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Room of Relaxation
The spear point lowered towards the crowd, but it stayed firmly held in Kimiko's hand. It would have been suicidal to drop it. Tactically she was fucked anyway. She couldn't cross the room quick enough to stop Samuel from shooting her even if she wanted too. He had the advantage but the spear offered some comfort and she needed that.

She couldn't guarantee he wasn't lying either.

He could still attack her.

Kimiko decided on a solution that would hopefully keep both sides happy; spinning the spear around in her hand so that the tip faced from Samuel and out into the corridor. She still held it, but there was no implied threat.

The glass shard was in pocket of course. Kimiko could feel it resting against her. A constant reminder of what she had done to Cristo. He was hurt in the storehouse or had moved...or worse. She could still feel him grabbing her and the feeling of the glass breaking his skin.

Samuel was focused on her, Kimiko felt like he was looking through her skin and to her soul. She was uncomfortable being around another person so soon she realised. She needed to shift his focus.

Pointing in the direction the other boy had run Kimiko looked at Samuel with an questioning glance. Something to take her mind off everything.

Five Finger Death Punch
Trav stopped, raised an eyebrow and then shook his head.

"No, no way. I'm not just going to leave you."

Trav, to be perfectly truthful didn't quite understand why Cass was suddenly so down. He had an idea and all but he wasn't sure he was right. He also had never really been in that frame of mind. It made him realise how lucky he was in a way. Trav had found his calling in life early and was lucky enough to get support from his parents to pursue it. Hell they paid for a lot of it even. In short, his life had been good, very good in fact. If things had kept going the way they were Trav was sure his life would have had some tough patches sure, everyone's did, but it would have been more or less the same overall.

Cass, Trav reckoned hadn't had the same thing. He didn't know why and he wasn't going to ask.

She needed someone to stay with her though.

He was sure of that.

So he stepped back, perched himself on one of the slopes of the roof and rested his arms over his legs.

Deep down there was another reason of course there was. He didn't want to be alone. Plus even know he had only known Cass as a person for all of a sunrise he liked her.

The second darker reason. He was scared for his friends, for Noodle, mainly. He knew he wanted to go and find her. But he didn't want to go looking only to end up...he didn't have the word and didn't have the desire to find it.

So for those reasons Trav stayed sitting on the roof.

"I do have other people. But I found you first, so I can wait."

General Video Game Discussion Thread
Maybe, but I'm a) terrible and b) have no idea how civ multiplayer works

V6 Podcast
Good podcast guys, I enjoyed the discussion of the deaths and islands. Plus some good insight on the killers.

Call Me Maybe
Cameron shook her head and stupid grin plastered across her face. She knew she should wipe it off and be serious but there just something about Tessa that she couldn't take fully seriously. Just the gaps in logic and mental jumps Tessa must have been doing to get to the idea that she was the one in the right in their situation. Cameron felt a little sorry for her actually. She must have been lonely back in Kingman. Then just as things seemed to be cooling down the conspiracy nut had to go and make things just as explosive as they had previously been.

Suddenly the threats were very real again, it had been fun while it had lasted. Back to reality now, everyone's on high on fear and paranoia and they were a hell of a drug. Cameron stared at the mine, then looked between her companions and friend.

"So...I'm fine not having anything to do with that."

Hopping slightly to alleviate some pressure that was building in her ankle Cameron winced and coughed.

"Yeah, don't want to sound y'know demanding or anything, but my ankle is on fire."

She glanced over at Mel and the pickaxe. Her pickaxe. Considering how Tessa was behaving Cameron felt supremely naked without her weapon.

"Can we just like go inside?"

Five Finger Death Punch
And then they were gone.

Trav wasn't sure what he was supposed to feel about Jae and Vanessa's exit but he supposed relief was acceptable. He hadn't a problem with them staying but he had a problem with them seemingly believing he hadn't realised what was going on. He knew full well his situation but there was more to life than stress and panic. He refused to believe any other way. Maybe refusal was too strong a word but Trav wasn't sure. Life was strange now.

Cass had asked him a question and Trav had no honest idea how to answer it. They couldn't go back to sitting on the roof and pretending like nothing had happened. Their safe haven had been utterly destroyed by the intrusion.

The best response Trav could offer was a shrug.

"I guess we wait here for a bit and then move somewhere else."

The sun was up and the roof had lost it's magic.

Room of Relaxation
Kimiko saw the boy run away but it wasn't like she could call out for him to stop. At the same time, she didn't even know if she wanted too.

Regardless he was gone now. That still left the other voice that had spoken up while she had been standing frozen. From the sound of the conversation the two had been having one of the two was more violent and jumpy. Kimiko could tell as much from the tone of their voice. The question was whether or not she had been left with that one or the calmer person.

Her grip on the spear tightened. It was a precaution as she still left it at the same angle she had been holding it at. Not outwardly aggressive but if she needed to defend herself she could bring it up quick enough. She still had the glass shard as well but she hoped she wouldn't need to use it again.

Taking a deep breath to steady her breathing Kimiko slowly and purposefully walked to the doorway. When she turned she came face to face with Samuel Howard and his crossbow.

Her heart skipped a beat.