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Utilities Compound (DANGER ZONE)

Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Warehouse
The warehouse in the utilities compound is much smaller than its counterpart at the docks. It was used mainly for storing different items that would be needed in day to day life around the staff housing such as soaps, towels, and bed sheets. As a result of being much smaller and containing fewer items than the storage at the docks, this warehouse is much more organised and easy to navigate, although the lack of working electricity makes the lack of windows an issue at night. Many of the items are still present on shelves that run the length of the room, all clearly labelled and neatly packed. As the staff were free to come and go from the warehouse as they pleased, there is only a signing out book on a counter at the entrance to track items removed from the premises.
Prey Empathy May 2 2017, 01:30 AM, By Malloon
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Radio Tower
Off to the corner of the utilities area is the tall radio tower and the small building that houses the radio equipment. Being the most important place for communication with the outside world, the radio tower was kept in immaculate condition and constantly maintained. Even now, covered in vines and overgrowth, it only shows a small hint of time's effects. The building next to it is essentially one small room filled with all the radio equipment that could possibly be needed to call the outside world, as well as a couple of chairs and a phone to call other parts of the island. Although all the equipment appears workable at a glance, closer inspection reveals key components missing, eliminating the ability to send signals of any sort.
Origin of Symmetry Jul 6 2017, 11:38 AM, By Laurels
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Vehicle Depot
The final building in the utilities area is easily the largest. Many jeeps and trucks sit outside of garages that were formerly used to store vehicles in case of emergency. The garages themselves show signs of work that was taking place soon before the abandonment of the island. A jeep is elevated so that repairs can be carried out on its chassis, while a car sits with smashed windows and dented bodywork following a crash. There is also a metal staircase leading up to an office that contains a desk and filing cabinets filled with documents keeping track of various services, part changes, and repairs that had to be carried out, as well as a window that gives a view of the whole garage floor.
Footage Not Found Jul 1 2017, 05:32 PM, By Violent-Medic
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Slopes
Leading from the supply depot to the utilities compound and staff housing block the slopes are just that, steep natural slopes. Originally kept well-maintained with paths and tracks for staff members and vehicles to traverse, the combination of nature and time has slowly reclaimed the slopes, turning them into a mismatch of rocky outcrops with grasses and shrubs as well as the occasional patch of moss or fern due to the process of succession. Never easy to traverse normally, the slopes historically caused many ankle sprains or cuts due to people tripping and falling even with paths present. Now that they've been overtaken by pioneer plant species the slopes have become even more treacherous and a fall could lead to serious injury.
In Cups of Coffee, In Strife Jul 8 2017, 10:22 AM, By Randomness
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Utilities Compound (DANGER ZONE)
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