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What Nightmares Are Made Of; Another Steely and Cerby production!
Topic Started: Aug 27 2010, 12:52 AM (1,718 Views)
Steel Cerberus
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Go for it, run towards it, dive in head first. Live life with no regrets!
Word Count: 20.304

[08:25:15 PM] SteelCerberus: ...
[08:25:20 PM] SteelCerberus: You wanna do the summary?
[08:25:25 PM] SteelCerberus: I'm blanking hardcore over here.
[08:25:32 PM] cerberus381: Um.
[08:25:36 PM] cerberus381: Hm.
[08:26:59 PM] cerberus381: It's like Alice in Wonderland... just completely compulsory, ten times scarier and the Red Queen is made of lava goo.
[08:27:19 PM] SteelCerberus: lol brilliant

Cerby: Spooky Plate, Move Tutor for Shadow Ball, LP
Steely: LP

Note: Hold onto your hats. You're in my mind now.

Also, this technically takes place in the OME base, but so you all can read it, it sits out here.

ALSO ALSO, IC canon timeline wise? This happens a LONG time ago. Before Steely ever leaves the OME, which is roughly a year and a half ago.

There's also a good reason that our little demon fox friend appears in it, which won't be explained until I finish a freeform for her that I'm working on. So don't expect that to make much sense for now.

Cerby is also working on her own little sequel-thing!

Finally, the Hillmoss Grasslands were starting to become a familiar sight. It wasn't quite the barren, rocky desert that she had grown up in, but at least it wasn't too damp or rainy most of the time. Tonight, a storm had blown in over the Loch and into the grasslands, covering the sky with an angry black tempest that would be sliced open by the occasional arc of electricity.

She was standing just outside of town, hands on her hips as the wind kicked up and blew her pant-legs around before dying down again. The girl might not be recognized by her friends, even though the only differences were in clothing and posture. The pants were similar, at least; huge baggy cargo pants, but blue jeans instead of camouflage fatigues. Her seemingly trademark hat and coat were gone as if they didn't even exist, and instead of a long sleeved shirt and her long gloves, it was just a dark gray tank top.

No scars.

It hadn't started raining, yet. The air was moist, though, and it was only a matter of time before it started. She felt the hair on her arms prickle and rise but didn't give any thought to it; too busy watching the clouds swirl. She took a deep breath, able to sense all the electricity in the air just by scent alone. That distinct smell of something about to happen.

"Nice night," she said quietly to herself, even though there was nobody around to hear her. She reached up to flatten down her hair, which had suddenly become particularly frizzy and sticking up. As she flattened it down, it crackled slightly, and earned a frown. Now that was a little strange. This shouldn't be happening, unless...

"...oh shit," she looked around quickly, but unfortunately for her, there was nothing around. "I'm about to get struck by lightning."

There was nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide. More importantly, there was no more time. She looked up, seized by panic at the realization, and foolishly put her hand up as if to stop it. The last thing she remembered was a flash of light-

-before waking up. The nightmare always ended the same way, with the fateful flash of light that finally startled her awake. Steely was startled into sitting up, sharply sucking in a breath of air and clutching her chest as her heart hammered away. She inhaled again, hunching over while she tried to steady herself.

This was part of the reason that she didn't sleep as often as she should, aside from the obvious fact that sometimes she just flat couldn't get to sleep some nights. Steely stayed in a half curled up ball until she felt more under control of herself, and flopped back onto her pillow.

It was somewhere around two in the morning, she noticed from her poketech, and she didn't figure she was going to get anymore sleep tonight. While at the OME base, like she was now, she generally didn't have much of a problem sleeping. Granted, it wasn't like she spent a lot of time around here in the first place, but still.

(Wonder if anyone else is still awake,) she mused, getting up and skittering around her room a bit. Once she gathered up her coat and tossed it on, she poked her head out the door and looked around. The lights in the base were dim, but still on enough to provide light to see. Which, aside from the occasional patrol, there wasn't anyone else around.

Steely reasoned that she could go either right or left, depending on whom she decided she wanted to talk to. Somebody was getting woken up either way; she just had to decide who would be madder about it. She sighed out her nose and quietly padded to the left door, listening quiet. Sure it was stupid to think that Alex would be awake at this Arceus-awful time, but maybe Guru was awake and he could gently nudge the tall boy into the land of the alert.

Something dark moved just outside her immediate vision down the hall, almost like a piece of the shadows. Steely snapped her head around to look, the air around her crackling ominously. "Did... someone let their dog loose down here?"

It hadn't been any kind of pokemon she'd recognized, though, but it had disappeared before she had gotten a really good look at it, but it had definitely been some kind of black dog, with pointy ears and a long tail.

Come to think of it, a shadow-dog-thing... seemed really familiar. In a bad way. She couldn't really remember though... something about the jungle around Tromante, and... Cerby had been there hadn't she? Steely distinctly remembered Cerby being around. That was kind of an important detail.

"Ffff," she sounded like a deflating balloon while she skittered over to her friend's door and gently rapped on it, hoping that she wouldn't be too pissed off that Steely was waking her up.
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So you wanna be a master?
It was like her own personal brand of hell, Cerb had long decided.

Everywhere was fog. Thick and choking, it smothered off the senses until they were shadows of their former selves and useless except for one. Lack of sight made her hearing so sharp it could crack, and it was her ears Cerb relied on now to tell her when they would come.

Her teammates were gone. There was no Pikachu, Absol, or Larvitar to defend her; Cerb would've gladly traded her liver for a freakin' stick to save her life right now. In the gloom lurked shadows of the undead, sinister fiends whose insides glowed with the bright of a molten flame even as their skin oozed and slopped off old slimy bones.

Normal zombies ala Left 4 Dead? Cerb could handle that with a minimum of screaming.

Houndooms on the other hand...

Claws crunched on gravel. Another night of fear was about to begin.

Damn Black Pass.

The noise by itself could be positively maddening. Shrouded in fog, Cerb could only try and guess how the acoustics of the sound were being distorted by the barrier of vapor. It magnified and multiplied itself, the neverending crumble-scrape of rotten paws dragging themselves over loose rock. A little closer now, and she would begin to hear the breathing: soft pants with a twist of asthmatic wheeze, thanks to having lungs like deflated balloons. How a dead dog even breathed was beyond her.

Damn it all to hell. And let's damn the president too, while we're at it.

Crumble-scrape-crunch. Pant-pant-wheeze. Close enough now that she might be able to catch a glimpse of the internal hellfire that brewed within the ribcages of the rotten dogs. That was if she was lucky.

Usually she just turned around and got napalm'd in the face.

Half the time, her best defense was throwing rocks. Cerb cautiously crouched down in the fog, one hand quietly groping around for a loose piece of gravel that wasn't terribly small and would make a normal animal think twice about being brained with it. Unfortunately, her aim was to the point that unless she managed to strike a Houndoom in the eyesocket, it never really did much good. Here, doggy doggy doggy...

Come get smashed in the face with this nice piece of pointy rock I have for yooou,


Cerb spun around, rock raised and ready to slam it into the nearest flaming dead object when she came face to face with a... door. Well that was new.


Cerb's eyes popped open, staring blindly at the ceiling for a moment as she tried to remember exactly where and when she was again. A weight on her stomach registered as Sparky, the Pikachu blissfully undisturbed by whoever was rapping at her door.

"...it better be a lot later than it feels like," the teen grumbled groggily after a moment, stretching one arm out from under the covers to grope around for her glasses on the side table. After getting those on and confirming that yes, it was just after two, Cerb groaned and sluggishly rolled out from underneath the Pikachu, gingerly stepping down to the floor and trying to make sure she didn't hit a bit of Delphi along the way. The Absol's tail stuck out from underneath the bed, sharp edge up in a subconscious warning.

As she fumbled towards the door, Cerb pondered braining her early morning visitor with a rock. That would have repercussions if it was someone like... say, Floyd, obviously. If it was anyone below her rank though, they were going to get a fist in their windpipe.

"This better be fucking good or important," she growled, opening her door a crack to peer out and squinting in the low light of the hallway. Irritation slowly faded into surprise as she recognized Steely outside, looking eversoslightly addled in the brains. "Problems, Steely?"
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Steel Cerberus
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Go for it, run towards it, dive in head first. Live life with no regrets!
Once she knocked, all she could do was wait out in the hall while wringing her hands together with a sense of nervousness. She wasn't sure if she should convince herself that she hadn't seen anything, or if she should get ready to brain something with a bolt of lightning. Whatever good that might or might not do, she reasoned with a frown. But no, no, there wasn't anything down here. She was just seeing things. Right?

While waiting, she kept looking left and right, almost as if she wanted to see in both directions at once. In the meantime, she noticed that her heart still hadn't calmed down completely and was thumping loudly somewhere below her ears. It wasn't particularly helpful, since she was trying to listen for any movement. Luckily for her nerves, she heard movement on the other side of the door before it suddenly opened, and snapped her gaze to look at Cerby. Like she expected, her friend looked annoyed, but it didn't last long.

"Y-yeah kinda. Well I mean like... I can't sleep," she looked around again, "And I think... that one time in the jungle, wasn't there a big black dog? she abruptly changed what she had started to say, and looked over her shoulder again, "Or... something similar? To be honest, I don't remember any of that at all," she looked the other way.

"...this is prolly gonna sound crazy, but I think I saw something prowling around," she rambled finally, since she felt like it was an important detail to get out in the open as quickly as possible.
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So you wanna be a master?
This is Cerb, not amused by your shenanigans at two in the morning.

Leaning against the doorway, the teen yawned and rubbed at one of her eyes under her glasses. She debated turning on the light as Steely rambled, just so she could actually see better. But the rest of her Pokemon were still sleeping around the room, and she didn't want to wake them with the sudden flash of bright.

"...I think they make pills that solve your condition," Cerb mumbled after a moment, sticking her head out the door to look blearily up and down the dim hallway. She couldn't see anything important or worth freaking out about, but then again she wasn't the crazy one here. At least not yet anyway. "And if you saw something, go talk to the night guard."

The time in the jungle wasn't something she really wanted to think about, since it prompted memories of snarly Salamences and some pyromaniac freak thing with dog ears. "Only black dog there was Maelstrom," she said, scrunching up her face for a moment while remembering. "And he's really more of a grey." Cerb wasn't about to tell Steely the reason why she couldn't remember, which was because... well, she had a split personality. That's not the sort of thing you tell someone who's being neurotic in the wee hours in the dark.
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Steel Cerberus
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Go for it, run towards it, dive in head first. Live life with no regrets!
Steely jerked, struck dumb by Cerby's comment, and snapped her mouth shut without saying anything. That didn't last long, because Steely stared down at her hands and nervously picked at a bit of her coat sleeve that was starting to fray.

"Yeah but I don't like taking that medicine. It makes me feel funny and it tasted bad," she muttered, leaning back so Cerby could look around. She looked in whatever direction Cerby wasn't, but still the dim lights revealed nothing out of the ordinary.

"But like I said I couldn't sleep and I was going to go talk to Alex since he doesn't get mad at me like you do but then I saw something that reminded me of that time in the jungle with that big dog," she said quickly, without taking a breath. Now finally she stopped to breathe before stumbling onward, "There was a big dog, I really remember its pointy ears and the fur that stuck up everywhich way," she put her hands up to mime ears; exactly in the same spot that the man in the jungle had his own ears.

"I-I mean, I don't really remember anything else, but I do remember the big black dog," she dropped her arms back to the side and looked at Cerb hopefully, like she wanted confirmation of what she had just said. She seemed to sure of what she had seen.

"J-just come have a look around with me, please? And then I'll go back to bed," she wrung her hands together again, and didn't notice the shadows shift somewhere behind her. They seemed to detach and solidify at the same time, forming into a creature that fit Steely's description. Completely silent, the huge black dog with the long tail pointed at Steely behind her back, and waggled one claw in a circular motion near the side of his head. His meaning was simple; Boy she's crazy.

His chaotic, pointy jowls were quirked in something that resembled a grin; if it was on something of a more sane composition, at any rate. On the dark monster it was nothing more then a manic leer that held more meaning then it should have.
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So you wanna be a master?
"There was no freakin' dog," Cerb growled tiredly, pinching the bridge of her nose as she leaned against the doorframe. She would know, having been held hostage for maybe half an hour by Akuryo and having the unpleasant honor of getting her Pokeballs stolen. "There was just a crazy-ass man with some crazy-ass Salamence, now please let me go back to bed."

And then she nearly went into the doorframe when she took her hand off her face and noticed that hey, there's a huge black dog thing sitting there. Funnily enough, it looks exactly like that thing Steely was just blabbering about! Oh daaaaaamn.

"I say, Steely old chap. That wouldn't be your dog, would it?" The teen asked, slowly pointing back towards the pointy-fluffy-shadow-thing. "'cuz if it is I may have to borrow one of your bats for bludgeoning. Or two of them. Good measure and all that, y'know,"

Silently Cerb wondered how such a thing managed to get there when it clearly wasn't there thirty seconds ago. She hadn't really seen it come out of the shadows, since that was behind Steely's back and Cerb lacked the capability of X-ray vision. The option of 'SCREAM FOR SPARKY AAAAAAGH' was slowly forming in her mind. It would probably come to the forefront once she got over the shock first.
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Steel Cerberus
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Go for it, run towards it, dive in head first. Live life with no regrets!
Steely was all ready to ramble a response, sure that she had seen a black dog and that Cerby must have just missed it, but her response was cut off by a full body shiver that she just couldn't hide or suppress.

The dog pinned his pointed ears back, looking annoyed, and seemed to dissolve when Steely turned in the direction Cerby was looking. The dissolving only lasted long enough for him to get behind her again, standing on his hindpaws and using his long tail as a third leg for balance.

He (somehow it was just a male) was indeed canine like, if not built like a more lithe canine. Something close to a shaggy houndoom, for his full body appeared bulky even though his edges trailed off into mist and made him look bigger then he actually was. Or maybe it was all some kind of elaborate illusion; if you squinted, he didn't even really appear to be solid, much less alive.

Steely turned around suddenly, one hand crackling with electricity that sounded oddly loud in the middle of the night. That made the monster strike like a snake, slinking around behind again to wrap his paw around her head and cover her mouth before she could make a single noise.

Can't have you waking the whole base up, now can I? he said with a fake apologetic tone as the edges of his forearms seemed to come alive. The entire moment took only a few seconds, and ended with him giving a small tug, and Steely disappearing into the shadows like someone falling down a dark elevator shaft. She had disappeared.

Ah, peace and quiet finally, he smiled down the vacant and silent hallway, nonchalant about the fact that he had just seemingly eaten a person with his shadowy form. His red eye, though it lacked a pupil or any other kind of indication of where he was looking, abruptly turned to peer at Cerby, followed by his entire head turning to stare her down.

Unless you had something to add, my dear,"
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So you wanna be a master?
Cerb had something to add. A few somethings to add, really. They started with "HOLY SHIT", sprinted briefly to "YOU ATE MY FRIEND", and ended with the revelation of "FUCK IT'S YOU!"

And with that, she promptly whipped around back into her room and slammed the door shut. "Sparky, wake your fuzzy little ass up right now. You too, Delphi," Cerb hissed into the darkness as she leaned back against the door in attempts to barricade it and keep the dark dog out. She could barely believe the beast outside was the same thing that was present in the jungle, but the voice was unmistakeable - it was Akuryo. "It is like, raining bad karma tonight,"


"...um, guys? Aren't you supposed to be... y'know, waking up? Guuuuuuuys,"

The urge to check on her Pokemon was strong, but instinct was also telling Cerb to stay right by the freakin' door and guard that bitch with her life. She wasn't sure what to do now... if her Pokemon were out, she somehow had the feeling that excess yelling wouldn't help.
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Steel Cerberus
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Go for it, run towards it, dive in head first. Live life with no regrets!
Cerby might have been around long enough to catch the monster's smirk at her realization, and it stayed on his face even after the door had been slammed in it. The demon shook his head and continued to smile.

She acts like a door is going to stop me, he chuckled, tilting his head backwards until he could see the lightbulb even as all the lights started to dim and go out. Very calmly, he stepped through his dimension, and came out in the darkness in Cerby's room.

They're not dead, if that makes you feel any better, he said conversationally when he appeared at Cerby's side, It doesn't really matter either way, though, since you're not going to be here in this world much longer, he inspected his claws while the darkness around them seemed to come alive.

Akuryo himself didn't move at all, but featureless monsters of darkness appeared to rise from the floor. Some were human, and others were just pointy with lots of teeth. For a split second, something that might have been a shadowy form of Giratina snapped in the darkness. They pulled and directed, and vanished just as quickly to leave behind a void of dark nothing that just barely seemed to have an up and a down.

This is my realm, between all of the dimensions. You can go almost literally anywhere from here, if you know how, Akuryo was sitting somehow on the plane and watched her curiously, It reacts very strongly to whoever is in it. You and your friend can get out, but you need to figure out how, he looked off into the distance, which suddenly had a sense of depth as scenery unfolded. Rolling hills of rain-soaked grass rippled under their feet and the sky crackled above with thunder and lightning. Something bellowed savagely nearby and Akuryo smirked.

Good luck, and don't get killed, he grinned and disappeared with the wind, leaving her to deal with her newest problem. Something growled behind her, with huge saber teeth, solidly glowing red eyes, and yellow and black-striped fur. It was accompanied by the other two of the trio, and one thing was for certain. It was not Raijin and his siblings.
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So you wanna be a master?
...I am doing WAY TOO MUCH screaming tonight,

But then again, what else were you supposed to do when a scary shadow-dog-man dumped you into the equivalent of the Dark World and three legendary beasts were about to eat you?

Run, that's what. But first Cerb almost faceplanted into the slippery wet grass and rolled to get her balance, scrambling up and sprinting off across the grass as fast as she could manage and not bothering to look back to see where the beasties were. It wasn't like she could reason with them if they were the nightmare conjurations of Akuryo, and she would really rather not die while having the equivalent of an OUT-OF-BODY EXPERIENCE.

Also, she was in her pajamas, they were wet, her hair was a mess, her feet were bare, and she was covered in grass blades. I do NOT want to die like this, thank you!

Something in her brain suggested that in order to avoid dying, she should get away from the big angry gerbils. Easier said than done, if the hot breath on the back of her neck was any indication. How she was staying ahead of them Cerb wasn't quite sure, but the adrenaline probably had something to do with it. There was a frightening amount of adrenaline flowing here in a race for what would explode first, her heart or her kidneys.

Also there was a fence. It was a white picket one and Cerb flung herself over that shit like an Olympic sprinter to land practically face-first in a tomato plant. She picked herself up and tried not to think about the red squish everywhere, because there were gerbils bellowing BEHIND HER BACK and the red squish looked like blood and sdfadsgsd oh look a house. Open door.

The roadrunner rolled over in his grave as Cerb shot through that door in what amounted to a blur and slammed it shut, back pressed against the wood as something went WHUD and then roared. The teen winced as spikes of pain shot up and down her spine and the door got rammed again, claws scrabbling away at the other side. I really gotta get something to block up this door.


...this makes no sense, why isn't it breaking? Sure, Cerb had muscles from somewhere, but a mere hundred-and-twenty pounds certainly didn't seem like enough to keep the likes of Raikou, Entei, and Suicune from bashing through an ordinary wooden door. Cerb trembled along with the wood, looking around and wondering if she could spare enough time to go looking for a few nails and a hammer. The more she looked, the more she gradually realized... that this was her old house.

"...I swear if I see that dog again I am going to pull his tail out through his mouth." Taking a third ram to her back, Cerb finally decided if the door hadn't broke yet then it was going to hold and slunk forward a few steps into the hallway, rubbing at her spine. Since her safety seemed to be somewhat assured now, the teen looked around her former front hallway and quietly wondered what the hell her house was doing in the middle of what seemed to be the Hillmoss grasslands.

This is my realm, between all of the dimensions. You can go almost literally anywhere from here, if you know how,

And I, apparently, went home. Cerb gave a dry laugh that turned into more of a cough and left her half-collapsed on the floor as roughly half of her internal organs decided that they would like to be on fire. After a minute of trying not to cough up blood on the tile, the teen crawled to the stairs and started to make her way up them, practically sliding on her belly. She never thought she would curse having her room on the second floor, but it certainly wasn't helping in this instance.

Once I get to my room, I can get clothes... supplies... maybe a weapon, downstairs the front door shuddered in its frame and Cerb flinched, willing it to hold up for just a few more minutes. She didn't know how she was going to get rid of the legendary gerbils, but maybe she could evade them and lock them up in the house somehow.

And then maybe they could reenact the events of the Brass Tower with all the lightning going on outside. If Ho-oh didn't show up to resurrect them, that would be grand indeed.

And then I need to find Steely. Where the hell are you when I need you, Steely?!
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Steel Cerberus
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Go for it, run towards it, dive in head first. Live life with no regrets!
Beyond a certain point, the grassland seemed to be nothing more then darkness and pouring rain, becoming indistinct to the point that it was impossible to tell which way was north. The only sure aspect of that place is that it was made of hostility. Things lurked around in the grasses, staying in the darkness while the Beasts threw themselves against the door that wouldn't break.

It was a nightmare indeed, but it wasn't Cerb's nightmare.

Oi, fuck off!

The ground trembled for a moment, and there was a terrible roar from outside as the view of the landscape turned to slick steel blue and dark brown for a moment as something passed the windows. Whatever it was, it was big, and the three beasts bellowed as they turned tail and fled. Something much smaller scrabbled at the walls, a window shattered somewhere, followed by a thump and something dripping on the carpet.

They're gone, take a second to catch your breath,

Lightning cracked outside, bright white, and threw the creature into shadows. Even though his shadow looked like jagged metal, there was no mistaking Hurricane for anyone else by his voice. And while the light made his paws look black, and his body look the standard shade of blue, once it faded, the paw he was holding out for her to take was very distinctly brown. He didn't seem to notice anything strange.

Just be glad you got chased by those three and not Darkrai, he said, which was likely not the best thing to say to someone who's internal organs were threatening to mutiny. If she was lucky, her heart wouldn't explode in protest. But at least now she wasn't alone anymore.
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So you wanna be a master?
Despite not being alone, Cerb was still trying to meld into her bedroom floor in fear. "You broke my window," she squeaked out after a minute of just looking at Hurricane and wondering what the hell was going on here.

Aside from the obvious of 'you're in nightmare land, surprise!'

Cerb didn't have any Pokemon on her. She knew that Steely didn't have any Pokemon out with her when she got eeted by the shadow thing. So how could Hurc possibly be standing here? ...and why was he brown now, for that matter. There was also that roaring thing a minute ago that was scary as hell, but it was gone now. Until she knew where it went, Cerb wasn't too inclined to leave the safety of her crazy-dream-house.

"You're brown," she settled for saying. Asking questions seemed sort of counterproductive in this situation, for some reason. Choosing to ignore the Darkrai comment for a moment, Cerb slowly peeled herself up off the floor and grabbed onto Hurc's paw for support when she wobbled; though she quickly let it go. Once on two feet, she hobbled over towards her closet and slowly opened it, just in case something jumped out of it.

And if something did, then Hurc could smash it. Suddenly Cerb felt a lot less nervous about having the mysteriously-appearing Lucario there.

"I need to grab some shoes," the teen mumbled in passing as an explanation before she dove into her closet and started rooting around on the bottom of it. "And uh... probably a jacket. And maybe some pants. Now where are those... oh here they are." Cerb straightened up, holding an old pair of sneakers in one hand and brushing some random debris off her head with the other. "Now for socks. And pants."

So she hobbled stiffly off across the floor to the other side of the room, where her dresser leaned against the wall. Cerb yanked the drawers open with a minimum of teeth-grinding and rather quickly located the necessary items. She made an attempt to wipe her grimy feet off on the rug before pulling on the socks, because she didn't want dirt and grass and the remains of tomato squish marinating in her shoes with her feet. Cerb had the feeling that more running was in order this evening.

"So do you know where we need to go now? Also don't look this way a sec, I'm puttin' on my pants." Cerb hopped around as she pulled on the jeans, taking a moment to look out her window along the way. Acres of rainswept grass and darkness greeted her vision, making the teen ponder the wisdom of bringing a flashlight. While it would certainly aid in her vision, it would also make her a target for any wayward critter tracking the beam of light.
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Steel Cerberus
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Go for it, run towards it, dive in head first. Live life with no regrets!
It was almost surprising how much patience the lucario radiated, especially in this place. He blinked once, highlighting the fact that he had red slashes through his eyes now, and that his red irises seemed to swirl with some kind of storm.

I broke your window because there was no other way in. he explained, still waiting with his paw out. Very gently, Hurricane helped her to stand, his paw harder and colder then normal.

The brown comment made him pause and look at his paws. It was dark, and his red eyes faintly glowed while his claws lit up red with heat. That seemed surprising as well. Oh wow, huh. I didn't think this place would change my color. I'm actually supposed to be brown. Steel blue, brown, and dull gold, he looked up in time to see her open her closet and start rambling about things she needed, and dive in.

He sighed slightly, shook the energy off of his claws, and looked around while he waited with ears up to listen for anything that might be interesting in one way or another. The wind howled unnaturally and things creaked that didn't normally creak, but that seemed to be pretty standard paranoia fuel.

Yeah, you really don't want to be running around in your pajamas in this place. He observed, finally shaking off some of the water that had collected on his fur.

I don't know where we should go, no. Aside from I think we should find Steely. Not sure where she is, though. Aside from your house here, this place is all part of her subconscious. Or at least the torrential rain, angry beasts, and killer lightning is, he said, obediently turning around and covering his eyes with his paws. He continued waiting patiently until she was done, and padded over to the window to peer outside.

Shouldn't be too hard to find her. Unless you dragged some kind of fear here with you or something, I already know everything we'll be dealing with, he leaned out the broken window, wind and rain whipping at his face as he squinted into the storm. He wasn't too terribly confidant about being able to do a lot on his own. Normally Zelda was with him, but he didn't know how to get her attention in here.

Though I'm not too confidant about being the only one here to help you two. But hey, one thing at a time, the sensory things on the back of his head raised as he looked around, I don't think there's anything around right now, so it should be safe. I don't think those Beasts will be coming back.
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Cerb listened to Hurricane ramble on in the background as she finished pulling on her pants and socks and stomped into her sneakers. She was pulling up the laces and tying them when the Lucario mentioned 'bringing fear', and she stopped.

"What counts as 'fear', Hurc?" She asked, thinking of the dream she was having before she woke up and got tossed into yet another, worse dream. "'cuz, uh. There might totally be some zombies running around in here." Big, scary, rotting zombie Houndooms. Those couldn't be so hard to miss though, right? Just stay away from the smell of sulfur and 300-year-old-meat. Cerb shuddered and made a face, yanking together the laces on her shoe and finally standing upright.

Before she left her house and began their Quest for Steely (and consequently, Reality), Cerb wanted some sort of weapon. Not that she couldn't rely on Hurc to protect her or anything, but... she couldn't exactly rely on Hurc to protect her all the time. What if they got split up again or something? She'd be a sitting duck for anything armed with fangs. With this cheerful thought in mind, Cerb dove back into her closet to look for anything that could be remotely used for bludgeoning. She was kind of hoping to find Steely's pair of bats in there, for no reason other than that she could.

But there was a sad, sad lack of bats in her closet. Or anything remotely useful other than clothes, for that matter.

"Where in the hell did all my useful crap vanish off to?" Cerb grumbled as she shoved aside hangers and the contents thereof. Sometime in this search she realized that she could still use a jacket, since her pajama top was thin and wet and... yeah, not wearing a bra. Semi-comfortably hidden in her closet, Cerb proceeded to turn an interesting shade of scarlet. Hurc would probably be able to pick up her embarrassment anyway.

From now on, I go to sleep wearing all my underwear. Grumbling mental curses of every kind down upon that damn shadow-dog, Cerb plucked a nice warm jacket from one of the hangars and shrugged it on. It was purple and waterproof, good against the rain, and... one of the pockets was strangely heavy. Blinking, Cerb took two steps back out into the room and into slightly more decent light before reaching into her pocket to find what this thing was.

To her hand, it felt like a rock. The teen slowly drew it out and hefted it in her palm, studying it in the dim light from outside. It was a stonelike slab, maybe five inches long and half an inch thick. The surfaces were all smooth with slightly-rounded edges, and it was a deep grey-purple color. The most interesting thing about it, however, was the feeling it gave her oversensitive nerves. Cerb gripped it tightly in her hand, trying not to make a face at the cold, oily energy it was giving off. She had wanted a weapon... and her house had spit a plate at her.

What was she supposed to do, throw it at stuff? It wasn't even that heavy. It also reminded her very strongly of Exosus. Grumbling, Cerb shoved it back in her pocket and tried not to think about it. This night was already too weird for her liking.

"So, uh. We need to find Steely, but you don't know where she is, and things in the grass want to eat us." Cerb walked around to her broken window and shoved up the bottom sill. Hurc might be comfortable jumping through jagged shards of glass, but she sure wasn't. "Should I just throw myself out the window or what? I'm afraid I might survive."
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Anything you're afraid of counts.

Cerby explained herself, and Hurc mentally gave himself a kick. Black Pass, of course. Steely was much less traumatized by the experience then Cerby had been, but Steely's been though hell and back, and then hell again. Darkrai and Giratina still trumped zombies in her mind.

Zombies, right. I think I should be able to keep my eye out for that. The rain might just be a blessing now; they won't be able to breathe fire.

His ear twitched as he waited for her, and that was his only response to anything potentially embarrassing. Well... You can take a second and put a bra on if you like.

Otherwise, he just waited, giving the plate a look and a wrinkle of his nose.

We could always go down the stairs and out the front door, he suggested, raising a furry eyebrow at her.

However they managed to get outside, it was still dark, wind, and rain. Hurricane took a few padded steps forward, searching left and right to make sure there was no danger.

We should try checking Steely's house. Or... Steely's parents' house, really. It should be here; it's an acre or two with a three-pipe fence and a metal corral. She's not too fond of her mother's horses, so I doubt they'll be there, but all the physical parts of it should be, the dog rattled on as they started off. There was really no rhyme or reason to the direction he was heading.

It kind of seemed like they only had a certain radius that their current reality was 'written' in. As in, while they walked, Cerb's house disappeared back into the darkness and more area unfolded before them. Eventually, Hurricane put his paw on the middle rail of the fence with a grin.

I know she's here. She has to be, he paused, and cast a nervous look around. Whatever was bothering him, he didn't mention, I think I can go check the house faster by myself. She might be in the shed or by the stalls, though, he bobbed his head at her and sped off towards the single-story house encased in the fence further along.
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