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Show Opener: Greg Samuel vs Matthew Stevenson
Topic Started: Feb 11 2018, 01:25 AM (195 Views)
Joey NOX
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OVER 9000!!!
2017 saw Matthew Stevenson take significant strides in his career in 2017, even rising up to X-Division contender level at one point in time. Now he opens up 2018 looking to advance the ball on his career vs Greg Samuel! Few PRW newcomers have as much promise and upside as Samuel does as evidenced in his war with LalSingh.

Referee: Bane's ref account that I totally forgot
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Hot Dawg!

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The lights are going wild as Salvation 2018 opens. The camera pans around an excited audience.

Brunswick: Welcome everyone to SALVATION 2018! We have quite the show lined up for you tonight.

Smith: Ata and Mordrad are going to fight for the Undisputed Championship. Paladin puts the Internet Championship on the line against Lal Singh.

Brunswick: All of that in time, but we are starting our show off tonight with a grudge match in Greg Samuel and Matthew Stevenson.

The screen cuts to a tale of the tape style graphic.

Brunswick: As we can see, Samuel has the height and weight advantage. They are equals in age and experience.

The cameras turn to Brunswick and Smith at the announce table.

Smith: The tale of the tape doesn't tell the full story here Brunswick. These two men simply do not like each other. Samuel called Stevenson out for not being around the past couple of months, and Stevenson took it upon himself to get some retribution for Samuel's words.

Brunswick: Right you are. These two men don't like each other, but now it is time to settle the score and get right into the action here at Salvation.

The screen cuts to the center of the ring where Amber Garcia stands. The bell rings three times and the attention in the arena turns to Amber.

Amber Garcia: This match is scheduled for one fall and will be contested under PRW rules!

The electronic drumbeat crashes through the arena's PA, while the lights dim down. The crowd begins to cheer, as they know what this song represents. Before long, Greg Samuel busts out onto the stage, giving off an excited energy that he hasn't really displayed thus far in PRW. The crowd is happy to see Greg, as he has steadily grown on them in his first month in PRW. Greg wears his normal black and green trunks and kick pads. Unlike his normal sweatshirt, Samuel is wearing the same black bomber jacket that he wore during Tea Time with Paladin, this time without a shirt underneath.

Amber Garcia: Introducing first, from Farmington, Maine. Weighing in at 225 pounds, he is "The Maine Attraction" GREG SAMUEL!!!

The Pine State Pugulist leaps around, shaking his arms at the top of the ramp as his name is called by Amber. Greg swivels his necks, loosening up before what is sure to be a hellacious battle with Matthew Stevenson. Greg looks up and around the crowd in the arena, before affixing his gaze on the ring. Samuel begins striding down the ramp, focused fully on the ring. Samuel passes the outstretched hands on many younger fans on both sides of the ramp.

Brunswick: Since landing a contract in PRW, this man has made quite the impact. Battling Lal Singh to a draw, rubbing shoulders with the Internet Champion and now he faces off against a veteran here in PRW in Matthew Stevenson.

Smith: I've been admittedly skeptical of Samuel since his debut. But a win against Stevenson tonight would certainly make Greg Samuel a contender around here.

Brunswick: But a win for Stevenson gets him back on the right path. A former X Division Championship contender, and a win tonight could get him back in that discussion.

Upon reaching the bottom of the ramp, Samuel takes a turn to the ring steps and makes his way in that direction. The Maine Attraction makes his way up the ring steps and then quickly slides in the ring under the top rope. In the ring, Samuel walks into the nearest corner and puts his head down on the top turnbuckle, with his hands on either side of the top rope. After a moment, Samuel pushes out of the corner and into the center of the ring. As if to bask in the moment, Samuel leans back slightly, points his gaze to the ceiling and outstretches his arms. The wide camera catches the shot of Samuel in the center of the ring as a bunch of fans in the front rows shower him with green, black and white streamers. This moment was totally unplanned and definitely not a situation where Greg got PRW security to pass out streamers to the fans before the show.

Smith: What is this?! This is outrageous! We aren't some indy company. This is PRW!

Ringside staff rush to get the streamers out of the ring as Samuel pulls the streamers off of his body and throws it to the side. Greg then walks to the corner, removing his jacket and dropping it to the outside. As his music fades, he stretches out his arms and gets ready for battle.
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Matthew Stevenson
Backstage, a patient Matthew Stevenson waits for his theme to play, he was wearing his classic black leather jacket and he was wearing a blue and black colored tights with a silver outlining, he had his arms wrapped up with sports tape, throwing a couple of fake punches like this was a Rocky movie, he closes his eyes, hearing the crowd fade out allowing him to hear his thoughts.

Heel: Oh boy, how are we going to fuck this one up, I mean this may be worst then that time you lost to Shawn Hunt at Salvation 2017 and he was literally designed to put people over, ah man just thinking about it just makes me want to give you ten cents in you're fedora just to get you through your sad life.

Face: Don't listen to him, you've come a long way since the beginning of 2017, just go out there and do what you do best, entertain and win.

Heel: Entertain and win? What kind of fucking advice?

Scarlet Wilson: Matt.

He looks behind him to see his former but current manager, Scarlet Wilson.

Scarlet Wilson: You're going to do great, just remember what James Fullington taught you and I'm sure that you'll over come to Samuel like a hurdle at the Summer Olympics.

Matthew Stevenson: Thanks.

The lights turn off in the arena and everyone cheers, Matthew smiles as he took a deep soothing breath in and out and began to step forward entering the pitch black arena filled with electric fans all chanting 'Stevenson', he stood there waiting for his the lights to turn on so he could make his grand entrance down the ring.

A light from behind Stevenson gives the arena a look at the newly reformed him, even though he's wearing he's same tights and walking down with his same boots and jacket, there is just something different about him, he used to walk down to the ring all serious and focused on his opponent, but this time he has a smile on his face, blowing kisses to the fans as he walked down to the ring, the arena lights turn back on as they begin to announce Samuel's opponent.

Amber Gracia: And his opponent, from Ontario, Canada. Weighting in two hundred and seventeen pounds... MATTHEW STEVENSON!

Brunswick: We have seen a lot of Stevenson in 2016 through 2017 and we can say that he has done incredible for someone of his caliber, never trained to be a wrestler nor had any wrestling experience beforehand but still manage to grow such a huge cult following in the PRW Universe.

Smith: That's is true but he still hasn't won the big ones, he has been in big time matches but he was never able to succeed, falling flat and leaving for a couple months just so he can "rebuild" himself, even though his body type is different and he got a bit weirder, eating hamburgers during interviews, I don't think he is going to succeed in this run and he will end up quiting at the end of the month.

Brunswick: Strong words, in that interview though, Matthew did claim that you'll see a different side of Matthew during the match tonight, so let's see if he was serious or if he was all words.

Matthew gets to ringside, Samuel's eyes follow him as he high-fives and admires the crowd, seeing one kid with blonde hair wearing a "Break the Ice" shirt and holding a sign saying "You better scramble like an egg before you get folded like an omelette". Matthew had no clue what that meant but he proceeded to give him a pat on the head, ran up the steel steps and got into the ring, he looked at Samuel for a quick second before turning towards the crowd and holding open his arms like he was about to give the crowd a hug. He looks back at Samuel and backs into his corner, removing his jacket and giving it to the timekeeper, he cracks his knuckles as the music fades.

Greg and Stevenson standing in the ring, looking each other straight in the eyes, Samuel was focused, Stevenson had a smile on his face leaning in the corner, finally, the ref called for the bell.

Edited by Betterthanthebest, Today, 7:07 PM.
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With the bell's ring ushering in the start of this match, the two combatants leave their corners and begin circling the ring. Both of the wrestlers are watching the other one closely. They meet in the middle for the typical collar-and-elbow tie-up. Samuel exudes confidence, as he holds the height and weight advantage. With a relative ease, Greg is able to take his opponent into a side headlock. Stevenson slaps at Samuel's arm, trying to figure out his escape route. Greg tightens his grip as the referee checks to make sure there isn't a choke. The crowd waits on the edge of their seat to see who begins to pick up traction in the beginning of this match.

Brunswick: No surprises here. Samuel takes advantage after the collar-and-elbow.

With a twist of the hips, Samuel lifts Stevenson over and drops him to the mat, keeping the headlock applied. The Dreamer winces as his back connects with the mat. In a swift motion, Samuel releases the headlock and transitions into a pinning attempt, looking to close this match out early.


It's not even close, but Samuel is undeterred as he quickly lifts Stevenson to a sitting position and latches onto his head with a rear chinlock. Stevenson hits at Greg's elbow, trying to break the hold. As more of an insult than a means to deliver pain, The Pine State Pugilist delivers two slaps the side of Stevenson's head. The slaps seem to do nothing but anger the recently remodeled grappler. Keeping grip of the chinlock, Samuel stands up before delivering a methodically placed knee to the middle of Stevenson's spin. Matthew arches his back and lets out a growl in pain. One more knee prompts a very similar response before Samuel lifts Stevenson back to his feet. The firmly in-control Samuel transitions his rear chinlock into a reverse chinlock, leaving Stevenson bent over backwards with very little control of the situation.

Smith: This match is going to be over quick if Stevenson can't work up some offense here.

Greg lifts his opponent into the air, looking for a Reverse Suplex. Stevenson is able to shift his weight in a way to escape the attempt and land on his feet. Before Samuel can react, Matthew takes a few quick steps and drives his boot through the back of Greg's knee. The Maine Attraction falls to his knees. Another boot lands on the arch of Samuel's back. The PRW newcomer's arms pin back as his face shows the agony of the pain that runs through his back. With momentum slowly turning in his direction, Stevenson charges into the ropes that Samuel's back is facing. Upon reaching Samuel, the former X Division championship contender leaps, grabbing Samuel's head, flipping forward and deliver Greg's face to the mat with a modified cutter of sorts.

Brunswick: Impressive maneaver there to drive Samuel's face to the mat.

Smith: Couldn't have come at a better time for Stevenson. He was being pretty handily dealt with by Samuel there.

Greg's hands shoot to his face to check for any damage beyond the pain. The crowd lightly applauds the move by Stevenson as he gets back to his feet. Samuel pushes back to his feet but is met by Stevenson pushing him into the ropes and then across the ring. Samuel bounces off the ropes and rebounds into an elbow by Stevenson that staggers him into the ropes. Another whip into the ropes, but this time Samuel ducks the choreographed elbow. Stevenson rebounds quickly, delivering a back elbow that connects to Samuel's jaw. Greg staggers into the ropes and finds his way into the corner. The jaw shot obviously dazed Samuel. The Dreamer closes the gap between himself and his opponent, delivering a few punches in the corner. The ref steps in to separate the two out of the corner. Samuel uses this opportunity to hook a finger into Stevenson's nose and lifting up, controlling Stevenson by a nostril. Greg leads Steveson toward the ropes before releasing his grip. Using the ropes as leverage, Samuel leaps and connects with the point of his boot to the temple.

Brunswick: Strange illegal tactics there by Samuel, but it seems to have successfully gotten him out of the jam he was in.

Smith: Strange?! You mean brilliant. Samuel just hooked the nose, how many people do you know that do that? I'm impressed!

The boot causes Matthew to drop to a knee. Greg sees an opportunity and charges towards the opposite side of the ring, bouncing off the ropes. Returning towards Stevenson, Samuel leaps and drives both his knees to The Dreamer's side, causing him to ungracefully fall out of the ring, over the bottom rope. Stevenson lies on the ground outside of the ring as Samuel stands up, taking a moment to mock him. "How's that extra muscle treating you now? It's not going to make you any less of a loser!"

TBC; Betterthan
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Matthew Stevenson
Stevenson was laying face down in the ring, he groaned as he rolled over onto his back, he heard the sound of the referee counting up to four, Matthew takes his time to roll back on his stomach and lift himself back up onto his knees, taking a quick breather before standing up and rolling back into the ring at the count of six. Greg was already on the attack, stomping Stevenson out as he was in between the ropes, it took the referee to separate Greg from Stevenson to stop the count from continuing, Samuel had his hands up telling the ref continuously that he wasn't going to do anything, the ref believed his words and stepped aside letting the match continue, Matt was leaning against the ropes trying to get his footing but Greg wasn't going to have that, throwing right hands to the temple of Stevenson, managing to make the Canadian move to the corner closet to him, Samuel grabs onto the top rope and put his foot into Matthew's jaw and began to push his foot into it.

Brunswick: Matthew is having trouble trying to find offense in this matchup, Greg just giving him the business.

Smith: Like I was telling you before, there is no "new" Stevenson, it's the same one from before just with bigger mass, Samuel should just put him down already so we can see Stevenson packing his stuff and going back to Canada.

Greg backs off of Stevenson at the count of three another close call, Greg back away from the exhausted and cornered Stevenson. Greg backs into the corner opposite of Stevenson and began darting towards him.

Brunswick: Samuel darting towards Matthew and Stevenson rolling out of the way of the clothesline.

Matthew was crawling on the floor, trying to get to the ropes, Greg turns his attention to the crawling Stevenson, he groans angrily as he struts towards him, Matthew takes the opportunity to crawl back in between Greg's legs and pop up behind him, he wraps his arms around Greg's abdomen and hit him with a thunderous suplex in the middle of the ring. Matthew holds him in that position, managing to pin Greg's shoulder to the mat.



Smith: Kick out by Samuel!

Brunswick: Matthew finally building some offense in the matchup.

Matthew quickly gets back to his feet and equips Samuel with a headlock, he squeezes down on Greg's dome with his newly gained upper body strength, kneeling down beside Samuel, trying to keep him submitted to the hold. Greg wasn't really cooperating though, beginning to lift back up to his feet, Stevenson trying to keep the hold locked on as tight and as long as possible. Samuel backs into the ropes and pushes Matthew off of his head, Greg ran to the middle of the ring to catch Matthew with a dropkick but Matthew managed to hook his arms on the top rope, stopping himself from rebounding into it, Greg stands to see Stevenson looking him dead in the eyes. Samuel then ran to the ropes to rebound off of them trying to catch some speed and momentum but ends up running into a clothesline by Stevenson.

Brunswick: Matthew is bringing the fight to Samuel in this matchup, Samuel knew this wasn't going to be an easy victory but I didn't think he saw this to be such a difficult one either.

Smith: Samuel is a smart kid, I'm sure he sat down and studied Stevenson's every move before walking into this ring tonight, so I'm sure this isn't going to be a hard fight for him.

Brunswick: Will Stevenson his lifting Samuel back to his feet and- Oh my, headbutt to the abdomen by Greg.

Indeed, a headbutt by Greg allows for an escape from Stevenson's hand, Greg gets back to his feet and grabs Matthew by the back of his neck. He then tosses Matthew out of the ring, Stevenson able to grab onto the top rope and stand on the apron, Samuel looks back at Matthew and shakes his head. Greg bounces off the opposite rope and began sprinting towards the defenseless Stevenson...or so he thought. Matthew moved out the way of Greg's attempted shoulder butt and took control with a well-placed kick to the temple. Greg backed away holding his nose trying to check for blood.

Brunswick: We haven't seen this for a minute!

Smith: Don't turn around kid!

Greg could hear stomping coming from behind him, despite the warning that he couldn't hear from Smith, he turns around to see Stevenson jumping up onto the ropes, Samuel panics as he runs up to Stevenson to push him off, he succeeds but not entirely, Matthew lands on his feet outside of the ring. He gives a smile to Greg as he wags his finger tauntingly, Samuel doesn't take kindly to that as he rolls out of the ring and chances Stevenson like a Tom and Jerry cartoon.

Smith: See Stevenson is running away from Samuel, he must not know the power Greg possess-

Brunswick: Stevenson off the steel steps hitting a flying clothesline on Greg!

Stevenson is kneeling beside a laid out Greg, they play a replay to reveal that Greg was chasing down Matthew, not seeing that Mattew was sprinting towards the steel steps to get some air and to come crashing down onto Greg with a leaping clothesline.

Matthew begins to hype up the crowd, throwing Samuel back into the ring to continue the match.

Brunswick: Got anything to say about that?

Smith: Shut up.

TBC: Greg
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Stevenson rolls back into the ring under the bottom rope before getting back vertical. He takes a few paces towards Greg then lifting him back to his feet. Samuel is not on stable footing, but that doesn't stop Stevenson from delivering a calculated forearm to the jaw. The force of the shot causes Samuel to fall back a step before rebounding with a forearm of his own. Stevenson's neck snaps to the side. He is undeterred, delivering his second forearm. Samuel returns. The two men continue to throw forearms, picking up speed until it's just an angry flurry of strikes. Stevenson takes control with an enziguri that sends Samuel to his stomach. Looking to capitalize, Stevenson rolls the PRW newcomer over and hooks a leg.



Brunswick: Samuel isn't done yet!

Smith: We saw the pain and punishment he took in the contest against Lal Singh, let's not act like this guy is anything short of a warrior.

In an attempt to keep control, Stevenson rolls his opposition to his stomach before driving a knee into his back and intertwining his fingers under the jaw, pulling up. The ref checks to make sure Samuel wants to continue, to which he gets scoffed at. The combination of a knee in his kidneys and the torque being applied to his neck is an uncomfortable one, but Samuel isn't ready to go quietly into the knight. Stevenson looks focused, trying to maximize the pain this hold is administering. Once satisfied with the damage done, Stevenson releases the hold and stands up. Greg immediately rolls to his back, arching up onto one shoulder and his butt to try and find some relief from this pain.

Stevenson takes a few steps before dropping an elbow, which finds nothing but canvas as Samuel rolls to the ring apron. Greg is struggling to get to his feet and capitalize on the lull in the action. Stevenson pushes vertical and closes the gap between the two, lifting Samuel to his feet. The Dreamer gets a forearm for his efforts. After taking a step back, Stevenson charges forward, knocking Samuel off the apron with a double ax handle. Greg collapses to the outside, Stevenson on his trail. Lifting Greg up, Stevenson controls Samuel by his hair as the ref's count starts.

Smith: Heads up Brunny, these guys are getting kind of close.

Guiding him over to the barricade, Stevenson looks to wear Samuel down further. An attempt to slam Greg face first into the barricade is blocked by The Pine State Pugilist. An elbow to the gut grants Greg some space from his opponent, allowing him a moment to gain his wits. Samuel turns to face Stevenson before lifting him up from the midsection and falling backward. Stevenson meets the barricade face first because of the flapjack by Samuel. His neck snaps back as he falls to his knees. The ref's count has reached four with both men on the ground. Samuel is able to push to his feet first, quickly taking to the task of getting Stevenson vertical.

Smith: I don't agree with this. Leave Stevenson outside, get the count out victory.

Brunswick: Greg might want every opportunity to get payback for the attack after Stevenson cemented this match. Deliver some extra pain, if you will.

Smith: You know what hurts? Collecting the loser's purse at the end of the night.

By the six count, Samuel has rolled Stevenson into the ring and returned to the squared circle himself. Stevenson has the wit to roll to the far side of the ring to create some distance. Samuel walks over to try and continue his offense, only to be entrapped in a drop toe hold. Samuel's face collides with the mat dazing him momentarily. Both men struggle back to their feet, refusing to let the other one gain control easily. Stevenson charges at Samuel with an outstretched arm, which is ducked by Samuel. The two face each other, Stevenson trying to sneak another clothesline attempt in. Instead of ducking, Samuel catches Stevenson, lifts him into the air and slams him down to the mat hard with a uranage. Stevenson bounces off the mat before clutching the back of his neck and kicking on the mat.

Brunswick: Huge Uranage slam there from Samuel. I felt that one from over here.

Greg doesn't allow for a moment of reprieve as he immediately grabs Stevenson and lifts him to his feet. Wasting no motion, The Maine Attraction takes Stevenson's head under his arm, grasps the tights and lifts him vertically. After holding Stevenson up for a moment, Samuel drops him forwards, bouncing him off the ropes and then using the bounce to complete a suplex. Stevenson arches his back and kicks around the mat after the suplex by Samuel. Greg charges into the ropes, collecting as much momentum as he can before leaping up and delivering a knee drop squarely to the nose of Stevenson. The Dreamer rolls to his stomach, clutching his face with both hands. Greg stands over Stevenson before taking him into and rear headlock and delivering multiple closed fists to Matthew's nose. The ref steps in to stop him, beginning a count which Samuel lets get to four before breaking the hold.

Brunswick: Brutal closed fists by Samuel, going in for the kill on the face of the Canadian.

Smith: Greg knows that the nasal bone is weakened, possibly broken after the knee and the flapjack to the barricade earlier. He plans on working it over more and more until either Stevenson has to give up, or he can hit his Fatal Attraction, further injuring the nose and probably finishing this match.

TBC; Stevenson
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Matthew Stevenson
With his hands guarding his now damaged nose, Stevenson was rolling left to escape the line of sight of Greg's nose hitting fetish, he exits the ring taking a moment to give his nose a break, no pun intended. He was walking over to the commentary table and kneels over the front of the table, his hand was cupped over his nose which was leaking blood between his fingers and dripping down the back of his hand onto the floor, the referee was at the count of five as Greg taunted the nose bled Canadian as he was kneeling in front of commentary trying to recover, the ref gets to the count of eight that is when Stevenson slid under the ropes and got back into the ring. Greg threw fists at Stevenson's temple, He tried his best to dodge them with his forearm, they were coming quickly, left and then right, left and the right. He got the Ontario resident into the corner and began kicking him in the rib cage making Stevenson lose his guard on his head and turn his attention to protecting his sides, that gave Greg a chance to give Matthew a headbutt on the broken of Stevenson.

Brunswick: This isn't looking so good, just hammering away on the nose of Stevenson not showing any remorse, using any body part to weaken that nose.

Smith: He's playing the game smart, hammer down on his nose, eliminate the way he takes in air and boom! He has no way of building back any energy in this match and he will be perfectly set up for his finishing maneuver, I'm telling you Greg knows what he is doing.

Brunswick: Looks like Greg is setting up for a belly to belly sup- Stevenson delivering headbutts of his own getting out of the suplex!

Greg backed away from Stevenson holding his forehead, blood from Stevenson's nose was dripping onto his chest as he approached Samuel like he wasn't bleeding like he was in the movie "Fight Club". Stevenson throws a bunch of right hands to Greg, He backs up into the ropes and Stevenson pushes Greg's back into it and Irish whips him to the ropes across from him, when Samuel rebounds toward Stevenson, he jumps over Greg and when Greg came back towards Matt for the second time, he gets caught with a dropkick knocking him on his back.

Stevenson uses his forearm to whip the blood from his nose, the referee checks if Matt is ok to continue and he nod turning his attention to Greg who was using the ropes to assist himself back to his feet, Stevenson was closing in on him but Samuel needed some personal space, throwing an elbow to the midsection of the Canadian and getting back up to his feet to throw him over the top rope, he turns his back on Stevenson thinking that he was laying on the mat outside, but instead he was standing on the apron looking at Samuel, Greg makes eye contact with Stevenson and speed towards him to put him down himself, Stevnson lifted himself up and delievered a kick to the side of Greg's skull making him backway from him wiht his head down, the man from ontario looked around at the cheering fans in attendence as he stomped his feet on the apron setting up for a second attempt at the "Artic winds". He yells at Greg, daring him to look in his direction, Greg accepts this dare and looks up at Matthew. Matthew pushes down on the ropes, lift himself onto the ropes and leaps off of it towards Samuel, Greg looked at an air born Stevenson, Matthew's forearm was arched back and locked on its target.

Brunswick: A flying forearm to the face of Greg, the fan base of Matthew calling it the Arctic winds




Samuel kicks out of the pin attempt, he was breathing heavily, him and Stevenson both. Stevenson only having one place to efficiently breathe and Greg starting to feel the toll of fight Stevenson in this brutal matchup. Matthew gets back to his feet first, his hands placed on his sides, looking down on Greg, wondering how he can put him away, walking around the ring trying to stretch out his back.

Brunswick: This is just the opening match, we still have some great matchup still in store, Jack Rider, and Lal Singh is one that I am most excited for and don't forget about Kevin Mordard gets his chance at gold when he faces the big dog of PRW Ata Tatupu for the Undisputed championship.

Smith: I can't wait.

Stevenson hooks his arms under Greg's armpits and lifts him to his feet, he looks behind him and looks at the corner, trying to line him up.

Smith: Stevenson he just trying in injury this guy, why isn't the official trying to stop him-

Brunswick: Samuel getting suplex into the corner!

Greg was on the ground leaning against the bottom rope, he was dazed and confused. He looked around trying to figure out was he was, Stevenson, not giving him any breaks, stomping a mudhole into Samuel as he was in the corner. He back away from him at the count of three and observes his work, he walks back up to Greg and hooks his head with his arm and flops Greg's arm on the back of his head, lifting him back up onto his feet like he was setting up for a vertical suplex but instead picking him up and sitting him down on the top of the top turnbuckle, he looked at Greg and climbed the ropes in front of him, he gives a few jabs to the head of Greg. Matthew was holding Greg shoulder as he stands above the sitting Greg on the top turnbuckle, Greg suddenly gains awareness and slips between Matthew's legs. He grabs his legs and gets him in a powerbomb position. He begins to run to the turnbuckle opposite of him, Stevenson lifts off his shoulders and slide off his back and begin running towards the ropes. Greg looks behind him to see Stevenson bouncing off the ropes and charging towards him, he ducks Matthew's attempted clothesline quickly and runs towards the ropes to rebound off them as well, they both run toward each other at full speed and hit each other with the double clotheslines, knocking them both down at the same time.

The crowd breaks out in a "This is awesome" chant, both men were down as they view the replay of that double clothesline.

Brunswick: They had the same mindset going for that maneuver at the same time, this could be the highlight of the night and the fans seems to agree.

Smith: They do seem to be stealing the show but still I don't want to see Matthew walk out of the arena with the 'W' here tonight.

?: I think that you're trying to hard to be a hater.

The voice of Matthew's manager Scarlet Wilson comes onto commentary as she sits next to Brunswick, putting on the headset.

Scarlet Wilson: You got it, Matt!

She claps in support as the match continues on.

Smith: Where the hell did you come fr-

TBC: Greg
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Matthew Stevenson
The two gladiators were laid out before the electric crowd, Greg was the first to come too, he looks towards the ropes and began to crawl towards them, he was using all of his strength in his arms to carry him to the bottom rope, he reached out to try to grab it but had the band of his attire and quickly pulled back by Matthew, Samuel followed Matthew's pulling knowing if he didn't there would be three moons tonight. Matthew pulled hard enough to get Samuel back to his feet, Greg's arm flailing towards the ropes, he then does a swift and aggressive turn of his hip making Matthew lose his grip on his waistband, Samuel hugs Matthew's waist from behind and lift his feet off the ground. Stevenson uses his new gained weight to get back on the ground, he wrestles with Greg's locked hands trying to escape Samuel's grasp around his waist.

Greg pushes Stevenson into the ropes, he tries to pull back Matthew to maybe nail him with a suplex but he ended up having to roll back due to Stevenson having a hold on the top rope. Greg rolls to his feet and charges towards Stevenson, Matthew does a quick back kick making hunch over. Matthew turns toward a hunched Samuel and delivered a kick to his temple, making him lean back up, looking up at the lights above the ring. Stevenson takes the opportunity to jump up and nail him with the 'Ice Pick'.

Brunswick: ICE PICK! Going for the pin...One, Two and NO! Just a close second from being over.

Wilson: That's how you do it, Matthew is managing to fight back even with a broken nose, his like Superman but without the CGI removed mustache.

Smith: And without the ability to entertain anyone for a long period of time.

Matthew gets to his feet and looks at an exhausted Samuel. He takes the time to try to catch a breath and plan his next attack, he looks out to the crowd to see James Fullington in the crowd and smiles, Stevenson sees him point towards something behind him, he was a bit too late to turn around as Samuel hooked under his leg and rolled him up, holding his tights as he was looking to end this on dirty but only managing to get to the count of one. Matthew gets back to his feet but so does Samuel, waiting for Stevenson. Stevenson runs towards Samuel just to be hit with a quick snap suplex. But Samuel wasn't done, keeping a hold of Stevenson as he lifts him back up, getting adjusted again and hitting with another snap suplex.

Brunswick: It seems like every time Matthew grows any type of offense in this match Samuel just destroys it the moment it seems it can get him ahead.

Smith: And that is an excellent strategy, why let him gain energy, that is how people lose matches and I'm sure his not coming into the match with the goal to lose. Any chance he gets he should break Matthew down like the Berlin wall, I hope you're watching because this is what you are looking Scarlet because this is who you're man-

They look over to the seat to see the chair spinning but with no one in it, they were a bit confused looking around like she vanished into thin air.

Smith: Where did she go?

They look to see Scarlet at ringside seeing Matthew on the ground after a third snap suplex by Samuel, he was a bit immobile right next to the bottom rope laying on his side, Greg was taking time to taunt the crowd "Is this your best? Is this who you think can beat me?", the crowd boos but Greg couldn't care less just taunting and flexing on the crowd a bit more. Scarlett was face to face with Matthew.

Scarlett: Are you ok, you've taken a lot of punishment in this matchup and your nose is leaking like it's that time of the month.

Matthew: I'm...fine, I just need to catch need to... enlighten him on how not to act when fighting Matthew Stevenson, watch this~

Matthew stands back up looking more hype and energized than ever, he then gets knocked back on his knee and through the middle rope, leaning against it. His lip was busted.

Scarlet: I'm watching but all I see is you getting your ass kicked.

Matthew: Taht's hte alpn bby.

He gets back up but gets thrown out through the middle ropes and onto the ground below, he groans in pain. Scarlett looks over Matthew and shakes her head, then turning her attention to Samuel who is coming out through the bottom rope, trying to keep the attack going on Stevenson, Wilson stops Greg from afflicting any more damage on Matthew.

Smith: Oh come on, this is a wrestling match, Matthew always has his girlfriend protecting him from any harm and to believe people look up to him.

Greg rolls his eyes as Scarlet tries to protect Stevenson, she yells in his face "If you want to get to him you'll have to go through me!" Greg rolls his eyes and shaves Scarlet's face out the way, causing her to go backward and trip and fall on her back, she holds on to the back of her head as hit the canvas hard, Matthew see's the scene and yells like Tobey McGuire in Spiderman 2. Stevenson gets up and tackles Samuel into the apron, his back making a thud on impact, he started to lash out on Greg as he was leaned against the apron, Stevenson yells as he lets Greg go. He grabs the back of Samuel's neck and tosses him over the commentary table, the Spanish announce team clears the way as Greg crashes into the two rolling chair, not really comforting his impact, cords, spare water bottles hits his face as he tries to make his way up.

Brunswick: After Greg put a hand on his manager, Stevenson has lost it here to not, like Bruce banner his going Hulk mode tonight and the only thing that's going to turn it off is the defeat of Greg.

Smith: God your a nerd.

Matthew grabs Greg from the back of the table and drags him back into the ring, just stopping the count at eight. Matthew slides out of the ring with his new found time and clears the table, taking off the guard and the mentors to get a spot cleared for Samuel.

Brunswick: This doesn't look like a good sign for-


Stevenson look to see a flying crossbody from Greg, he tries to catch him but it proved too much. Flying back on to the table and smashing it, the crowd breaks into a massive pop as both men were on the outside, laying on the wreckage of the once assembled Spanish announce table. It might've hurt Greg but it sure hurt Matthew a lot more.

The exciting beginning of Salvation continues on with both men being counted out.

TBC: Greg
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Matthew Stevenson
The two men were laying on the rubble that was the Spanish announce table, they were hurt but this was the greatest time than ever to try to get some air in there lungs. The referee took a bit of pity on them not counting as he wanted to see if the men could even move any of there limbs, Greg was the first to come to, he was staggering to his feet as he heard the ref begin the count. He knew that it wasn't too late to get into that ring and maybe win this match by count out. It doesn't matter now as long as he still can say he beat Matthew Stevenson. He gets to the ring and slides under the ropes, he leans his injured body on the rope and looks at the unconscious challenger, looking at where he might be.

Brunswick: We're at the count of four and Matthew seems to be broken, unaware that he is currently in a match. He's going to have to find his footing if he wants to stay into this match.

Smith: He might as well stay down and just give up, he has a bleeding nose and after that crossbody onto the table, his going to need all the rest he can get to heal up starting no-

Brunswick: Matthew is currently staggering towards the ring!

Greg was shaking as Stevenson with a hand on his rib and blood on his nose began staggering to the ring like a zombie from the "Walking Dead". The count got to seven and Stevenson dropped to his knees right next to the apron, the crowd was trimming their fingernails with there teeth, some of them were chanting his name trying to give him a final boost to get into the ring. The official gets to nine and with all his strength he crawls to the ring...just to get assaulted by Greg, stomping him out. He was holding the top of the ropes so he could get more impacts with his stomps, Stevenson balled up trying to get his arm to absorb some of the impacts. He gets removed from Matthew by the official again, the ref wagging his finger at Greg.

Stevenson began to crawl into the corner, sitting there resting. Samuel pushes the ref out the way and runs a knee to the face of the Canadian resident, Stevenson struggles to keep his body against the bottom turnbuckle, instead, he spills on the floor. Samuel drags him to the middle of the ring and pins him.




Matthew uses his remaining strength to kick out. Greg wasn't too worried as he runs towards the ropes as soon as the kick out, hopping onto the second ropes and landing a Lionsaut onto Stevenson. He hooks Matt's leg once more and the ref starts to count.



: COME ON! Another close call by the referee? The referee needs to count faster or something.

Brunswick: Or maybe Stevenson still has some fight left in him, but I won't ignore the fact that Stevenson is getting knocked down, like a person with shaky hands playing Jenga.

Greg picks Matthew up again and leans him against the ropes, he delivers chops to the chest of Matthew. Turning his chest completely red like a strawberry, the count of the official to Greg getting pretty redundant, Samuel walks away from Stevenson letting him drop to his knees. Stevenson touching his red-hot chest, he looks up to see Samuel coming running towards him and hits him with a quick and effective shining wizard. Matthew now on his back Samuel pins him once more, hooking both his legs.




Kick out again!

Brunswick: Greg is frustrated, look at him hit the mat like it's his opponent.

Smith: I would be upset as well, he threw everything at him in this match and yet his still here, just how!

Greg keeps his eyes on Matthew as he circles around him, stomping his feet to build up false hope and determination, the crowd chant only helps set up Samuel's plan. Matthew gets back to his feet and turns to Greg, he walks right into Greg who was setting up his "Fatal Attraction", but a couple of strikes of Stevenson's elbow helps him escape. Greg let go of Matthew for a second to grab his eye thinking there was a possibility that he may have blinded Samuel with one of his elbow shots. He shakes it off to see Matthew flying off the ropes for the "Arctic Winds", Greg counters just in time, Matthew had no choice but to roll back to his feet. Matthew turns to Greg and gets caught with an out of nowhere Inverted STO also known as...

Smith: Fatal Attraction! This is over! It's over! HIS GOING FOR THE PIN!


The crowd breaks out in a cold sweat...


Scarlet leaning against the barricade looks shocked as this might be it...


Before the ref's hand could touch the mat for the final time Matthew lifts his shoulders up, the crowd breaks out in chants and cheers, Scarlet clapping as her client showed he had more in the tank. Greg gets off of Stevenson and breathes angrily as he shows that he can dish out much more and that's what Greg was going to give him. Greg stands up back to his feet and tells Matthew to get back to his feet.

Brunswick: He might be calling for another Fatal Attraction...

Smith: Hit him with fifty just make sure he can't walk afterward, finish him off, kid!

Matthew staggers back to his feet, exhausted at this brutal match that has brought a lot out of him and Samuel, he turns towards Greg once again, Greg quickly gets Matthew in position for his finishing maneuver but Matthew breaks out of it with his elbows once again but instead of going for the flying forearm he grabs onto Greg's wrist and pulls him in front of him. Matt gets him into a vertical suplex and with the last bit of his strength, he drops him onto his skull leaving Greg in the spread eagle position, Matthew seeing this is his opening hops onto Samuel and hooks his legs for the pin.

Brunswick: Referee sliding in with the pin! Could this be the end of the brutal match!?

Smith: It can't be! It won't be!!

=Finish Attempt= Start of Dreams (Brainbuster)
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Dean Samuels
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Your Winner: Matt Stevenson
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