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V5 Pregame Tournament!

V5 Pregame Tournament!
Grim Wolf
Jan 30 2012, 01:48 PM
I think I've got to drop this. The longer I think about it, the less I want to run Tyler Lucas and the more I want to run a different character who would not be participating in this sort of thing. I think I'll save Tyler for another day.
Tyler's slot is now open if anyone wants it.

V5 Pregame Tournament!
Thinking 15 March or so for this. That good with everybody? Want to make sure people have time to get their characters in, too.

Look, It's Another Relationship Thread!
Hey, a bump! I'll revisit this when I've got some of the work that needs doing done, but Mike Eastmund'd probably be a good candidate for one of Stacy's flings, and I could see him getting on with Matt pretty well. He hasn't completely got over his own shyness, so he'd understand that, and would probably be willing to get to know him. He'd hate Adonis, too; since Mike'd have a reputation and increasing fondness for fighting, maybe they've clashed?

So what to do as a new member?
What have you done?! You've created a time paradox!

Bear likes to draw
Sister Grimm
Jan 22 2012, 05:12 AM
Okay, I know everyone says this in every post on here
I didn't. :|

V5 Pregame Tournament!
Yes, I'm having a round of confirmations just to make sure who to expect to show up.

V5 Pregame Tournament!
1. Aidan Flynn
2. Michael Mitchellson
3. Allen Blue
4. Samuel Milgram
5. Matt Masters

V5 Pregame Tournament!
Rocky's slot is vacant for anyone who wants in!

V5 Pregame Tournament!
Double post! With the start of Pregame, I'm looking to have the tournament begin in either mid-late March or the start of April. Please keep that in mind, and leading in it might be a good idea to confirm you still intend to be part of the tourney.

State of the World
Is Danya known to be dead?

Bear likes to draw
I've put in my requests.

For teh Dramaz
Would you be taking requests for future dramatic readings?

(Also, necromancy!)