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Yearbook Scrawlings (Do you want some?)
Thanks for the input everyone! I started the scrawlings thread http://s10.zetaboards.com/SOTF_V2/topic/7454747/1/#new

Yearbook Scrawlings V5
Here is where we take the time to remember the good stuff we liked about V5 pregame now that we are coming to a close. Use the form below to help you out

[big][u][b]The Basics[/b][/u][/big]

[b]Handler Name:[/b]

[b]Hey Guys! (Your trademark character):[/b]

[b]Where you at? (Current Status of Trademark Character): [/b]

[b]Most Popular (Your favorite character(s) ): [/b]

[b]Best School Hangout (Favorite thread):[/b]

[big][u][b]The Scrawlings[/b][/u][/big]

[b]Class Clown (those who tickled your funny bone):[/b]

[b]Class Sweetheart (Girl and/or Guy known for being a real nice guy/gal): [/b]

[b]Best Dressed: [/b]

[b] Most Likely to be President: [/b]

[b]Most Likely to End up in Jail: [/b]

[b]Most Likely to Succeed:[/b]

[b] Biggest Meanie:[/b]

[b]Class Flirt:[/b]

[b]Most Dramatic:[/b]

[b]Most Unorthodox/Original Character:[/b] Any character that strikes you as highly original or out of the ordinary.

[b]Most Realistically-Portrayed Character: [/b]A character who you feel that you can imagine existing in real life.

[b]Most-likely to win in a Battle Royal (Take an early shot. Who do you think will win?) :[/b]

[big][u][b]Yearbook Quotes[/b][/u][/big]

[b]Which character do you relate to the most?[/b]

[b]Which character do you feel the most for?[/b]

[b]Which character are you cheering on to win SOTF?[/b]

[b]Which character do you think has it coming?[/b]

[b]Quick; Final Four for V5 - who's it gonna be?[/b]

[big][u][b]Margin Scribbles[/b][/u][/big]

[b]Most Emotionally Moving Scene: [/b] Has anything brought a tear to your eyes?

[b]Most Humourous Scene: [/b]Which scene served as the best comic relief?

[b]Most Drama-filled Scene: [/b]Which scene had you on the edge of your seat in the way of conflict, suspense, and drama?

[b]Most Unexpected Scene: [/b] Was there anything that you just did NOT see coming in pregame?

[big][u][b]Talk About Yourself[/b][/u][/big]

[b]What has been your favorite thing to write in V5 Pregame?[/b]

[b]Which of your characters was your favorite to write?[/b]

[b]Which was your favorite thread to participate in?[/b]

[b]What are you proudest of in V5?[/b]

[b]What do you wish you could improve?[/b]

[b]What is your favorite OOC memory?[/b]

[b]What else would you like to share? Anything goes![/b]

Introduction Thread

Yearbook Scrawlings (Do you want some?)
We are totally taking suggestions. Cutest Couple can be included, no problem.

Cody started talking to Brandon and Michelle began wondering if there would be some opportune moment for her to sneak out and make her way back to the locker room to retrieve her clothes and go home. By this point she'd done her captainly duty of going with the girls to watch the game and had already talked about the meet so she could leave and tell the girls she ditched because she was tired at the next practice.

There was another release of tension within her when Cody went on his way without causing any trouble. Michelle reflected that she never realized what a social minefield this kind of event was. She waved half-heartedly as Cody wandered off somewhere, having not a clue what he meant by "special team." It wasn't worth the risk to her to ask, nor did she really want to know, maybe something offensive.

She stood up straight like someone had given her a little shock when he said her last name.

"Oh, I'm sure we've had a class together somewhere down the line. Uh, I mostly go by Michelle. Wexler is like, what my brother calls me or what I get called at girl scouts. Kind of like, drill sergeant-y sounding, don't ya think? Really official sounding and I'm not very official," she laughed, scrunching up her wet hair.

"I mean, normally I'm not really into FOOTBALL so much. I've only been to one game before this and that was mostly to hang out. It was never a big thing for my family, but I can tell you guys work hard. I wouldn't be willing to smash into dudes build like fridges so I tip my hat to you guys. We just had a competition and the girls wanted to come by. They're putting up a good face, but I know they're wiped."

Introduction Thread
Here, Zevon. I got you a bucket of delicious chicken to welcome you O_________O

Posted Image

Best chicken in the tri-state area.

"That's good, it's rough yeah," she said in relief now that he seemed to be getting up. She relaxed a bit and stopped biting her bottom lip. The girls were off and mingling by now, leaning over the rails in a similar fashion as her to talk to the boys who were trying to act like they weren't dead tired while the girls pretended the same.

Michelle supposed there wouldn't be any dates after the game even if both parties tried. They'd both just fall asleep.

She was snapped back to Brandon when he'd made somewhat lascivious mention of her attire. She blushed a bit, but kept her game face otherwise. The swim guys didn't look twice at the swim girls because they spend 2 hours a day every day with them in swim suits.

She stared blankly at him as he tried to guess her name. Then Cody had come up to greet her as well. Michelle pasted on an awkward, fake smile and waved back.

If Brandon was known to be a bit gruff at times Cody was known to be a total prick. Not a great friend to the nerdier kids that made up a lot of Michelle's friends. However, Michelle was awful at confrontation and chose to pretend to be happy and hope he didn't say anything that would break that.

"Nice going, Cody," she said trying to sound enthusiastic.

The last play started and resulted in total chaos of movement. Michelle stood on her tip toes and craned her neck to try and see what was going on. Suddenly Brandon rammed full on and hard into a smaller guy from the other team. The kid went down like a sack of potatoes and the girls hushed. A few gasped and turned to each other.

Michelle covered her mouth instinctively and stared to see if the boy would get up.

"Do you think he's okay?" she said quietly to Kathy at her side. The whistle rang out and the team celebrated. The girls tried to recover from the shock of the last play and started clapping, a few who weren't phased threw out WOO HOOs.

Michelle clapped vigorously, though she couldn't hear her own clapping over the din of the victory. She could see a few of the swimmers starting to angle for the boys, waving and calling out. A football boyfriend was probably pretty desirable, especially among the freshman and sophomores. The cheerleaders continued to look less than amused by their presence.

At that point, Michelle was so tired from the meet she gave up caring if the cheer squad was ready to slash their tires.

Brandon was walking up to the girls and seemed to appreciate their presence. She looked sideways at the team discretely, missing his up and down evaluation. Michelle looked back at him, he seemed dead tired too.

"Good game," she said, resting on the railing. "Is everyone okay? That was a nasty fall."

((Michelle Wexler continued from So We Settled for the Center of Town))

"Great meet, you guys!" Michelle enthused at the girls of the team while the captain of the boys was at the other end of the pool no doubt berating them. She was always of the opinion that a more friendly approach was better and truly, the girls did do a better job than the boys.

"Not a ton of turnout, I guess," she said biting her lip and looking up at the clock.

"There's a football game, today," said a blonde sophomore named Stephanie.

"Oh, well mystery solved," said Michelle with a shrug. The girls looked at her for a moment and she shifted her hips and crossed her arms. "You guys want to see the end, hu?" she said after 30 seconds of silence and the girls did that girl shriek that signaled good news. Michelle smiled and covered her ears.

"Fine fine, we'll go see the end. Let's go."

The girls all walked the short distance from the pool to the field, gossiping and chatting, though some had opted to go back to the lockers. Michelle and the other girls posted themselves at a space in the front of the bleachers where they could squeeze in. She also noticed that the arrival of 20 girls in Aroura High racing swim suits was not unnoticed. She had to smile . This is probably what some of the younger girls wanted.

Let them have their fun.

She leaned against the rail to watch the last play. Some of the cheerleaders looked less than thrilled to be showed up by the arrival of a gaggle of girls wearing even less than them. Michelle shrugged apologetically. Back to the game she hooted a bit and yelled "Yeah, go Aurora!"

Yearbook Scrawlings (Do you want some?)
Class flirt is a girl or boy (usually the superlatives have a girl and a boy but you can chose if you want one person or two) that....flirts a lot.

Most dramatic is someone who....is very dramatic? Like, very overblown about things or causing drama?

Yearbook Scrawlings (Do you want some?)
Oh no, I'll make a separate thread. The thing I just posted was kind of my preliminary set of questions which are like, pretty much entirely different from the old ones so I wanted to see if people liked those questions or wanted to add any

Yearbook Scrawlings (Do you want some?)
I'm overhauling the questions to make them more yearbook-y.

This is what I'm thinking:

The Basics

Handler Name:

Hey Guys! (Your trademark character):

Where you at? (Current Status of Trademark Character):

Most Popular (Your favorite character(s) ):

Best School Hangout (Favorite thread):

The Scrawlings

Class Clown (those who tickled your funny bone):

Class Sweetheart (Girl and/or Guy known for being a real nice guy/gal):

Best Dressed:

Most Likely to be President:

Most Likely to End up in Jail:

Most Likely to Succeed:

Biggest Meanie:

Class Flirt:

Most Dramatic:

Most Unorthodox/Original Character: Any character that strikes you as highly original or out of the ordinary.

Most Realistically-Portrayed Character: A character who you feel that you can imagine existing in real life.

Most-likely to win in a Battle Royal (Take an early shot. Who do you think will win?) :

Yearbook Quotes

Which character do you relate to the most?

Which character do you feel the most for?

Which character are you cheering on to win SOTF?

Which character do you think has it coming?

Quick; Final Four for V5 - who's it gonna be?

Margin Scribbles

Most Emotionally Moving Scene: Has anything brought a tear to your eyes?

Most Humourous Scene: Which scene served as the best comic relief?

Most Drama-filled Scene: Which scene had you on the edge of your seat in the way of conflict, suspense, and drama?

Most Unexpected Scene: Was there anything that you just did NOT see coming in pregame?

Talk About Yourself

What has been your favorite thing to write in V5 Pregame?

Which of your characters was your favorite to write?

Which was your favorite thread to participate in?

What are you proudest of in V5?

What do you wish you could improve?

What is your favorite OOC memory?

What else would you like to share? Anything goes!

The Mafia Waiting List
Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) mafia is ready

Yearbook Scrawlings (Do you want some?)
Some of the old yearbook scrawling questions are....a little ill fitted for pregame and I may be removing them. I don't think goriest scene and most heroic have a place in the yearbook scrawling.

I'm happy to take suggestions

Yearbook Scrawlings (Do you want some?)
Hey everyone. I'm setting up this poll here to see if y'all would be interested in having yearbook scrawlings.

For those who don't know, they are basically the plastic hammers of pregame.

For those who don't know THAT, it's basically a list of favorite things you liked about pregame, see the ones from v4 if you need more clarification: The old ones!

Imma leave this up for three days, gauge interest and then if enough people wanna, we'll have them, kay? You can also leave comments and junk if you want.

Have at.

Little Princes
"Mmm, sorry I was late. Had to touch up my makeup before I left the house."

His eyes were half lidded as if he were some what sleepy. He gazed at the ground with an unfocused kind of look and didn't seem to be very concerned that he was getting water on his friend. A little water never hurt anyone.

"Yeah right. Like you've ever been stood up. I wouldn't have let that happen for exactly that reason. I'm ten minutes late to Chili's and you're sitting there at the booth with a basket of fried green beans and a waitress. Waitress always seem to miss that I need a refill when I eat with you. Wonder why that is..." he said with half a laugh tacked on at the end.

He felt Sven's head lean to the side and come to rest on top of his. Typical. He strained to look up at his friend without moving his head too much and disturbing the stack of head resting.

"Of course I am. I'm going to be famous one day, a famous musician. You'll see, the most famous park hobo ever. I'm going to go to a really good music school and build up a band out of other music kids and we'll build a following and eventually get a lot of fans. And we'll have a park bench at every show to keep strong to our park hobo roots. The bench will double as our hotel," he said happily.

Paris mellowed at the thought of Sven's problems and was suddenly a bit quieter. Sven had mentioned his daughter and colleges. Paris wanted to inquire about both, but one at a time. He made a mental note to hold onto the question of college. First thing first.

"Business was bad today because of the rain.....How are Andi and the real princess, Fiona?"

Alexei "Alex" Zherdev
This character biography has had no alterations for more than two weeks and has been put in the abandoned characters forum. This profile is eligible for resubmission by the handler upon alterations requested from the staff.

Let's Start Something
"ID. Shoot. I was just going to use that stolen credit card!"

Paris went back into the wallet and fished out his drivers license, handing it over to Rachel.

"Not at all. I know it's your job," he said with a friendly shrug.

Jaquilyn was a senior and that made sense. He'd most certainly seen her before.

"I am indeed, I'm sad you haven't noticed me more after how much attention I always bring to myself. I'm really quite annoying," he joked.

The transaction was complete and he was handed back his cards and bag.

"Thanks, have a great rest of the day," he said to Rachel.

He reached out as he moved smoothly past the cash register and his hand swept briefly over Jaquilyn's shoulder.

"Very nice to have met you. I'm Paris and I wish you the very best of luck with your job. My luck mojo means it's in the bag for you. See you around."

((Paris Ardennes continued elsewhere))

Little Princes
(Slight GMing via placement of character approved)

Paris pushed open the door of the coffee shop with his shoulder, trying not to bang his guitar case against the glass in the process. He didn't have an umbrella and it was pouring out. He shook his head and water fell off of his hair. He looked down at the slight puddle near his shoes and smiled sheepishly at one of the girls behind the counter, as if in apology.

Paris took off his outer, soaked wind breaker and put it up on a coat rack near a small fire place where plush chairs were situated. He took a deep breath and looked around the café for a moment. His smile became broad and his eyes sunny when he saw his old friend Sven. He took a moment to shake out his hair, leaving it a semi-damp, tangled mess on his head and went over.

He stood near the bench where Sven was seated for a moment. He didn't look particularly cheerful.

Without a word Paris set his guitar down, gently, and sat next to Sven. He sighed deeply and leaned his head against Sven's shoulder.

"Hey Bro." He gazed out at the people moving around inside the warm shop backlight by the blue tones and steady pattern of rain outside. His eyes flickered around the display case, not really taking in the contents, just staring.

"Sorry about the rain. Thanks for coming, though. Been busy so it feels like it's been forever, kind of. Tell me what you've been up to."

No One Talks About It
Her eyes changed. The ferocity that burned in her eyes a moment ago seemed tempered. They opened wide and her face unwound, making her skin smooth. Her lips were just slightly parted. Her eyebrows raised and came together ever so slightly.

The overall effect was something unusual for her. The change was at once quick and gradual.

Her eyes were lowered and hid by her long lashes when she moved to look at the desk near her and ran one of her hands over it contemplatively. Her long black pony tail swept over her shoulder. Steven had tried his hand at attempting to get Zubin out of the room in a gentle manner, but that wasn’t good enough for her anymore.

“Okay,” she whispered.

“We’re done now,” she said slightly louder. “I asked you to leave a room that you have no business being in and were not using for its intended purpose. I didn’t ask anything else. And you say that it doesn’t even matter what I would have said because you weren’t listening anyway. I told you to leave and you made crude sexual comments about me. Would you have treated me that way if I were a boy? Would you have completely disregarded the thing I had the absolute right to ask you and then try to degrade me sexually if I were a guy? You’re the worst, you know that? You think just because I yell and you don’t that makes you the good one. Well it doesn’t. You’re disgusting.”

She stood near Steven and pointed towards the door.