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Legacy is Celebrating Its 14th Anniversary!

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The Pokemon Legacy Square

Read-only Forum The Rules
Welcome to The Pokémon Legacy RPG! Please read and understand the rules before proceeding!
Looking For RP Mar 20 2015, 11:53 AM, By Jance
0 viewers Topics: 339 Replies: 2,800
Subforums: Legacy Rules, Updates, Suggestions and Complaints, Applications Office
Regular Forum General Discussion
Talk about anything you want in here. From wishing people happy birthday to talking about games to, well, anything on earth. Try to keep it PG-13, I suppose. Posts in this forum will not increase your post count unless you reeeaally beg for it.
The Shula Region Mar 16 2015, 07:36 PM, By BloomLocre
0 viewers Topics: 1,936 Replies: 10,518
Subforums: Delibird's Presenting Forum, Advertisements, Trainer Status
Regular Forum The Coliseum
This is the staging arena for Contests, Lotteries, and Promotional Competitions. Want to win big? Then you had best keep a close eye on this forum.
jin's first & last grammar workshop quiz g… Oct 20 2014, 05:12 PM, By Jin White
0 viewers Topics: 29 Replies: 405
Subforums: Legacy's Pokedex

Little Hillmoss

Read-only Forum Player Homes
Here is where all Player Homes are located. All players receive a free homebase where they can keep track of all their player data plus utilize the various perks that come with having a personal homebase. Players can also interact freely with other players in their homes whenever they wish as all player homes are considered non-canon. ICly Player Homes are located in the general vicinity of Little Hillmoss Town.
the first minute of a new day Mar 21 2015, 02:24 PM, By Fordy
0 viewers Topics: 496 Replies: 1,089
Subforums: My Homebase, My PC
Regular Forum Poketechopia
Poketechopia is a virtual city simulation accessible by all trainers via their Poketech. Located within Poketechopia you will find the Hart Station, Digital Adoptions, the Laub Pub, the Trefle Cafe and the Tigull Board. Other more general locations include the Carreaux Square, the go between of all the Poketechopia buildings around the Tigull Board, and the three Nordoponte Bridges which lead out to the wide, expansive Bastos Park, that surrounds the city. Currently that is all that is believed to be programmed into the city simulation, but few have explored the city extensively.
Path to Paradise (giving away my stuff!) Nov 9 2014, 10:32 PM, By Aethubryn
0 viewers Topics: 472 Replies: 1,787
Subforums: The Tigull Board, Hart Station

The World of Opaddeka & Jgsei

Regular Forum The World
More on this section soon!
Calling on the Neighbors Today, 3:04 PM, By Val_GO
0 viewers Topics: 9 Replies: 85
Subforums: Opaddeka Region, Jgsei Region

Online Archives and History

Read-only Forum Archives Aliens Sep 1 2014, 02:36 PM, By Steel Cerberus
0 viewers Topics: 5,779 Replies: 50,144
Subforums: OoC Stuff, Old Po-Po Stuff, Encounters of the List Kind, Cleaning Victims, CHANGE- Aids, CHANGE- Start-Everberry, CHANGE- 2, 13, 3 (forests), Synth, CHANGE- 4, 5, 14, Bali, CHANGE- 6, 7, 22, Tamia, Reso, CHANGE- 8, 9, 16, Well, Agation, Seas, CHANGE- 10, 17, 18, Pandora, Downfeather, CHANGE- 19, 11, 20, Pierre, Phantom, CHANGE- 21, 12, Pawn, Moonlight, CHANGE- AA, DC, Other, Group Flying-Bomb, Tournament Archives, Announcements, Giftmas!, Charlie Sheen, IC stuff, Staff Stuff, Profiles, Bug Catching Contest - Sign-Up, Bug Catching Contest - Insect Reserve, Bug Catching Contest - The Clubhouse, The Giftmas Tree, The Giftmas Tree, Shady Forest Circus Enclave, Opaddeka Rangers HQ, Desolation Corporation HQ, Police Headquarters, Police Testing Facility, Interstellar Casino!, Story Weaving, Wage Archives, Nu Synthesis Town, Tournament Park, Tournament Square, Tournament Profiles, The Unfettered, Threads, Gear Corps, Vaguely Defined Area, Catching Contest, Expedition Group 2, The Giftmas Tree!, Giftmas 2010: The Reckoning, Luka's Trade And Missions, Fishing Contest, Legendary Catching Contest, Tournament Biz, Rules Fixing = Yes, Physical Adoptions, NPC Registry, Vanishing Point Daycare Center, Daycare Center, Giftmas 2011, Sandbox, Giftmas 2012, Vanishing Point HQ, Giftmas 2013, Jugem City, The March on Murmur Valley, Spider-man, Legendary Posts, The Legacy Lounge, Trčfle Cafe, Laub Pub, Side Characters

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