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League of Legends Mafia Game Thread
Oh hey, I can contribute!

Yes, one of my powers is double voting - as it obviously indicated by current polls. However, I have to specify my use of this power the night before.

Honestly, I have lost a bit of the oversight of what's going on here and I'll have to see whether I pick the red line up again.

Don't Call it a Comeback
It was within her budget, aha. That could mean a lot, but sure, it was an answer at least. Fiyori glanced down to the polka dress. That one was sixty bucks. No idea whether that was much or not. For Fiyori, at least, it was cause enough to think deeply about any potential purchases. It was hella cute... but it was also quite the bit of money. A dilemma...

Nadia in the meantime decided she needed the appropriate head wear as well. Fiyori was about to jokingly offer her the flower parade on her head, but Nadia already went straight in direction of the hat racks. Fiyori glanced over to L, shrugged and went after the fashion dick.

Suddenly, a boy came forward and stepped between Nadia and Fiyori. Actually, no wait - he nearly stepped on Nadia. Fiyori stood still, somewhat surprised.

Her eyes, almost if caught by the color, darted to the shorts and... uh jeez.

She snorted.