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Topic Started: Jun 18 2018, 02:29 PM (52 Views)
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Note: this is taking place after Lal's match with Pontius Lavish.

Urashima Strong Estate
Osaka Japan
5:17am 06/19/18

<Lal Singh>

Singh was interrupted by what felt like soft lashings from soggy, warm sanding paper on her face. Blinking, Singh beheld the culprit, a wirey-haired terrier mix with button eyes. She had kept her since she delivered Stevenson's cryptic message some weeks ago. Singh didn't know what else to do and had simply traveled with the shabby looking critter since, find some comfort in it being there.

The flaxen terrier moved in on Singh's lotus position, licking and nibbling at her nose, causing the Rajasthan Rookie to lean backwards with a laugh. Picking the dog up under the arms, Singh sat her down beside her, gave her several pets, and returned to closed eyes.

<Lal Singh>


Blinking, Singh opened her eyes and looked over at the terrier, she was wiggling her tail, face a toothy, scruffy grin. Singh sighed, finding herself grinning back at the incorrigible animal.

<Lal Singh>
‘You are so ugly that you are somehow adorable for it, you know that?‘


Brow furrowing, Singh nodded.

<Lal Singh>
‘Naturally, of course you would...‘

Singh patted her lap, the dog hopping on it in a blink, and licking her face yet again. Singh looked at the Gongzhou, a setup she brought with her everywhere she went, and nodded at it while trying to contain the affectionate fuzzball. Singh leaned back, and picked her up beneath the arms again, making funny faces at her, and imitating her barks and growls. The dog reciprocated with barks, and a lulling tongue, trying to like Singh's face.

<Lal Singh>
‘Nooo, you are too cute to be ugly; you must be a little angel.‘

Letting the dog lick her some more, Singh sat up finally, stood, and doused the incense on the Gongzhou. The time for meditation had passed. The time for second guesses and doubts had passed. It was time to make do with what she had and where she was in this struggle.

She had herself, the crowds' support, and…


Singh regarded the dog, smiling at her. She had the dog, and had a name for her too.

<Lal Singh>

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