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Eastern Inlet

Regular Forum (No New Posts) Abandoned Harbor
The harbor is perilous, at best. Built above the ocean, the wood has since begun to rot as time and salt water has taken its toll, making every step a gamble. Along the harbor’s boardwalk are several quaint (although just as deteriorated) shops built from driftwood and offering various trinkets for the tourists, as well as several small restaurants. The actual harbor is no less dangerous, with several hollowed out boats docked to it.
Everybody Looking For Something Apr 24 2014, 01:34 AM, By Courtography
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Scenic Overlook
In stark contrast to the rot of the harbor, the overlook is just as pretty as it ever was, with colorful floral arrangements and carefully crafted benches decorating the area. Built along the cliff wall, it gives off the feeling that one is floating in midair as they watch the island below them, as well as offering an even closer look through the tower-viewers. Nearby, there’s also a small building incorporating both a ladies' room and a men’s room, as well as an old flower stand.
Adam & Eve & Steve Jun 26 2014, 08:07 PM, By SOTF_Help
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Eastern Inlet
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