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Can you feel the love?
Occasionally having sex on Valentines day doesn't count.

Can you feel the love?
Jan 31 2007, 06:01 PM
guess what's right around the corner? If you said Valentines day, you're right! Yay!
While some would say they don't like the holiday because it's an excuse for hallmark to get more money or whatever, you're Wrong! With a CAPITAL W

Actually, they're completely right. I should know, I'm one of them. There's nothing good about Valentine's day.

V2 vs V1 Characters
Jan 29 2007, 07:49 PM
Uriel was more a meat shield than a friend. Although Uriel obviously cared about Jacob in some form (and... you know, given Kiri666yama's writing, it often makes me question precisely HOW), I never got the impression that Jacob gave a damn about Uriel either way. But you're definitely right in that he DID have some sort of "safety in numbers" mentality or some variation thereof, otherwise he would've wasted Uriel early on in the game. The whole "group of killers" thing is more akin to Peri Barclay and/or Stevan Hyde though. ^_^

Not only that, but I outright said that Jacob hated Uriel, but he happened to make a better ally than murder victim.

Eye've a serious question.
Other than the brief recovery time when you're pretty much blind, it is definitely worth it.

I live!
Yeah, that.

The Afterlife...
Have there be nothing there. Just like the real world. Once they die, that's it. The end.

V2 vs V1 Characters
That's kind of the point of the thread, Croco.

V2 vs V1 Characters
It was more bizarre than funny, bizarre and slightly disturbing.


V2 vs V1 Characters
You didn't answer my question.


Stop, stop, stop, STOP! Cease! Desist! Subsisto! Punto! Fermata! ZWIJEN!

Demand: Stop that incessant, infantile howling! Clarification: Especially since it involves me in a positive manner! Plead: Please?

Request: Please stop singing. Reason number one: Your voice is very off pitch and my auditory receptors cause me to wince involuntarily. Reason number two: Your claims are false. I would rather you not make erronous remarks about me. Such remarks include anything suggesting I am nice, kind, a good writer, or possessing of any good qualities whatsoever.

Error: That is not a proper comment, query, or statement. Will run through translation subroutines. Please resubmit comment, query, or statement.

Response to first query: I am aware of that. No intentions of assault were created or thought, it was mostly another wording for "go away. Now."
Response to second comment: Stop it. No I am not. I am the designated worthless piece of shit. There is nothing good or entertaining about my writing. This has nothing to do with pictures, babies, or babies of pictures.
Footnote: This unit has been preprogrammed to have a hatred of children, especially infants, and small animals. This unit thought the aforementioned footnote would be worth knowing for future reference.

WARNING! Hostile actions and/or intentions towards machine have been detected. Shields at full power, weapons systems online, distress signal to manufacturer sent, target aquired...target lock aquired. Warning to user: please step away from machine in a slow, very non-hostile manner immediately.

...Does not compute. Searching...

Error. Files giggle.exe, hug.exe, and smile.exe were not found, user may have been looking for scowl.exe, swearloudly.exe, or generallyhateeveryone.exe. If such files were installed incorrectly, please reset the machine. If files are still not running, uninstall and reinstall files.

Come off what?

That...was not...funny.