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Welcome to Survival of the Fittest, a RPing board loosely based off of Koshun Takami's Battle Royale, with its own unique plot and spin on the 'deadly game'. We've been around quite a while, and are now in our thirteenth year, so don't worry about us going anywhere any time soon!

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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Upper Levels
The upper levels of the hotel consist of seven floors with twenty bedrooms each. The doors are unlocked, and the rooms each contain a double bed, nightstand, and bathrooms. The rooms are themed by color with matching bedspreads, wall paint and art. Each room has a round balcony with lovely views of the island.
Intermission May 19 2014, 02:09 AM, By Maraoone
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Lobby
It is clear that the lobby was once welcoming and elegant. White and black marble floors complement the crystal chandeliers. A sleek onyx reception desk is where room keys were given. Round tables with large vases hold only dead flowers now. High-backed black chairs and white sofas are collected in a nook next to the elevators. Nearby is a fireplace and coffee tables containing a fine (if highly outdated) selection of magazines.
Sinner, Winner, Chicken Dinner Jun 1 2014, 05:57 PM, By SansaSaver
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Pools
Past the lobby is an indoor pool and an outdoor pool area. Crusted blue tiles are all that is left in the shallow, unfilled indoor pool. A towel rental stand is nearby. The connected outdoor pool is filled with water that is cloudy and green. At the center of the pool is a bar vacationers once swam to.
A Fine, Fine Line Jul 15 2014, 02:03 AM, By SOTF_Help
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Lounge
A 1930s-style lounge is to the right of the lobby. Tables are covered by dark blue cloths, which are sticky with the wax of romantic candles left burning for too long. A stage is home to an out of tune piano and blue velvet curtain. The bar is well stocked with carefully labeled bottles.
So, How Was Your Day? Apr 20 2014, 12:23 AM, By Zabriel
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