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V3: Endgame
Jan 11 2011, 11:22 PM
2) Also...I have to ask: Did Danya know about Ms. Desai, or was this (as it seems) a beautiful bit of literary irony?
I can reveal, at least, that Danya was not aware of what Maxie had planned.

Bear One Another's Burdens
Stepping past a nonplussed Alice, Bounce walked into the apartment proper. Her heart immediately dropped. The place looked abandoned, not like somebody was actually living there, like Alice was some kind of pining ghost. Which, by the looks of her this time, seemed like it wasn't too far from the truth. Bounce felt a pang. She couldn't let this keep happening, she should never have let it get to this point. Should've camped out on Alice's doorstep until she let her in, dragged her out of the house completely if she'd had to. There were too many memories in this place for the other girl, and being around them constantly wasn't going to help. Especially because it seemed like Alice was trying to make the apartment some kind of damn museum for the dead.

Bounce sat on Alice's couch with folded arms and did her best not to launch into a tirade. Firmness was one thing, but the last thing her friend needed right now was to be bitched at. Selfish, Bounce wanted to call her, having no consideration for the problems of others and the concerns of those that cared about her. Yet... on Bounce's part, would that not too simply be selfish? Bounce had lost a couple of friends on the island, but the person to which she had the closest relationship was alive and well. Bounce's losses were nothing compared to Alice's, and much as she hated to admit it, Bounce knew that Alice's grief for Vic outweighed her affection for Bounce.

Could she really blame the other girl for that? Vic had been witty, streetwise, beautiful... Bounce wasn't any of those things. She wasn't pretty, she barely had a figure to speak of, she was awkward around other people and having an acid tongue was not exactly an endearing trait. Bounce couldn't match up to that. However, as Alice continued to speak, Bounce felt rage bubbling up inside of her. This wasn't right. There was no possible way that a person like Alice should have had to die for Victoria, because for all her positive traits, Alice's girlfriend had abandoned them when it mattered most. If they'd all stuck together, then they would have all made it out - simple as that. Bounce appreciated that Victoria had accompanied her early on in the game, but she now realised that when the other girl had thought there was any danger... she'd hidden. Behind Bounce, who was hardly intimidating.

Vic was a coward. She didn't deserve Alice pining like this.

Bounce rose from the couch, marched over the window and ripped the curtains open, wincing as light flooded into the dim confines of the apartment. The illumination put into even starker relief the awful state of Alice's home. Bounce wheeled.

"This is ridiculous. Come on Alice, please just look around you. This doesn't look like an apartment, it looks like a drugs den. You're better than this... you made it. You can't let that place beat you, not now you're home. Please..."

A slightly desperate edge came into Bounce's voice at that last. If anything were to happen to Alice, then where would that leave her? Friendless. Isolated. Guilt-ridden. She couldn't let this continue. There had to be some way of snapping her out of it.

Bear One Another's Burdens
Bounce shouldn't have made it out of the game. Everything she knew about the game, all past track records, all the hours of watching and reading and rewatching, told her that somebody like her should have been an 'easy out'.

An easy out.

How many times had Bounce seen those words? How many times had she typed them herself in debates and discussions on the SOTF fansites? Few friends often made for an 'easy out'. Unathletic, or a poor draw, lacking size. That was an 'easy out'. Lacking the ruthless streak needed to take the opportunities to thin the field. 'Easy out'.

And that was her, that was Bounce every day of the week. If she hadn't fluked out and ran into Vic, leading to them fluking out and running into Alice, then she wouldn't have had a hope - and considering what went down with Victoria, had those boats not come along, there was only so much longer that going under the radar would have worked. They would have run into something - someone, and an injured and unarmed Alice wouldn't have been enough to keep them at bay. And that would have been that. Another pair for the highlight reel - or more likely a forgettable, typo-ridden summary on the SOTF wiki and a slew of comments about how boring she was and how that if they were on SOTF, they would've blown people up with gasoline, or used their expert knowledge to play people against each other or a million and one other things.

Then they'd have been easy outs too.


Bounce had felt guilty at the hospital, being waited on, being treated with the utmost of care even amongst all the others. She knew - rationally - that she wasn't getting any more attention than anybody else, that in fact she was most likely getting seen the least, but that didn't stop her from wanting to tell the doctors to tend to the others. The people that needed it.

All Bounce had was a few cuts and scrapes, minor things. Whilst she'd collapsed from exhaustion at one point, she wasn't in any immediate danger - it was nothing that a few day's rest wouldn't fix. Their concern aggravated her. Yeah she was skinny, yeah she'd lost weight on the island - but who hadn't?, she didn't have some kind of eating disorder or whatever syndromes and conditions they kept on trying to suggest she'd developed. But no, they kept on fussing, kept on hovering over her to make sure she was eating all her meals.

Stupid stupid... just because after so long of frugal meals of stale (and in one case, mouldy) bread, eating REAL food had made her throw up, all of a sudden she was bulimic. Freaking awesome. Not being able to keep her food down didn't mean that she was doing it on purpose, but that hadn't mattered to the doctors and nurses. Constant supervision! Encouraging, coaxing therapists who took her telling them that there was no problem as her being in denial of said 'problem'.

It took her longer to get clear than some of the people that were legitimately hurt. Bounce was still tipping the scales at only 90 lbs or so, but once she'd grown used to actually eating again, she'd managed to start preventing herself from heaving. It was hard at times, like her body was doing it just to spite her, to make her protestations that it wasn't deliberate ring hollow. Eventually though, she'd managed it, and having seen her wolf down an entire pizza with something akin to disbelief, one of the doctors had finally pronounced her free to leave.


Returning home didn't feel real. People stopped to look at her in the street. Others called out - encouragement, questions, sometimes even abuse. Reporters ran up to her with microphones in their hands and cameramen trailing after them, demanding to know 'her story'. Bounce blanked all of these, the last with 'encouragement' from the escort that an uncle she barely knew had helpfully 'provided' for her. Dmitri was supposedly a cousin of hers, but Bounce had never met him before in her life. He was a big bear of a man, although he was only a year Bounce's senior. He was kind enough to her, but almost too much so - he treated her like she was made of porcelain, set to shatter to pieces at any moment. Besides, sometimes, Bounce just REALLY needed some time to herself...

But with Dmitri staying in the guest bedroom at her home to attend to her near every time she left the house, that wasn't coming any time soon. Even what had once been her sole refuge - the computer - now held no solace. Opening the internet, only to find every last tab she'd been using still saved - the SOTF homepage, a forum discussion on weapon draws (now long dead), an unrelated music video - Bounce had burst into tears. The computer lay untouched since then, gathering dust. Maybe sometime in the future she would find the strength to write AGAINST what was once her favourite show, instead of simply discussing it dispassionately, but... not now. It was too raw.

Her parents handled her awkwardly. They were overjoyed that she had lived, but at the same time, they were no closer to her. In fact, if anything Bounce had drawn even further away from her family. They held little affection from her any longer, and even though they had never been particularly attached, Bounce could not explain why. There was an invisible barrier between them, between everything that had not gone through the same experiences that Bounce had, and even then, making it through the island had not made Bounce more sociable. She had no idea how to contact anybody who had lived, how to speak to them, share the comfort of mutual suffering.

Well, save one...


It grew worse and worse every time. Sometimes, Alice just plain ignored Bounce. Sometimes, she came to the door, but their conversation was apathetic at best. Her friend was tearing herself to pieces, and she didn't know how to help her. Words never came easily to Bounce - not kind ones, anyway. She was no therapist.

And frankly? She wasn't Vic, either. It didn't matter what the other girl had done, that she'd ran out on them. Alice had still loved her, and she blamed herself for what had happened. Nothing Bounce could do or say was going to change that. Perhaps she would overcome the guilt by herself in time... but that was rapidly becoming time that Alice didn't have.

She was killing herself.

Bounce had given Dmitri the slip this time around. Friendly though he was, he wasn't too hard to fool, and Bounce had simply asked him to run an errand for her before sneaking out the front door and driving all the way to Alice's place. She'd be missed before too long, but that didn't matter - she had left a message, lest her parents combust with worry.

Standing on the doorstep, Bounce shifted anxiously from foot to foot. She'd been dressing brighter since making it home. Dark colours were a reminder. Plus, almost every SOTF shirt was dark, and there was no way in hell she'd wear any of those ever again. She looked a little different all over, she supposed. She wore her hair longer now, she actually bothered with make-up. Bounce still hadn't grown a sense of fashion, but the alterations... they were almost ways of disassociating herself from-

The door opened.

"...Alice, you need to stop doing this to yourself. I am absolutely serious. Right now."

The Final 5
*slowly headdesks*

Congrats, people. Not one of you doesn't deserve to have made it this far.

Post-Game Planning
Bounce would not go on Larry King, but should you want to do a plot of some description with her, then feel free to get in touch.

V5 Concepts Thread
I will say that "Has not been done" doesn't equate to something being a good idea. Often if it's not been done before, there's a fairly good reason for it, especially when you start tackling 'specialist' aspects of a character like pregnancies and disorders. Delivering in game? Yeah. That IS something I'll have to put a flat out 'no' on. For one thing a person that heavily pregnant would NOT be going on a school trip/field trip/camping/insert-abduction-scenario-here, for another it's actually, to be entirely bluntly, not really something the vast majority of writers here would like to see.

Making profiles now is not essential, but you can do it if you want. If you search around you'll find a profile template.

V5 Concepts Thread
Firstly, welcome to the site. Us folk with the coloured name are the staff team, so PM us if you've got any questions - although I'd point you to KillerVole and the blues rather than the rest of the reds and myself, as two of us are pretty busy with school and one is currently semi-retired.

Secondly, we're going to have a cap of three characters per person in V5, so unfortunately you'll have to drop one of your concepts. It's fine in pregame, but in the main game you'll need to pick three.

Thirdly, whilst I wouldn't say it's absolutely banned - and I don't mean to discourage you, but we've had a fair few pregnant characters in the past and... I wouldn't say it's overplayed, but things tend to go down very similar routes. I'd advise you to perhaps consider focusing on other concepts, or at least talk with some of the other handlers on chat (and read our guides, the newbie guide especially) in order to get an idea of how to take care of the character.