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The Version 4 Archive

Regular Forum (No New Posts) V4 Character Roster
This forum contains the profiles of all 276 students who participated in Version Four of Survival of the Fittest, as well as notable members of the group of terrorists who kidnapped them.
AT#7: LOURVEY, DENNIS Nov 14 2011, 03:01 AM, By MK Kilmarnock
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Subforums: V4 Student Roster, Arthro Taskforce
Regular Forum (No New Posts) Announcements
Here are all the announcements for Version Four, as well as all the previews and midmonth rolls containing fiction.
V4 Epilogue: Peace Accords Oct 17 2012, 01:00 PM, By MurderWeasel
Topics: 33 Replies: 1,062
Regular Forum (No New Posts) Town Center
The center of town is picturesque, flower beds surrounding a large fountain. Large amounts of graffiti mark the fountain's edge, most of it pertaining towards the fact that the centerpiece of the fountain is a carved naked woman with arms outstretched. A well-traveled road leads down to the docks, and a second road leads towards the felled forest. This area also includes the houses closest to the center. * Threads Allowed: 1 *
Everybody Loses Jan 22 2012, 10:12 PM, By MurderWeasel
Topics: 9 Replies: 210
Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Residential Area
The residential area used to house the miners, loggers, and mansion staff. Houses, mainly ranch-style and small, are arranged on one half of the U-shaped town. The other side of the U is home to a pub, a grocery store, a small convenience store, and a recreation center containing a gym and a small movie theater. * * Threads Allowed: 4 *
The Mighty Sparrow Nov 1 2011, 03:16 PM, By MK Kilmarnock
Topics: 49 Replies: 673
Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Tunnels
The tunnels, as the result of the failed mining experiment on the island, are rather simple, leading into the mountain and heading out towards the mansion grounds. While the entrance from the mine is still clear, the entrance from the grounds is more overgrown with thick foliage as if the owner of the mansion wished for it to be kept as invisible as possible and prevent the local populace from trespassing. It is hard to breathe and almost impossible to see without a light source down in the mine. These tunnels stretch all throughout the Northern part of the island, allowing access at several points in the felled forest and near the beach. * Threads Allowed: 6 *
The Ultimate Party Jul 5 2011, 01:46 AM, By Arscapi
Topics: 31 Replies: 436
Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Beach: East
To the east of the mansion is another small beach, clearly a private area enjoyed by the former owners of the large building. This beach is clear of refuse, though the sand and rocks are of no higher quality than that of the northern beaches. * Threads Allowed: 3 *
A Slight Change of Plans May 30 2011, 06:34 PM, By SOTF_Help
Topics: 21 Replies: 324
Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Beach: North
As students move away from the residential area, they will find a large coastline and a long section of beach. Lining the coastline is an area of small rocks that form a layer that students will have to cross before they reach the beach itself. The sand is wet and grainy, studded with rocks and seashells with occasional pieces of driftwood scattered across it. It is a peaceful place to sit and contemplate life - as well as death. * Threads Allowed: 3 *
The Cavalry Arrives Jun 11 2011, 07:07 AM, By Pippin
Topics: 16 Replies: 242
Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Felled Forest: North
The area was once green and wooded, however this portion of the island has since been logged through and the damage is plain to see. Large unkempt logs are scattered across the clear-cut area, caught amongst the endless stumps and what sparse foliage is available, which provides little cover. The area is silent, with little to no noise to be heard, creating an eerie sense of isolation. * Threads Allowed: 4 *
So Close Jun 20 2011, 09:55 PM, By MurderWeasel
Topics: 25 Replies: 389
Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Felled Forest: South
The southern side of the felled forest is similar to the northern one, though it is more steeply sloped, angling up along the northern slope of the island’s central mountain. The footing is more treacherous here, with erosion having damaged much of the soil. * Threads Allowed: 3 *
Feel a Fear Jul 23 2011, 02:40 PM, By D/N
Topics: 21 Replies: 328
Regular Forum (No New Posts) Northern Cliffs
At one high point near the felled forest, the ground suddenly falls away, leaving a clear view of the sea, and a clear drop to the rocks below. This cliff, formed from crumbling ground caused by erosion, is a relative small area near the typically more gentle slopes, but still a potential hazard for the unwary. * Threads Allowed: 1 *
Refraction Jul 23 2011, 01:09 AM, By SOTF_Help
Topics: 9 Replies: 106
Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Key
Those that are able to make it through the mud, wet, and cold found in the swamp can find hope at the key. In the distance, a sailboat can be seen at the coast line. However as students move closer across the coarse sand they will find their hope to have been short-lived as unfortunately, the boat in question is merely a shipwreck amongst a small reef in the shallow water. * Threads Allowed: 1 *
Float Jul 23 2011, 08:45 PM, By SOTF_Help
Topics: 9 Replies: 104
Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Greens
Once the students leave the mansion grounds they will find a small area used for athletic activity. It seems that the owner was one who enjoyed his fair share of exercise. Going north, students will find a tennis court surrounded by an unlocked plastic link fence. Those going south will find a sloped putting green as well as a small but deep bunker. * Threads Allowed: 2 *
Four Minutes Apr 27 2011, 01:09 AM, By Grim Wolf
Topics: 14 Replies: 191
Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Warehouse
North of the residential district is a large building containing all of the cargo from the logging industry as well as general supplies. In this building there is a series of red and blue cargo boxes that form a giant maze, in turn providing some amount of decent cover. All the boxes are locked shut with large padlocks, making them impossible to open. * Threads Allowed: 2 *
Legoland Empire May 5 2011, 10:55 PM, By SOTF_Help
Topics: 10 Replies: 161
Regular Forum (No New Posts) Hall of Mirrors
A prominent part of the fun fair is the house of mirrors. However, the power is out, making it difficult for a student to see whether they are looking at a reflection - or the real thing. The building is complex even given its purpose, standing two stories tall. * Threads Allowed: 1 *
In For a Penny, In For a Pound Jul 21 2011, 04:54 PM, By TDS
Topics: 11 Replies: 163
Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Woods: Coastal
These are the woods on the island’s Western coast. The trees run nearly all the way to the sea, allowing only a thin stretch of beach, which disappears altogether depending on the tide. * Threads Allowed: 4 *
This is How the World Ends Sep 18 2011, 05:33 AM, By Fanatic
Topics: 29 Replies: 394
Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Mountain
This is the central mountain, which commands a view of most of the island, though this will be of limited use in many parts due to the cover of trees. The mountain itself is lightly wooded, though the top has been cleared and a bench set up, facing west, with a perfect view (at the right time of day) of the setting sun. A trail allows access to the mountaintop. * Threads Allowed: 3 *
Burn On Aug 27 2011, 01:38 AM, By MurderWeasel
Topics: 30 Replies: 406
Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Fun Fair
As students move farther west from the mansion, they will discover what looks to be a small fair of some sort. It has a small red and gold Ferris wheel and an ornate carousel nearby. The rides are in poor repair, going to rust and with their once brightly paint fading and chipped. * Threads Allowed: 1 *
The Hour of Triumph Aug 26 2011, 11:38 PM, By nope
Topics: 8 Replies: 161
Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Woods: Inland
Making up most of the northern part of the island, the woods are deep and dark. Spreading second-growth trees, mainly fir and pine, block much of the light from reaching to the ferny undergrowth. Moss hangs thick from the branches, testament to the dank and moisture-laden air, while the occasional deer path shows that many animals still make this forest their home. These woods are those on the inland part of the island’s eastern side, and slowly angle upwards towards the island’s central mountain. * Threads Allowed: 4 *
And Through the Woods Aug 26 2011, 03:51 AM, By Dr. Nic
Topics: 22 Replies: 380
Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Ranger Station
The ranger station is a small cottage tucked into the lee of the mountain, surrounded by the debris from the mining operation. The three-room building (consisting of a small kitchenette/lounge area, an office, and a bathroom) is full of filing cabinets and records from the mine, the logging operation, and various other small enterprises. Predominant are records pertaining to local wildlife and plants. The station appears untouched, leaving the impression that whoever manned it simply left one day and never came back. * Threads Allowed: 1 *
The Girl With the Thorn in Her Side Aug 24 2011, 06:37 PM, By Chib
Topics: 9 Replies: 154
Regular Forum (No New Posts) Southern Cliffs
To the South of the mansion lies another small area of cliffs, again caused through natural erosion. Perhaps viewed as an eyesore or danger to children, the cliffs here have been tastefully cordoned off by a low chain fence, though it is only waist height. * Threads Allowed: 1 *
The City on the Edge of Forever Aug 13 2011, 08:33 PM, By Ruggahissy
Topics: 8 Replies: 147
Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Mansion
Passing through the large iron gates of the surrounding wall, the students find what used to be a magnificent mansion. While the majority of the building is still intact, there is a large chunk of roof as well as several walls missing in the westernmost part of the house where the master bedroom was located. The rest of the mansion is structurally intact, however anything of immediate value has been taken, leaving only minimal furnishings such as beds, tables, couches and the like. * Threads Allowed: 1 *
Hurry Back Aug 9 2011, 07:50 PM, By Dr. Nic
Topics: 7 Replies: 120
Regular Forum (No New Posts) Gazebo
At the westernmost part of the grounds of the Fun Fair lies a simple white gazebo with flower beds at each entrance. The gazebo is, coincidentally enough, highly similar to the one on the grounds of Bayview Secondary School, bringing a touch of nostalgic familiarity to the situation. * Threads Allowed: 1 *
Never To Be Found Jul 25 2011, 08:14 PM, By Sean
Topics: 9 Replies: 151
Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Groundskeeper's Hut
The groundskeeper of the manor used to live in this small cottage. The room also functioned as a storage facility for a number of tools used to keep the grounds neat and tidy. Surrounding the area is a well kept garden which was probably meant for the manor's owner, though it seems that the caretaker took as much pride in tending to it as the owner took in viewing it. * Threads Allowed: 1 *
This Side of Paradise Aug 10 2011, 06:22 PM, By Solomir
Topics: 9 Replies: 154
Regular Forum (No New Posts) Destroyed Cell Phone Tower
This was once the sole cell phone reception tower on the island, largely responsible for its internet and phone contact with the outside world. Now, however, it is nothing but a twisted, dangerous ruin, strewn with wreckage, having been destroyed by Danya’s henchmen during the preparation of the island. They did a thorough job; a close inspection reveals that nothing of use remains. * Threads Allowed: 1 *
This Will Eat You Alive Aug 26 2011, 11:55 PM, By nope
Topics: 7 Replies: 116
Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Mine
Back in the early days of the island, the residents tried to mine the mountain for gold. The mountain, however, produced nothing, and after they reached the other side, the miners gave up. The leftover buildings serve as testament to the failed expedition. The wood buildings are very aged, creaking when a strong wind blows by. There are still pieces of old equipment that are scattered throughout the surrounding area, now serving little use to the island's inhabitants. * Threads Allowed: 2 *
The Golden Treehouse Aug 26 2011, 06:16 PM, By Sean
Topics: 13 Replies: 174
Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Sawmill
The sawmill was the backbone of the island's infrastructure and as such, is very large; complete with a small series of bunkhouses for employees to live in as well as a small mess hall to provide food. Next to the main building are three logging trucks for delivering the wood, while they have no gas inside of them they still provide excellent cover. Inside the sawmill are many devices used to treat the wood and prepare it for shipping. The machines show some signs of use and there is still a thick layer of sawdust, but the blades aren't liable to move as the power has been shut off. * Threads Allowed: 2 *
Everybody Knows Oct 5 2011, 03:21 PM, By MurderWeasel
Topics: 15 Replies: 288
Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Logging Road
The logging road leading from the sawmill to the woods separates both halves of the felled forest. It shows a lot of recent use, with tracks from the logging trucks grooved into dirt. In the middle of the road is one of the logging trucks, still with its last load of cargo. The keys are nowhere to be found in or around the truck. Though it won't be moving, the truck provides the closest amount of cover for at least a mile radius. * Threads Allowed: 2 *
Friends Departed Oct 7 2011, 07:24 PM, By Rocky
Topics: 21 Replies: 291
Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Swamp
The north-most river splits into a smaller stream forming the swamp. The area is a mixture of smaller pools of muddy water that ranges from ankle to thigh-high depth. The water is separated by portions of muddy land scattered with low ferns and weeds. Students won't find much comfort in the land, though, as it too is difficult and uncomfortable to easily traverse, being home to what seem like endless insects and several species of small reptiles. But who knows...perhaps its inhospitable atmosphere could provide cover from those seeking new victims. * Threads Allowed: 4 *
The Worse Things That We'll Do Oct 3 2011, 02:45 AM, By ifnotwinter
Topics: 29 Replies: 316
Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Lighthouse
Standing tall on a rocky cliff just behind the warehouses, the lighthouse overlooks the entire island. Sparsely furnished, it doesn't offer much shelter for a student looking for comfort - but climb the spiral stairs to the top, and thanks to a telescope positioned next to the light one would be able to see all the way to the Key at the opposite side of the island. * Threads Allowed: 1 *
The Aristocrats Sep 14 2011, 08:23 PM, By Little Boy
Topics: 8 Replies: 107
Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Parish
The parish is set somewhat apart from the main village, and takes the form of a non-denominational chapel. Designed in a classic format with several rows of pews facing a raised stage, it nonetheless doesn't boast any traditional religious icons out in the open. Cupboards and closets contain an assortment of bibles, crucifixes, copies of the Torah, and other items of worship - as well as a few bottles of a particularly good brandy stashed behind the pulpit. Seems someone had their own way of getting closer to God. * Threads Allowed: 1 *
And You Will Never See This Face Again Nov 1 2011, 04:07 AM, By nope
Topics: 12 Replies: 154
Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Infirmary
This small infirmary on the outskirts of town will present a useful shelter for any student not wanting to venture into the larger residential district. Although clearly not equipped for any serious medical treatment, it still carries a good supply of equipment designed to stabilize patients. Alternately, the beds could mean a night of comfort, and the quarantine room could provide excellent shelter to those desperate for a hiding place. * Threads Allowed: 1 *
Some Kind Of Righteous Oct 22 2011, 03:59 AM, By ifnotwinter
Topics: 11 Replies: 213
Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Docks
Those expecting quick and easy escape will find themselves out of luck when they find themselves at the docks. They are a long L-shaped series of sturdy wooden planks with multiple spaces for boats to park. The boards are often wet and slick during turbulent weather and one slip could send a student into the salty sea below. * Threads Allowed: 1 *
We Need To Stop Meeting Like This Nov 1 2011, 09:46 PM, By TDS
Topics: 10 Replies: 179
Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Woods: South-Eastern
These are the woods that run in a narrow band which separates the mansion from the residential district. Closer to the mansion, the woods have a more manicured look, as though the trees were culled and planted in such a way as to maximize aesthetics, though they have had clearly not been cared for in a while. * Threads Allowed: 2 *
White Sparrows Apr 26 2011, 09:17 PM, By Greg The Anti-Viking
Topics: 13 Replies: 195