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Priorities; The aftermath of Tea Time with Paladin
Topic Started: Feb 9 2018, 07:13 PM (49 Views)
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Paladins never forget.
Paladin steps through the curtain, a wide smirk on his face. Despite the tension between himself and Samuel, Paladin was overjoyed to still have his own personal soap-box on PRW Rage. Sure, it was technically an "interview show," but regardless of who he was in the ring with, the spotlight was always on him. He had accomplished all of his goals: mock Lal Singh, declare his superiority to the entirety of PRW, and enjoy a few delicious crumpets. He would call that a success.

"Hey, we need to talk."
Wire said. "Privately." Paladin turned around and was surprised to see that the Templar Knight did not share his joy over the events of Tea Time. Paladin nodded, beckoning for Wire to follow as he lead her back to his dressing room.

"What's this about?"
Paladin said. "Come now Wire, as much as I enjoy fighting in the ring, it is imperative that you learn that destroying your enemies on the microphone is as important if not more so than what we do in our matches. Tea Time was a success, and you were a part of it."

"It's not about the show. Listen, I like seeing a rookie as cocky as Samuel put in his place as much as anyone." Wire crossed her arms. "I want to talk about something you said last week when you called out Lal Singh."

"What did I say?"

"You mentioned that the main reason you have a grudge against her is because she said that she could beat Kevin Mordrad while you couldn't." Wire said. Paladin's face instantly began to turn red with anger.

"Of course I bloody did! That monster nearly ended my whole career! And she has the gall to strut in here and claim that she-" Wire held up her hand to silence him, and for once Paladin actually shut his mouth when told. The look in Wire's eyes was enough to silence anyone.

"See? That's my point. Is this match at Salvation about you and Lal Singh, or is it about you and Mordrad?"
Wire poked Paladin in the chest. "A week before that, you told me that Mordrad was not the priority right now. That you were going to focus on your championship reign. But from what I've seen, that's been nothing more than a lie."

Paladin fell silent. "You of all people should understand why I hate that man." The Brit patted his shoulder. "I still have the scars to remind me."

"And Mordrad's time will come. You will have your chance at him." Wire said. "But, I've been in the ring with Lal Singh. She's incredibly strong, and a naturally gifted wrestler. If your mind is focused on Mordrad, you'll never beat her."

Paladin looked at her incredulously. "She can barely walk. If she was smart she wouldn't even show up at Salvation."

"Won't stop her, and you know it."
Wire pat Paladin on the shoulder. "Just...this was the goal right? Winning the title, getting everyone in PRW to pay attention to you, and using your influence to end hardcore wrestler altogether. That was the war I signed up to fight with you, not this vendetta you have for Mordrad."

"So, get your head in the game White Knight." Wire left the room, leaving Paladin alone with his thoughts. Rider sighed, wincing slightly and rubbing his shoulder. He wasn't at one hundred percent, but thankfully he had ensured that Lal Singh wouldn't be either going into their match.

Paladin mulled over Wire's words. It was easy for her to say that. After all, Mordrad hadn't tried to end her career. She didn't have to see his face in her nightmares every night. She didn't have to wake up in a hospital bed wondering if her career was over. No, that experience was Paladin's alone.

Paladin looked in the mirror. Mordrad's time would come. At Christmas Carnage, he had faced the White Knight of PRW, the man both this company and Wire had come to know. But the next time they faced...Mordrad would face the Black Knight.
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