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Welcome to Survival of the Fittest, a RPing board loosely based off of Koshun Takami's Battle Royale, with its own unique plot and spin on the 'deadly game'. We've been around quite a while, and are now in our thirteenth year, so don't worry about us going anywhere any time soon!

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Staff Area (DANGER ZONE)

Regular Forum (No New Posts) Doctors’ Offices
The doctors’ offices are located at the back of the staff area and are mainly situated all along one corridor. There was a practical purpose to this; the patients could become very noisy when agitated, and if a doctor was on the night shift they would need rest, thus all the offices were located in a fairly quiet sector. To better facilitate rest, all of the offices contain beds along with the regular desks and chairs. Many of the walls of these offices have medical diagrams and charts pinned up on them, while some contain bookshelves that hold many different medical journals. One of them even has a photo of the doctor in question performing a lobotomy with a plaque reading "Happy 50th! From The Guys".
Ye Not Jun 13 2017, 12:29 PM, By Namira
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Staff Lounge
The staff lounge is simply the games room that was already present in the building. The staff recognized that it was well-positioned near the center of the second floor, meaning they could respond quickly to any emergencies, so simply moved more chairs in and had a television installed. The room itself is rather large and one of the tidiest in the building. A set of plush armchairs and a sofa sit in a half-circle in front of the TV, with a coffee table positioned in the middle of them. Also off to one side is a small table with a wooden chess set on it (the pieces knocked over at some point in the past). An old-fashioned radio also sits on a windowsill that overlooks the front of the asylum grounds.
A History of Bad Decisions Aug 31 2017, 04:34 AM, By Espi
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Storage Closet
The storage closet, as it was known is in actuality a large room that used to be a gallery before the building became an asylum. The staff, seeing no use for it, decided to instead use it for storing anything and everything. This led to it being filled with metal shelves that hold various boxes, which in turn are filled with various supplies such as stacks of paper, clipboards, pens, and so forth. Never very well organised or maintained to begin with, the storage closet was forgotten about when the asylum was abandoned and is now called home by many spiders and rats.
Amen Aug 28 2017, 04:12 PM, By Slam
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Staff Area (DANGER ZONE)
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