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Drive Through Closure
Topic Started: Apr 16 2018, 11:39 AM (70 Views)
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Do Your Worst,I've Heard All The Brokeback Cracks
The scene opens up on a cold snowscape ablazed with a mid-risen sun that hangs low in the sky. Standing just in frame with a large shed behind him; Alexander Owens seems is looming. He is dressed warmly with a large pair of bolt cutters in his hand.

Owens: Morning John and Dixie. I hope this day finds you well and I hope you’re in good health; especially you Dixie. The three of us has exchange harsh words and thoughts the last few weeks. We’ve also shared some good times with each other in the past; some of them right here.

Owens motions behind him, drawing attention to what is behind him. It is the cabin that Owens has spent a few weeks in November; living and training with Bane for their match at Christmas Carnage. It is a little brighter and less snow covered than the last time it was seen; winter finally starting to settle in the cold frigid North. And the shed behind Owens? It housed the piece of heavy machinery that had allowed Bane and he to travel around in the snow.

Owens: You know despite all that’s happened in the days we’ve spent together; both good and bad; I hope that someday we’ll be able to look back on the foolishness and laugh; at least on some at some of the parts. But for know; it’s time to put away childish things and get to business. Dixie; I hope you’ve not been threatening about Bane too much. You’ve got a challenge coming your way. And if you really want Sunday to be your last rodeo in that ring; I’ll make sure you stay true to that word.

Owens turns around and starts to work on the chain that keeps the shed locked. With a few twists and tugs and a little working with the cutters; Owens breaks the chain and opens the door; relieving the large snow cat; complete with plow. As the chain drops; Owens continues to speak.

Owens: As for you Bane; I hope you’ve been enjoying your vacation. I hope it’s as cold and lonely there...as it is up here. This place you’ve got up here is a perfect metaphor for how you live your life: alone, isolated, and far from help. A terrible way to live a life but a perfect scenario...to get a little revenge.

Picking up the chain; Owens walks into the shed, the camera following close behind him.

Owens: You know, you learn a lot of things living and working on a farm; soil nutrition, hard work ethic; farm vehicle maintenance.

Owens swings the chain through the air and releases it; sending it through the side window of the vehicle. Reaching in the vehicle, Owens opens up the door.

Owens: Not only that but occasionally one might forget a key to their tractor...* pops up dash*... and so…*fighting in the wire until the engine roars to life*... a little tact and ingenuity is needed.

Owens hops down from the vehicle and address the camera directly for one last time.

Owens: As the old adage goes…”An eye for an eye make the whole world blind”. Well I was blind. Blind to your hypocrisy and madness Bane. I was blind to the way you were pouring poison into not me but Dixie. Her healing; her shot of anti-venom is coming on Sunday. Then after that I going for the source. An eye for an eye might make the whole world blind; but me...I can see much clear now.

Owens walks back into the shed; a low rumble can be heard that eventually turns into a hoarse whine as the Snow cat comes rolling out the shed with Owens behind the wheel. He drives the vehicle until he is about 50 feet from the cabin. Putting it into park; Owens riggs the wheel with the bolt cutters; locking the steering wheel in place faced forward and driving straight. Next he lays the chain on the accelerators; the engine scream to revved up life. Hanging out the side; he shifts the cat from neutral to drive; hopping off as it steam forward.

Walking away; the camera follows him as he signs to something off screen. Two loud propellers comes to life in background, the camera turning to reveal a small prop plane coming to life. As Owens loads into the plane, a loud crash can be heard as the snow cats runs through the front of the cabin. At the same moment; the plane takes off; Owens leaving his message and his memories behind. He was ready to cross the line needed to be crossed. He was gonna end this ordeal and make sure it came to final finite cataclysmic end.
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