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Peaceful Meadows Crematorium (DANGER ZONE)

Regular Forum (No New Posts) Crematorium Chapel
The Peaceful Meadows chapel is a small, understated building with a plain design, the only allowance for any flourishes being a large stained glass window on one of the walls, depicting a sun rising over green hills. Inside the crematorium there are two rooms. The first could be considered the entrance hall, a small room with a couple of worn down chairs. Beyond the entrance is the main hall which contains three rows of benches spanning the breadth of the room. At the front of the room is a podium for conducting eulogies and speeches. There is also a platform for the casket to rest on during the course of the service. While the crematorium was clearly well looked after during its years of activity, in the years since Northmount closed it has steadily been fallen into disrepair. Coupled with the buildup of the plant life in the gardens, time has taken its toll upon the small building; thorn bushes and nettle patches have sprung up through the floorboards, which have themselves become weak in places, meaning that despite the small size of the chapel it takes time and care to safely navigate it.
Strive Jul 25 2017, 10:51 AM, By Namira
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Crematorium Gardens
The gardens of the Peaceful Meadows Chapel used to be blooming with an abundance of plant life from many different flower beds, and while to some extent this is still the case, many other invasive species have moved in due to the absence of any maintenance. Many residents of the asylum were encouraged to help maintain the gardens as a form of therapy, but after the asylum's closure human influence has been completely absent. This has caused a dramatic build-up of tangled weeds throughout the beds of the gardens, with thick patches of nettles, thorns, and many other forms of plant life now encroaching upon the brick and dirt paths, cutting off some routes altogether. Despite all this however, the large willow tree from which the island gets its name still stands near the center of the garden, casting a large shadow over much of the area.
Food Aug 2 2017, 04:22 PM, By Privyet
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Peaceful Meadows Crematorium (DANGER ZONE)
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