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Fantastic milestone
Jan 28 2013, 10:56 PM
We'd only need 351 posts per day, rounded down.

SOTF Death Battles
Toben and I are gonna see about getting this fight written up sometime tonight!

SOTF Death Battles
I actually say this one is a draw, but Blood Boy probably does down first. First off, both of them are complete nutjobs who aren't going to back down, so right off you have two psychos who are going to fight until they're burger. In terms of advantages they actually scale up really well; Brook is way bigger and stronger than BB, and a really good shot with that Liberator going on how he pegged Dutchy, plus it's safe to say he knows the terrain around the Bloodgarden (where I'm assuming they're fighting) pretty well - better than BB at least. Meanwhile, BB is small and sickly, but also a squirrelly motherfucker who is good with hit and run tactics and illusion stuff, has greater firepower to bring to bear (though the Liberator sounds like it'd be more than enough at the range we're talking) and is actually really skilled at close-in fighting; in v3 pregame, he was able to beat someone larger than Brook in a hand-to-hand fight. He also has a trump card in that his assigned weapon is a sword and a vial of poison to apply to the blade; aconite poison is no joke, BB has demonstrated being able to use it and the sword effectively, and having a close-range weapon never hurts.

That said, here's where things fall apart for Blood Boy. Brooks is a much better shot; BB's poor eyesight, hindered further by the mask, means when he's using a gun he just unloads a shitton of bullets in his enemy's general direction and hopes something hits, while Brook can pick you off pretty reliably. He's also a sadist who loves to play cat and mouse and talk too much; while Brook can get a bit ranty, he's straightforward and more likely to just kill you while Blood Boy likes to torture you, make it hurt before he ends it. See how he dispatched Trey and Kara. He's much frailer, physically, than Brook, which means not being able to take nearly as much punishment, and if we're going by the laws of physics actually being in play the dude cut off his own face at the start of his game; he'll be dealing with a massive infection from that.

All in all, I think Blood Boy would have the element of surprise on his side and be able to do a lot of damage, but Brooks' comparative straightforwardness, better physical condition and accuracy with his weapons means he overpowers BB and takes him out, just not before being fatally injured himself by something BB pulled out of his hat.

Edit: Right, the match suggestion! My suggestion for match #2 is Bryan Calvert vs. V1 Adam Dodd, both of them healthy but with the armaments and mindset (Adam's "kill every motherfucker in my way until I take out Cody" and Calvert's desire for revenge on Mariavel, frex) they had shortly before going into their respective endgames. Adam's insane luck in v1 is a factor.

V4 Read-A-Thon: The Reboot
Well withdraw and try again if that makes sense.

The Realism Litmus Test Revived
Not to mention this test casts way too wide a net. If you're at all decent-looking, intelligent, play a sport or are good at anything it says you're a Mary Sue/unrealistic.

Luis Ortega
Luis shows up chaperoning prom in "Prom, Huh?".

SOTF Resolutions
Post more. Post better. Post faster.

Win a game one'a these days, that'd be nice. I'm the perennial "close but no cigar" dude. :P

Prom, Huh?
(I'm tired and have NO idea what to say here, so here's something just to push the thread along!)

"Actually, yeah, where's Kat gone to?"

It would've been hard to forget Cody's date. Kat wasn't bad-looking, definitely someone he'd take a second look at, and while Cody hadn't quite been outright bragging, he also hadn't been shy about making sure Mike knew exactly who was going to be on the quarterback's arm tonight. Mike hadn't quite been punched in the head enough times for it to slip his mind, so it was a bit of a surprise not to see her in tow. She was probably lost in the crowd somewhere.

Oh well, not like anything could have happened. His quick scan of the mob didn't register anything out of the ordinary, and out of the corner of his eye he spotted one of the teachers - that one law professor who was built like a UFC fighter, Mike couldn't remember his name - set up in some isolated part of the dance hall where he could watch everything. There were a few teachers milling around, watching everyone like this was less school dance and more prison yard, but that one seemed like he hadn't moved an inch all night.

Weird, but not his problem he supposed. Really, security could've been a lot worse from some of the horror stories he'd heard. He hadn't had to walk through a metal detector on the way in or anything, after all. He kept drinking his punch for now, and shifted a little closer to Amy part because he could, part to break the little defensive line the three athletes had going, letting the latest kinda-fun-but-shitty song wash over his ears.

Why Amy liked some of this stuff but couldn't appreciate a good sonata he wasn't sure, but hey. Prom.

I Hate Free Study
(This thread has completely died out and it's my fault, so here's just something to wrap it and get us all freed up)

The rest of free study went uneventfully, if with slight awkwardness, and eventually it ended and everyone was free to go.

(Mike continued elsewhere)

V4 Read-A-Thon: The Reboot
You ask people to withdraw or not, and when someone changes their mind and asks to withdraw, you don't allow it. >:|

But cool, I'll get some reading in tomorrow.

V4 Read-A-Thon: The Reboot
Actually, for some reason I really just cannot get into Hilary. Rather than waste everyone's time I'd like to request a reroll and try again, but I can give it another go if the answer's no.

V4 Read-A-Thon: The Reboot
I've had no opportunity to read Hilary, but with things a little calmer now I'm going to try to do so.

Aurora Twitter feed?
Everyone pile in and post threatening tweets!

Aurora Twitter feed?
Mike might have one he pretty much NEVER remembers to use, something unimaginatively-named like @MikeEastmund.

Concerning everyone in pregame (necroed from V4)
You know, while this is necro'd, if anyone'd be interested in something similar for v5 lemme know.

Though I dunno if this is the kind of thing that works twice.

Mimi's Sprite Station v2
Requesting Michael Eastmund if it's cool, outfit and everything are in profile.

Ricky's wrestling matches
WAW is on TV, too, Saturdays from midnight to 2 AM Sunday morning! It's a Manchester, NH public access channel, but you can find a stream here.

You need to put forth an annual rant. Do it.

Sports Team and Club Members (WAIT 48 HOURS AFTER APPROVAL TO POST HERE)
This list never got updated. :(