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The Pokemon Legacy Square

Read-only Forum The Rules
Welcome to The Pokémon Legacy RPG! Please read and understand the rules before proceeding!
MOD REQUESTS Nov 24 2014, 06:30 AM, By BloomLocre
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Subforums: Legacy Rules, Updates, Suggestions and Complaints, Applications Office
Regular Forum General Discussion
Talk about anything you want in here. From wishing people happy birthday to talking about games to, well, anything on earth. Try to keep it PG-13, I suppose. Posts in this forum will not increase your post count unless you reeeaally beg for it.
Hi Dec 11 2014, 09:31 AM, By Jin White
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Subforums: Delibird's Presenting Forum, Advertisements, Trainer Status
Regular Forum The Coliseum
This is the staging arena for Contests, Lotteries, and Promotional Competitions. Want to win big? Then you had best keep a close eye on this forum.
jin's first & last grammar workshop quiz g… Oct 20 2014, 05:12 PM, By Jin White
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Subforums: Quarterly Freeform Contest

Non-Canon Zone

Regular Forum Player Homes
Here is where all Player Homes are located. All players receive a free homebase where they can keep track of all their player data plus utilize the various perks that come with having a personal homebase. Players can also interact freely with other players in their homes whenever they wish as all player homes are considered non-canon. ICly Player Homes are located in the general vicinity of Little Hillmoss Town.
The Water's Family Farm Nov 11 2014, 12:58 PM, By Jance
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Subforums: My House, My PC
Regular Forum Poketechopia
Poketechopia is a virtual city simulation accessible by all trainers via their Poketech. Located within Poketechopia you will find the Hart Station, Digital Adoptions, the Laub Pub, the Trefle Cafe and the Tigull Board. Other more general locations include the Carreaux Square, the go between of all the Poketechopia buildings around the Tigull Board, and the three Nordoponte Bridges which lead out to the wide, expansive Bastos Park, that surrounds the city. Currently that is all that is believed to be programmed into the city simulation, but few have explored the city extensively.
Path to Paradise (giving away my stuff!) Nov 9 2014, 10:32 PM, By Aethubryn
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Subforums: The Tigull Board, Hart Station, Digital Adoption

Lower Shelf

Regular Forum Little Hillmoss Town
Welcome to your starting point, none other than the quaint Little Hillmoss Town! This picturesque villa is built on the hillsides inside a large valley. In the center, at the deepest part of the valley, rests an amazing park with fountains and pools. There's even a soothing, healing Hot Spring! The Pokemon Lab is set here, and so is your starting location. Welcome to the wide world of Opaddeka!
Of Mice and Men...and Flute Music. Lots of… Nov 11 2014, 12:14 PM, By Fordy
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Subforums: Your House, Pokemon Lab
Regular Forum Hillmoss Grasslands
This long expanse of grasslands, with trees sprinkled about here and there, contains three towns and runs on each side of the Sunstream River, but only to the east of the Moondance River. While walking along the paths, or going off in your own direction, you will encounter various hills and valleys, and you may also encounter Sunstream River itself- have fun crossing it!
What ails you Nov 3 2014, 04:01 PM, By Lonile
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Regular Forum Moorfeldt Grasslands
The Moorfeldt Grasslands are less grassy then the name would lead you to believe. Spanning the flatter land to the west of the Moondance River, among the few trees that scatter the once-thriving land, there is more dirt than there is grass. This is both due to the region's shift to rocky areas in the west, and because of overuse from hunters and reckless farmers. You may still find some very pleasant spots, though!
What am I doing? May 29 2014, 06:16 PM, By Angel
0 viewers Topics: 58 Replies: 913
Regular Forum Moorfeldt City
Moorfeldt City was the original hunting town, before pokemon hunting was outlawed. Now, though, they are known for their enormous hospitality and warmth... at least that's what they boast themselves up about. It is true that the food is good and the villagers are very comforting! Under the surface, though, it is not hard to sense the yearn to go back to the pokémon hunt that many old-timers still teach their children... You may want to stop by here and visit the friendly Saddlemaker!
Once Upon a Time, Part 2 Sep 2 2014, 10:37 AM, By DarthEevee
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Subforums: General Expo, Moorfeldt City Adoption Home
Regular Forum Rose Town
This is the self-proclaimed gateway to and guardian of the Forest of Fury. It's residents are extremely forgiving, which is necessary when the forest performs attacks and raids from time to time. The citizens will occasionally have a ritualistic ceremony full of partying and parades to appease the spirits of the forest, and it seems to work well enough. The town is partially built in the forest, and it contains the Electric Gym, led by the eccentric Boe.
Take It Slow, Go Back to Zero Sep 28 2014, 01:14 PM, By Jin White
0 viewers Topics: 256 Replies: 1,962
Subforums: Rose Town Electric Gym, Fighting Dojo
Regular Forum The Forest of Fury
Trainers beware: these woods are not for the weak or the easily scared! Only the worst-tempered grass and bug pokemon live here, and if you're not careful, even walking near it will get you swarmed and attacked. They say that great treasures lie deep inside, under the worst obstacles known to any woods alive, but do you really think that they're worth it?
Step Four: Protect Wards Nov 6 2014, 02:10 PM, By Jance
1 viewer Topics: 122 Replies: 2,522
Regular Forum The Malral District
An odd mix of citizens make up the Malral District. It is the highest town on the Lower Shelf, and normally the last pitstop before trainers set off into the fog and watery conditions of Murmur Valley to the north. Popular TV psychics, fake mystics, fortune-tellers, and evangelists make their home here- and so do strength trainers, blackbelts, and weightlifters, for this is also the home of the Psychic/Ghost Gym. While you're in town, stop by the Shooting Star Observatory, too!
Day 2 - Another Town Nov 24 2014, 06:28 AM, By BloomLocre
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Subforums: Shooting Star Observatory, Malral Psychic/Ghost Gym
Regular Forum Lorenzian Wildlands
The Lorenzian Wildlands seperate the Forest of Fury from the Steamswap Jungle. It is truly a middle ground, as although the bushes are not as large as forest or jungle trees, the thick shrubs and grasses will regularly tower over your head, making it hard to navigate. The pokemon are not as pissed off as they are in the Forest of Fury, but not as laid back as jungle ones, either, so you've still got to keep your wits about you as you try to cross from one to the other.
Ghosts of Journey's Past Sep 17 2014, 09:09 PM, By Dragontamer
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Regular Forum Lorenzo Town
Lorenzo Town is a nice stop on your way through the wildlands named for it. It's a good stop to heal up your pokemon, get restocked on items, and so forth. However, most trainers will not find much to do here unless they are at a very advanced level, for Lorenzo Town is the home of the Pokemon League Championships, and the Elite 4 themselves! Perhaps just watching one of these battles will be exciting enough for you!
Addressing the Nation Sep 28 2014, 04:10 PM, By Adobewedge
0 viewers Topics: 90 Replies: 1,238
Subforums: Pokemon League Championships Stadium, Presidential Place
Regular Forum The Steamswap Jungle
The Steamswap Jungle is hot. Very hot. Not in the same sense that Aridair Desert is hot, though- this heat comes from temperature, humidity, and proximity. Not only do warm winds bring warmth in, but the amount of water in the air is almost unbelievable, and sometimes you could swear that you were swimming... although rumor has it dangerous fish inhabit the rivers down here! There are very few paths through the jungle, and the trees and leaves grow very close, so be prepared to get lost!
Who... what... are you? Sep 7 2014, 09:38 AM, By BloomLocre
0 viewers Topics: 32 Replies: 630
Regular Forum Felcrest City
Felcrest City is a large and very calm, somber place. Silence seems to cover the town like a blanket, due in part to the pokemon graveyard that is revered and sacred to residents and trainers alike. You may get on the ferry to southern Corona Island here if you dare. Felcrest City also contains the Broadcasting Tower, which ensures that your Poketechs are in good working condition, and the one and only, amazingly unique Purple Gym.
badge of dusk and dawn Sep 23 2014, 05:59 PM, By Maverick
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Subforums: Poketech Tower, Pokemon Graveyard, Felcrest Purple Gym
Regular Forum Wellly Villlage
The citizens of Wellly Villlage are unlike anything you've ever seen before. Though normal at first, you'll soon notice that they all have perfect senses of balance, no fear of heights, and amazing maneuverability. This comes in handy, though, as Wellly Villlage is entirely built on wooden platforms at least a half mile above the floor of the jungle! Talk about being disoriented, but maybe a few of your pokemon will enjoy it. Good thing there are railings, because a fall would break a bone in the best case scenario!
Darkness Falls, Part 7 Aug 29 2014, 10:12 AM, By Maverick
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Regular Forum Radloffian Farmlands
The Radloffian Farmlands are a widespread area inhabited very sparsely by kind farmers who grow food for the whole world. They are usually amicable about pokemon trainers crossing their fields to get from place to place on the condition that their crops are not destroyed, because trainers often aid in getting rid of pest pokemon that sometimes threaten their livelyhood. Stopping in at a farmer's house may yield berries or milk, if they are feeling particularly kind and hospitable!
On the road again Nov 3 2014, 03:29 PM, By Lonile
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Regular Forum Radloff City
Radloff City is the capital of the farming area. Originally, the farms were only established between Moondance and Sunstream Rivers, but as the crops spread further and further east, Radloff City remained in charge. All farms are registered through large bureaucratic offices here, and all food passes through here for inspection before it ships off to the rest of the world. There's a huge food marketplace in the center of town, and it happens to be the home of many a grass trainer as well, due to the Grass Gym located here.
Assault Oct 18 2014, 10:28 PM, By Blake Kinlion
0 viewers Topics: 116 Replies: 1,075
Subforums: Radloffian Grass Gym
Regular Forum Rocky Ruinlands
In the ancient world, five hundred and fifty years ago, the Rocky Ruinlands were actually the site of the largest and most noble city-state of Cryzanthum. Through epic disasters, it has been reduced to ruins and rubble (and much of it lies undersea). Many unnatural or mysterious pokemon enjoy the ruins and spend much time here, as there are many secretive tunnels and coves, or hidden rooms in what look like normal rocks. The Unown Temple is known to exist somewhere amid the rocks here...
The Wormhole, Part1a Sep 5 2013, 07:22 PM, By Maverick
0 viewers Topics: 44 Replies: 855
Regular Forum The Cryzanthum District
The Cryzanthum District is a relatively new small town, built on the ruins of what looks like was once the enterance to a very large one. There's not a whole bunch of interesting things to do in the Cryzanthum District, but if you're looking for some answers, or for some questions, it will definitely be a good stop for you to make.
Once Upon a Time, Part 1 Sep 1 2014, 01:50 PM, By Maverick
0 viewers Topics: 38 Replies: 113
Regular Forum The Dustlands
Despite taking up a large area of coastal area, the Dustlands are extremely dry and void of most plant life. They are wide, open, flat, and dusty plains that are practically featureless; don't expect any interesting sights, or any sights much at all. It might take longer to cross this expanse than it seems, based on how drab it is, but perhaps the pokemon that are unique to this area will make it worth it!
Mav and Tenchi's Coop! Part 11 Oct 18 2014, 09:26 AM, By Maverick
0 viewers Topics: 50 Replies: 930
Regular Forum Bloodaisy Village
Bloodaisy Village is a splendid town, really, but something about it is just a little awkward. The people are very nice, but out of date, and not exactly used to having visitors- they are, after all, in the middle of the Dustlands. It does have the largest power plant in the world, powering both the upper and lower shelves, and also the wonderfully ordinary Normal Gym. Supposedly, those seeking entry to Necrophicix should also journey through here...
Life's been good Sep 13 2014, 06:06 PM, By Steel Cerberus
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Subforums: Bloodaisy Power Plant, Bloodaisy Normal Gym
Regular Forum The Blighted Plains
Tread carefully in the Blighted Plains, for thanks to years and years of farm runoff, industry pollution, and other assorted evils of mankind, the southernmost land on the lower shelf is permanently scarred. Once, a great river ran through this land, providing Y'orek City with markets and cash; but since it has dried up, poison pokemon have taken over the region, and if you can bear the smell and breathe through the pollution, step over the muck, and manage to keep your pokemon from running away, you may just catch some!
can't tell me nothing Jul 11 2014, 08:38 AM, By Sylvespurr
0 viewers Topics: 34 Replies: 774
Regular Forum Y'orek Village
Did you make it to Y'orek Village? Good job! That's an impressive feat, considering the stench of the Blightlands, and it doesn't get any better here- in fact, Y'orek Village is most of the source of it all! The massive industrial district has no pollution control, and everything suffers as a result. Team Rocket makes it's secret hideout in an industrial building as well. This site is home to one of three Battle Towers, as well as an underground sewer system that's almost legendary.
Darkening Horizons 14 May 31 2014, 11:44 PM, By Steel Cerberus
0 viewers Topics: 29 Replies: 156
Subforums: Battle Tower, The Sewers

Murmur Valley

Regular Forum Murmur Valley
All wars leave scars on the battlefields they cross, and none is more apparent than Murmur Valley. While it is still the foggiest place you will ever see, it is now covered in a thick layer of sea ice. Frozen by the Ice legendary Kyurem in order to cool a Jgsei reactor from going critical, the majority of Murmur is now iced over. New pokemon have made there way into the area while many of the old Valley inhabitants have left for the few unaffected areas left to the north and east. The Jgsei fortress remains in the center of the valley, a reminder and monument of the battle here, and the lives lost. But good luck getting through the fog now, the rapid temperature change has made it even worse, and the oceans are still there for you to fall into if you don't slip on the ice first.
Of Ice and Memory Nov 3 2014, 01:33 PM, By Arrior
0 viewers Topics: 98 Replies: 2,030
Regular Forum Misthenge Village
Misthenge Village is a very interesting town, that is continually enshrouded in fog, much like the rest of Murmur Valley. Interesting characters can be found here, much like in the Malral District- the difference being that if the fake psychics go there, the real ones come here. You can also find the Element House, Move Tutor and Move Forgetter here. But be careful- the people here are extremely reclusive, and guard their secrets very closely! Adding to this is a large number of people who have been spotted converging around town, with little explanation for what they're doing. It's certainly odd.
Darkening Horizons 5 May 31 2014, 11:31 PM, By Steel Cerberus
0 viewers Topics: 86 Replies: 319
Subforums: Element House, Move Tutor
Regular Forum Loch Neeru
Loch Neeru used to be land, until Team Aqua's Kyogre made the Magma base sitting on that land float at the bottom of the sea, along with the rest of the area. Now, scientists theorize that it is deeper than the deepest parts of any ocean, and some people have sighted mysterious creatures in it. Be careful swimming in it; if the creatures exist, they just might eat you- and since modern equipment can't even get to the bottom of the lake, you might not get found! On a cheerier note, looking over the lake or taking a peaceful cruise provides you with a wonderful view!
Loch Monsters Mar 29 2014, 05:25 PM, By Steel Cerberus
0 viewers Topics: 24 Replies: 316

Upper Shelf

Regular Forum The Sanded Grasslands
The Sanded Grasslands is the large expanse of field that connects the Upper Shelf to Murmur Valley, the bridge to the Lower Shelf. Heading northwest, the grass becomes dry and sandy very quickly as it transitions into the wide open Aridair Desert. Northeast, the landscape is much healthier as you head towards Mayriver City and the east coast. Escennia and Brightopolis are also established in or near the Sanded Grasslands, and the Halcyon Forest rests calmly in the north.
To the Yeti! Sep 2 2014, 10:47 AM, By DarthEevee
0 viewers Topics: 110 Replies: 2,125
Regular Forum Mayriver City
Mayriver City is your number one destination if you want to get to the islands in the east. This is the main stop for tourists hoping to do just that, which is why it's Mayriver City and not Mayriver Village. The city is home to the Water Gym!
Another water starter! Oct 4 2014, 08:57 PM, By Angel
0 viewers Topics: 97 Replies: 975
Subforums: Mayriver Water Gym
Regular Forum Escennia
Escennia is a city built on the tallest hill outside of Halcyon Forest. It has high walls, and the noble and upstanding people inside like to look down on anyone who's from outside of them- they are more than just a little snobbish and stuck-up. They are all very rich, though, and property values in Escennia are through the roof, especially since most of the buildings are centuries old. They host one of the world's three Battle Towers, and also the Flying/Bug Gym. And they have great gardens!
Emblem Hunting Sep 21 2014, 04:57 PM, By Maverick
0 viewers Topics: 97 Replies: 653
Subforums: Battle Tower, Escennia Flying/Bug Gym
Regular Forum Halcyon Forest
Halcyon Forest is the polar opposite of the Forest of Fury. It doesn't hate you; it is in love with you. The meanest pokemon you find lurking about this forest will be indifferent, and that's only on a bad day. But don't think that the pokemon will voluntarily come with you; no, they also love life and freedom, and most are perfectly content to roam the rest of their lives inside the forest without seeing the outside world. This might be a morally hard place to catch and train pokemon, but if you want to catch them all, or find at least some good ones, you might have to suck it up!
Things With Wings Aug 26 2014, 08:49 PM, By Steel Cerberus
0 viewers Topics: 37 Replies: 1,137
Regular Forum The Imperial Mountains
At the top of the known world lies the Imperial Mountains. They span the entire Upper Shelf, from the farthest grain of sand in Aridair Desert to the last tree in Halcyon Forest. While mountains in the world range from barren and dry, to fiery and hot, to chilled and frozen, you will find that these mountains are comfortably normal. Although going too far north will lead you to mountains that are too tall and steep to be crossed, even by flying pokemon or teleporters, traveling east and west may be a shortcut or a way around barricades... or police.
The Dark Descent Jun 28 2014, 01:02 PM, By Cerby
0 viewers Topics: 19 Replies: 417
Regular Forum Aridair Desert
If you want to be dehydrated, you've come to the right place! Aridair Desert covers almost half of the Upper Shelf, and hides away an oasis or two amongst its dry, dry plains and forests of cacti. Also located out here is Aridair Outpost, the farthest into the desert anyone with a brain ever goes, and even then only with a good reason. Team Magma's Groudon raised some barren mountains from the sea to protect the desert from the rising tides, and one can journey out there if they're interested. Bring plenty of fresh water or lemonade if you wish to travel out here, though, because you will be parched!
Into the Desert Nov 3 2013, 08:09 AM, By DarthEevee
0 viewers Topics: 34 Replies: 766
Regular Forum Aridair Outpost
Aridair Outpost is a small little camp set up deep into the desert. There are very few luxuries here in the dry, dry outpost, and nothing to shelter you from the heat, either. You may be interested in the Tough Expo, but the main, and otherwise only attraction that this little place has is the one and only Steel/Ground gym! If you're not tough enough to get through the desert, then you stand no chance against the mighty leader!
Darkening Horizons 18 May 31 2014, 11:49 PM, By Steel Cerberus
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Subforums: Tough Expo, Aridair Steel/Ground Gym
Regular Forum Baconville Beach
This beach is named after Kevin Baconville, despite the fact that Brightopolis was originally established first, simply out of Baconville's greed and Brightopolis's generous indifference. Although Raviara Reef is off most of the coast, it is sparse enough near most of the beach to allow some great swimming, with the deepest parts at times being blocked off by coral- perfectly formed wading pools! This is mainly a sunny vacation spot, and a great place to make your pokemon have a good time, but there may be some pokemon that appear on the beach as well!
Chapter 5a: Beach Combing Oct 12 2014, 02:04 AM, By dragonfan
0 viewers Topics: 18 Replies: 272
Regular Forum Brightopolis
Welcome to sunny Brightopolis! One of the two very popular Beach Cities, it is the good and pure counterpart to Kevin Baconville's corruption. It gets a lot of tourism money from beachgoers and people who are interested to see the reef, as well as from the casino, which is surprisingly clean and law-abiding. Team Rocket Headquarters are here (but you wouldn't know anything about that, now would you?), along with the tallest building in the world- Sunshine Tower. Despite not having a gym, a TM House can also be found here amongst the malls.
A supply run! Part 1.0 Oct 18 2014, 09:01 PM, By Angel
0 viewers Topics: 169 Replies: 1,477
Subforums: Raylight Casino, Sunshine Tower, Brightopolis Supermall
Regular Forum Kevin Baconville
The oddly named Kevin Baconville is one of the two Beach Cities, which are some of the largest and most entertaining places you can visit! This busy metropolis has everything from malls to waterparks to a bike shop to who knows what all! Unfortunately, KBville also happens to be the crime capital of the world, so make sure you watch your belongings when you're in town! You can also get on the Magnet Train that goes back and forth between here and Ashdell. And as a sharp contrast to the greed that runs rampant in KBville, visit Joe, the ordinary, polite leader of the Common Gym!
dawn Oct 27 2014, 02:59 PM, By Jin White
0 viewers Topics: 96 Replies: 764
Subforums: Kevin Baconville Megamall, Baconville Bikes, Kevin Baconville Common Gym, Talon
Regular Forum Raviara Reef
Raviara Reef is a protected area, as the last remnants of a reef that once scaled half of the west coast of the Upper and Lower Shelves. Many tropical aquatic pokemon can be found around here, and you are actually allowed to walk a path from the east side to the west side on large boards with railings that are held inches above the thriving reef. There are lookout booths far south that allow you to see Corona Island or the Forest of Fury, either in the far distance or with a telescope. This is truly a beautiful miracle of nature!
A Bit of Fishing Jan 28 2014, 01:04 PM, By Jance
0 viewers Topics: 14 Replies: 184

Icicle Island

Regular Forum Frozen Plains
The Frozen Plains take up the entire expanse of Icicle Island, and are basically the same sort of frozen tundra the whole way through. There are some highlights that the true pokemon explorer and the toughest of pokemon trainers may want to experience and challenge, but only a real hardy person will be able to survive in the chilled winds long enough to reach the best- you may want to stock up on winter gear from an explorer's camp first! Your fire pokemon may be strong against encounters here, but will they, and you, stand up to the weather?
Genesect Aug 26 2012, 01:22 PM, By Maverick
0 viewers Topics: 13 Replies: 211
Regular Forum Italicus Town
Italicus is very secretive. The entire island of Icicle is very secretive. The shores are guarded by sentries armed with weaponry and pokemon. Italicus itself is as well, but moreso, as it's closer to the military complex. Gaining access to the island isn't exactly easy. Trying to come in by air? Think again. Patrols go on in the skies as well. Don't get too close... or you may get shot.
Darkening Horizons 19 May 31 2014, 11:50 PM, By Steel Cerberus
0 viewers Topics: 23 Replies: 344
Subforums: Haunted Mansion

Eastern Ocean

Regular Forum Eastern Ocean
The Eastern Ocean begins to the east of an imaginary line that one could draw down from the lower shelf, continuing the border between the Dustlands and the Blighted Plains to the bottom of the map. Although smaller than the Western Waters, The Eastern Ocean contains Icicle Island and Phaldan Island, and the Tinder Tunnel runs beneath the ocean floor. Posting in here is the only way to get out east- or back home.
Frozen Sea Sep 8 2014, 05:12 PM, By Kaizanu
0 viewers Topics: 50 Replies: 539
Subforums: Tinder Tunnel

Phaldan Island

Regular Forum Necrophicix
The people of Necrophicix are always the villains in stories. This might not be fair, but they don't do anything to discourage this stereotype, that's for sure. Having a long history of bad attitudes, they prefer to isolate themselves from the world, shutting themselves away behind their walled city, opening the doors for no one at all, using secret tunnels in case anyone ever need leave. This poses a problem for trainers whose goal is to gain enterence to the Dragon/Dark gym inside, but there's got to be a way somewhere!
Grand Meleé 3 - Sign-ups Aug 29 2014, 10:31 PM, By Fordy
0 viewers Topics: 37 Replies: 173
Subforums: Necrophix Dragon/Dark Gym
Regular Forum Xugbar Swamp
Xugbar Swamp is perhaps one of the only regions that is altogether universally evil. Most regions could be described as 'calm', 'green', or even at worst 'angry at you'. But not Xugbar. Almost anything you will encounter in this ghastly, bubbling black swamp will be seeking power, and will do or side with anyone to get it after they've proven themselves. Be expecting any allies you might meet to stab you in the back at any moment if the situation gives them an extra zeni! And be careful where you step... who knows what all lies under the pits of tar...
Darkness Falls, Part 9a Feb 8 2014, 01:28 PM, By Maverick
0 viewers Topics: 20 Replies: 242
Regular Forum Deepwood Town
Deepwood Town is a place for pacifists and lovers. The elders are very wise, like in Slumber City, but they are much more cryptic and confusing about it- if you ask a yes or no question, don't expect a yes or no answer in return. The environment matters a great deal to these people, and since they are liberal and far away from most other civilization, scientists prefer the town for any controversial research they might require- as such, the Research Lab is located here. This could be a very fun town to get mixed up in!
Chapter 4: Concrete Jungle Jun 17 2014, 06:41 PM, By Maverick
0 viewers Topics: 69 Replies: 388
Subforums: Deepwood Research Center
Regular Forum Primeval Forest
Primeval Forest is one of the oldest natural structures still left after Aqua and Magma had their battles. The trees are some of the most ancient things in the world, and it's said that pokemon of great age and knowledge (and power) reside here themselves, perhaps in the trees, perhaps underground, perhaps stalking around the forest. And you never know what those mad scientists in Deepwood are kicking up, either. One thing is important, though; travelers must be reverent of the immense power, which is only expressed accurately in these equally immense trees!
Wings of the Moon Sep 23 2014, 05:12 PM, By Frac
0 viewers Topics: 55 Replies: 752
Regular Forum Muskeg Marsh
Compared to most marshes, Muskeg Marsh is actually a pretty nice place. It is not altogether dreary, gloomy, or all that spooky- just some nice, pure, innocent marshlands. Many pokemon who dislike the thick trees of the Primeval Forest, or the murky wickedness of the Xugbar Swamp, make their homes here. Besides getting your boots wet, it's a rather nice place, really!
still rounding Jul 8 2014, 09:50 PM, By Kyozuki
0 viewers Topics: 17 Replies: 271
Regular Forum Pontarctica Village
Pontarctica Village is a place that was first set up for arctic explorers to congregate and be explorer-nerdy with each other, but it has since expanded into a small but interesting town. It is actually set below sea level, surrounded by a complete wall of glaicers that keep the deadly ice water away. If you are planning any arctic expiditions yourself, gearing up for the cold is a good idea here, and you may wish to visit the small power plant in town as well!
Darkening Horizons 21 May 31 2014, 11:53 PM, By Steel Cerberus
0 viewers Topics: 28 Replies: 167
Subforums: Pontarctica Power Plant
Regular Forum Glacier Valley
Glaicer Valley is mostly frozen plains of ice sheets, thickly packed over crystallized and carefully preserved grass and marshlands. It's very slippery! Make sure you've got the right footwear for the job. Getting special arctic escape ropes from Pontarctica Village will also be a good investment, just in case the ice cracks beneath your feet. Using large or heavy pokemon in this area is a bad idea, so put away that Snorlax.
Back On Top Apr 12 2014, 04:29 PM, By DarthEevee
0 viewers Topics: 20 Replies: 301
Regular Forum Slumber City
Slumber City is your picturesque, quaint, "North Pole Village". The houses are cozy and snow covered, their frosted windows letting out the yellow radiance of flickering fires inside. The citizens are extremely wise and even more extremely nice, and they make the BEST fudge. The Wise Expo is here, which is often used as a brainstorming group in the event of national emergencies. Additionally, what is heralded as the most challenging gym in the world is located here- the one, the only, the Legendary Gym!
Chapter 8: Run Like Hell Sep 23 2014, 06:10 PM, By Fordy
0 viewers Topics: 42 Replies: 303
Subforums: Wise Expo, Slumber City Legendary Gym
Regular Forum Frosted Forest
One of the most peaceful places around, especially on Phaldan Island, is the Frosted Forest. Is it cold? Yes. Can travelers get lost in it? Yes. And yet, something about the peaceful snowfall, the trees covered in white powder, gives the whole setting a very homey, quaint aire to it all. If your pokemon (and you) can stand the chilly environment, this is a great place to come and train.
Once Upon a Time, Part 5 Sep 10 2014, 04:48 PM, By Maverick
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Regular Forum Alabaster Mountains
The Alabaster Mountains are truly some of the most chilly, barren, and lonesome places in the world. Deep in the far north lies the tallest peak, Tengana Mountain, and only a select few can honestly say that they've scaled it- most suffering lasting damage afterwards! Many powerful and rare pokemon prefer the solitude of the deep mountains to being exposed out in the open, and like to make their home here.
The Gift Sep 21 2014, 08:16 AM, By Maverick
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Western Waters

Regular Forum Pleselpus Ocean
The official name is the Western Waters, but no natives to the region refer to it as that- oh, no, only the Pleselpus Ocean. A long time ago, before the earliest recorded histories, it is told that an ancient civilization of highly advanced men and women made their home on a magic, shining island in the middle of the sea; but upon angering the gods, it was cast underwater, never to return. The ocean is too deep for mechanical equipment to find ruins, and too dark for any pokemon to know; it may be that the truth will never be known. The Magnet Train and the Haunted Ferry both cross through this forum.
Inverse Train Robbery Sep 20 2014, 05:46 PM, By Lonile
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Regular Forum Genesis
Genesis is a resort located on a tropical island Southwest of Corporcana. It is actually home to the Team Genesis, a branch of the OME led by a certain alien General. Behind the fun and games, this hotel resort is actually the base of operations for the most daring mission any team on Legacy has ever attempted.
A new day... Oct 18 2014, 01:29 PM, By Angel
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Corona Island

Regular Forum Tromante Tropical Forest
The Tromante Tropical Forest is a quite a bit like the Steamswap Jungle, so travelers finally escaping from it via Felcrest and the ferry may find themselves back in the frying pan here. Although the temperature is around the same, the humidity is much decreased, thank goodness, and there are more fire pokemon spilling in from the regions around it. You may also find the occasional loving couple out here, running away from Tromante to get a few moments of privacy. Whoops!
Time To Run Jul 20 2011, 07:05 AM, By DarthEevee
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Regular Forum Tromante Village
Come one, come all, to the beautiful and sensual Tromante Village! In between the luaus, grass houses, beautiful women, flowered necklaces, and hot, steamy temperatures, you will find the intensely soothing Hot Springs, as well as Allison, the girl who will make you pokeballs if you bring her apricorns. Watch out for the coconuts falling out of palm trees, as well as all those annoying tourists, while you enjoy your stay in the romance capital of the world!
Darkening Horizons 3 May 31 2014, 11:29 PM, By Steel Cerberus
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Subforums: Tromante Hot Springs
Regular Forum Sanguine Fields
Welcome to Sanguine Fields, a relatively flat and rocky area that is mostly covered with hot ash. Although Ginger Volcano is in relatively no danger of erupting, it still regularly spews smoke and ash on the mountains around it, as well as the majority of the red hot fields to the north, which are now used to being bathed in the dusty stuff. It might be fun to linger around in these areas, especially for pokemon that can bear the heat, but be wary of breathing in too much loose ash!
Ashes Jul 21 2013, 04:29 PM, By Vulpix Windchimes
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Regular Forum Ashdell
Ashdell is the most generally successful town on Corona Island, and also the center of commerce. The industrial section of this city is expansive, creating the goods for much of the rest of the world, and the Power Plant here provides energy for all of Corona Island. On a prettier note, it's the home to the famous Ash Gardens, where a play is performed every day. And you can't forget to visit Mack's Fire Gym, either!
magnet train May 14 2014, 12:01 AM, By Steel Cerberus
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Subforums: Ashdell Power Plant, Ashdell Fire Gym
Regular Forum Carmine Mountains
The Carmine Mountains form the heart of Corona Island, the peaks topping those in the Torrid Range, and the temperature surpassing any other mountains you will ever encounter. A few select of the mountains are literally and inexplicably always on fire; no matter what you do them, they just burn and burn. some people think it was a leftover gift from Team Magma's Groudon; whatever the case, these mountains are the source of more than one rare pokemon. Make sure you visit Ginger Volcano as well for an exciting time!
synesthesia 2 Jan 11 2014, 08:28 PM, By Jin White
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Regular Forum Camp Redhurst
The sooty Camp Redhurst is the farthest point west that any trainer or human being in general has ever journeyed in the Opaddeka region. It doesn't have much for creature comforts, as it really is nothing more than a camp, but it can gear you up for a long trip up the mountains, or for any other heated journey you need to go on! One of the three Battle Towers is also located here.
Darkening Horizons 23 May 31 2014, 11:55 PM, By Steel Cerberus
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Subforums: Battle Tower
Regular Forum Lake Halo
Lake Halo is literally a lake of pure, hot, molten lava. It's said to come straight from the core of the planet itself, and it is incredibly hot; even standing next to it will melt your items to a very runny liquid. Different legends say that different legendary pokemon live inside; perhaps they're all true, perhaps none are. It is also told in the ancient scripts that there is a way to dive deep into the lava lake without being burnt. Surely THAT must be false!
vs Entei Dec 31 2011, 08:15 PM, By Steel Cerberus
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Regular Forum Carmine Plain
The Carmine Plain is the southern area bordering the mountains and containing Halo Lake on Corona Island. It is made solely out of hardened magma; though it is solid and hard itself, deep underneath, magma still flows about freely. The rocky area is completely black and mostly featureless, though there are some distractions should you choose to journey through here. In terms of wildlife and plant life... well, don't get your hopes up.
my skull is an empty room Aug 18 2013, 02:50 PM, By Angel
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Regular Forum Torrid Range
Much of the Torrid Range was raised from the sea by either Groudon or Kyogre in the great dispute between Aqua and Magma- some say Groudon because it increased the landmass, and others say Kyogre, arguing that it blocked off the magma expansion, keeping the island at a fixed size instead of an expanding one. Although this is unknown, some features of the mountains have been around a long time- for instance, the ancient ghost city of Corporcana, which resides in the lowlands to the side.
THE ECLIPSE Apr 27 2014, 06:08 PM, By Sylvespurr
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Regular Forum Corporcana
Don't come to Corporcana expecting hostility or peace. Don't even come to Corporcana expecting people, because there are none. The town is fully deserted of all human life. The city has high, impenetrable walls surrounding it, and the doors open only at night, closing in the morning, seemingly on their own. Your only salvation while running from abandoned house to abandoned house from ghost pokemon is a small shrine, which may heal your pokemon. The Spook Expo also rests inside. Creeeeepy!
Blood Price Jan 31 2014, 10:19 PM, By Vulpix Windchimes
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Subforums: Spook Expo


Regular Forum Diglett Tunnel
The labyrinthine tunnels that twist and turn all under the Opaddeka Region.
Diglett Tunnel May 15 2014, 06:46 PM, By Jin White
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Regular Forum North Western Ocean
If you manage to cross the deadly whirlpools that create a natural border between Jgsei and Opaddeka's waters, you'll continue to travel north into warmer waters riddled with volcanic activity. The highly dense, acidic water can, in places, reach the boiling point. Travelers can usually pinpoint the danger by looking for the plumes of steam bubbling up from the waves.
Mart Sep 3 2012, 09:05 AM, By Maverick
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Subforums: Corsola Sound
Regular Forum Hydrophobic Desert
Quicksands, Tombs, Mines, and Valley's of Death, this desert is wasteland with a long forgotten past just waiting to be dug up. This was previously a territory belonging to Xylas and her Heretic Tribe, but since the Great Battle of Opaddeka, the technological evil has at last been driven out. This territory presently belongs to the Grassland Tribe of Sylphica the indisputable largest of all the Jgsei Village Tribes.
Half of Black 2 Dec 9 2012, 03:15 PM, By Frac
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Regular Forum Aquae Prairie
The prairie is the most peaceful and bountiful land in Jgsei. Farmland, and grazing herds can be found here. The most tame of the countries creatures reside here. This Territory belongs to Slyphica.
First Steps into Jgsei Nov 23 2012, 07:27 PM, By Steel Cerberus
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Subforums: Sylphica
Regular Forum De Soto Marsh
The marsh is a stretch of wetland virtually uninhabitable by humans. While the territory is claimed by G'Antz, they will deny any rumor of bandits using the difficult terrain as a refuge.
Landmarks Jun 30 2012, 07:03 PM, By Maverick
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Regular Forum Whispering Woods
Whispering Woods is home to one of the region's Blue Holes, and some pirates. And bandits. But not very many, because the trees tend to be old, thick, and dark; and even the best thief can get lost in this place. Aside from it being dark, the more northern section tends to be damp and more covered in moss, and the eastern area dies off into the poisoned industrial area.
Different Wings May 5 2013, 07:06 AM, By DarthEevee
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Subforums: G'Antz
Regular Forum Skeleton Plains
Skeleton Plains is home to the only railway in Jgsei. It is considered the shared territory of G'Ants and Blakzkriege. The two Villages prosper from its use. One by delivering the much needed coal to operate the steam engine, as well valuable gems, and the other a bounty of rich produce that the mining community lacks. The railway bridge is the only safe means of crossing the trench between the two territories. This is one of the few polluted ares to be found in Jgsei and is under constant attack by neighboring territories determined to stamp out the railway once and for all.
Landmark Descriptions May 21 2012, 06:46 PM, By Adobewedge
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Regular Forum Neverending Buttes
Cracks, as far as the eye can see! No, really. The Buttes are home to sheer cliff faces, rocky fields, and rolling mountains that can be hard to navigate if you don't know what you're doing. The train tracks in the south part of the area connect the Skeleton Plain to Blakzkriege, one of the few cities in Jgsei.
Rocks, and then more rocks. Sep 6 2014, 07:00 PM, By Lonile
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Subforums: Blakzkriege
Regular Forum Frigorific Peninsula
The peninsula is jagged dagger shaped stretch of mountains almost completely surrounded by ocean. The coast line consists of sheer cliffs plummeting into the frozen sea. A single Inuit village resides here at the very tip, furthest from human civilization. It is said that atop the tallest peak, death awaits all but the most courageous warrior.
Gym Info Jul 1 2012, 03:06 PM, By Frac
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Subforums: Mavice
Regular Forum (No New Posts) North Eastern Ocean
The Eastern waters are divided by turbulent icy waters, created by an intersection of several swiftly flowing currents. This natural barrier can only be crossed if the resulting whirlpools can be surpassed. Beyond awaits entrance into the cool waters of the lagoon or a more scenic route around the desolate peninsula of ice. The eastern coast of Jgsei is a white wonderland where sheets of unending ice prevent the toughest of ice breakers from making land. Constantly moving icebergs threaten to close off and crush any ship or creature unlucky enough to be caught between their narrow ever shifting watercourses.
No Posts in Forum
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Subforums: Caulker Lagoon, Keranith Fault
Regular Forum Etes Lapsym
This island is Taboo among all Jgsei peoples, and for good reason. It's radioactive. What secrets lay hidden beneath its once metropolitan streets? The fallen buildings and heaps of rust which marked the height of human productivity and learning, strangely resemble the finest cities still reaching for the skies in Opaddeka. What could have happened here? And can you find a safe means of delving into its dark past?
1577 Sep 24 2014, 04:23 PM, By Fordy
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Read-only Forum Pelegosto
Pelegosto is a volcanic island to the Northwest of Jgsei. The volcano is still active. The island is also home the town of Avalkin and the gym with the same name.
Mart Jul 2 2012, 04:54 AM, By Maverick
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Subforums: Becry Jungle, Tricanis Plateau, Avalkin City

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