after him as a trophy boyfriend kind of thing? Likely to have ended quite explosively once he became aware how nasty, racist, classist etc. she is - especially since his reaction to people being racist towards him/Natives in general is to become absolutely furious.

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I suppose the idea has to have some leeway since parents still let their kids go on any school trips ever. :P

Cochise High Golf Team?
Might or might not do one, I don't want more of the same after Max. My concern is that there might not be anyone for a full on school golf team to compete against, though more of a club (heh) could work.

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If Morgan plays baseball he'd know "Brian," who's on the team.

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Haha, only messing a bit. Will probably PM you for ideas on character connections.

Friends and stuff
I'll come back to your others but before his sidelining injury my unnamed Navajo wrestler dude (I guess for bookkeeping purposes call him Hashké for now) was an incredibly good grappler, like "two consecutive State championships" good. We talked about them knowing each other and being friends from Travis coming to open mats and/or Hash coming to the Kingman MMA gym for them to roll together, since his wrestling skills would be great practise for Travis' groundwork. I think they'd still hang out too, though Trav might have to put up with Hash's occasional bitterness. :P