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Been really busy with midterms, haven't been able to really focus on posting. I'll get some up first time I get the chance.

#6: Freedom or Bust
Darnell had not moved as everyone else reacted, first Dodd's rant, then Matt and Neil and Lucy and Brad, his aim fixed on Dodd even when Lucy got in the way, which only made him adjust his aim slightly so he was still pointing the gun at Dodd's head. By all rights, Dodd needed to die, but for some reason he couldn't force himself to pull the trigger. How dare he be so smug, downplaying their progress like it was nothing while he'd caused all this? Why couldn't he just shoot the bastard? Was that a risk he could afford to take?

Come on...do it!

However, when Brad finished, Darnell couldn't help but grunt derisively. "Are you joking, Kavanagh?" he asked, his brown, hate-filled eyes not leaving Dodd's own. "This smug piece of shit is even worse! He's the reason we're here! Bobby, Blood Boy, Gabe, Eduardo, Keith...myself...n-nobody who has killed would've had to if he wasn't here! We'd be enjoying our senior trip now, if not for him, and you want to FORGIVE him?! No, too many people have died. Too many! Too many fathers and mothers losing their son or daughter, too many kids growing up without their big brother or sister...it's not right...IT'S NOT RIGHT, DAMN IT! He's just as much a monster as Danya is, except Danya doesn't have to get his hands dirty!"

To say Darnell was utterly incredulous was an understatement, without a doubt. Surely Brad and the others had seen just as much as he had? Maybe even more? It'd almost been eleven days, how...how couldn't they see what he saw?

No, think about this, man! Don't let all of Lucy and Andrea's work go to nothing! It ain't his fault!

He felt like he was choking. Tears threatened to break through again, and this time he was only barely strong enough to hold them back. His hands shook, but then he steadied them. A murderer. It'd be murder. No, he was already a murderer. No turning back. Anger clashing with Reason, the old Darnell with the new. Shed Dodd's blood, or spare him? An eye for an eye, or turn the other cheek? Saint or sinner? Hero or villain? Heaven or Hell?

Well, which are you?! MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

Darnell didn't know how long he stood like that, the thoughts running mad in his mind. It couldn't have been more than a minute, but felt like an hour. His finger tightened on the trigger, but didn't pull it. "As for you," he finally said to Dodd. "I have to agree with Brad and Lucy, in part. Don't you DARE downplay what progress we've made just for your little ego. If it was so easy, you would've done it in the first game, you little shit! Well, if not for the fact that you obviously enjoy the whole 'killing people' thing.

Anyway, as for your comment about the terrorists...I already know. We all do. I figured Danya would send people, was actually counting on it. You figure, for him to send anybody, they'd need to come by either boats or helicopters, and we didn't hear helicopters. So either they're not here, or they took boats. I was hoping that once I got enough people together, we'd take down the people Danya sent, steal their boats, and get off this island.

I...I failed. The only people I could save were Keith, Kallie, and Alice Jones. As you probably noticed, the former two saw fit to desert me, and the latter was completely insane, barely even functioning. Y'know Guy Rapide? Really short French guy, kind've annoying. Well, something happened when he died, her mind must've shattered or something because she was c-carrying his head around like a doll when we found her. She fell behind...I don't know what happened to her. Everyone else I've met has tried to kill me, I thought even they would for a second, they sure as hell came close to blowing my head off! I'm...I'm just glad Andrea and Lucy were able to have more luck than I did. We owe them our lives, so maybe you should show them some respect. We've been waiting for our chance, and it's finally coming, so don't you fucking DARE act like we're incompetent or naive enough to think this is the end."

Kill him! No, let him live! Grah...it'd be so easy! Pull the trigger! Why can't I act?!

A murderous look appeared in Darnell's eyes, his mouth moving into a grin, but not the friendly smile he greeted people with in school. This smile was malicious, bloodthirsty even. Dodd had not convinced him that he deserved to live, not entirely anyway. But his and Brad's words echoed in his mind. If he killed Dodd, if any of the people in the room killed each other...it'd damn them all. Could he take that risk with any of them? People he cared about? Most of them would probably die fighting trained soldiers, anyway, but could he really take that chance?

"You think we need you, huh?" he asked sardonically, mockingly almost. The kind Darnell that'd never hurt a fly, that'd gone out of his way to be compassionate to everyone, who had unshakable faith even in the students known to be playing the game, appeared to be gone. "Well, news flash; we don't. You're just an unwelcome guest with some information we already know...mostly. All you could possibly contribute is some experience we'll all have soon anyway. God may forgive your sins, the others here might think you deserve a chance, but I don't." His eyes made one last round about the armoury, looking the people he could see from where he stood in the eye. Almost coldly, analytically. How many of them would make it? Probably not many, though he hoped everyone would live. And how many would live if Darnell killed Dodd?

I can't take that risk. I can't gamble with their lives.

Slowly loosening his grip on the Uzi's safety, he lowered the gun, removing his finger from the trigger and taking his aim off of Dodd but still keeping a good enough hold on it that he could and would bring it up and fire a fatal burst into Dodd's gut almost instantly if the man tried to attack him. "Taking your life," he said, "would be a pleasure. It'd avenge the deaths of everyone who has died in this game. However, it won't bring them back, and it won't end the nightmare or change what has happened. I've known pretty much everyone in here for most of my life, and I care about them all deeply. Hell, the woman I love, one of the main people I've been fighting for this entire time, is standing right behind you."

There, I said it. I was hoping I'd get to tell Kallie at a better, more...intimate time, though. Heh, not like she doesn't hate me by now.

If anyone had said anything after that, he'd tell them to shut up before he continued, if not he just continued with what he was saying. "I'm not going to risk throwing any of their lives away, and I'm not going to make all of Lucy's work amount to nothing. That would make me just as bad as you. Maybe worse, and unlike you, I have enough of a conscience that I'd never allow myself to live after doing that. Besides, forcing you to live with the guilt, the knowledge that all the blood spilled on this island is directly your fault and everyone who has died has died because of you, putting that burden on your shoulders and not letting the sweet embrace of death take it away...that feels like an even better punishment for one such as you. You're armed to the teeth, if you're really here to help give some of that weaponry to the people in here without guns. They'll need 'em soon, we both know that."

Not moving, he kept a steely glare fixed on Dodd, waiting to see what he and the others would do. There was nothing he'd love more than to kill the man, but that had to wait. He couldn't risk everyone else's life on it, too many people had died because of the monster in front of him.

He'd best hope we don't meet again after the escape.

City and School Names Suggestion Thread
So you want it to take place in a bigoted, repressive, and delinquint city? Where the kids are either geniuses or dumb as a post? With an environment that fosters conformity to stereotypes and punishes free thinking?

So he wants it to be just like everywhere else in the US? *rimshot*

Anyway, this is Druid we're talking about. Not exactly a paragon of intelligence, good ideas, or realistic RPing. I could get behind the idea of using Chicago, Seattle, or Portland, but I'm a bit iffy on the idea of DC, especially since logically security would be even stricter by v4. I'd be surprised if school trips didn't have armed escorts. :P

V4 Character Relationships
Edit: Nevermind, guess that's not what she thought.

City and School Names Suggestion Thread
Jan 21 2009, 09:38 PM
ooh, I second Ithaca

Ithaca was used for v1.




Cause and Effect
Nicole was silent for a moment after Eddie finished talking, trying to take in everything he'd said and think up a reply. To be honest, before the game Nicole never would've imagined someone like Eddie getting in a fight, he'd never as much as raised his voice at any time she could remember. Even here his voice was barely above a mumble, just enough that she could really make out what he was saying. At the same time, it was unsettling what he said, even though she knew it full well. How could so many people be playing? Even after ten days she didn't get it, maybe she never would. There was no way he could be a threat to anyone from what she knew of him, so not only were people fighting to keep themselves alive, they were actively attacking anybody they ran into.

For some reason, I just can't accept that. I know we're better than this...

He went on to say how he hadn't been able to help anybody, refusing to look her in the eye as he repeatedly claimed he let "them" die, before looking at her again and asking her to tell him he wasn't a bad person. That was what had caused her to go quiet. It really wasn't something she could do, she figured, make someone believe that they were or were not a good person, and to have someone base their own opinion of themselves on her input caught her off guard for a second. It served as an unsettling reminder, as well. Just how many people had she seen be cut down or slaughtered, completely unable to do anything or just too afraid to try?

"Eddie," she said after a few seconds, once she thought she'd found the right words. "You really have to decide that for yourself. I'm not a judge or anything, I can't determine that for you. If you want my input though, no, I can't say you're a bad person. A bad person would've shot at me the second I spoke up, but you didn't. It's been what, ten days? Ten days of this game, with people trying to kill you, and neither of us have given in? You can't be a bad person if you're able to stick to that kind of choice even when everyone around you is dying..." she trailed off for a second, her voice getting a bit shaky, but she recomposed herself quickly. "You weren't able to help someone, that doesn't make you a bad person. I mean, the goal of this...this 'game' is for us to kill each other until only one is left. If all of us followed Danya's rules we would've shot each other by now."

Nicole shrugged. "There's...there's not really any other way to say it. I...I don't know how many people I've seen die. You're the f-first person I've ever actually managed to help, everyone else was either dead when I saw them or I couldn't get to them before they were killed. If it's not my fault that they died, it isn't yours either." She paused again, having difficulty forcing out her words now. "People fail...it doesn't make them evil, it doesn't mean it's their fault. it's just something that happens. You haven't stepped down to the level of the other killers or anything, I...I think that means you're good at heart, myself. It's just my opinion, though. That's all I can say, you have to come to your own conclusion about that, I can't and won't make somebody's mind up for them, even if I do try to help them."

Actually...that's one of the first times in this whole conversation he's looked me in the eye.

"Now that I think about it, though," Nicole spoke up yet again after giving Eddie a chance to either reply or think about what he said, eager to change the subject. "You've made eye contact, or at least looked at me, here in this building almost more often than any other time we've spoken to each other. It's always kind of bugged me, you always seemed afraid to look at me, why is that? I mean...back in school, I would've thought it rude to bring it up, but it seems like a good time. Be honest with me, Eddie, I deserve that much, don't you think?"

Cause and Effect
OOC: Sorry for the wait, I...completely drew a blank on this one. Haha. Isn't much, since I was completely "Buh?" about ideas until a couple minutes ago.

Nicole returned Eddie's smile with one of her own, glad that at least she hadn't screwed up too badly. She'd been more embarassed at herself than she'd let on when she'd done as shoddy a job on his eyebrow as she had, coupled with putting him in as much pain as she had with the attempt on his lip. Maybe there was nothing forcing her to, but seeing someone that badly hurt, she had to act.

"Well, I couldn't just leave you there bleeding," she said. "We have to watch out for each other. If we forget that humanity, Danya's won, I think. I'm glad you're okay, though, I know I could've done a better job. Er, excuse me for a second."

After excusing herself, Nicole made her way to the door. She had noticed Eddie had left it open, and it'd been bothering her. Now that she actually had the opportunity, she made her way over, closing the door tight before moving back to the table across from where Eddie sat and placing herself down. She enjoyed being able to sit down, looking over Eddie's cuts and the like again just to be doubly sure she'd done everything up right. Nodding to herself in a satisfied manner, she made a note to look for some ice in the freezer before she left the building.

"Are you alright now, Eddie? What happened to you? Someone must've done this to you. I did all I could to help, but I can't help but wonder, y'know? Haven't seen many people up close so far, it helps knowing what's going on."

#6: Freedom or Bust

"You mean you guys wanna let him along? After everything he's set in motion?"

Silence seemed to reign for a while after Izzy's comment, and Darnell regarded the newcomers with a stony glare, unsure what to make of them as he waited for something to happen. Adam Dodd...Darnell had always been nice to the man, even if they'd never agreed about SOTF, and when the whole mess began there wasn't any part of him that faulted Dodd for what happened, but...when he thought about it, it just made too much sense. SOTF was undoubtedly real, which meant Adam had won it, and that Danya was a sadistic enough person to pull off such a "game". It was no stretch of the imagination that if Dodd went somewhere, Danya would follow, or even for Dodd to have intentionally found a target for the terrorist's sick games.

That bastard...

Regarding Keith and Kallie only with a look that told them they'd best stay out of his way, Darnell slowly advanced towards Adam, ten days on the island making his hand's careful movement to grip the Uzi's safety one that was made with ease that would've unsettled even him if he were not feeling as he were now. It was true, blood was on his hands, but he was nowhere near as bad as Dodd, he thought. What was three lives, compared to almost twenty? What was killing a man in self defense compared to bringing two hundred people to their deaths in some sick parody of a reality TV show? If blood was on the hands of people like himself, Keith, Steve, and the other killers, then it was on Adam Dodd's a hundredfold. God knew how many kids were now dead, all because Adam Dodd had picked some city in South California to move to.

I've almost lost EVERYTHING because of this guy. And some have lost more! Why should he leave with a clean slate? How many people are dead now because of HIM?

"H-h-how dare you?" he asked, his voice breaking a bit from the sheer strain of trying to maintain his composure, trying to keep in an outburst that would probably cause the tension in the air to become bullets in the air. "How dare you just walk in, expect that you deserve to just stroll off the island with a clean slate, when YOU'RE the one that caused all this?! Whether you acted deliberately, or were just too stupid to think he'd follow you wherever you went, you can't lie to me. If you weren't here, NONE of this would've happened! I've fucking LOST COUNT of how many kids would STILL BE ALIVE if you hadn't showed up! What's it now, more than a hundred?!"

So much for keeping my composure...

No response, not even a drawn gun. Darnell seemed to take that as a sign to continue, not really caring what the others in the building thought. All he could see when he looked at Dodd was the blood on all their hands, the friends of his he failed to protect, the names of every dead student and everyone who'd lost their minds to this sick game. Almost everyone who had taken that fucking bus was dead now, and all of it would've been avoided if Dodd just hadn't decided to go to school at Southridge. Hell, if he'd picked Northside maybe Darnell'd probably be watching some fullback for the Patriots fighting for his life on this island. Could he ever go home after this? What home would there be to go back to? He'd lost almost everything, even some of his humanity...did he even deserve to go home?

Any one of us would deserve it more than him.

"I...I can't lie. There's blood on my hands too, and I doubt even my own blood would wash it off," he continued, his already powerful voice lowering in his anger so that it almost sounded more like a growl. "I had to kill three men in self defense, one of which was an accident. Every day since I haven't been able to sleep for more than two minutes without that replaying in my head, and it seems like everyone or everything I run into is awful eager to remind me of that! Almost everyone in this room right now probably has a similar story.

Maybe none of us deserve God's forgiveness, but I know one thing; you deserve it least of all. Every student that has died in the last ten days would STILL BE ALIVE if not for you and Danya. EVERY ONE OF THEM, and I'm not stupid, I know there's a connection between you moving in and us just 'happening' to be abducted the following trip."

He couldn't take it anymore. Half of him wanted to rip Dodd's throat out, the other half wanted to cry. That half was starting to win out a little, tears starting to leak out from his eyes which still glared fiercely at Adam. He took one more step, and then stopped, as if in thought. His grip on the gun started to waver, and then tightened, and then wavered again.

Can I really do this? Shoot him? Would that make me as bad as him? No, I'm already as bad as him. I'm a murderer...

"Tell you what," Darnell said when there was still no response. The gun started to raise a bit, but he stopped himself, as if waiting. "You better give me one DAMN GOOD reason for me not to shoot you right now and save some terrorist or whoever the fuck else we go up against when we're getting out of here the trouble. And 'I'll shoot you back' doesn't count, because I'm not too sure if I give a fuck. I want to escape just as much as any of us, maybe you'd even help somehow, but after what you've done? You have to pay somehow."

That was it. He kept his eyes on Dodd, his ears out for any responses, and his gun gripped so he could bring it up and fire quickly if the other man decided to go for his own gun. Somewhere, the man he'd been before all of this cried out in protest, but he silenced that part of him. There had to be some kind of penance, escaping in and of itself couldn't be enough. Not anymore.

Cause and Effect
He has a point. What if you get hurt, but can't treat yourself because you used all your supplies on him?

"What? Oh, no, I haven't been hurt," Nicole said, briefly taking her attention off of her search when Eddie stammered out his questions. "Worst I've had is a cold and a few cramps, I'm fine. You'll need this more than I do anyway, I can't leave you bleeding all over the place like that. Ah, here it is."

Danya hid the bloody thing under my spare clothes, not sure if he's a perv or just a jerk who thought that'd be funny.

Finally fishing the first aid kit out from her bag, she opened it up and turned to Ed, taking in the extent of his injuries. He was covered in bruises, most of which there wasn't a lot she could do about, along with other minor cuts and gashes on his eyebrow and lip. Unable to hide the concern from her face, she walked up to where he was sitting and knelt down in front of him. She'd done this before as the nurse's assistant, and read her parents' medical textbooks, so she had some idea of what to do.

"I need to check you for a concussion, okay, Eddie?" she asked. "I'm going to ask you some questions. I know they'll sound stupid, but you need to answer them, it'll help me figure out if you have a concussion, trust me. Okay, first, who's the current President of the United States?" she waited for his answer, nodding a bit before asking the next. "Alright, now what's your name?" waiting again, she continued. "And do you know where you are?" she waited a second again, before finally holding up three fingers. "Okay, last one; how many fingers am I holding up?"

Hm...seems like it could be a mild concussion. I'll have to check further though.

"One last thing," she said once he'd answered all her questions. "I need to check your pupil. Just stay still and I'll be able to look and be done with it."

Once getting some confirmation that he was ready, she leaned in closer to him and brought two fingers of one of her hands up to the lid of the eye that currently did not have a huge gash over it, propping open the eye and looking into the pupil for a few moments, close but not close enough to make him feel uncomfortable or like she was invading his personal space. Once she was satisfied she had a solid answer, and secretly glad that he hadn't taken the opportunity to cop a feel without being noticed, she let his eye go and stood back up, walking back to her first aid kit and looking through it.

"You've got a mild concussion, it seems, but shouldn't be too bad otherwise. Now I just have those cuts to worry about. Not a whole lot I can do about your bruises, but if I can find some ice in the freezer I could make a few ice packs. Alright, here's the disinfectant and gauze. Just hold your arms out, and I'll take care of those. The disinfectant's gonna sting a bit, but it won't be too bad. Those gashes on your lip and eyebrow will need stitches though. I'm sorry, but I can't give you a painkiller while you've got a concussion, it's...going to hurt like hell."

Setting the disinfectant, gauze, a pair of scissors to cut the gauze with, and thread and needle down next to Eddie, Nicole took the disinfectant and carefully applied it to the cuts on Eddie's arms and hands, bandaging each one tightly before moving to the cuts on his eyebrow and lip, disinfecting those before setting the disinfectant down and grabbing the thread and needle.

"Just stay still, it's going to be okay," she said, before starting to suture the gash on his eyebrow with a continuous stitch. She'd never done something like this before, and coupled with her hands shaking and Eddie's whimpering and squirming from the pain she had a tough time with it, but after a few minutes she was able to stitch it up, cutting the thread and bandaging up the wound with sterile gauze, which she also taped off. Stepping back and looking at the lip, she debated to herself what to do. She hadn't done the best of jobs on the other gash, and she could actually hurt him, while the bleeding itself would clot quickly enough that she wouldn't have to worry about him going into shock or anything.

I may as well try it...

Taking the needle, she gave the cut area a poke, but after Ed protested that it was too painful, she stopped, backing off and putting the items back in the kit, which was closed off and put back in the pack.

"I'm sorry, that's the first time I've ever done something like this. Are you alright?"

Stranger Than Fiction
OOC: Adam continued from Walking in Circles. Let's get this girl dead.

Pain. Adam thought he'd known it from years of wrestling, from locks and holds and slams, but the recent battle had taught him one thing; he didn't know SHIT about pain. It'd been at least an hour or two, and all his wounds had stopped bleeding, but they still hurt like a motherfucker. Everything still seemed muted, too, his ears hadn't really stopped ringing. He couldn't help but wonder if permanent damage had been done to his ears. At least he was alive, though, which was more than could be said for that Amanda bitch.

I guess fate's got better things planned for me, by all rights I should've died there. I mean, really, a guy with a pistol beating some bitch with a grenade launcher?

Limping through the jungle while trying not to put too much weight on his injured leg and still carry all his supplies, for once Adam couldn't help but question his fate. How had he survived? Why had he survived? Was it truly his fate to win the game? Did the cosmos have some greater plan for him? Was there indeed a God, letting him live only as a test to see if he would redeem himself? Was he just that good?

No use worrying about it. Fate does as fate wills, and there's no point questioning it. I'll know when it's my time to know. If that's ever.

Reeves may have taken some shrapnel to the leg, along with a lot of other cuts and scratches from the last battle, but his fate really was better than most of his classmates. After all, he was still alive. As long as he had that, nobody could stop him. Still, when would fate stop protecting him? That shrapnel that'd hit his leg had only been a couple inches from severing a major artery and making him bleed to death. It made a man think, even if he didn't want to. How much time did he really have left? When would his luck run out?

Making his way through the treeline, he eventually broke through into another trail surrounded with trees. This one was nearby a hollowed out tree, one he'd walked past before and even slept in once, but that wasn't what caused him to drop the sword and pack, reaching into the bag to get the grenade launcher he had acquired earlier and load it with one of the two grenades he had left.

No, it was the fact that there was someone there. Two people, actually, one alive and one dead. The same girls from the field. One of them was in a bear trap, her torso crushed and gore all over, while the other one sat nearby, staring at the corpse and muttering something. He was right, she was playing.

No time for remorse, no time for mercy...

Bringing the grenade launcher up to his shoulder like he would a rifle and going down on one knee to increase accuracy, he closed one eye and aimed it at the sitting girl's legs. He had to strike quickly, and he knew that the grenade would have enough explosive force to probably blow her in half. She hadn't noticed him yet, he had to fire before she did.

Here goes no mercy!

Pulling the trigger, he got up and ducked around a tree as the grenade flew towards its destination, hearing the explosion and waiting until the rain of shrapnel and dust would settle down before peering around the tree again.

Cause and Effect
When the door creaked open and she heard footsteps, Nicole tried to noiselessly tuck herself even further under the table. This didn't work, though, and she was stuck trying to stay where she was and draw as little attention to herself as possible, even her breath and heartbeat seeming way too loud for the intruder not to notice, the pistol shaking a little in her grip. It sounded like they were getting closer, but it didn't seem like they knew she was there. Not yet, anyway.

What should I do? Should I shoot them? Call out? Hope they don't see me?! Oh god, they're getting closer! They're going to find me! Someone help, please! Oh god...I don't wanna die here!

The voice that called out helped to quell her panic somewhat, but she was still careful in trying to decide how to respond, still unsure what to do. At this point, how could anyone honestly say they weren't playing? But that wasn't likely. After all, she knew Eddie Sullivan. Good ol' Edward Sullivan from period four Physics. He'd always been so quiet and withdrawn, she'd only spoken to him a few times the entire year, but he'd always been a nice enough guy, always polite to her and never really making any trouble. Sometimes he'd given off the impression that he just really wanted her to leave him alone, like just sitting there she was intruding on him, but he'd never been outright mean or nasty. If she had to describe him in a word it'd probably be "distant". She'd noticed him checking out Jodene every once in a while (Oh god, she's dead now...even so many days later it's still kinda hard to believe, she thought), but he'd always been sorta unassuming otherwise, never really wanting trouble from anybody as far as she knew.

That doesn't mean he isn't playing, Nikki. Come on, let's be real, would he have gotten this far if he wasn't? Think of how many people you thought would never go through with this who turned out to be playing. Darnell, Paul, Bobby, Steve, Eduardo, Madi, Wade...get the point yet?

However, there was something else in Eddie's tone. He didn't sound malicious, or like he was looking for a fight. No, his tone was almost curious, insecure. A little afraid even. It was a gamble, maybe she was being naive, but he didn't sound like he meant any harm. Maybe she could help him. Of course, just because he didn't sound harmful didn't mean he wasn't playing, but worse came to worse she did have the gun...

"Eddie? Eddie Sullivan? It's me, Nicole! I'm not playing, but I'm...I'm armed, got a gun, so d-d-don't try anything. I'm coming out now."

Turning a little and rising slowly and carefully from the table she used as cover, raising the gun a bit not as much to be threatening as to show she indeed did posess one, Nicole stood up and turned around to face Eddie. Needless to say, things didn't look as she expected, and she couldn't help gasping a little from surprise. The poor man looked like someone had beaten seven shades of shit out of him, there was dirt and blood all over him and he was covered in bruises. Her mind blocked out the fact that he held a rifle, mostly because it wasn't aimed at her, as she started to walk towards him.

"Oh god, are you okay?! You look like hell! Go on, sit down somewhere, I'll get something from my pack! What happened to you?! Did you run into a player?"

Quickly making her way to where she'd left her bag, she listened for whatever Eddie's response would be, pocketing the gun and rummaging through her pack for anything that she could use to help him.

January Mid-Month Rolls
I'm making plans just in case, but is there anyone both able and willing (which is probably the part where everyone yells "NO!" :P) to save Adam?

Walking in Circles
Adam was getting pretty sick of explosions. The chaos, the noise, the shrapnel and fragments of ex-trees flying about, it was all starting to wear a bit thin on him, especially as he preferred to not be turned into gibs. He'd clearly hit her with a shot, but everything still went to hell after a few seconds of awkwardness. The standoff ended with another grenade hitting a tree behind him, though he'd been able to avoid that, and the chase continued, a blood trail enabling him to at least keep some track. Occasionally a grenade would be fired off, and he'd return fire, but nothing came of these.

Who the hell is this, anyway?

Just before shooting his assailant, he had been able to get a good look at them, but only long enough to notice that they were female. Not recognising them, there wasn't a personal edge to the chase, though he found himself increasingly curious as to who had the balls to try to murder him. Really should've seen it coming though, he wasn't exactly liked in Southridge. Still, to randomly attack him with grenades, they had to have some grudge.

Eventually, he thought he'd caught up, but was only barely able to avoid being blown up when the attacker decided to fire at every tree in the immediate area. A hail of shrapnel and fragments erupting around him, he felt scratches and cuts cropping up all over, but was able to find some cover and weather the storm. By the time he pinned down the location of the shots, the attacker was dead, as he found out when he rounded the tree.

Surprisingly, the sight of a dead body close up wasn't as disgusting as he thought it'd be, despite the hole in the girl's chest and the innards poking out, or the steadily growing pool of blood. Now that he'd gotten a second to think, he finally recognised her; Amanda Redder. He didn't know what her problem was, but now she was dead, and he wasn't. Maybe it was the stress of the game so far, maybe it was the pain of the wound in his leg and scratches all over his body, maybe it was the blood loss, but he didn't react with the horror he had felt in the first few days, or even the numbness of when he'd killed Kathleen. Instead? He laughed.

"Heh, haha...hehehe...haHA! SERVES YOU RIGHT, YOU FUCKING BITCH! YOU CAN'T TAKE ME! NONE OF YOU FAGGOTS CAN!" he screamed, emptying the remaining magazine into the corpse's head and chest as his laughter continued, reloading and firing a couple more shots. "I'm the fucking BEST! I'm gonna be the one who gets off this island! You thought YOU could kill me?! You thought WRONG!"

Calming down, but still breathing heavily and wincing from pain, he noticed the grenade launcher at the corpse's side. That was the gun that'd given him so much trouble, but now he had an edge. Pocketing his handgun and grabbing the weapon, he searched the body for any remaining shells, but only turned up two. He was barely able to hide his frustration, but there wasn't time to worry about it now. Loading one into the launcher and placing the other in the waistband of his pants, he limped back to the trail and found his pack and sword, putting the spare ammo he still had into the shrapnel-scarred yet still intact bag while retrieving his medical supplies.

A few hours later, convinced he'd taken care of himself at least adequately, Reeves picked up all his things and limped off, careful not to put too much weight on the newly-bandaged leg and trying to ignore the other scratches and cuts he had treated.

One down, God knows how many more to go.

OOC: Continued in Stranger Than Fiction.

City and School Names Suggestion Thread
V1 and 2 were in the East, though. New York and New Jersey, specifically.

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Apparently it was so hard edged you didn't bother finishing the post.

Edit: That was aimed at Mongoose. Choic ninja'd me.

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The Mongoose
Jan 15 2009, 04:58 AM
I am incapable of taking constructive criticism or realising this might not be the right board for me.


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GM is actually a term for Game Master.

It's also an abbreviation of Game Maker's username, smartass. :P But yeah, just stop with the shitty ideas, and stop with your crush on Dodd and Wade Wilson. It's actually kinda creepy.