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Welcome to Survival of the Fittest, a RPing board loosely based off of Koshun Takami's Battle Royale, with its own unique plot and spin on the 'deadly game'. We've been around quite a while, and are now in our thirteenth year, so don't worry about us going anywhere any time soon!

If you're a newcomer and interested in joining, then please make sure you check out the rules. You may also want to read the FAQ, introduce yourself and stop by the chat to meet some of our members. If you're still not quite sure where to start, then we have a great New Member's Guide with a lot of useful information about getting going. Don't hesitate to PM a member of staff (they have purple usernames) if you have any questions about SOTF and how to get started!

Let the games begin!

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The Castle

Regular Forum (No New Posts) Miniature Golf
Castle offers three themed courses with varying levels of play for guests’ enjoyment. The meticulously maintained grounds feature waterfalls, rapids, and fountains that are transformed at night as countless fairy lights flicker and glow for guests’ amusement. The easiest course has a cheerful fairy tale theme, complete with Rapunzel’s tower, gingerbread house, and dwarven mine. The center course is decorated with architectural wonders from around the globe such as Big Ben, Chinese pagodas, windmills, and a replica of the Temple of the Sun at Chichen Itza. The most challenging course boasts a Western theme that includes a log fort, mission, and ghost town.
Par Course Aug 15 2012, 05:03 PM, By JamesRenard
Topics: 2 Replies: 20
Regular Forum (No New Posts) Batting Cages
If you want to hit a few balls or you’re looking to hone that competitive edge, then a trip to the Castle batting cage is in order. The large, oval, chain-link compound is made up of nine stalls, each with a painted batter’s box, coin mechanism, and heavy canvas backstop that marks the strike zone. Signs note the pitching speed of each stall and reminding patrons to wear helmets are prominently featured.
I have no idea what I'm doing Nov 27 2012, 12:29 AM, By Un-Persona
Topics: 2 Replies: 35
Regular Forum (No New Posts) Go Karts
Climb aboard one of Castle’s high performance go karts and take it for a spin on the triple level track. Pilot a single seat go kart or take a passenger along in one of the double seat karts. Race your friends around the banked curves, hairpin turns, and thrilling straight-aways. Just be sure to heed the timing lights and avoid bumping and crashing your cars.
Challenge Accepted Mar 31 2013, 07:46 AM, By Cosmonologist
Topics: 1 Replies: 1
Regular Forum (No New Posts) The Maze
What castle would be complete without a maze? The sturdy, eight foot tall maze walls are air brushed with a continuous mural depicting creeping ivy, climbing roses, honeysuckle, and morning glories in various stages of bloom. Don’t let the beauty lull you since you never know when you’ll come face to face with the infamous Minotaur statue. Lookout towers are located at the corners to help guests navigate the myriad twists, turns, and dead ends. Only the best and brightest can conquer the maze by punching their traveler’s card in the correct order.
The Labyrinth Jan 12 2013, 09:45 AM, By Espi
Topics: 2 Replies: 76
Regular Forum (No New Posts) Castle Interior: Floor One
The bottom floor of the castle, which is also the basement of the building and is partially underground thanks to the uneven terrain on which the castle was built, is home to a sixteen-lane bowling alley of professional grade. There are also three air hockey tables near the stairs to the second floor, a few arcade machines to fill in empty space, and a booth where people can rent bowling shoes and buy strings of games.
Shevchenko's Last Poem May 22 2013, 03:23 AM, By Ciel
Topics: 2 Replies: 9
Regular Forum (No New Posts) Castle Interior: Floor Two
The second floor of the castle is actually where the main entrance is located. A decorative drawbridge leads in to a pair of glass double doors. Just beyond the entrance, there is a prize counter full of all sorts of knick-knacks that people can take tickets they've won through the arcade games and turn them in for candy, plastic toys and the like, all the way up to large plushie dolls and even mp3 players. Next to the counter are a row of ticket-counting machines which can condense tickets into vouchers to be turned in to the employee at the counter. At the other side of the door, there are token machines which take money to dispense arcade tokens, which operate almost all indoor attractions except the bowling alley and the laser tag. This floor features a slew of arcade machines, including mainstays such as skeeball (which has a whole wall dedicated to it) and games of chance. There are also many standard arcade cabinets on this floor featuring the likes of Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Guilty Gear (because SOMEBODY has to have it), MvC2... the list goes on.
Sonic Rainboom May 29 2013, 07:23 PM, By KamiKaze
Topics: 5 Replies: 49
Regular Forum (No New Posts) Castle Interior: Floor Three
Much of the top floor is dedicated entirely to classic arcade games. The stairs to this floor lead from the back of the second floor to the back corner of the third. The first thing players see upon entering this floor are the many pinball machines the fun center boasts... one of the largest collections in the world. Going further in, there are approximately 200 arcade cabinets tightly packed in rows, covering nearly all of the floorspace. Duck Hunt, Punch Out, Dig Dug... you name it, this place very likely has it. The remaining space is home to a small laser tag center, which can host games of up to ten players (two teams of five). Featuring barriers comprised of thick cloth curtains painted in a psychedelic array of colors, the black lights that fill the room give the whole experience a spacey, 'trippy feel'.
Set Lasers to Fun Apr 17 2012, 06:50 AM, By chitoryu12
Topics: 1 Replies: 23