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School Buildings

Regular Forum (No New Posts) The High School
The red brick building that is the high school contains ten different classrooms. There are stone archways and the classes contain desks and tables covered in pens, highlighters, and post-it notes. The rooms have dirty oval windows and plastic white floors. Plastic Easter baskets are still on top of many of the desks. Only dirty test tubes remain in the science room. There is an exercise room containing rusted equipment.
A Human Work Aug 12 2014, 11:44 AM, By Delroy
Topics: 15 Replies: 203
Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Elementary School
The elementary school building is similar to the high school. Spider webs and dust cloud the once brightly-painted walls. Number and alphabet posters cover the rooms. The building is smaller than the high school, with only eight rooms.
The World According to Third Grade Aug 14 2014, 02:01 AM, By Grim Wolf
Topics: 7 Replies: 137
Regular Forum (No New Posts) The School Grounds
Between the school buildings lie an athletics field and a cafeteria with fifty lunch tables. A connected parking lot holds four broken school buses. A notice in the cafeteria announces an Easter egg hunt.
Webster's Dictionary Sep 18 2014, 12:58 AM, By SOTF_Help
Topics: 16 Replies: 211
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School Buildings
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