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Historic Downtown

Regular Forum (No New Posts) Main Street
Main Street is home to a wide range of retail outlets and food stops, ranging from the independent traders to nationwide chains such as Circle K and Carl's Jr. There is also a nearby Target outlet. Whether visitors are looking to check out the latest fashions, meet some friends for coffee on a sunny afternoon, or window shop at book or antique stores, Main Street has something for everyone.
Hell is Other People Aug 16 2016, 04:26 PM, By backslash
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Cheryl's
A popular local family-run restaurant and bar, Cheryl’s boasts great atmosphere and great service. Hosting many regular events that range from karaoke to quiz nights, Cheryl’s provides many opportunities for a fun night out. The food has, for a long time, actually been a weak point of the restaurant, with a few very public incidents of food poisoning being traced back to the seafood six years ago. However, the subsequent addition of a new head chef has caused a big turnaround in the quality of the American style dining, turning Cheryl’s into an all-around winner of an establishment, especially given its even greater recent focus on service and events in an effort to win back customers.
Jawbreakers Aug 9 2016, 02:01 PM, By MK Kilmarnock
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Diamondback Ice Cream Parlor
The Diamondback Ice Cream Parlor is an antiquated establishment, located just close enough to school grounds to tempt Cochise students at lunchtime. Though the building isn't impressive, it remains perennially popular by serving some of Arizona's best ice cream at reasonable prices. Just as importantly, a large awning on one side of the building casts a generous amount of shade for the tiny tables clustered outside. The parlor also serves a small selection of greasy hamburgers and fries. A collection of photos pinned to the walls around the counter document the winners of the Pike's Peak Sundae Challenge, which offers a twenty-five dollar gift certificate and a t-shirt to anyone who can polish off a massive, fully-loaded sundae within half an hour and without assistance.
Chilling Aug 26 2016, 01:55 AM, By Cicada Days
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Larson's Comics and Games
Established in 1976, Larson’s Comics and Games has grown into a successful business since its early years. As the town’s largest comic book retailer, it’s a popular destination for graphic novel fans of all ages. In addition to its shelves of superheroes, mysteries, and fantasies, the store also boasts a wide range of roleplaying game resources, as well as backrooms that can be reserved for table-top sessions with complimentary access to source books. A handful of arcade cabinets decorate the video gaming corner, which, while slightly underdeveloped compared to the other focuses of the store, still offers a decent range of games less mainstream than those found at the chain retailers like Target.
Mass Destruction Mar 15 2016, 07:04 AM, By Primrosette
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Kingman Museum of Art and History
The Kingman Museum is a modest sized building sitting at the end of the Historic Downtown area farthest from Cochise, though it is still close enough for occasional walking field trips. Boasting a well-maintained interior and a carefully cared for collection of artifacts, the museum has a good reputation around Kingman for being a comfortable place to go for a stress-free day out. The cafe at the entrance may be on the smaller side, but it is highly-regarded for its quality of breakfast and lunches. The cafe is also used occasionally by Cochise High to host exhibitions for the senior art students.
It Belongs in a Museum Sep 4 2016, 01:05 AM, By KamiKaze
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