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Open Challenge,; For anyone who's man enough.
Topic Started: May 27 2018, 06:40 AM (190 Views)
The crowd are anticipating the next match, when Derrick Scott's theme hit. Globus by Europa played, and the crowd instantly bellowed in cheer, as pillars of fireworks lit up from left to right, pillar-by-pillar. Derrick Scott came out and the crowd was wild. You could hear the crowd go, 'DERRICK', 'DERRICK.'. As the crowd popped for the young, attractive star.

Commentator - "And here comes Derrick Scott to a huge ovation, I can barely hear the the ring announcer!"

Ring Announcer - "Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is set for one fall, introducing first, from San Francisco, California, weighing 231 pounds... DERRICK SCOTT!"

Commentator - "Oh man, someone's gonna have the courage to face Derrick? This'll get ugly, Derrick is dangerous!"

Derrick walked down the ramp, confidently, yet calmly, as he focused his glare on the ring. He walked up the steel steps, and stepped over the ropes as the ring announcer handed him a mic. He stared at the crowd.

Derrick - "So. Anyone who has the courage to face the raider, emerge from the shadows, I won't bite. I'LL DESTROY. Give me a match now, or everyone back there will suffer the WRATH OF THE RAIDER. ANYONE WHO HAS COURAGE, EMERGE. THIS IS SIMPLY A WARM UP FOR SUMMERFEST. THIS IS AN OPEN CHALLENGE. COME ON, ANYONE, EMERGE!!"

TBC: Anyone up for the challenge.

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The crowd murmured. The music wasn't familiar, but who stepped through the gorilla and out onto the tron had some small notoriety among the PRW faithful who watched Power Plant studio shows live or on PRW.com. Those who had been going to SWARM gymnasium and armory shows were aware of her too. A young up-and-comer.

Sano stood smiling at the top of the ramp, left hand taped, it held a coconut, top cut off with a long straw sticking out of it. Around her neck was a dozen leis of various colors. Feet bare, other than tape over the middle of each foot and insteps for support, the dish water blond Hawaiian seemed more beach ready than ring ready, sporting a golden tan and an imbibed air. The lazy, swinging strut didn't help things.

As she went, she sipped from the straw, and with her right hand, she tossed leis to either side of the ramp at grasping ticket holders.

‘The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL, contended under PRW Rules. Making her way to the ring from Oahu, Hawaii, standing at 5'7'', weighing in at 139 Lbs., SANO!‘

<Josh Brunswick>
‘Sano! I was wondering when she would make the cut!‘

<Doug Smith>
‘Signed last week, Sano makes her TV debut here on PRW Saturday Morning World Wide against Derrick Scott; I feel like this is a call too early Brunny. But I understand that they were running out of Motrin and Bayer down in Swarm, so I guess it's understandable...‘

<Josh Brunswick>
‘Sano is notorious for her headbutting; Derrick Scott will likely see some stars in his vision tonight!‘

By the time she left the ramp and stepped onto the steel steps, Sano had only one lei left, a pink one, she went to a young teenage boy leaning over the barricade reaching at her and calling wildly. She brushed his hand aside with a smile as she stepped down. Putting the lei on him, she kissed his forehead, then mussed his hair before ascending the steps, leaving her coconut on the top step.

Her lazy eyes lit up, and she started to hop in place like a riled up amateur boxer, pointing at Scott, then down at the center of the ring. She clapped her hands three times and shouted - "RIGHT THERE ON THE CANVAS BROTHAH!".

The bell rang and the two started to circle.

::OOC:: Read my character profile, I'll read yours, and lets play to each other's styles. PM me if you would like to discuss aspects of yours or my character. I'm pretty new here myself, but I can help you with the basics a bit to get you ring ready.

TBC: Derrick Scott
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Derrick stared Sano down. He knew better then to underestimate his opponent, however, he also understood that she was green, and a bit inexperienced in the ring, and attempted to intimidate her as the bell rang, giving her an icy stare. The bell rang, and Derrick instantly went to lock up, however, Sano caught her by surprise when she suddenly duckedbyt the test of strength, and rolled past Derrick, whilst grabbing his arm, trying to execute an arm drag. Derrick was caught by surprise, and quickly shoved her down before stepping back. Sano got to her feet and looked Derrick in the eyes. Derrick would try to lock up again. This was much more successful this time, as he executed his grapple quicker, with more tenacity. Eventually he executed the collar and elbow tie up to success. He quickly released a bit of the hold, and transitioned the tie up into an arm wrench, in which he cranked some pressure on Sano's arm. She was trying to slip out of it, but Derrick had a firm grip, trying not to underestimate his opponent. He eventually sent her to the ropes for an irish whip, and as she returned to Derrick, he lifted her by the forearm and executed a sweet hip toss, sending her down onto the mat. He still had a grip on her arm, and executed a quick snapmare. Still with a grip still on her arm, he quickly transitioned it into a stretch, which she started to fight out of, as she was slowly elbowing his torso.

Commentator 1: Nice technical encounter here by Sano and Derrick Scott. Derrick Scott is one of the more prominent and talented wrestlers on the roster. This is his first PRW, and a win here could help Derrick go to summerfest. He seems to have a decent edge over sano right now. As he slows down the pace with a well-executed ground game. However, if Sano gets one opening, she'll take it.

She was beginning to escape the hold, so Derrick pushed her off, before turning heraround and connecting with some swift, powerful strikes.

Commentator 2: Derrick Scott is a great natural striker as well, with those quick fists of his. Great connections, but Sano might not be down, as she has an extremely hard skull.

Commentator 1: That's one way of putting it. Sano's renowned for her headbutts.

Sano eventually ducked one of Derrick's blows, and connected with a headbutt to the nose, catching Derrick by surprise. Derrick was taken aback and stumbled. Looking to gain momentum, she sprinted without the aid of the ropes directly at Derrick, and connected with a step up Enzuigiri, dazing the Raider even more. She then sprinted off the ropes to execute a beautiful hurricanrana, which sent Derrick crashing into the turnbuckle. She was beginning to gain some momentum and energy in this contest. She sprinted towards the turnbuckle and connected with a headbutt to the torso. He stumbled down, but it didn't do as much damage as she'd hoped, due to Derrick's good core strength, nonetheless, she did some damage to his torso, before irish whipping him into her own clothesline. Derrick was in trouble. Sano began to rile herself up, and was frantically shouting at Derrick to wake him up. The crowd were into it. Derrick was helped up by Sano, and she smiled at him, as she went for a russian leg sweep, but Derrick used his technicality to reverse the move into a full nelson facebuster. He proceeded to pull up Sano and executed an olympic slam, planting Sano into the mat. However, the previous offense of Sano had exhausted Derrick, and the impact from Derrick's moves had kept Sano down. Both athletes were down on the mat weakened from each other's repeated attempts to take each other down. The crowd were eager to see who would get up first and what would follow this explosive start.

TBC: Lal/Sano
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Fast, violent early exchanges had changed the complexion of the match, as well as the expectations. Both rookies had made the amateur mistake of gassing themselves fresh off the bell; Derrick Scott in an attempt to end the match early, and Sano in an attempt to stay in it! The result was both combatants laid out in the ring with the referee counting them. Each raise with a finger held high.


The crowd counted with the official.


They stirred to life on the canvas.


<Josh Brunswick>
‘Trench warfare led to one Hell of a rushing of the sides. Both are left desolate as the ref racks up the count!‘

<Doug Smith>
‘Youth and talent have a way of making blunders a gift! That back and forth seesaw was brutal, brilliant and rapid fire! I would not be shocked if this is the end of it right here for both of them!‘

The referee had advanced between comments from the commentary, raising his hands high with seven fingers up. The crowd crowed along with him.


They were both on their knees when...




The were aloft to a good vocal barrage from the crowd. This match would continue despite both participants looking pretty rough. They had shotgunned a lot of their magic within the first three minutes and could only teeter in place as minute four ticked off into minute five. Sano heaved, and rolled her shoulders, beginning a graceful series of back steps, keeping her feet from crossing the whole time. The reason for this retreat was Derrick Scott taking the aggressive lead by pursuing after her in the first place.

<Doug Smith>
‘The training down in Swarm is second to none; Matthew Logan, Kevin Donovan, Kenny Shaw, all three were PRW Undisputed Champions and technically sound wrestlers that have structured the core education of Swarm. Sano shows great footwork learned from the likes of them!‘

<Josh Brunswick>
‘It's those small basics, when applied properly, that make all the difference in there, Doug; Sano and the highly successful Lal Singh both learned at the feet of those three greats down in Swarm, and yes, something as simple as footwork has helped them survive into the big leagues.‘

<Doug Smith>
‘Singh's done more than survive with her feet in the big league, Brunny.‘

A shoot in, and Sano dove to the side and into a roll, popping up on her feet behind Scott, who swung around and into a Drop Toe Hold from the Hawaiian native. He went down onf his face and stomach, Sano dropping down on top of him with a laying Side Headlock. Size proved its worth, and so did weight. Scott was vertical in short order, placing a hand to the small of Sano's back, and one square on left cheek of her tush, then shoved hard while charging.

Sano flew, coming down into a slide that carried her over the apron and to the outside. Sano came down on her feet into a sort of clumsy trot, hands on her rear, mouth open in shock. The camera captured her eyes squinting thin, and her brow furrowing as she looked over her shoulder at a smiling Derrick Scott. Commentary couldn't help but find humor in this.

<Doug Smith>
‘I think Sano just got her cheeks blushed!‘

<Josh Brunswick>
‘The cheeks on her face are red too, Doug; it was a smart counter technically, but unorthodox in execution!‘

<Doug Smith>
‘Scott got his hands on some firm pineapple, that's for sure!‘

Sano, orbited on the outside, trying to find safe passage in, but Derrick Scott puppy guarded the apron for all he was worth. If she slid in, his feet were coming down on her back. Sano understood this basic tactic, having used it down in Swarm and the Power Plant herself. There was only one sure fire way of getting back in without having a booted heel come down on her spine. She skirted closer to the ring as the ref reached three on his count, incurring several fakes from Scott, but Scott never committed to a baseball slide.

Four was called out loud, and Sano knew she was up against a wily opponent. Scott wasn't going for the bait, and by the time that the ref called five, six, and seven, Sano realized that he never would. Short on time at eight, Sano surged around a ring post like a wild whirlwind, sliding into the ring on her stomach. Fast, but not fast enough to escape taking the boot. Scott drummed her with three of them.

Scooping her up, Scott charged Sano back first into a corner, crushing against the pads. Sano let out a loud groan as he stepped away, leaving her hanging upside down, with legs hooked over the top ropes in a Tree Of Woe position. Taking a lap, Scott built up speed for a headlong charge at the seemingly helpless Sano, who, sat up as Scott tucked under, proffering his shoulder. Steel met flesh and bone.

A sharp gasp of pain, and Scott flopped to the mat holding his shoulder as Sano rallied. Steadying her waver on the top of the turnbuckle, Sano looked over her shoulder, scoping out where Scott was rolling off to. he'd made it some ways into the ring, but not lined up for a maneuver from where she was currently perched. regarding the ropes to her left, Sano stood slowly, a smile rising to her face.

The crowd started to rumble as she leaped onto the top rope to her left, and generated the springboard lift for a Moonsault flip, aimed at the prone Derrick Scott.

He rolled clear, causing a last second orientation for Sano mid air.

Barely getting her feet beneath her, Sano landed hard, then dropped to her right in a knelt position, her face wrenching with pain. Sucking down air, she stood, and took a furtive step. An obvious limp and a wince on her face.

Scott used the ropes to ascend to a vertical base once more, but favored his impacted shoulder.

One had lost some lifting power.

The other had lost some of her velocity.

TBC: Derrick Scott
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As both were down weakened and already out of energy, they attempted to get up but were wincing at the attempt to get up.

Commentator 1: They're both recovering! Hard fought match. But only one can come away with the win.

Commentator 2: Both have lost a lot of energy in this bout. I think Derrick's lost some strength in that left shoulder of his.

Sano managed to get up first but took a step back, trying to regain her energy. Derrick started to crawl to the opposite side of the ring, clutching the ropes as an anchor to pull him up. Sano ran at Derrick with as much speed she could muster, but to no avail as Derrick planted her into the mat with a strong lariat. He grabbed her left leg, going for a Raider Leglock, but as soon as he turned to lock it in, Sano kicked him off into the ropes as he plunged out of the ring through the middle rope, just managing to stay on the apron. Sano got up and ran at the ropes, going for a dropkick through the middle rope in an effort to knock Derrick off. This attempt succeeded, and Derrick was sent off the apron, rolling over on the mat outside the ring. Sano started to regain some momentum and bounced off the ropes opposite the side Derrick was sent tumbling out before running back and executing a springboard dropkick onto the tired out Derrick. Derrick was even more tired out and fell back down, but the dropkick took a hit on Sano as well, as she was slowly getting up, in an effort to gain the advantage.

Commentator 2: Unwise of Sano there, wasting precious energy!

Commentator 1: It looks like the offense did the job on Derrick though.

She used the apron to get up and pulled Derrick up and then irish whipped him into the ring. She slid back into the ring and went for a pin attempt, 1..2...suddenly Derrick sat upright in an undertaker-esque fashion and flipped her over, pulling her up and executing a snapmare planting her into the mat.

Commentator 1: Derrick just got up, that was eerie! Shades of taker!

Commentator 2: And now he goes for a submission, he has Sano's legs!

Derrick grabbed her left leg as she struggled and he turned, locking in the Raider Leglock before she could reverse. As Derrick went for the bridge, he found himself too weakened and instead went for the commonly used figure four. He applied as much pressure as he could, Sano obviously in pain.

Commentator 1: Oh my god! He's gonna break her legs!

Commentator 2: He won't release the hold! How on earth has Sano not submitted?!

Eventually, Sano looked like her legs were about to snap, but as Derrick applied the hold longer, he applied less and less pressure, until eventually Sano managed to squeeze her left leg out of the hold and flip Derrick over.

Commentator 1: She escapes the figure four! That could've been a sure submission if he'd bridged for a figure eight! Or as we like to call it, the raider leglock!

She rolled out as Derrick was just starting to get up and quickly bounced off the ropes as she tried to execute a headscissors takedown. But in her weakened state, she slid off Derrick's chest as her legs couldn't maintain their grip. Derrick recovered, and went for a lariat on Sano. This time, she went for a different approach and ducked under the lariat attempt by Derrick and bounced off more ropes, going for a dropkick to Derrick's injured shoulder. It connected, and Derrick winced in pain before crumpling and clutching his injured shoulder. Sano got up and tried to gain some momentum. She ran to the nearest turnbuckle, climbing up in an attempt to land the flying headbutt. She prepared herself as the crowd started to get excited, standing up to see if the attempt succeeded.

Commentator 1: This has been such an entertaining bout, but will it end now? Will Sano hit this move and score the victory?

She dived but Derrick sprung to his feet and caught Sano's head, hitting a Dark Cutter, planting her face first into the ground. However, Derrick was weakened and crawled slowly to Sano's body. As he rolled her over, he covered her, going for the pin.


Commentator 1: Derrick got Sano on the way down! It looks like he hurt his shoulder with the cutter though, doesn't matter however, this could be the end!

[Pin attempt]
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Dean Samuels
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Dean Samuels drops down for the count, watching the shoulders as he drives his hand down for the count.



Kickout right before the three!

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Sano had barely gotten that shoulder up, and even so, she was still a mess from the Dark Cutter. In turn, so was Derrick Scott. The impact with steel earlier was tolling him with each bump he took, this last being his finisher in counter of Sano's finisher.

The only thing certain now was how hard Sano's head was.

The ref started to count them on the mat, but both had found either rope or turnbuckle to climb up quickly in their rolling apart from each other. Sano had the turnbuckle, Derrick the ropes. Sano huffed, turning about face, and dropping down on her rump, she reached back through the ropes, and grabbed her coconut, drinking from the straw and looking refreshed in the process. She exhaled satsifaction, smiled and looked up lazy eyed at Derrick, who looked back at her with a raised eyebrow.

Sano was a strange one, no doubts there. She had barely kicked out of disaster, and chose now to celebrate it with a libation midmatch! The crowd howled as Sano set the coconut back on the steel steps and pulled herself back up to her feet to continue the match.

<Doug Smith>
‘She still hasn't left that act out of her ring routine; Kirb used to bitch about that constantly!‘

<Josh Brunswick>
‘Some say it's from all the times her bell gets rung; her priorities are a mess!‘

Lunging in fast, Derrick clubbed Sano back into the corner, and lifted her off her feet for a second with a powerful short range clotheslines. San stumbled into an Irish Whip towards the opposite corner via an aggressive surge from Derrick. Before collision, she Baseball Slid to the side of the turnbuckle, Derrick stopping short with an aggravated expression. He was not going to meet the steel twice in one night.

Stopping short caused pause, enough of one for Sano to roll back in with out weathering another barrage of stomps from Derrick. She hopped in place, wince from each up and down bobbing due to her leg, but she maintained the energetic state regardless, though she looked positively ragged. Sweat beads flew from her animated action.

Sano pointed to the center of the ring again, smiled an exhausted smile, and clapped her hand three times. Derrick blitzed her with rights and lefts into the rope, Sano covering up like a boxer. Palming the back of Sano's head, Derrick swung her about, and threw her between the ropes. Sano snagged the middle rope, and managed to stay on the apron. Derrick seeing this loomed over the top rope to aim a blow down at her but took the crown of her head straight to the stomach. He doubled, giving Sano enough time to stand and headbutt him between the eyes. He stumbled back dazed while Sano used the ropes for a Leapfrog Crossbody.

On top, Sano had a pin, the referee coming in and laying down a count.



And Derrick benched her up and off of him with authority. He groaned, holding his shoulder after the effort. Then he sat up, glancing over at his opponent, who was holding leg against, pouring sweat on the canvas with a smile straining through pain.

<Josh Brunswick>
‘One thing can be said about Sano that is a positive in this line of work; she loves a good knock down, drag out fight!‘

TBC: Derrick
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Derrick shook his head. He was impressed at the resiliency Sano displayed. Still, he had a thirst to win. Sweat emanating from both athletes, it was as if the heat between radiated into the air. He slowly approached her, and quickly tried to meet her with a punch, but she blocked it with her forearm and parried back. Derrick was a great striker, but sano's quick reflexes ad saved her from letting Derrick land a punch to the head. He went for a sluggish lariat with his non-injured shoulder, she ducked, but using a lot of his energy, he quickly turned, and went for another clothesline, connecting with Sano's head, as both fell down. Derrick winced and felt his shoulder, while Sano was winded. But both sprung up straight away somehow, and Derrick landed a bunch of clotheslines and shoulder blocks. Derrick irish whipped her into the turnbuckle yet again. Letting Sano run to the turnbuckle with momentum had not panned out for Derrick at all so far in this match. However, this time the cunning superstar had a plan. Rather than chase after her, he waited for her to make a move, which she did, quickly leaping onto the turnbuckle. As she turned to face Derrick, she was met with a jumping knee to the torso, stunning her at the top of the turnbuckle. Derrick looking for some more impact leaped up onto the top rope, and planted Sano off the top rope with a reverse STO. She was down, and Derrick wisely covered up his injured shoulder as they both fell off the top rope.

Commentator 1: Reverse STO! Constant stop and start action here! This is an extremely sporadic match! It's drained the energy out of both athletes!

Commentator 2: Not smart though, you shouldn't use all your energy as soon as you get it back.

Commentator 1: Derrick tried to slow down the match earlier, but now he's had to keep up with the pace of Sano.

Sano was still down, Derrick was on his knees, and went for the cover.



Th-No! Kickout!

Derrick was frustrated, and quickly grabbed her legs, and wrapped his legs around hers like a pretzel, attempting a figure eight/Raider Leglock. They were already in position for the figure four, now all Derrick had to do was to bridge. He was up on his hands, and begun the bridge. The pressure on Sano's legs increased, and she was in agony. She began to claw at the canvas to go towards the rope, but Derrick was strong, and pulled her back everytime. Instead of trying to overpower him into the ropes, she decided to take him by surprise, and began swiping at the mat, really quickly, catching Derrick off-balance and dropping him onto his shoulder, breaking the bridge, she crawled to the ropes, and her fingertips collided with the ropes, causing the ref to tell Derrick to unwrap his legs. Derrick got on his knees, tending to his shoulder, as Sano barely got up, due to the pain in her legs. She stumbled towards Derrick, who locked up with Sano, trying to lock her into a headlock, wrenching on the side of the arm with the non-injured shoulder. With the headlock locked in, he brought her to the turnbuckles, and hit her head on the turnbuckle, causing her to fall back onto the turnbuckle. Derrick would finally get a lot of strikes in on the weakened Sano. He showed off his sparring and striking abilities by hitting her with some well-executed hooks to the core, doing so carefully, trying not to stiff her. He stepped back and went for a jab to the temple, she kicked him back with one of her hurt legs, and quickly spun around to connect with a discus clothesline. It was something she didn't do often, but she couldn't use her legs too carelessly, as they had just been put to the limit by Derrick's leglock. As Derrick was down, he was frustrated at her inability to succumb to his maneuvers, but had respected the competitive spirit she displayed. He would be ruing the spirit a lot more though, as she climbed to the middle rope for a huge elbow drop to the chest, which connected well with Derrick. She got back on her feet and quickly but carefully bounced against the ropes, and connected with a rolling thunder to the torso. Derrick was too weakened to get his knees up. She went for the cover.




Commentator 1: We're seeing a lot more variety in offense, as she can't use her legs as much, due to that deadly leglock. I'm surprised she's still on her feet.

Commentator 2: Derrick must be frustrated. She won't go away!

Commentator 1: Well, you can't count Sano out. She's a bit of a loose cannon.

Commentator 2: I'll say.

She crawled to the turnbuckle, and reached for her drink off the steel steps, taking another large sip, before looking at Derrick, who was on the ropes. She quickly placed her drink back, and connected with some quick strikes, and some small kicks, having gained some energy from the coconut juice. Derrick was down, from exhaustion, and rolled out of the ring to recover. As Sano looked out to ringside at her opponent.
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Sano hit the rings opposite of the ones she looked over at Scott from. It was apparent she was getting her momentum for...


But to the shock of those watching, Scott countered with a sideways dive while striking out with a leg for a counter Enzuigiri! Sano came down in a heap, rolling violently into the barricade. Scott took a moment to gather himself then rose with the crowd's crying in his ears. A HO-LY-SHIT chant echoing courtesy of his actions.

<Josh Brunswick>

<Doug Smith>
‘Ditto, Brunny...my GAWD, the sound of the impact and the aftermath! I doubt Sano can put up a fight after that!‘

Scott, now standing, walked over to Sano, who, was weakly clambering up the barricade with ticket holders reaching out and patting her shoulders, arms, and back. Palming her head, he with said hand flung her hard against the apron. Working some punches to the top of her head, he dragged her up and rolled her into the ring and rolled in after her.

Crawling away from him, Sano looked the worse for wear as Scott approached. the well aimed stomps saw her down and out for him to put mits to her form. He lifted her bad leg, and elbowed down into it, drawing a hoarse cry from the Hawaiian. Scott repeated the process several more times, and decided to forgo the Knee Bar for hooking the off leg and catapulting her violently into the nearest turnbuckle.

Sano looked glassy eyed as she squirmed about on the canvas before taking a stomp kick to the side of her head that put her right back down on the mat. Scott picked her up, positioned her in the corner and buried body shots into her torso. Sano rocked violently and went limp as Scott backed away in a fair count without warning from the referee.

Rattled, Sano was going nowhere fast, and after an all clear from the officiator, Scott went back in at Sano, lifting her up and setting her onto the top of the turnbuckle. Scott motioned to the crowd that he would be going for his CUTTER FINISH from off the top! The crowd roared! Clearly the fan favorite, they cheered him as he stepped up onto the middle rope and turned his back to Sano, reaching his arm back to secure her head...and he received a headbutt to the back of his head. Sano, wavered, and drove another dizzy blow with her cranium into the back Scott's!

He flipped forward, and landing onto his back. Sano, shakily, stood up on the turnbuckle, steadied, and launched! She came down forehead to forehead with Scott with the Ka'ala!!!

<Doug Smith>
‘Speaking of wince worthy sounds! My GAWD!‘

Sano crawled on top of Scott for the cover.

TBC: Referee-Finish Attempt :: KA'ALA ::
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"Wild" Bill Ash



Sano picks up the win!
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