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Asylum Exterior

Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Bell Tower
Accessible from the asylum grounds through a door with a rusted lock, the bell tower was a pre-existing structure before the asylum was founded. Initially ignored as the staff had no real use for it, after a patient threw himself off of it, the bell tower was sealed with a heavy metal padlock. Despite this, it was still rung at certain times throughout the year, meaning the bell was still in good condition when the asylum was abandoned. Despite the lack of maintenance since, the bell and tower are still generally intact, although a few of the stairs may be slightly rotten. The padlock, however, rusted and appears to have been broken to allow access to the top of the tower. The top of the tower itself provides a nearly three hundred and sixty degree view over most of the island, although the safety rail doesn't appear capable of standing up to much force anymore.
Me & My Gun Jul 20 2017, 09:33 PM, By Privyet
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Rooftop
With access being found at the very top of the stairs in the asylum, the roof is the second highest point on the island. As the only people who ever needed access to the roof were workmen, there's no fencing of any kind, meaning a long drop is only a slip away. The roof itself is covered in moss and weeds; this combined with parts of it being sloped at steep angles and a significant amount of loose tiles and bits of roofing falling away make navigating it a treacherous prospect. There are, however, flat spots of roof that contain the power junctions for the asylum's electricity, offering anyone trying to navigate the roof a chance to rest.
Rivers in the Desert Jan 5 2018, 08:43 PM, By backslash
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Cove
The Cove is a small, sandy beach located off a side-path from the bell tower down gently sloping hills. A small shelter from the waves, the cove houses a few small dinghies that were used for transport to and from the main dock. Following a storm, one of these dinghies has been broken apart and scattered across the shore. A rickety wooden jetty is present to allow access to the dinghies, but this too was hit hard by the storm and a number of planks are missing. The cove also possesses a small cave formed by the tide which can be used to shelter from the elements, although the dampness, uneven rocky floor, and constant dripping make it a less than ideal shelter. The cave can quickly become flooded by seawater whenever the tide is rising, making staying within it for too long a risky prospect.
Extra Jul 30 2017, 04:25 PM, By Privyet
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Northwest Cliffs
Overlooking the cove are the northwest cliffs that possess paths which offer tremendous views of the horizon and sea. Unfortunately the paths themselves run alongside sheer drops to the jagged rocks and water below. Following an accident with an escaped inmate that caused the death of one of the staff during a nighttime walk a large fence with razor wire at the top was installed to discourage anyone from trying to descend the cliff faces. The fence appeared to do its job as no more deaths relating to the cliffs occurred, the fence itself is still standing even now the effects of time are clearly visible but it seems very stable and there are no visible holes present.
Creature Comforts Jun 22 2017, 06:21 AM, By Zetsumodernista
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Asylum Exterior
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