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Broderick 'Maximus' Fraizer; B.M.F
Topic Started: Mar 19 2018, 07:04 AM (103 Views)
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My Watch Is Done
Name: Broderick 'Maximus' Fraizer
Alias: "B.M.F" (Big Mother Fucker)

Age: 30

Weight: 465lbs

Height: 6 foot 9

Gender: Male

Billed From: Fort Worth, Texas

Theme Song: "Superbeast" by Rob Zombie

Entrance Video Link (optional):

Base Picture:
Posted Image

Appearance Description:
As you see in the picture, B.M.F is a big guy... Like seriously big.

Ring wise: He wears the big ass leather trenchcoat to the ring but doesn't fight in it.

Opting to wear those god awful lyrca/spandex/whatever they're made of singlet things wrestler's usually wear, boots, elbow braces, wrists taped up and knee pads for good measure.
Colour scheme - black all the way with a purple band near the edges.
On the front of said bodysuit thing, he has "B.M.F" in purple with gold outline.

Fighting style: Big guy, easy enough

Finishers (3 MAX, Consisting of either 2 Impact and 1 Submission OR 2 Submission and 1 Impact):

1. B-Drop (Two-handed sit out chokebomb)
As the name suggests, it's the two hands grabbing the neck for a choke, lift them up then slam them down sit out powerbomb style

2. Stomach THIS! (Running Splash to prone opponent)
Hulk had his leg drop, The rock had his elbow, Broderick Fraizer has the big splash. Usually preceded by some theatrics - a brief muscle flex before 'belly drumming', Broderick takes a trip to the ropes, comes back, jumps up and lets gravity do the rest

3. Struggle Cuddle (Bear Hug)
Blame Razer for the name, he was drunk

Signatures (Try not to go overboard):

1. Banzai Drop (either from second rope or to prone opponent if not near ropes)
2. Rocker Dropper
3. Big Clothesline (nod to his mentor, Razer)
4. Glasgow Kiss (headbutt, nod to his mentor Bella Quinn)
5. Fall away slam
6. Millitary Press slam/drop

Other moves:

Your usual big guy moves - lots of rough housing, punching, kneeing, elbowing, throwing around, dropping and slamming
scoop slams, body slams, lifts, tosses... You get it yeah?

Broderick is an odd man.

Proud of his body, he knows exactly what he can and cannot do and by being fully aware of his physical limitations, he is rather cool and collected. You may liken this to someone having reached enlightenment, really, he was trained up by two sadistic and twisted individuals so mocking, insulting, derogatory comments and the like about him don't phase him. He's cool like that yo!

He does however have an Achilles heel when it comes to his actual abilities. He doesn't like being downplayed, he has a hair trigger temper when it comes to people belittling his strength and doubting what he is actually capable of, especially in an industry which is seemingly dominated by smaller guys who focus more on speed and precision than roughing it up.

He's also got a mean streak a mile wide, often refering to his opponents as 'his food' and has been noted to like to 'play with his food'.
He has a severe dislike for all things MMA orientated, thinking it is a blight on the wrestling industry which has caused some issues with his mentors (given how they sponsor MMA teams affiliated with R-Dub)

Former Accomplishments:
He survived being trained up by Razer and Bella, that counts for something right?
Edited by BellZer, Mar 19 2018, 07:32 AM.
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Posted Image
Season 7 of Razer's sig (January 18th - February 17th) results:
1st - Wrath/Joey/Pat 13
2nd - Raz 4
3rd - Ace/NM 3

Best shout of the sig award (season 7):
Wrath: that feeling when you lose a Skittle in a shag carpet
Pat: *Wrath resists urge to go digging for it*
Wrath: I FOUND IT! Now the question remains, do I eat it?
Nox: if skittes werent meant to be eaten off the floor, god wouldn't of given them a candy coated turtle shell

8th Sig! 17th February 2015 -????
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