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The Mountain Men Vs. Debuting Tag Team; 2nd Match Summerfest Preshow
Topic Started: Jun 24 2018, 06:17 AM (71 Views)
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Stevenson has a surprise here I'm sure. His character building, juggling of said characters, feud work, and just all around writing of late has been superb. It makes me anxious to see what he has in store here in this tag team jobber match!

Announcer: Mari Ran

Commentators: Rick Dickers (Heelish but not Doug Smith Level), Bill Kirby (Face, but murky at times) -these are fresh faces Singh has been employing for the "B-Shows", they need some fleshing out, so have fun there.

Referee: None (Jobber Tag Team Match)

Stevenson, it's all yours!
Edited by OhHaveMercy, Jun 24 2018, 06:18 AM.
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Gotta take his word for it, guys, he's wearing Polka Dots...

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Matthew Stevenson

Music started playing as coming down to the ring was Grizzly Murdock and Triple B, who was leading the way with a microphone in his hand. They crowd was unamused to see them ad they booed them all the way to the ring.

Kirby: "Welcome back to the Pre show of Summerfest we are a few hours away from the biggest event in PRW calendar!"

Dickers: "Thats correct and we are somehow getting forced to watch Grizzly and Triple B, why are they out here?"

Kirby: "Probably to get a massage across, guessing by the microphone "

Grizzly stands in the ring with his arms crossed as Triple B raises the microphone up to his mouth. The booes got louder which pissed him off as he was trying to get his massage acrossed when the crowd simmered down, Triple B began to speak.

Triple B: "I am tired of the disrespect in this compsny, we are treated like rugs so Superstars can rub there feet against. I go on PRTwitter everyday, they say... "Where is Triple B, where is Grizzly in the Summerfest card?" and I don't know how to answer it! We deserve more respect and recognition from the likes of everyone in the back and everyone in this ran down state."

Everyone booed louder as he was throwing jabs at their state. He just smiled and continued on his rant.

Triple B: "I heard the the Tag team division is getting another kickstart of life, what if WE! THE MOUTAIN MEN set the bar of a great tag team. So whoever is in the back that wants some of Triple B and Grizzly come and get some."

He tosses the microphone and looked at the entrance ramp waiting for their first "victim" but what he didn't expect was the theme music of the one and only Madam Wazuka!

Wazuka walks onto the stage and l smiles at the electric crowd, they chanted "Madam" as the underground made japanese superstar began to say her piece.

Wazuka: "You guys are hilorious, so hilorious, I kind of forgot to laugh. The tag division is making a slow revival and we do need to set the bar and well I don't you guys can set it."

Triple B: "Then tell me Madam Wazuki, who will?"

She smiles as a kitsune mask appears on the titantron.

Everyone erupted as coming onto the stage was a long absent Kasai. She looked around feeling the energy of the crowd, Kasai looks at Wazuka and gives her a handshake which turns into a hug. They both turn to the ring where Triple B was shaken in his boots, they finally made their way down to the ring.

Kirby: "Somebody pinch me! Masai has returned to the square circle."

Dickers: "Not only that but along side a long time former tag partner, Madam Wazuka"

Everyone was unglued as Kasai and Wazuka was united once more and walking on the grandest stage of PRW. It was like a dream come true.

Kasai and Wazuka gets into the ring and climbs to the top tirnbuckle, they both use their arms to form a X. The chants poured in, Triple B got out of ring and on the apron Grizzly looking to start out for his team. Kasai's music faded and the team got their game faces on, Wazuka got into the corner to stretch and getting ready to face the giant bear in front of her.

Dickers: "Madam Wazuka & Kasai is going up against the Mountain Men, who will set the bar for this slow revival of tag team division."

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Matthew Stevenson
Ding, Ding

The bell rings and Wazuka stares Grizzly in the face, they didn't break eye contact as they looked each other up and down, observing each other.

Kirby: "Grizzly clearly having the size advantage over Wazuka, unlike other opponents, she isn't going to be able to get him on the ground with ease."

Dickers: "I second that but with Wazuka's speed and technical ability she could find away to get this big man down"

Wazuka and Grizzly approached the center of the ring, Wazuka had to look up to the tower of a man. She smiles and waves up, right before going for repeated kicks to the left leg, seeming to be working as Grizzly began to stumble back a little until he caught a kick with his arm, clamping the leg between his arm and leg. She hops on one leg trying to maintain her balance she didn't have to worry about it too much longer when Grizzly used one of his hands to push her back into her corner. Wazuka went back hard, her head snapping back like a car hit her from behind, it even took a while to see a giant bear charging towards her.

Kasai thinking quickly tag herself in and pushed Mikami out of the way of the big man. He stopped himself before he barreled himself into the turnbuckle, he looked for Mikami who was grabbing the back of her head and rolled onto the apron. He was unaware of the tag and tried going for Wazuka, Kasai used the ropes to spring herself onto the back of Grizzly.

Kirby: "Genius move by Kasai!"

Dickers: "Been away for a long time but yet she hasn't missed a beat."

Kasai warps her legs around Grizzly and looped one arm around his neck, she puts her free hand ontop of his head and the looped hand on her free hand's bicep successful implying the sleeper choke hold. Grizzly protested as he ran around the ring trying to gab Kasai and try to throw her off of him nut he couldn't seem to reach her. He yelled as he began to run back first into turnbuckles, which helped loosen the grip but not by much. Grizzly then goes to the middle rope and begins to slowly become groggy and tired.

Dickers: "The hold seems to be doing its job."

He gets on his knees and then collapses on his sides, Kasai was putting him asleep until Triple B came in and stumped on the face of Kasai making her, a second one for good measure to make her break the hold. Grizzly was moving his arms so he wasn't KO'ed, Triple B was stumping and punching Kasai as she was on the ground not giving her a single chance to energize, before he could land another punch her tag team partner grabbed Triple B by the ear and turned him around to face her. Triple B was in a lot of pain as she pinched down on the ear, she wagged her finger before grabbing Triple B by the neck and trucks, she then tosses him out the ring.

Wazuka exited the ring but Kasai called her as she seem to be wanting to try something out.

Dickers: "What could they possible be planning now?"

Kirby: "Whatever it is, it isn't looking to good for Grizzly."

They both sit Grizzly up and nod at each other as the both run and rebound off the ropes just to nail Grizzly with double dropkick coming from both sides.

Dickers: "Holy- Grizzly is down!"

Kasai straddles the chest and holds the shoulder down, the ref slides in for the pin.




The bell ring and the two girls high fives and hugs each other as they won their first tag team match at Summerfest.

Dickers: "Wazuka & Kasai are back and they are looking dominate then ever making quick work of the Moutain Men."

Kirby: "I know right, I just can't wait to see- Triple B!"

Triple B enter with a chair ready to strike but Kasai turns around just in time to catch the chair shot, Mikami followed that up with a headbut making Triple B release the chair to Kasai. Triple B falls to his knees and Kasai looks over to Madam Wazuka handing her the chair. The crowd chants "Sadistic" and it makes Wazuka smile, she grabs the chair and begins raining down shots on Triple B. The sound of steel hitting flesh could be heard throughout this packed crowd. After thirteen or so chair shot she dropped the chair and continued to celebrate with Kasai as there music played.

Dickers: "That will really send a massage to anyone watching in the back."

Kirby: "Indeed, Wazuka & Kasai are back and the uprising Tag team division better beware there sadistic wrath."


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