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Edward Anderson
Temporarily Denied. Right now, what Edward needs is a generous measure of toning down.

In the appearance, I notice you bring up a scar Edward has. I'd think that if he got into a fight with somebody wileding a knife, that would be significant enough to actually be included in the profile itself. I honestly think it's a pretty unrealistic injury to sustain from somebody with a knife, but all the same, it needs elaboration if you're going to include it in the appearance.

Anyway, the biography is where I'm having most of my trouble. To put it bluntly, there's absolutely no way somebody as indiscriminately violent as Edward would even be allowed on the Senior trip, and to be honest, the way you've described him, it looks unlikely Edward would even be out of Juve. I certainly doubt Bayview wouldn't have expelled him for all the fighting he gets into. I mean, the concept to me would still seem workable if you had Edward get into a few fights, but scrapping at the drop of the hat - which is the way you've written the biography, is really a major no no for me.

The general idea of the character seems solid, but the execution is where you're going way over the top. There's nothing wrong with having a thuggish character, but Edward's just too far out the way he's being written right now. My advice is to cut out the indiscriminate violence and the instigating fights at any little insult and basically just limit just how much Edward actually gets into fights.

Give it another try, and I'll take another look.

Board Mafia - Game Thread
Oh, I was just running with the joke vote.

Board Mafia - Game Thread
Vote Count

Zehk (7): Arch, Yoss, Moth, Vole, face, banthesun, Blastinus
Mimi (4): Greg, Korazon, KamiKaze, Sunny
Geno (3): ZeM, Wheeler, R-S-Lee
Wheeler (2): Solomir, Zabriel
Carol (2): D/N, R-S-Lee
Pigeon (1): TDS
Anderson (1): Carol
Arch (1): Zehk
banthesun (1): Pigeon
Greg (1): Mimi
KamiKaze (1): Dropbear
Everyone (1): Geno

Not Voting (1): Anderson

25 alive, 13 to lynch.

Master Exploder
Ohmanohgodohgodohgod we'vegottogooutonthestage andI'msinginginfiveminutes!

What if I screw up!?

Winston sat still as a rock for several long seconds as his head buzzed with mild panic. It wasn't exactly stagefright, not really... more, well, just a bit of anxiety. After all, it was something for a shy person like himself to go out there in front of a group of people. Sure, it was his release... but that didn't mean he never got nervous about it.

Okay, okay... chill out. What's different this time from any of the other gigs we've performed? Nothing, right? We might not be playing the same songs, but a crowd is a crowd, and they wouldn't care if the singer sang doing a headstand. They came here for music, not for appearances, right? ... Right, right.

"Alright, let's... let's go." Winston noted the slight tremor in his voice and scowled to himself. Nervousness in general he could handle, but if it started affecting his voice, that really would be cause for concern.

He tightly gripped his microphone stand for a few moments, then lifted it up and stepped through the door which led up to the stage. He smiled slightly as he heard the sound of the crowd, and all of his nervousness ebbed away as he planted the stand down in the centre of the stage, before looking back at the door. He ignored the crowd, despite the noise of it helping him out. He knew some people would be pointing, perhaps laughing, perhaps sharing jokes with one another. A 5ft 4" guy wearing smart white clothes toting the mic for a punk band? Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Nothing he hadn't heard before.

Come on then Nation, let's do it.

Board Mafia - Game Thread
Vote Count

Mimi (4): Greg, Korazon, KamiKaze, Moth
Geno (4): face, ZeM, Wheeler, R-S-Lee
Pigeon (2): Zehk, TDS
Wheeler (2): Solomir, Zabriel
Anderson (2): Vole, Carol
Carol (2): D/N, R-S-Lee
Dropbear (1): Yoss
banthesun (1): Pigeon
Greg (1): Mimi
ZeM (1): banthesun
KamiKaze (1): Dropbear
face (1): Blastinus
Solomir (1): Sunny
Everyone (1): Geno

Not Voting (2): Arch, Anderson

25 alive, 13 to lynch.

Board Mafia - Game Thread
Vote Count

Mimi (3): Greg, Korazon, KamiKaze
Pigeon (3): Zehk, TDS, Wheeler
Wheeler (2): Solomir, Zabriel
Dropbear (2): Yoss, ZeM
ZeM (1): banthesun
Arch (1): Pigeon
KamiKaze (1): Dropbear
Anderson (1): Vole
Carol (1): D/N
face (1): Blastinus
Yoss (1): Moth
Solomir (1): Sunny
Greg (1): Mimi

Not Voting (6): face, Arch, Geno, Carol, R-S-Lee, Anderson

Yet To Confirm: Arch, Geno, R-S-Lee

25 alive, 13 to lynch.

Mercedes Wilson

Board Mafia - Game Thread
Jeez, does nobody here understand the concept of joke votes? HENIOUS I CALL IT.

William Roger Haig
Temporarily Denied. For the most part, this is a very good first attempt, good job.

What I'm a little hung up on are the advantages. Although you've balanced out this section with his disadvantages, I'm a little sketchy on the 'first aid lets him know how to strike to hurt' detail. That seems a little off to me. It's first aid, not kung fu. Similarly, doing first aid with the boy scouts doesn't really qualify somebody to treat much more than minor injuries, and if, as you said, William didn't like his time there/wasn't there for long, how did he develop his wilderness survival skill?

The strategic thinking thing is also something that I'm not much of a fan of. Nobody goes into a fight planning his movements and form of attacks. Maybe before they have a fight, somebody might have a 'gameplan' of sorts, but it's very difficult to think up a plan like that on the fly. I can see this translating into an ability to think up plans in general (for example to search for others, or find a defensible spot) just not the advantage you've given William from it.

It is honestly only the advantages letting William down right now, so once you've fixed those up, it should be full steam ahead.

Board Mafia - Game Thread
R-S-Lee ((Dom))

Zehkiel-Grim as Yossarian. Townie. Day 1
banthesun as Super Llama. Townie. Night 1
Zabriel as Ragged Druid. Miller. Night 1
Killer_Moth as KillerVole. Townie. Night 2
Wheeler as faceinabook. Mason. Night 2
Anderson as choic. Cop. Day 3
Dropbear as Killer Moth. Townie. Night 3
Yossarian as Mimi. Mason. Night 3
Carol as Greg The Anti-Viking. Townie. Modkilled Day 4

TDS as Arch. Lie Detector. Night 4
ZeM as Zehkiel-Grim. Nurse. Night 4
Sunny as Sunny. Mason. Night 4

Greg as Joemamma Kenobi. Hitman. Day 5
Mimi as Dan. Roleblocker. Night 5
Solo as Deckmaster. Godfather. Day 6
Kaze as landlocked. Deputy. Night 6
Pigeon as Korazon. Psychiatrist. Night 6

Blast as Kaldskall. Mafia Roleblocker. Day 7
Geno as Clu. Doctor. Night 7
face as Kyle. Usurper/Framer. Night 7


* You may not discuss the game outside of this thread unless it was specifically stated otherwise in your role PM.

* Role/nameclaims are fine, just bear in mind there are bucketloads of handlers on this board, past and present, and only 25 of you.

* Inactivity is going to be penalised, either by replacement or a flat-out modkill. Please remember inactivity will only hurt your team.

* I reserve the right to bug you for night actions. If you don't want to make one, then let me know too.

* If a majority vote for a lynch is not reached by the end of the day phase, then it will be a NO-LYNCH.

* If you have any questions about your role, please PM/IM me.

* Roles in this game will be many and varied, check out this site for a fairly comprehensive list.

* Please embolden your votes and unvotes, using the format 'Vote: Name' and 'Unvote'

* Do not edit your posts under any circumstances. If you've made a mistake, post again using the tag 'EBWOP' (edit by way of post). Allowing editing leaves things very much open to abuse.

* Once you're dead, you're allowed one 'Bah' post with no game related content. That's all.

Killer Moth


25 alive makes it 13 to lynch, you've got up until the 17th at 20:00 PM to make a decision.

Make sure you confirm you've received your role with your first post.

SOTF Board Mafia - Sign ups
Okeeeey dokeeey. I've finished writing all of the roles, which means they're going to be hitting your inboxes very soon, and the game will be starting presently.

Thanks to everyone who threw in their hat!

Vote: Let's Play Mafia!

D&D Night
Bounce's eyes narrowed slightly at Aaron's presumption, but it seemed he wasn't forcing them into any immediate danger, so she decided not to make a fuss. She didn't, however, like the group being so casually moved along. There were far better ways to railroad the team than the one Aaron had used.

All the same, she supposed that it was just impatience on the part of the DM to get the party moving. Bounce was still uneasy at the loss of Stephen's character, but in the end, it wouldn't be much of a session if they'd aborted it five minutes in, would it?

The chest she'd spotted raised another concern. Bounce tended to be a very wary person - at least where this sort of game was in the picture. Although Will raised a good point about the traps... a different thought occured to her.

"Maybe... but it would not be the first trap you had failed to spot, would it?" Bounce gave Stephen a passing glance. "If you want loot, be my guest, I am not going anywhere close to that chest."

Bounce gave Aaron another sidelong glance, trying to gauge his reaction. That was a far better way than any dice roll to see if there was something wrong. Bounce wasn't really the best at reading faces, but some signs simply couldn't be missed. Of course, that did depend on any reaction in the first place.

But Aaron... he is not the best at hiding his feelings now, is he?

SOTF Board Mafia - Sign ups
I'm pretty much just tweaking roles right now, so if you want in, get in quick.

Jason Stevens
Temporarily Denied.

The problem here is, in a word, detail. Or rather that there's not enough of it. For example, you don't even mentioned what colour Jason's eyes are, not to mention their shape, that sort of thing.

Basically, throughout the rest of the profile, the bones are there, but what's lacking is the substance. I think that you've got all the right ideas, really, but none of them are getting expanded upon enough to make me regard Jason as a properly fleshed out character.

I'd advise you to read a couple of approved characters to get the jist of things. I know you've been through this process before, so I think you know the ropes. Just remember the detail is what counts. You don't need to go into the minutae, but just something better than the broad strokes you're painting in at the moment.

Dan Forrest
Temporarily Denied, with a couple more niggling things.

Main problem is that even though you have mentioned the hobbies/interests n the biography section, there's little elaboration. All that's there is 'Dan joined GODSPEED' and 'Dan joined the wrestling club' - I'd like to see a little expansion on that, for example why he got involved in those organisations. As it stands, I can hazard a guess or two, but nothing solid, I'd like clarification.

Similarly, we're told that Dan is a little racist, but not why, and that aspect feels it's lacking an explanation, something which I really feel it needs.

Other than that, looks like you've picked up on what choic has asked you to. Good going.

SOTF Board Mafia - Sign ups
Okay... sign ups'll be open for another day if anybody wants to put themselves in late, and then hopefully it won't be long after that that roles are getting out.

Bear with me though. Like I said in 'Away', I'm preeeetty tired right now, and have just come back from about 11-12 days of absolutely no thought about this game, so it might take a little time.

I'm back, but pretty wrecked right now, as I had less than two hour's sleep last night. It might be another day or so before I'm in working order again.