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Welcome to Survival of the Fittest, a RPing board loosely based off of Koshun Takami's Battle Royale, with its own unique plot and spin on the 'deadly game'. We've been around quite a while, and are now in our thirteenth year, so don't worry about us going anywhere any time soon!

If you're a newcomer and interested in joining, then please make sure you check out the rules. You may also want to read the FAQ, introduce yourself and stop by the chat to meet some of our members. If you're still not quite sure where to start, then we have a great New Member's Guide with a lot of useful information about getting going. Don't hesitate to PM a member of staff (they have purple usernames) if you have any questions about SOTF and how to get started!

Let the games begin!

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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Forgotten Campsite
Hidden a fair ways into the woods, the remains of the forgotten campsite can be found in a small clearing, ravaged not only by time, but the island wildlife. The campsite itself comes fairly well-stocked and wouldn’t be an awful place to take shelter for a night, with a slightly torn tent, a fire pit, an old picnic table, and the cover of trees.
It's a Sign with Neon and Everything Jan 18 2014, 02:02 PM, By ChainmailleAddict
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Woods
Shadowing the coastal city, the woods take up the bulk of the island. The majority of the trees are deciduous in nature and reach breathtaking heights. The elevation of the area varies, supporting both soft hills and steep cliffs. With very little sunlight peeking through the thick leaves, combined with few landmarks, it’s quite easy to get lost here.
Everyone Dies Jan 16 2014, 07:51 PM, By SOTF_Help
Topics: 15 Replies: 102
Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Peak Clearing
A veritable Garden of Eden, the highest point of the woodlands gives way to a large clearing comprised of only a handful of lush trees and a large field of bright wildflowers. Also offering a beautiful view of the island, it’s the perfect place to plan one’s next move and an even lovelier place to die.
The Farmer and the Viper Jan 17 2014, 02:52 AM, By Ruggahissy
Topics: 8 Replies: 95
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