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The Hospital

Regular Forum (No New Posts) Reception and Lobby
The first floor is the reception and lobby. There are many plastic chairs in front of the desk. A murky fish tank no longer has any water in it; a few small fish skeletons litter the bottom of the tank, atop multicolored pebbles. Behind the desk are several phones and racks and racks of patient files, though all of the information on the files has been blacked out. Past the desk are several offices with white sheets thrown over the desks. Further down are the emergency rooms. Gurneys covered in dried blood and brown splatters on the floors have not been cleaned.
Prayer for the Someone Who Is Somewhere Dying Mar 17 2014, 06:04 PM, By BROseidon
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Patient Care
The second floor has several large rooms with patient beds and a few smaller rooms for specialized purposes. The beds may be appealing to someone looking for rest if they don’t mind the smell of the sheets. A supply room contains extra first aid kids, bandages, and empty syringes. Some drugs are still around, though all expired years ago, and the bulk of the more potent medication has been removed.
Two Opponents May 18 2014, 11:53 PM, By Rattlesnake
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Maternity and Children's
The third floor is the children’s and maternity floor. Empty baby cribs fill one room, and there are several chairs with stirrups. Deflated “It’s a girl” balloons are the only point of color in a drab waiting room. Plastic toy soldiers and dolls cover the floor of the children’s rooms. The beds have sheets with cartoons on them. Drawings in crayon and marker are proudly displayed.
Why Stop Now? Apr 21 2014, 08:20 PM, By jimmydalad
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The Hospital
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