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M7: Alex LeBlanc vs Mark Graves
Topic Started: Jun 24 2018, 12:42 PM (139 Views)
Joey NOX
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OVER 9000!!!
PRW Hall Of Famers collide! In a rivalry about what it means to be a member of the Hall Of Fame, 2015 inductee Mark Graves takes on 2011 inducee Alex LeBlanc in a battle of legends!

Standard PRW Rules

Ref: Dean Samuels
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Hot Dawg!

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The capacity crowd at Providence Park, even after seeing five matches, are still quite hot. Why would they not be? There are still so many other big matches left to go. Two undefeated streaks are on the line as Reagan Crowe looks to gain her first ever Undisputed Title against the vicious Kevin Mordred and Lal Singh tries to defend her title against the leader of PRW's newest stable Generation X, Matthew Stevenson. There is also the X Divison Championship clash which promises to be quite the war thanks to its two dangerous competitors, Alexander Owens and Barbed wire.

But before any of that, there is the Hall of Fame clash between Alex LeBlanc and Mark Graves. What started as a simple ideological difference between Graves' arrogance and LeBlanc's humility has escalated into a bitter feud. The two men enter this ring with no love lost, both believing that the other has squandered their legacy, both believing themselves to be the better example of how to wear the Hall of Fame ring. For months the fans have questioned which will hold more weight, Graves' words or LeBlanc's deeds.

All that speculation will end tonight with one man being victorious.

There is a palpable electricity in the air. In spite of the cheers that echo across the arena, there is a slight calm. The ring is empty, bare, awaiting what promises to be a barnstormer. The sound of rain begins to echo across the arena, a bizarrely relaxing sound for the venue. Some fans boo, knowing what it means but most are either soaking in the atmosphere or just looking around confused.

As the sound of rain picks up and gets louder and more driving, the video screen fades to black and the arena is bathed in blue light. A lone, echoing guitar comes alive over the sound system, repeating the same riff, competing for the audience's attention with the sound of now driving rain. In this midst of this performance, one title appears on the screen.

Hall of Famer

The crowd begins to boo loudly as the title gives way to a video package showing the various achievements of Mark Graves. Some of them are familiar to fans like his fatal four way at Summerfest four years ago or his Hell in a Cell with Jesse Drive at Bloodletting. Some are more obscure like his triple threat cage match against Mister Turner and Nicolas Atknight or his often forgotten hardcore matches in Legacy wrestling as Heavy Metal Snail. The fans watch for a bit until the delay in the guitars starts to pick up and Mark Graves sets foot on the top of the entrance ramp. The crowd boos accordingly.

Even though he has stepped out, Mark Graves does not move, instead he simply stands, letting the repetitive song continue. The crowd boos, wanting him to dispense with the theatrics and just get to the ring. But Graves has always had a flair for the theatrical, he came to the ring on a flying car once.

Graves, wearing simple black trunks with matching black boots, kneepads, and elbow pads, raises his arms in the air, giving the crowd more of an opportunity to boo. Suddenly, a distorted moan and the hit of a drum comes on the speaker, changing the scene almost immediately. The lights come up, the sound of rain begins to turn into a thunderstorm and Graves begins to walk slowly down the entrance ramp, keeping a consistent, deliberate pace.

Bob Saget: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Hartford, Connecticut, weighing 221 pounds, PRW Hall of Famer, Mark Graves!

Josh Brunswick: Seems like Graves has gotten a new entrance theme.

Doug Smith: Well he did say a storm was coming. Looks like he wanted to make that idea a little more literal.

Graves gets to the ringside steps and climbs up, staying on the apron, making a motion for someone to lower the rope. The referee does not take him up on the offer.

Doug Smith: I'm going to go help him.

Josh Brunswick: If you get up from this chair, you're not coming back.

Graves wonders who's going to lower the rope. After standing there, letting his theme play, and having no one assist him, Graves grabs the top rope and flips right over it, landing on one knee in a dramatic pose. As he does this, a loud thunderclap echoes over the sound system, the lights flash on brightly for about a second and pyro bursts from the corners. It almost looks like Graves planned for no one to help him and just took the next best option.

Some of the fans pop for the theatrics but most continue to boo, not wanting to feed Graves' ego more than the Hall of Famer already feeds it himself. He makes his way to the bottom right corner of the ring, grabbing the top two ropes and squatting a bit. His theme fades out and the lights come on, prompting the fans to really let them hear how much they dislike him. Graves is unmoved, instead looking directly at the empty, opposite corner, waiting for his opponent to come out. One thing is perfectly clear, once the bell rings, a real fight is going to break out. And the deadlier participant hasn't even entered the match yet.

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-And so with the world watching and everyone anticipating the arrival of Graves' opponent, the lights fade to black, the arena is left in silence and without warning, the massive scoreboard hanging above the ring here in Portland, Oregon begins to display a black and white video of a man in a black hoodie walking along a rocky, Long Island North Shore beach by himself with the following interlude playing as they follow him.-

-It continues to follow him with the waves crashing into the beach, and suddenly the hooded figure turns toward the waves, and we see his face. It's the bearded scowl of Alex LeBlanc, not a word said, but a picture saying a thousand words. The interlude ends and fades and we're left once again in the darkness, but by now? Thousands have taken out their cellphone, having seen this spectacle before. Their cellphone lights illuminate the arena and suddenly, we thousands of would-be "flashbulbs" making for a breath-taking ambiance. The scene set, the video fades from the overhead scoreboard and we get the projection of Alex LeBlanc, as the monumental horn intro begins to play which makes everyone rise to their feet in a bout of excitement, jubilation and reverence and the following words replace his image.-

-No sooner does the beat drop, do the curtains part and stepping into a spotlight, white smoke billowing out at his feet, is the man of the hour, Alex LeBlanc. The Canadian Wolf looks damn near angelic wearing all white trunks with gold trim, golden kickpads accentuating the aesthetic. He begins his slow walk down the aisle and his gaze never parts from Mark Graves, the intent clearly noted by everyone in attendance.-

Ambar Garcia: Aaaaand his opponent, making his way to the ring, residing in Stony Brook, Long Island, New York, weighing in at 205 lbs, the Canadian Wolf, Alex LeBlanc!

-Reaching the ring steps, Alex stops and takes a second, looking over the crowd and those behind him. The lights haven't returned, the cellphone lights still illuminating the arena as the spotlight has followed him the whole way down the ramp and the ringside area.-

Smith: Well, if there's one thing this magnanimous jerkoff knows how to do, it's make an entrance..

Brunswick: Big match feel here, Smith.

Smith: You ain't lying, Brunny.

-As soon as he steps through the ring ropes, the spotlight turns off, the music fades and the arena lights pop back on. Suddenly, the pageantry is over, there's no strobes, no lights and nothing else to hide behind. It becomes just Graves and Alex standing in front of each other, face to face. The gaze having remained unbroken since the moment that Alex walked through that curtain, he steps right into the middle of the ring and takes his boot, marking a clear line across the canvas before digging his heels in on "his side". The crowd roars and Alex stands right there, motioning for Graves to cross on over.-
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- 4x PRW Undisputed Champion
- 2x World Tag Team Champion
- 8x Cyanide Champion
- PRW Intercontinental Champion
- PRW Triple Crown Champion
- PRW Grand Slam Champion
- PRW Hall of Famer
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The bell sounds out, officially beginning the match. The two men have never shared a ring and yet there is no attempt from either with trying to familiarize themselves with each other. Their times in the company overlapped, they've been watching each other for years, they've had ample time to study the other. There's no need to feel anything out, everything is already in its place.

Graves takes up LeBlanc's bold challenge and crosses right over the line, charging forward with an explosive energy that was unseen at the Superbattle. Alex LeBlanc got under his skin, in spite of his best attempts to be above it all. Alex's invitation only spurred him forward to make the first move, playing right into the Canadian Wolf's hands.

As soon as Graves gets within striking distance, LeBlanc moves around and grabs Graves in a headlock, a time tested match starter. Only this headlock is not your typical headlock, there's no rest for anyone in this hold. LeBlanc twists and pulls on Graves' neck like it's the lid to a particularly difficult jar. The muscles on LeBlanc's arm bulge and the veins pop out; it looks as if LeBlanc is trying to pull Graves' head off (for all we know, he actually is). LeBlanc is firmly in the driver's seat. Graves moves his head down in an attempt to escape and LeBlanc lets him, there's no need to expend so much energy on the opening hold. Sometimes you just need to put in enough to set the tone.

As he escapes, Graves' pushes LeBlanc to the ropes with both of his hands, putting for force behind it than your average headlock escape. LeBlanc is a little surprised by the aggression of the push but hardly unfazed. This is the kind of sequence that he has done for years, it's etched onto his muscles as a memory. Headlock, push to the ropes, rebound, shoulder tackle. That's all there is to it. That Graves would respond to the headlock with such an obvious counter seems almost insulting, as if he's warming up in wrestling school and not fighting for his legacy in front of 22,000 cheering fans. LeBlanc rebounds off the ropes and shoulder tackles Graves.

The sound of flesh on flesh reverberates across the ring into the first couple rows in the audience and all through the camera mics. LeBlanc ran right into Graves but Graves simply stands there, only slightly fazed by the maneuver. LeBlanc was only slightly surprised. He was hoping that Graves was all filler, no killer but it seems like he showed up to Summerfest to play tough guy. Of course, if Graves wants to get in a tough guy battle, LeBlanc (an actual tough guy) is more than willing to indulge him. Wasting no time after the collision, LeBlanc swings his hand back and chops Graves hard right across the chest. It echoes even in the outdoors. The crowd gives a "WOO!" that goes up into the air. Pulling no punches, LeBlanc readies another chop only to be tagged right across the chest with a savage overhand chop by Graves with the sound of meat hitting a countertop. The crowd responds with a loud "BOO!" with the same intonation.

Here LeBlanc was surprised. He put a lot of effort behind that chop, about 50% of his total striking power. He thought that would've at least put Graves back enough for another chop but Graves was right there to respond. Of course, LeBlanc didn't have time to be surprised and just adapted his plan. He just had to turn his chops of a notch. With 60% of his power, LeBlanc throws a vicious backhand chop to Graves' chest, sounding like someone punching a hole in a snare drum. The crowd gives another "WOO!" Graves' chest is already looking a little red but he is undeterred. He wants to outlast LeBlanc and by God he will do it, even if his chest looks like a fresh cut at the butcher shop to do it. With 60% of his own power, the Storm Caller strikes LeBlanc across the chest with another overhand chop, drawing a "Boo!" from the crowd. The two men are going to go chop for chop in the opening minutes, and the crowd is one their feet for it, giving all their energy to Alex LeBlanc, hoping he can slap the soul out of Graves' body.

LeBlanc takes the sting of the chop and immediately readies the response at 70%. With the sound of a foley guy wielding a slapstick, LeBlanc cracks an open hand across Graves' chest, sending ripples up to his neck. Graves steps back a bit and LeBlanc goes in for a follow up, only for Graves to block the hand and bash LeBlanc across the chest with an overhand chop that sounds like a door slamming in someone's face. At this point, the crowd has given up on trying to "Woo" and "Boo" instead giving a more visceral reaction to the chops.

Josh Brunswick: At the rate that they're going, I wouldn't be surprised if they try to flay the skin of their chests with those chops.

Doug Smith: I hope the microphones pull through. It's getting loud.

Loud indeed and with LeBlanc going to 80%, a place where he rarely goes when it comes to chops, he hurls another chops towards Graves chest only for Graves to respond in kind. LeBlanc, knowing that going further in would only waste his energy, decides to stay firmly at 80% and just keep rattling off chops. If he can't win with power, he'll win with endurance. He flings another chop in Graves; direction, only for Graves to fling on right back. The exchange is beginning to sound like a song from "Stomp!", flesh clattering against flesh as the bits of skin cling desperately to their bodies, hoping not to fly off in the carnage. The crowd is eating it up. LeBlanc is still on his feet and even though he is getting chopped, he is unbroken and more than willing to meet Graves at this level.

Graves is buckling against the exchange. While he is still on his feet, he knows he cannot win this kind of exchange. LeBlanc's chops are just flat out better than his and he knows that. While one can respect his gumption trying to go toe to toe, that respect will quickly turn to pity once Graves caves on the business end of a backhand. He needs to think of something, something to take the match out of this environment, and an idea quickly forms. An idea that is both very bad and very good for him.

As he gets hit with another meaty mitt, he doubles back, looking like he's about to give in. The crowd cheers wildly as LeBlanc rubs his hands together, prepared to finish off Graves in this exchange. That's when Graves spits on his hand and smacks LeBlanc right across the face.

The crowd can't believe it. LeBlanc can't believe it. For a millisecond, everything is silent. The nerve, the audacity of Mark Graves to spit on his hand and smack LeBlanc in the face. People had known that he had a disrespectful streak, but it had been a long time since Graves was so willing to make such a gesture in the middle of the match. The grin that Graves wears after the move is smug enough to convey a singular message. For the fans it says "fuck you." For LeBlanc, it says "come at me."

LeBlanc abandons technique at that very moment and smacks the grin right off of Graves' face. He's not afraid to fight dirty. From there, things descend into chaos and become much harder to keep track of. LeBlanc and Graves both start throwing bombs right at each other's face, both punching the everloving hell out of each other. There is almost no technique, no regard to the force of the striking power, no attempts to dodge or follow up, no awareness of the ring and poor Dean Samuels who is desperately trying to keep order but is not willing to jump between these two mighty bulls who have just locked horns.

Josh Brunswick: Well it seems like whatever pretense of respect these two were operating under in the opening has gone completely out the window.

Doug Smith: It's a hockey fight, Josh! Plain and simple! They don't want to wrestle a match. They just want to beat the hell out of each other!

The two men just continue to wail on each other but it looks like LeBlanc is the one who is steadily gaining the advantage in this chaotic brawl, throwing a strong elbow to the temple of Graves. Graves goes hurtling into the ropes. LeBlanc looks to follow up with more strikes but Dean Samuels is there to stop him, trying to restore order to the match at hand. Graves decides to take advantage of this momentary lapse by barreling right past Dean and jamming a finger right in LeBlanc's mouth, fishhooking him to a chorus of boos from the audience. Dean's back is turned, allowing him to get away with a major infraction. As soon as Samuels turns around to look at the action, Graves throws his hands up and makes his way to the ropes, as if he did nothing wrong. Once again flashing an arrogant smirk, he hopes that Dean Samuels will once again protect him as he grabs onto the top rope. While Samuels certainly tries, he is ultimately unable to stop LeBlanc from barreling right past him and clotheslining Graves right over the top rope, dumping him onto the mats below with a nasty thud.

Josh Brunswick: Well it looks like Dean Samuels has got his work cut out for him trying to keep order in this match.

Doug Smith: You've got that right. Alex LeBlanc is an unchained mad man! I don't think anyone can stop him!

Josh Brunswick: To say nothing of Graves with his blatant rule violations and disrespectful conduct.

Doug Smith: At least Graves has the courtesy to do it behind the refs back. LeBlanc just doesn't care.

Josh Brunswick: Sometimes I wonder if I could ever see the world that you see.

LeBlanc finally sees a clear advantage for him in the match and he knows the perfect way to capitalize on it. He scouts Graves getting up on the floor and once Graves gets to one knee, he starts booking it towards the opposite ropes. The crowd swells in anticipation, expecting some high flying from LeBlanc. Graves expects it to and turns his attention to LeBlanc as he runs towards the other side of the ring. Putting his hands up, he's prepared to block whatever he has planned. LeBlanc could hit him with a suicide dive or a plancha but as long as he's ready to catch, he can blunt the impact a bit. LeBlanc gets within diving distance, grabs the top rope, and vaults over it, landing feet first onto the apron. Graves lets his hands down a bit, the dive did not come. This gives LeBlanc the opening he needs to run across the apron and deliver a world cup caliber kick right to the face of Mark Graves.

Graves tumbles to the mats as the crowd cheers wildly, chanting for Alex LeBlanc, who remains on the apron, reviewing his handwork. Graves just got his fucking head kicked in, no doubt the first of many concussion machines he plans to dole out in this match. With Graves finally down on the mats, LeBlanc can begin to undo the 2015 Hall of Famer and send him home defeated. He hops off the apron and gets ready to engage Graves on the outside as the fans are treated to a replay of the kick, seeing the skin on Graves' face mold to the shape of The Canadian Wolf's foot in glorious slow motion.

Josh Brunswick: And after some pretty vicious striking, Alex LeBlanc has now officially taken control of the match.

Doug Smith: Graves needs to get in the ring fast, he doesn't want to stay on the outside with someone like LeBlanc.

Josh Brunswick: Though he has the advantage, LeBlanc should be cautious. Mark Graves is not someone to take lightly on the outside of the ring.

As the commentators debate over who is actually the dangerous one on the outside, LeBlanc pulls Graves up by his hair, not wanting to give him a moment's reprieve. The 2011 Hall of Famer is just now beginning to make his statement against Graves and he promises it to be a brutal one, one that the fans are anticipating with sadistic (and well earned) glee.

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-And with a handful of locks resting in his hand and the anticipation of a capacity crowd in Portland, Oregon waiting on his next move with baited breath, Alex LeBlanc decides to once again be a man of the people and give them what they want. Raising his right hand in the air, he brings it down with vellocity and it comes crashing down on the exposed chest of the man once known as the "Heavy Metal Snail". Old nicknames might not be appreciated, but an open-handed palm-strike is definitely not. Going back to the well, the Canadian Wolf lifts his hand up in the air once again and flicks it out, as if to wring out the few endorphins of pain such force brought to his own body. Devoid of any remorse, it comes down again, the blow echoing across the arena as palm and fingers meets chest and pectoral muscle has begun to turn to hamburger meat.-

-Graves falls to his knees and it's almost biblical in manner and image. LeBlanc is right behind him and you might as well have said "Graves Falls For The First Time". He crawls forward and Alex toys with him, kicking at the back of his legs, driving the point of his boots into his calves. He grinds down on his opponent's calf, trying to keep control of this matchup. Every move is calculated and thought-out, and as Graves keeps crawling away like his proverbial namesake, you can't help but feel like this is going exactly the way the elder statesman of PRW had anticipated.-

Brunswick: LeBlanc is stalking him, following him and keeping his eye on the target.

Smith: Ultimately, he's a sick and sadistic sonofabitch who has made a career out of doing exactly this for damn near a decade.

Brunswick: That almost sounded like a compliment.

Smith: That's as close as he'll ever get from me.

-Graves reaches the guard rail and pulls himself to his feet, his chest beat-red and welted. There's spots and specs of blood from where the skin has been ripped, but Mark has enough of a moment to breathe as Alex is a few steps behind. As his opponent starts to converge on him, Graves acts out of desperation and he turns, throwing a thumb into LeBlanc's eye, blinding him. The crowd immediately groans as Samuels hasn't seen it but Alex recoils in pain and horror, clutching at his face for all he's worth. He stumbles backward and leaves himself open to attack. Capitalizing on the opening like the opportunistic fuck that he has always been, Graves charges forward and tosses a hard right foot into the jaw of LeBlanc knocking him down to the cold concrete below.-

Brunswick: Oh cmon! That was blatant!

Smith: And it was astute, it was smart and it was effective!

- Graves smirks as he approaches LeBlanc and the smirk turns into a snarl as he gets closer and begins to circle Alex like a ravenous dog who hasn't eaten in days; a stray who has had to bite and claw for everything he has ever been given. He pulls on the short hair of LeBlanc and returns an earlier favor and pulls the Canadian Wolf to his feet. Blinded and stumbling like a drunkard, a sight that would have to be quite embarrassing for a man of LeBlanc's history with alcohol and swill, LeBlanc is exposed and within seconds he is struck down again with right hands and forceful blows. Standing over Alex, Graves gloats and screams out to the world, yelling "BEST IN THE WORLD!", as the crowd jeers him lavish and fervently. -

-The venom at a fever pitch, Graves lifts LeBlanc to his feet and grabs him by the wrist and before whipping him towards the guardrail, waves goodbye to the Canadian Wolf. Alex goes barreling down toward the guardrail and hits it shoulder first, bouncing off of it with a sickening thud before crumpling down to the canvas. He writhes in pain and rolls around on the concrete clutching his shoulder. He chews on his lip to prevent the banshee like cry from eminating from his lips, but make no mistake, the arm is hanging lip and dangling from a thread.-

-His face pale and a cold sweat forming on his brow, LeBlanc knows he is in dire straits. He can't defend himself intelligently, but his own ego and his own pride won't let him wave this off and walk away without a fight. Clutching his shoulder to the point that he digs his nails into the skin, white-knuckling through the pain, LeBlanc grits through the pain and marches through a right hand and then a left that knock him down to his knees. Gritting through, LeBlanc does his best to shake it off like a warrior and eat the blows, but a lethal Thrust Kick from Graves sends Alex back into the guardrail and leaves him with his eyes closed, unable to cope with his surroundings.-

Smith: This is looking bad here, Brunny. LeBlanc is looking worse for wear and we are only a few minutes into this matchup. How is he going to be able to cope? How is he going to be able to properly adapt?

Brunswick: You know, I wish I had a proper answer for you, but I have to agree with you. Alex is going to have to dig deep to find a solution because Mark Graves is going to give him absolutely no quarter. He is going to push and push until Alex breaks.

-And you know what? That was a valid point, but why should Graves give him any compassion or sympathy? This was his moment, his reason for being. He had stated that the storm would be coming for LeBlanc and staying true to his word, it had arrived and washed over the Canadian Wolf, leaving the destruction in its wake. Now, Alex was resting against those wrought pieces of iron and he was contemplating his existence while an opponent, one who may just be faster, wiser, smarter and dare I say, better, began to stare him down like a gazelle gets looked over by a lion in the jungle. Once upon a time it was LeBlanc with that look, but its funny how the hunters become the hunted if you stick around long enough.-

-Graves digs his heels into the concrete and he turns toward LeBlanc and he builds up speed. Sprinting at his opponent, he drives the balls of his feet into the ground beneath him with each step, getting closer and closer to the prone body of Alex LeBlanc. Alex can see him charging, can see the train coming down the tracks, so to speak. The look on Mark's face one of determination and grit, he leaps into the air and looks to come flying into the face of the Canadian Wolf with a Meteora. It should be all over but the crying, but Graves gave LeBlanc a lifeline; he let Alex see him the whole way down the tracks. As Graves flew through the air, the desperation, the cunning and the guile of a man who has done this for what someone would say has been way-too-long takes over. It may be instinct, it may be self-preservation, but ultimately it's smart as Mark comes crashing into the guardrails with both knees first; jamming them into the railing before plummeting to a crumpled heap below as LeBlanc rolled away in the knick of time. -

Smith: Holy Shit!

Brunswick: LeBlanc saves him self from certain doom, and Graves bites the dust! Both men are down!

- The scene looks like one of those car accident videos you see during a student assembly in High School about the perils of Drunk Driving. Bodies are flung everywhere, the wreckage is evident, and victims are touching body parts to check for injuries; to check for lasting damage. Graves clutches his knees and he's beside himself in agony. Across from him on the perpendicular guardrail is LeBlanc, chest heaving as he tries to drag himself away from the iron and to a vertical base. The crowd is roaring for the action these two have thus far provided, and with a stumble and a bit of a jaunty step, LeBlanc is able to lurch himself forward toward the ring apron as the referee begins his count.-

-One would say it's the easy way out, or a deceptive way to try to prove your superiority, but Alex urges himself forward with a quickness and reaches the ring apron, grasping it like a long lost lover, clutching it to his chest as he pulls himself onto it. He can easily step through the ropes and possibly secure a victory, possibly secure himself another one in the record books and get away with one due to ring savvy, but the crowd at a fever-pitch, counting along with the official, Alex puts his hand on the turnbuckle and looks out over the crowd, eyes darting around as the crowd gets even louder, more desperate for action. Placing a foot on the bottom rope as Graves has started to rise behind him, Alex gets the drive to start climbing the turnbuckle as Graves starts creeping toward a vertical base.-

Smith: Is he an utter moron or does he just play one on TV?! Get in the ring, you daft bastard! What are you trying to prove!?

Brunswick: I do not agree with this! LeBlanc is climbing that turnbuckle and looking to take a risk!

-Standing on the top turnbuckle as Graves has now reached a vertical base, even the official is pleading with him to reconsider. The crowd is blowing the top off of the arena, the flashbulbs are popping and in his soul, in his heart and in his veins? Alex LeBlanc is built for this moment. He thrives off it, he builds off it and it's what gives him life. Without a second thought, he leaps off the turnbuckle and twist his body sideways; floating through the air majestically as the flashbulbs and the light of cellphone cameras flicker on and pop and fade with insane frequency, the aesthetic something that will be remembered for years to come. Floating through the air with a Diving Cross Body, Alex lands on Graves and sends both men crashing back down to the concrete. Mark hits the floor, Alex bounces off of him due to the force and gets sprung off of him and we're suddenly back to Square One as both men are strewn about the outside, evidence of a crime scene that we're all lucky enough to witness.-

- 4x PRW Undisputed Champion
- 2x World Tag Team Champion
- 8x Cyanide Champion
- PRW Intercontinental Champion
- PRW Triple Crown Champion
- PRW Grand Slam Champion
- PRW Hall of Famer
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Five minutes.

It has been only five minutes, barely half the length of your average progressive rock song. Most matches would have five minutes pass in a series of unremarkable hold battles or would only just start to be ramping up in pace. In a normal match, the first five minutes would pass without much event. But Alex LeBlanc and Mark Graves are far past the point of having normal matches. In five minutes the two men have inflicted about twenty minutes worth of damage. In the eyes of the fan, the die had been cast and the precedent had been set. The two men are not angling for a drawn out epic, they are going to try to finish each other off as quickly as possible. The shorter the match goes, the more obvious the superiority of the victor will be.

The fans are given the first opportunity to breathe in the match as both Graves and LeBlanc are sprawled on the outside, both stirring but neither moving. Dean Samuels tries his best to restore a sense of propriety by beginning the count. The fans count along but not with the same enthusiasm of a pin count. It would be very unsatisfying if this match ended in a double count out with no victor, this match needs a victor. Of course, when Dean Samuels gets to four and neither man is on his feet, the possibility of a draw at five minutes begins to enter the minds of PRW's fans. They begin to chant for Alex LeBlanc, hoping to will him back to the ring. While they won't be too satisfied with a count out victory, they could at least be satisfied with LeBlanc standing tall at the end of it. The picture and picture begins, showing a replay of LeBlanc's spectacular crossbody as the Can-Am Hitman wills himself to his feet with only a count of five to get to the ring. He is on wobbly legs, still a little disoriented from the dive. He moves on instinct, hoping that he doesn't run head first into the post or the steps, finding his way to the apron but getting down on one knee at the count of six. He's going to need to take a breath before jumping back in.

As he prepares to enter, Graves finally gets back to his feet and while he is not fully aware of exactly where in the arena he is, he knows that he needs to get back to the ring, and fast. The count has already reached seven. Graves can hear a deluge of cheers and he knows they're not for him. Alex LeBlanc has made it back to the ring, staying on his back to take a bit of a breather. Graves wishes he could charge right at LeBlanc and beat the holy shit out of him for daring to take a break on his watch but he barely has the energy to stand, let alone kick Alex LeBlanc's ass. He stumbles and fumbles his way around the ringside as count reaches eight, clumsily jumping up to the apron and crawling under the rope, looking like a circus clown ready for an epic pratfall. Graves is willing to take the little indignity in order to spare himself the bigger indignity of losing this match by count out.

Josh Brunswick: Both men have made it back to the ring but it looks like Alex LeBlanc has just a little bit more energy than Mark Graves.

Doug Smith: Oh no. Graves already looks like he's on dream street. He better do something quick, or else his ass will be in for a whoopin'.

As if on cue, Alex LeBlanc rises to his feet. Taking a few breaths before getting over to the fallen Mark Graves. Grabbing him by the roots of his greasy, untamed hair, he drags him forcefully away from the ropes both out of a respect for the rules and out of a desire for Graves not to have an easy out. He pulls Graves up to his knees and raises a fist in the air and socks him right in the face like a speedbag at a third rate arcade. The blow jacks Graves up but he does not fall over. LeBlanc was more than prepared for this and sends another fist right to Graves' face. It seems like the blow might have knocked some of the gears in Graves' mind back into place as he very quickly follows up the punch with an overhand chop to the chest. Unfortunately for him, while his mind is working for him, his body is not. The blow is glancing at best and Alex LeBlanc barely registers it, responding to it with a vicious chop to the neck as if to say "do better!" Graves doubles over, fists and knees on the canvas. It's a sight that would cause fans to sympathize with him if he wasn't a complete prick. However, seeing Alex LeBlanc practically haze the returning veteran was exactly what the capacity crowd in Portland, Oregon paid to see. As Alex LeBlanc runs towards the rope and rebounds, the crowd swells, some rowdier (and drunker) fans shout "put him in a body bag!" as LeBlanc crashes right into Graves with a hard running knee to the side of the head, looking to knock the gray matter right out of his brain.

Graves crumples to the canvas, once again finding himself at a distinct disadvantage and no clear out being presented to him. If the match keeps going at this rate, he'd probably end up forgetting his hotel room number and where he parked his rent-a-car. He's going to need to come up with a solution, and fast. This task is much easier said than done as LeBlanc pulls him up to a seated position and lines him up for his signature "doppler effect" knee strike, looking to go two for two with hard knee strikes in this contest. He barrels forward with a ferocity that even some of the top stars in PRW fail to match and swings his knee forward.

Only for Graves to fall right back and dodge it. Sometimes falling, whether deliberate or unintentional, can create a sufficient opening. Graves, trying to jump start his mind a bit and get back into the match, opts to take advantage of LeBlanc's miss and roll him up in a schoolboy, taking great care to grab a handful of The Canadian Wolf's tights (because that's exactly how you win a match in 2018). Of course, Alex LeBlanc is far too experienced to be undone by a simple tight grab. He kicks out right before two, more pissed off at the attempted cheating than shocked that the match could be over. The two men are back on their feet for the first time in a couple minutes and LeBlanc looks to take full advantage of it by running right at Graves, looking to inflict more punishment.

Graves, however, has the blow scouted. The dodge and pinfall attempt allowed him to regain some energy and gave the kickstart that his brain needed. As Alex comes in for an elbow strike, Graves blocks it and responds by kicking Alex in the gut. Gripping LeBlanc's wrist Graves whips LeBlanc towards the rope. Instead of rebounding, LeBlanc goes right over, making it seem as though Graves has added a little too much strength to it. But LeBlanc knows exactly what he's doing. As expected, Graves tries to close to the distance by throwing out a strike, but LeBlanc is more than ready for it. Catching Graves' hand, he hits Graves in the head with a forearm and drapes his arm over his neck. The crowd swells in anticipation, already expecting something big.

Doug Smith: I don't like the look of this at all. Alex LeBlanc is going to superplex Graves onto the floor.

Josh Brunswick: That's not all he can do from this position. He could easily just drop Graves head-first right onto the apron.

Doug Smith: Someone needs to stop this madman! He could seriously injure Graves!

Josh Brunswick: I guess we'll just ignore all the times that Graves could've injured LeBlanc.

The crowd chants wildly for LeBlanc as he grabs Graves' trunks and goes to lift him up, hoping to take Graves out of the match with a big move, initially thinking of going for an apron superplex but then opting to instead go with a brainbuster, hoisting Graves up and holding him in a vertical position letting him stay there for a half-second. At this point, Graves' brain goes into full blown panic mode. A brainbuster to the apron could end the match right then and there. He's already taken quite a lot of blows to the head and this one could probably knock him out of contention for good. In this half-second, it's do or die. He needs to prevent it quickly or suffer dire consequences.

Graves opts for the inelegant solution of just bashing his knee right on the top of LeBlanc's head. It's not pretty, but it's effective, though not without a degree of risk. Alex wobbles with each impact, if Graves hits too hard, he could simply just go and drop the Hall of Famer right on his head. He needs to hit with a degree of delicacy, like chiseling a statue out of a hard, unforgiving slab of marble.

After the third blow, LeBlanc's grip wavers, allowing Graves to escape by swinging his legs forward and bringing his feet back to the ground. Now with an opportunity to take control, Graves wastes little time. He stays in the suplex position and grabs LeBlanc's free hand by the wrist, putting his arm behind his back in a hammerlock (same arm with the same shoulder that hit the concrete a while back). Graves then pulls LeBlanc right off of his feet, dropping him to the mat with a thunderous hammerlock northern lights suplex.

A surge of pain fires into LeBlanc's shoulder after taking a second bumpy landing right onto it. LeBlanc grits his teeth, trying to let not a single sign of weakness show lest Graves capitalize on the opportunity. But Graves knows a direct hit when he sees one. No amount of brave faces or lip biting or strong shows of fighting spirit will distract him from the undeniable fact that Graves tagged the shoulder. Ever the opportunist, Graves goes for another pin, this time with more conviction, trying to put away the Most Decorated Wrestler in PRW History with a simple suplex. He jams the good shoulder right onto the mat as he makes the cover, leaving LeBlanc no choice but to use his banged up shoulder to force the kick, putting more strength and effort into a part of his body that he should be resting.

As Dean Samuels goes for the count, an evil, slimy smile crosses Graves' face as waits for LeBlanc's heroic kickout on a bum shoulder.



The Canadian Wolf kicks out just as two, drawing an applause from the audience, happy to know that their hero is very much still in the fight. Graves is unmoved by this show of strength. As soon as LeBlanc gets up and tries to nurse his bad shoulder, Graves drives his knee right into it and pulls the arm back in a reverse single underhook lock, elbowing him in the neck every so often for good measure.

Josh Brunswick: Well it looks like for the first time, this match is going to be slowing down. Graves has just applied one of the first holds in this match.

Doug Smith: Looks like we're back to wrestling after almost eight minutes of all out fighting.

Josh Brunswick: But Graves is still beyond propriety, going right after LeBlanc's neck even though the arm is trapped.

Doug Smith: That's what makes Graves so deadly, he won't just do one thing in a hold, he'll take any opening and opportunity to finish someone off.

Alex LeBlanc holds back screaming in pain though sure wants to. His shoulder is getting mercilessly stretched and every time he tries to fight his way out of the hold, another elbow gets thrown right to his neck to break his concentration. He keeps thinking of ways to slip right out, ways to turn this hold right back on Graves, ways to get technical. However, each blow to the head breaks his concentration a little bit more. So it looks like he'll just have to brute force his way out.

Focusing all his strength on his his knees and employing a completely counterproductive strategy of pushing into the shoulder that's getting work over, LeBlanc begins to stand up, pushing himself up further using only his legs. The crowd goes wild for this display of strength and proof positive that Alex LeBlanc never skipped leg day. Graves pulls back deeper into the shoulder, trying to keep LeBlanc grounded as he throws another blow, but LeBlanc fights through it and stands up taller, throwing some elbows of his own his free arm. After four to the head, Graves grabs the other arm, trying to keep LeBlanc contained, but that proves to be his downfall in this particular exchange, as Alex LeBlanc slips his other arm out, grabs Graves' head and brings his chin right onto his bad shoulder with a stunner. The move knocks Graves to the ground but LeBlanc pays for the desperation decision, finally letting out a small gasp of pain as rotates the shoulder around, hoping to move some life back into it.

The crowd cheers at this display. Even though LeBlanc is starting to feel the pain, he is not giving up. Quite the contrary, he is willing to put himself through more hurt if it means taking the advantage against a snake like Mark Graves. Their hero is battered but not beaten. Even though he's taken a lot in a short span of time, he's letting Graves know that he's not in for an easy victory. If Graves wants to win, he'll have to pry it away from him, and that would be before the Can-Am Hitman breaks his goddamn neck.

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Alex LeBlanc is on his feet, ready for a fight. That much becomes clear to Graves as he sprints in and starts peppering Graves in the face with forearms using his good arm. Graves tries to get a hand up to defend himself but they're coming in too fast and too hard for him to mount a credible defense. The only thing Graves can do is push Alex away with desperation but all creating distance does is cause Alex to belt Graves right in the neck with a vicious roundhouse, the impact of which sends Graves spinning. With Graves' back exposed, LeBlanc locks in a half-nelson and tosses Graves up with a half-nelson suplex, taking great care to drop the Wrestler Formally Known as Heavy Metal Snail onto his neck. The fans start coming to life seeing their hero start to rally and he shows no signs of slowing down as he put Graves up to a seated position and starts driving right into his neck with some brutal bionic elbows. With Graves looking thoroughly jacked up, LeBlanc looks to put a button on this neck-focused beat down by running towards the ropes and springing off it with unchained ferocity, to crash right into the back of Graves' neck with a doppler effect knee strike, one that Graves was unable to duck his way out of this time. The crowd goes absolutely crazy as LeBlanc drops for the cover, hoping to put Graves away with the assault. He rolls Graves forward, making sure to put as much pressure on his neck as he as Dean Samuels goes for the count.



No. Graves is able to kick out at two, though with the way he clutches his neck, it looks like he really had to fight for that one. LeBlanc is undeterred by the kick out. He knows that all he needs to do is keep fighting, soldier through the shoulder pain and continue his plan to make Mark Graves' neck look like Kurt Angle's by the end of the match. Before Graves can make any move, LeBlanc grabs him in a front facelock, taking great care to cinch it in tight and wrench Graves' neck up. Even though he is planning to set up a bigger move, that is no excuse to give Graves any moment to rest. After wrenching on the neck just a little bit more, LeBlanc kicks his leg out, looking to drop Graves to the mat with a DDT. Only Graves does not move down, he plants his feet firmly on the ground and throws his hand up to punch LeBlanc in the face. LeBlanc responds by hammering Graves' back, which only draws another punch from Graves. LeBlanc, not wanting to get into a striking battle in a middle of a front facelock, puts his free hand right on Graves stomach and lifts Graves up slightly before dropping him right to the mat with a lifting DDT. The crowd pops as LeBlanc stands over the face down Graves and once again barrels towards the ropes and springs off, this time hitting a leg drop to the back of Graves' neck before flipping him face up onto his neck and covering him again.



Once again, Graves kicks out, but again he favors his neck. The crowd is still firmly behind Alex with some even starting a "break his neck!" chant.

Doug Smith: The bloodthirsty attitude of this crowd is absolutely appalling! This attack on the neck could shorten or even end Mark Graves' career! Why would anyone cheer for it!?

Josh Brunswick: Well it looks like LeBlanc is repaying the damage that Graves has been inflicting to his shoulder throughout this match and doing so with quite a lot of aggression.

Doug Smith: Oh god, it looks like he's lining up for the Jewish Cannon! We could actually see the end!

Josh Brunswick: This has been a short yet extremely fierce fight from LeBlanc and Graves? Can the Canadian Wolf finish this one?

Graves is in a do-or-die scenario. As LeBlanc puts him up to his feet and grabs his wrist, he knows he's going to need to think fast. In situations like this, the old Mark Graves would have tried to think of a skilled counter and continue to take LeBlanc's punishment. He would probably even eat the finisher, kick out and keep going for twenty, thirty more minutes. He would fight tooth and nail to outlast Alex LeBlanc, he would beat the odds and try to prove himself to be the better man, the stronger man, the man the crowd could get behind.

But the old Mark Graves is long, long gone. The Hall of Famer Mark Graves only has one thing on his mind, victory. While it would certainly be better for his pride to try to outfight LeBlanc, it's become abundantly clear that the Can-Am Hitman has his number. There is only one way to win this match, and it is not an honorable way. But Hall of Famer Mark Graves does not care about the honorable way. Hall of Famer Mark Graves does not care if the victory comes with an asterisk. All that matters is pinning Alex LeBlanc and taking the victory for himself and even with his neck feeling like it's about to fall off his shoulders, LeBlanc's white-knuckle grip on his wrist and a capacity crowd of 22,000 cheering for his defeat, he knows of a way to steal the match.

LeBlanc pulls him around and hops off his back foot, bursting forward with a running knee. Graves has the move scouted and ducks right out of the way. Then Graves puts his plan into effect, pushing LeBlanc's back and using the momentum from the attempted knee to send him hurtling right into Dean Samuels. Samuels falls to the ground. LeBlanc is furious, he's seen stuff like this before. He knows that there's no use trying to revive Dean, that will just leave him vulnerable. Perhaps he could even take advantage of the situation and dish out an unholy beat down on Mark Graves, sight unseen by the official. But before he can do anything, before he can turn around to meet Graves, the Hall of Famer gets on his knees and slams LeBlanc right between the legs with a vicious forearm.

Josh Brunswick: Low blow! Low blow from Mark Graves!

Doug Smith: That is some good thinking on Graves' part, take the ref out of the match and hit LeBlanc in a vulnerable area.

Josh Brunswick: Are you insane!? This is just disrespectful, a complete affront to LeBlanc and to all these paying fans!

The fans are furious. The amount of rule-breaking that Graves had engaged in throughout the match irritated them but this was a new level. Of course, their rage turned into delight as they saw Alex LeBlanc still standing and looking pissed off. He was in pain, anyone would be after taking a hit to the family jewels. But he's not one to let a single dick punch take him down and he lets Graves know that by sucker punching him right in the jaw. Graves goes down as he hopes that he won't need any dental work in the future. The crowd goes nuts at this display of defiance from LeBlanc as he hobbles over to Graves and grabs him by the hair, only to sucker punch him again and again and again. Letting his rage override his pain, LeBlanc continues to pepper Graves with punches. He has no technique or focus, just pure disdain for the main kneeling before him, the walking affront to the Hall of Fame that he worked so hard to enter, the turncoat who abandoned the product when it needed him the most, the man who spent four years turning himself into the antithesis of everything that the Most Decorated Wrestler in PRW History worked to make this company for his entire career. LeBlanc practically punches himself out of breath, finishing not with a definitive strike but rather by simply stopping, trying his best not to think about the fire in pelvic region. He can still do this, he can still get the victory. The crowd wants to see it. They're begging for it. They want to see this guy get his fucked head kicked in and he's more than happy to oblige them. Dean Samuels is still out, but that doesn't matter. With one chin-check, he could keep Graves down for a 30 count, a 3 count will be nothing.

Catching his breath and waiting for Graves to get on his knees, LeBlanc spreads his legs to get ready for the kick. He is in quite a lot of pain. His shoulder still kills him, his groin is needling him but he's still standing and he's ready to take this one. From the corner of his eye, he can see Dean Samuels getting back up to his feet, back still turned to the action.Fighting against every single nerve in his body, fighting against all natural instincts to fall down, fighting for the fans, for the company, for his own legacy, LeBlanc throws a chin-check super kick right towards the face of a kneeling Mark Graves.

Only for Mark Graves to catch his foot, pull him forward, and hit him with another low blow, pulling his hand away as soon as Dean Samuels turns to look at the action.

The fans are livid. This isn't how it's supposed to go. LeBlanc had him beat. LeBlanc showed in this match that he was the better man, the better fighter. LeBlanc was the company man, the fan's own, fighting against a man who could not care less about either of those things. They paid to see Mark Graves get humiliated on PRW's biggest stage. Instead, they're seeing Mark Graves hoist Alex LeBlanc up to a fireman's carry position. LeBlanc, fed up with Graves and not wanting to go down without a fight, reaches around and puts a thumb in Graves' eye. He does not care even a little bit that the ref saw it. Graves wobbles but the hold stays firm, in spite of LeBlanc's defiance, he is in too much pain to efficiently jump off. The egotistical Hall of Famer throws the genuine Hall of Famer off of his shoulders and grabs his head in midair, bringing right down onto his knee for a fireman's carry facebreaker. Long time fans recognize the impact of the move as Graves' signature Thick as a Brick finisher but it is a different move altogether. The impact is more vicious, more deliberate. It is not designed for a quick, come from behind victory out of nowhere but rather as a definitive ending statement, a statement of superiority (though no one in the building save for Mark Graves himself and maybe Doug Smith would see him as the superior fighter tonight).

Doug Smith: I've heard this move called Test of the Immortals. That's probably the first finishing move Mark Graves has named that wasn't terrible.

Josh Brunswick: Even if Mark Graves gets the pin, I don't think he's proven anything. LeBlanc had his number from the opening bell-

Doug Smith: I don't want to hear anyone making excuses right now. Mark Graves was able to outsmart Alex LeBlanc in this one. Plain and simple.

LeBlanc falls to the mat and Graves is right there for the cover. Dean Samuels goes for the count but the fan's refuse to count along. They are hoping that LeBlanc still has some fight left in him, still has the will to kick out. After all, it's not over until it's over.

Finish Attempt: Test of the Immortals after two low blows
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The crowd pops in utter jubilation. In spite of his best efforts, Mark Graves' underhanded tactics were not enough to put away Alex LeBlanc. There is still a chance for the Canadian Wolf to snatch victory right out of the jaws of the feet. The crowd goes wild with a chant of “Alex! Alex! Alex!” Graves shoots up to his feet in a mix of shock and rage. He was sure that he had LeBlanc was beaten, he was already rehearsing his victory speech when Dean Samuels began to count the pin. So realizing that his foolproof strategy was in fact foolish was enough to send him sputtering with rage. He gets right up in Dean Samuels' face, yelling at him in a false belief that the count was slow. Dean Samuels reenacts his count for Graves just so he fully understands that yes, this match is still going on and that Graves is going to need a lot more than what he displayed to come out with a victory. Going back to the downed Alex LeBlanc, Graves freezes. He is not sure exactly what he has to do. The longer this match goes on, the more likely it is that LeBlanc will come away with a victory. The latest kick out shows that cheating would hardly be enough to put him away. So what can he do?

LeBlanc is still on the ground but he is showing signs of life. The first step for Graves would be trying to make sure he stays on the ground. LeBlanc gets on his hands and knees but before he can move, he is hit with a hard kick to the head from Graves. LeBlanc stumbles back a bit which gives Graves just enough time to come up with a plan, keep working the shoulder. Perhaps if he is able to wear down LeBlanc's shoulder just enough, he could maybe score a quick cheap pin. Graves kicks LeBlanc in the head again, driving him down to the mat. He then puts his knee right on LeBlanc's back to keep him down. He follows this up by gripping LeBlanc's wrist, pulling it up perpendicular to his shoulder and wrenching back, using the wrist as leverage to pull on LeBlanc's shoulder. LeBlanc, having spent almost the entire match gritting his teeth and fighting through the pain, finally grunts loudly in pain. That is enough of a cue for Graves to wrench back even further, drawing even more boos. The crowd starts a rhythmic clap, trying to give Alex LeBlanc all their energy and drive him out of the hold. Of course, that prospect is a little more difficult than last time considering Graves is laying his entire weight right across LeBlanc's back, to say nothing of his shoulder bending out of its socket. One wrong move and he could be seriously injured. But of course, that could easily happen if he just sits in the hold and lets Graves work him over.

The pain from the low blow wears off, some feeling is beginning to return to LeBlanc's legs. He can still move. He can still fight. Using his legs, LeBlanc crawls towards the ropes, putting as much as he can to move gradually. Graves has no choice but to keep wrenching back. Stopping the crawl would force him to give up the position on LeBlanc's back and leave himself open for an escape. At least if he has the hold locked in, he might be able to force a tap out. LeBlanc gets even closer to the ropes as Graves wrenches back even further, forcing out another loud grunt of pain. LeBlanc is doing everything that he can to fight through it, even though he can feel a separation coming on in his shoulder. He pushes his legs into the mat and springs forward. His bad shoulder feels like it's on fire as he reaches out for the ropes and grabs the bottom for dear life. The crowd cheers but that appreciation quickly turns into derision as Graves keeps the hold locked in. Dean Samuels begins his count, going slightly faster than usual. He has had enough of Graves' flouncing of the rules and would be more than happy to disqualify him. As soon as he gets to four, Graves breaks the hold and gets back to his feet, throwing his hands up as if he did nothing wrong. LeBlanc pulls himself back to his feet and Graves is immediately there to capitalize, grabbing his wrist again. However, LeBlanc is not willing to be put in anymore holds and throws his free hand down, breaking the hold. He follows this up by putting 100% of his strength behind a chop and throwing it dead center into Graves' neck. While he didn't get a lot of meat on it, the sound still echoes across the arena like a gunshot.

Josh Brunswick: There is just no quit in Alex LeBlanc. He's taken quite a beating and he's still going at the same speed as when the bell first rang.

Doug Smith: I'm honestly starting to wonder if Graves can even finish this. LeBlanc has survived two low blows, a Test of the Immortals, and a real beating to his shoulder. I think at this point, LeBlanc is probably going to win on pure attrition.

Josh Brunswick: It's funny, because winning a war of attrition was always Graves' specialty.

The situation does look rather grim for Mark Graves. Even with one good arm, LeBlanc is taking the fight right to him, throwing a wide variety of strikes. A huge chop to the neck here, a big kick to the chest there, a forearm to the collarbone followed up by a muay thai knee to the gut. Eventually, the strikes are too much for Graves to take and stumbles back hard, falling down to the mat. LeBlanc pounces on him and with his good arm starts raining down hard fists to the head. Graves gets hits hands up to defend himself and while he is able to save himself from being knocked out but that won't be enough if he wishes to survive. This isn't MMA, the ref won't come to save him if he's taken one too many. He has to fight back. With each punch LeBlanc deals out, Graves fires back with one of his own. It quickly degenerates into a grounded slug fest, kind of like the one that began the match only on the ground and with harder shots. The crowd is going crazy, it looks like Alex LeBlanc finally has Graves' number. Graves has a slight advantage in the contest, he hasn't been hit anywhere on his arms. However, the constant shots to his head and neck are taking far more out of him then he would care to admit. He needs to do something to stop the exchange and quickly.

Moving his legs out from under LeBlanc, Graves grabs the wrist of LeBlanc's bad arm and traps his legs around it, locking it in an inelegant submission hold where he simply pulls on LeBlanc's arm in an attempt to pop the shoulder out of its socket. LeBlanc continues to punch hard but he finds Graves unwilling to break the hold. He's going to need greater force. Letting out a cry of pain, LeBlanc grabs Graves by the seat of his pants with his one free hand and lifts him up in one quick motion before dropping him right onto the mat again with a powerbomb. The move shocks Graves but he holds firm. All he has to is hold on. The powerbomb will take enough out of LeBlanc's arm that as long as Graves has the hold locked up, he has the chance. LeBlanc knows this and knows that it will take some drastic measures to get Graves out. Lifting him up for another bomb, LeBlanc begins to walk right towards the ropes, drawing a huge applause from the crowd.

Josh Brunswick: Is he doing what I think he's doing?

Doug Smith: Oh my god! He's going to powerbomb Graves over the ropes!

Josh Brunswick: LeBlanc's taking a big risk here. If he's unsuccessful, he could really screw up his shoulder.

Doug Smith: And if he's successful, he could really screw up Graves!

LeBlanc's legs are starting to shake, holding up 220 pounds of Mark Graves with only one arm is not the easiest task. While he wants to run, he knows that that he does not have the energy to do so and instead takes one step at a time towards the ropes. Which each step, Graves weighs the benefits and costs of keeping the hold locked in. He can feels LeBlanc's shoulder coming undone, it will just take a few more seconds to finally snap. He just needs to hold on a little bit longer. But he's getting closer and closer to the ropes and that means he going to get powerbombed over the ropes pretty soon. Such a move could destroy LeBlanc's shoulder but it could also hurt Graves immensely. It's a vicious fall, whether he lands on the apron or on the floor below. And if LeBlanc is aiming to drop him on his neck (which he probably is) then the danger becomes only more present in Graves'. His neck is stinging bad. Any more punishment and he's definitely going to need a trip to the ER. LeBlanc reaches the ropes and throws Graves forward but Graves lets go, landing a little awkwardly on the apron but on his feet and unscathed. LeBlanc tries to take time to nurse the shoulder, which feels like it's only a couple inches away from complete and total separation. Of course, this break is not enough to ward off Graves who grabs onto the top rope and kicks LeBlanc in the head with a rope assisted enziguri. LeBlanc falls back but is undaunted. Even though his shoulder hurts so much that even walking takes a lot out of it, The Canadian Wolf rushes Graves as he climbs under the middle rope, kneeing him right in the neck and beating him down with his good arm. Dean Samuels tries to pull LeBlanc away and get Graves out from between the ropes but LeBlanc simply pushes him aside and climbs over the top rope onto the apron.

With both competitors standing on the apron, the crowd swells in anticipation. Something big was going to happen, they can all feel it. They know the match will turn here. What they don't know is how fast it's going to turn.

LeBlanc rares up for another chop to Graves neck, fully intending to slip one of Graves' vertebrae with his hands. He has given him enough of a neck centered beatdown that he knows it will land. As soon as he goes to throw it though, Graves breaks into a run, shoulder down, and spears him right off of the apron. As soon as the spear hits, LeBlanc grabs the neck of Graves and puts it in a front facelock. As he takes the spear, he wrenches Graves forward for a DDT, in turn making his own impact from the spear come at a much higher angle. The impact is ugly to say the least. LeBlanc lands right on the bad shoulder, close to the neck and he lands hard. Graves is no better, being dropped neck first onto the mat from the apron, feeling a hot pain sear through the skin. There is a loud scream but no one is sure who it comes from. It could be a mixture of the two of them for all the fans know. The fans cheers quickly turn to a collective cringe of concern.

Josh Brunswick: Oh my god! That was nasty!

Doug Smith: I hope nobody broke anything! That fall was vicious!

The two men are barely moving. To do so would agitate their mounting injuries. LeBlanc's shoulder feels both heavier than steel and lighter than a feather. Even not moving it causes an unimaginable pain. He looks like he could almost go blind from the pain. Graves is hardly faring any better, drifting in and out of consciousness as the pain in his neck overtakes him. He is able to clutch his fists together so he knows his career is not over nor is it broken but it sure feels like it.

Dean Samuels starts the count but there is no response from either man, he gets to four and neither seems to be in any condition to make it back to the ring. At this point, the ringside doctors hit the scene and begin checking on the two of them, trying to see if either man can continue. In spite of the pain, both men say they are okay. But both men are also far past the point of fighting condition. The refs don't throw the X up out of respect for the two competitors but as Dean Samuels' count continues, it's beginning to look like neither man can really continue the fight in earnest. Even if they got back to their feet, it would be ridiculous for them to continue through all the pain that's been inflicted. The two men are lucky that nothing's been broken and that in spite of their pain, they're not severely injured.

But the two men fight on, both trying to make it back to their feet before the count of ten, both wanting to prove themselves the better man. However, as they start to rise, Dean Samuels hits eight in his count. The idea of a definitive winner has gone out the window, a count out victory is likely but the idea of there being no winner to this contest is even more likely. Dean Samuels hits nine and both men are stirring but in no condition to reenter. This battle between two well-known Hall of Famers on PRW's biggest stage about what it means to be a legend might not reach the resolution that anyone was expecting.

Finish Attempt - No contest as a result of a double count out after a spear/ddt hybrid off the arpon
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Dean Samuels rings the bell and it is announced that this match ends in a double count out!
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