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Intensive Treatment Rooms (DANGER ZONE)

Regular Forum (No New Posts) Lobotomy Lab
The lobotomy lab is a plain dark room with an operating table and metal tool cart in its center. In the days when the asylum was operating, the lab would be used to perform procedures on the more dangerous patients found in solitary confinement. The room has an eerie feel to it; being underground means there are no windows and the air is stale. Shortly before the closure of the asylum, much unneeded equipment and materials were moved into the basement. This has led to there being a random assortment of broken chairs, boxes of paper, straitjackets, and other miscellaneous junk being thrown haphazardly into the old room.
Darkness in the Light Jul 25 2017, 05:48 PM, By Slam
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Electroshock Therapy
The electroshock therapy room was used for a myriad of patients without much rhyme or reason. The only objects in the room are the electric chair itself and the electrical operating box for it. While the box no longer works, the leather straps for the chair are still in good condition. Also in the electroshock therapy room is a set of stalls for doctors to observe the treatment and take notes. The room features the same plain concrete walls but there are a couple of notices of proper practice and how to administer the therapy posted on them. There is also a "Danger: High Voltage" notice—the ultimate of irony.
Roll Credits May 21 2017, 07:44 PM, By SOTF_Help
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Water Treatment
The water treatment chamber is the largest of the three intensive care rooms. Cold and uninviting, it has a tiled floor and partly tiled walls with a few drains to ensure any spillage can be easily handled. Multiple metal tubs are spread throughout the room, some of them flipped onto their sides or overturned to assist in draining, others left sitting flat. All of them, however, are covered in grime, and a number still have murky water floating in them. In the back of the water treatment room, through some heavy doors, is a shower and changing area for the doctors and nurses tasked with administering the treatment. Despite featuring a couple of wooden benches and hooks to hang clothes on, it is as unwelcoming as the rest of the area.
Talons Jul 25 2017, 06:04 PM, By Slam
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Intensive Treatment Rooms (DANGER ZONE)
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