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Welcome to Survival of the Fittest, a RPing board loosely based off of Koshun Takami's Battle Royale, with its own unique plot and spin on the 'deadly game'. We've been around quite a while, and are now in our thirteenth year, so don't worry about us going anywhere any time soon!

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Around Town

Regular Forum (No New Posts) Sumac Park
Sumac Park is a sprawling recreation area with two large grassy fields, a baseball diamond, a fitness area, and a children’s space. The fields are wide enough to accommodate weekend tai chi as well as ultimate frisbee. The children’s playground has a slide, a swing set, a jungle gym, and wood chips to cushion unexpected falls. The fitness area includes a number of outdoor workout stations with instructions. There are also two barbeque pits to allow for picnics. One thing the park lacks is much in the way of tree cover; there are a handful of small trees along the edges of the park, but by and large the only shade is provided by pavilions constructed for that purpose.
Morning Dew Jul 25 2016, 09:14 PM, By Randomness
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Desert Plains Skate Park
Built in the mid-90s, the Desert Plains Skate Park is nestled alongside Sumac Park. A modest skate park, Desert Plains has proven to be a popular hang out spot for anyone who enjoys skating, bmxing, and rollerblading. The park sports a small half-pipe, along with a quarter pipe leading to a hipped bank with a grind rail. Other features include a half-pyramid with a rail and hubba ledge, as well as a grind box, a mission control, and miscellaneous grind rails and other set-ups. Next to the skating area is a shaded area for visitors to sit and relax, with a couple of benches and a pair of vending machines offering snacks and drinks. At night, skating is still possible thanks to large spotlights in the four corners of the park, though the place closes its gates at midnight.
You Can't Roller Skate in A Buffalo Herd Sep 6 2016, 06:22 PM, By Rorick Skyve
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Liberty Park
Liberty Park is renowned for its beautiful landscaping and tranquil splendor. An oasis of greenery in the Mojave Desert, the town has invested a lot in keeping the park pristine, something enabled by both the aid of volunteering citizens and generous monetary donations. Unbeknownst to many, however, is that a large chunk of this money has been spent on security around the park. Hidden from public view through the many statuettes and hedge groves, CCTV cameras keep a concealed eye on the many visitors, just in case any vandals or litterbugs try to upset the natural harmony. This park is more of a destination for relaxation and contemplation than the larger Sumac Park, offering quiet places to stroll and a much more picturesque atmosphere.
Loud Girl And Quiet Boy Sep 4 2016, 01:50 PM, By Primrosette
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Strikeout Bowling Alley
The Strikeout Bowling Alley was built in the early 1980s, and it shows in its interior design. With its garish multicolored carpet and giant wall murals featuring old cartoon characters, for many the bowling alley is a profoundly uncool place to be, though for others it is nostalgic or ironically charming. As it stands, the Strikeout Bowling Alley is perfectly functional as a place to meet friends and hang out, and remains the best bowling option in Kingman. For those looking to make a whole evening of their visit, the alley has a bar area with ample seating that serves drinks and food, mostly appetizers or snacks. There is also a small corner including a few vintage arcade cabinets dating back to the same decade as the business' establishment, though the only real special thing about them is that they are still functional; none of the machines are particularly unique or rare.
Roots of Jade Aug 16 2016, 05:39 PM, By General Goose
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Mannie's Mini Golf
The very familiar looking mouse mascot at the entrance to Mannie's Mini Golf tells most customers everything they need to know. A very average mini-golf experience, Mannie's attracts regular custom thanks to a combination of its cheap prices, lack of competition, and the fact that Kingman's weather allows the course to be open almost every day. There are a few other attractions, including a driving range for actual golf, a batting cage, and a small indoor bumper car ring. For refreshments, Mannie's offers a hut that sells possibly the worst burgers and fries in all of Kingman, and the much more popular ice-cream hut right next to it.
Driving Me Crazy Feb 24 2016, 02:20 PM, By backslash
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Neighborhood
The area around Cochise High School is a quiet, sleepy place, composed almost entirely of small-to-medium-sized houses, with a couple apartment buildings on the far edges. The architecture of the area has a rustic feel to it, featuring lots of stucco and pastel colors, and many of the houses are extremely similar in floor plan due to being largely designed by one architect during a period of growth in the city, lending the area a feeling of sameness. The neighborhood exudes a friendly atmosphere between its twists and turns and tree-lined streets, and indeed the people in the area are known for their hospitality and welcoming nature to those around them, helping their neighbors out whenever necessary.
People II 2: Still Peoplin' Aug 15 2016, 01:17 PM, By frogue
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Events/Other
This is the place for threads that don't fit neatly into any other category, but do take place within the city of Kingman. Are your characters going to church? Cruising the streets in one of their cars? Attending a relative's wedding? This is the board for that sort of thing. Please use this board only for threads that really don't fit anywhere else, however; threads that take place in one of the delineated areas, even if they represent events, should be placed in the area board for better organization. Threads that take place outside the city of Kingman should also be placed in the appropriate board.
Dismantle, Repair Sep 15 2016, 09:09 PM, By The Burned Handler
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Beyond the Town Border
Beyond the Kingman border lies a vast expanse of untouched Mojave Desert. This makes it an attractive area for those looking to go camping, hiking, or motorbiking, among other wilderness activities. Despite the distance separating the two, many enterprising teens have also taken road trips to Las Vegas—around the halls of Cochise, there always seems to be talk of one of these excursions happening "soon," though the reality is that many of these excursions never make it off the ground. There are also a number of ghost towns in the vicinity of Kingman, with Cerbat being one of the closest. This board is also the appropriate location for any other events taking place outside the boundaries of Kingman proper that are set during the pregame time period; past trips, however, belong in Memories of the Past.
Na’iidzeeł Sep 14 2016, 08:37 PM, By Laurels
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