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Hurricane Relief Show; 9/16/2017 - San Antonio
Topic Started: Feb 1 2018, 04:40 AM (90 Views)
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Hurricane Harvey Relief Show Recap
SPARTAN Coliseum, San Antonio, TX
September 16, 2017
Attendance: 2,850 (sold out)

This is shaping up to be a tough hurricane season for a lot of folks, and unfortunately the coastal area of Texas around Houston was hit hard recently. Houston has been host to some big Wild Hearts events in the past and everyone in the company wanted to do something to provide some relief to those in need, so tonight the stars of Wild Hearts gathered in San Antonio for the first time to raise funds for the recovery effort! The seven match card was streamed online for the affordable price of $4.99 with all proceeds from iPPV buys and tickets sold going towards the American Red Cross and other charities doing work in the areas devastated by Hurricane Harvey, and in addition some of the biggest names in PRW were on site working a phone bank to chat with fans and take donations!

The SPARTAN Coliseum is a new facility owned by PRW to host MMA, pro wrestling, and other live events, it’s a cozy smaller sized arena and for Wild Hearts’ first show in San Antonio the fans sold it out. Despite having a solid card with a cool main event in Bella Quinn vs. Texas sweetheart Monica Applegate this was nothing like a regular PRW/Wild Hearts show. Jacoby Sanderson called the action in the ring solo while Sterling Hawkwind served as a roving MC, kicking off the broadcast with GM Jonathan Swift and talking to the viewers and interviewing wrestlers and real people from the hard hit areas in between the matches, almost giving it the feel of a PBS telethon with wrestling. Throughout the night they pitched it over to the phone bank and we got to hear hellos from such stars as Sylvia Wrath, Ata Tatupu, Patrick Slaughter, Nina Wagner, Julie Chan, Valencia Del Rey, Jorge Vera, and Douglas Witherdall, and what made some of these segments great was the wrestlers trying to charm the viewers into calling them.

Red River Dojo Tag Match
Rocket & Gloria vs. Chili & Pepper

The opening match was a showcase for students from Sylvia Wrath’s Red River Dojo over in Austin and it was a totally fine, perfectly acceptable rookie match that didn’t get more complicated or try to achieve more than it needed to. For those that follow PRW’s online content Rocket is the stripper-turned-girlfriend of jerk Vincent Knight who started training to become a wrestler herself at Wrath’s school, and Gloria is the down to earth senior student that Sylvia tasked with helping her out. Chili and Pepper have been working matches on the indie scene since 2016 and they have a fun 90’s girl group gimmick complete with a lip syncing and dancing entrance, and due to the exposure she’s gotten from PRW Rocket was the most over girl with the live crowd. I don’t know her stats but Chili has to be the smallest person who’s ever competed in Wild Hearts, she looked absolutely tiny but she had presence and the fans paid attention when she was in the ring. This was a basic three part match with the wrestlers feeling each other out before Chili got isolated for the heat segment, Rocket and Gloria weren’t trying to work like heels but it looked like they were beating up a child (Rocket was out there cringing and apologizing while working her over) so Chili got a lot of sympathy from the crowd, and Pepper made an old school hot tag comeback before pinning Gloria with a swinging fisherman’s suplex.

  • Chili & Pepper def. Rocket & Gloria in 7:28!

The fans gave all four young wrestlers a hand for their efforts while they hugged each other after the match, and in a great gag bit Pepper and Chili did an encore performance of their song with Chili selling the beating she took while trying to dance.

Texas Swing Dance
Maya Grier vs. Vicki vs. Shirley Wellington vs. Matilda Christopher

This was the debut of the “Texas Swing Dance,” a normal rules tag team match where the starting teams are determined at random, and the pairings are mixed up randomly at two minute intervals until the first fall was scored. As such everyone got an individual entrance and the fans popped for everyone, even Mattie Ice to her surprise and she tried to play it off like the fans always cheer for her. Sterling Hawkwind shuffled actual cards to determine the pairings, and there was a fun running gag throughout the match where everyone would groan when they got paired up with Matilda. The first four minutes were about the babyfaces getting their shine and having fun with the crowd while Mattie Ice was essentially the odd woman out, the one person trying to cheat (on a charity show!) and looking confused when the crowd jeered her. Matilda tried to do the Aussie chant but amazingly her partners kept co-opting it, shouting their own name three times and getting the big oi oi oi from the fans to Mattie’s chagrin.

Texas native Shirley Wellington got isolated for the heat segment and in the best kind of goofiness Maya Grier went directly from stomping on her to being her cheerleader when the partner shuffle teamed them up, and in an awesome, AWESOME fake out spot Maya finally got the hot tag from Shirley and fired up for the crowd – but before she actually hit anybody the partner shuffle put them back on different teams and Maya said “sorry” to Shirley before stomping on her again! Vicki ended up getting the hot tag from Shirley and the British export ran wild on Mattie and Maya, decking everyone with uppercuts and doing some wacky ducking and dodging spots. Vicki tied Matilda up around the bottom rope and went to give her the dropkick but Maya tried to stop her with a kick, but in a five star spot Vicki caught it and tied HER up in the paradise lock, using Maya as a step to give Mattie a big dropkick to a pop from the fans! The action stopped for the next partner shuffle, but in a red light/green light moment the teams did NOT change and everyone picked up right where they left off, and after trading near falls we got the finish when Vicki dodged a Black Swanton Bomb from Mattie and Shirley followed off the top rope with a Frog Splash to the Aussie!

  • Vicki & Shirley def. Maya and Mattie in 11:24!

The crowd cheered hard for Shirley Wellington picking up a cathartic win after a rough few months. Vicki gave her a love tackle into a big hug and after the ref raised their hands Vicki convinced a bummed out Maya to shake hands, and in another gag they looked around for Matilda and the Aussie shelled up thinking she was about to get a beat down… but the trio just wanted to shake her hand for being a good sport and competing on the charity show.

Singles Match
Rachel Langley vs. Ariel Heart

The Model Ariel Heart walked out for her match with a makeup bag and borrowed the microphone from Sterling Hawkwind, delaying her opponent’s entrance to talk to the crowd a bit. Ariel addressed the issue of the tragic storms in Texas and Florida and talked about how proud she was to be here helping to raise money to rebuild lives, and she was actually sounding sincere until she claimed that it was just as tragic that some fans would come to the show “looking like that.” The fans turned on her hard as she played fashion police pointing out people in the crowd, mocking their lack of style and especially grilling one person she saw wearing a Rachel Langley t-shirt. Ariel said she came here for charity and after seeing the crowd she realized what she could REALLY do to help people, and for “the highest bid-donation” she would give one lucky fan a makeover! Ariel was getting good heat from the crowd as she tried to goad individuals into letting her make them over, and Rachel Langley’s music hitting to end this madness got a big pop from the fans!

The former Twin Hearts champ was ready to get down to business but Heart wanted to keep talking, calling it very rude of Rachel to interrupt her while she’s trying to help a desperate person in need. Rachel got a microphone of her own and took the Model to task for being insensitive and downright mean, being the ultimate babyface by claiming the fans are beautiful just the way they are. The Super Athlete drove home why everyone was here tonight and told Ariel the fans want to have a good time and not be insulted, adding that the only ugly person here is Ariel “because you’re ugly on the inside!” The fans popped while Ariel Heart’s jaw dropped like she was offended, saying “how dare you call ME the U-word!” Rachel, completely out to snatch wigs, told Ariel that what she ought to do is “give your stank personality a makeover,” and the Model nearly took a bump in the turnbuckles while the fans howled. The fans cheered when Langley asked Heart if she was ready to stop talking and do the damn thing, but Ariel screamed that she was refusing to wrestle Rachel… “if you’re going to be looking like that.”

The fans booed and Langley put her hands on her hips when Ariel offered to give HER a makeover, claiming more people will “call in to pledge” if she just puts on a blush. The crowd was ready for Rachel to give it to Ariel but the Super Athlete had an idea, and she claimed that she could actually use a little powder foundation. Ariel grinned like a fox and of course she just so happened to have some as she started digging in her bag, fans could SEE her loading up the powder in her hand and they were making all kinds of noise – but when Ariel went to throw it Rachel slapped her hand and Ariel got the powder in her own face to a road warrior pop! Ariel was blinded by her own gimmick and Langley quickly rolled her up with an inside cradle, and just as soon as the ref called for the opening bell he counted one two three and it was over!

  • Rachel Langley def. Ariel Heart in five seconds!

The fans went wild for the wacky old school angle as Ariel got her comeuppance, she was still blinded and swinging at the air asking where Rachel was but Rachel was long gone, going around hi-fiving fans! And just to make sure she earned that POTN bonus Ariel demanded an Evian to wash her eyes out before slipping on her makeup bag and taking a big bump!

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Non-Title Match
Suzy Conrad vs. Magica

Suzy Conrad bounced Magica from the Wild Clash GP en route to winning her first championship and here they met again in a non-title rematch. The former UCLA gymnastics ace was given a nice hand from the crowd as she did the fiery babyface entrance, slapping hands and doing a flip into the ring to pop the fans. As a highly touted prospect scouted by the Wild Hearts GM himself Magica hasn’t exactly looked like a superstar so far, but it seems like she knows what she’s missing and this match would be a good test to see if she’s moving in the right direction. Big Suzy Conrad took her time for her first live appearance since winning the Hunan TV Title, strolling out slowly with a black cowboy hat and an expensive looking fur coat that definitely wasn’t from her line. There was a smattering of fans popping but most of the crowd was booing hard as Suzy took a moment on the stage to survey the arena, relishing her arrival to “The Girl” status as she opened her coat, revealing the belt as she put her hands on her hips to pose. Whatever time was left over by the last match was taken up by Suzy doing the Randy Orton slow entrance, and what made it great was that the fans in San Antonio never let up on booing her.

The opening of the match was all about showing Magica’s high flying ability and Suzy’s strength though a series of counters and reversals. Magica went for some fancy arm drags and head scissors but Suzy blocked them and lifted her up for some big moves, but she kept escaping and landing on her feet. Magica got caught trying to do a quebrada and Suzy went for an Oklahoma Stampede in a callback to the finish of their last match, but this time Magica slipped free and dropkicked Suzy into the buckles! The big Oklahoman dropped to her knees and Magica kicked her in the face with a 619, popping the crowd with the Rey Rey spot before getting a real pop of her own with a diving head scissors from the top rope! Magica kept building momentum with dropkicks until Conrad powdered out through the ropes, the fans knew a dive was coming and they cheered while Magica teased up the vault over the top rope, but they gasped when Suzy caught her going for the flying head scissors and lifted her back up for a powerbomb on the floor – but in another great callback spot Magica grabbed onto the ropes and got back on the apron, knocking Suzy away with a kick before wiping her out with an Asai Moonsault!

The crowd went crazy as Magica took the moment to fire up and play to the fans before going back on the attack, showing a more aggressive side by just kicking Suzy ‘s legs until the big woman rolled herself into the ring. Magica connected with an enzuigiri from the apron and took to the skies again with a springboard into a head scissors, but she finally went to the well one too many times and Suzy just ducked out of the way! Magica took a big hard bump to groans from the crowd and Suzy followed up with a splash for a near fall! That kicked off the heat segment and Suzy wasn’t taking it easy just because her title wasn’t on the line, she knew she could show off her power with Magica and she did just that, throwing the former gymnast all over the place with beeles, delayed slams and suplexes, and a pretty impressive military press slam. It made sense from a psychology standpoint because the time limit was twenty minutes instead of just ten for the Hunan TV Title, meaning Suzy couldn’t coast to a quick draw to walk away with the belt. When she slowed things down she stretched the ultra flexible flyer out and pounded her with stiff mean girl strikes, and it just wouldn’t have been a Suzy Conrad match if she didn’t work the crowd, hitting a People’s Elbow (!) to a big mixed pop! Magica nearly turned things around when she tried to counter a sidewalk slam into that swinging DDT move, but Suzy reversed the reversal into a powerslam for a near fall!

A throat slice from Suzy Conrad popped the smart fans into thinking a counter was coming as she set up the Oklahoma Stampede, sure enough Magica slipped out behind her and went for the double knee backbreaker, but Suzy held onto the top rope and bucked her off! In an awesome twist on the signature PRW throat slice gimmick Suzy countered the counter and tried to cement the Splash Mountain as her move now after stealing it from VDR, but Magica reversed it into a hurracanrana to steal a close 2.9 count! The fans went wild for the counter, almost buying it as a false finish, and with some real urgency to seize on the opening Magica blasted Suzy with a Super Kick to the face! Suzy stumbled but didn’t go down and Magica followed up with a quebrada, but instead of just taking Suzy down Magica fucking planted her with a big reverse DDT! The fans in the Spartan Coliseum popped hard for the huge reversal as the Hunan TV champion rolled out of the ring, giving Magica the chance to recover while the crowd chanted her name! Suzy staggered around on the outside and Magica lined her up for another dive, hitting that Kota Ibushi triangle moonault to a big pop from the crowd!

Magica fired up on the outside and nailed Suzy with some stiff kicks until she rolled into the ring, from the apron she hit a great combo in an enzuigiri followed by a sweeping kick that laid the big woman out, and the former gymnast reentered the ring with a handstand on the top rope into a big double stomp! Magica stuck the landing on Suzy’s gut to BIG loud groan from the Oklahoman, and the magical girl followed up with an even crazier tumbling pass into a handspring moonsault! Suzy kicked out of a cover and Magica rolled and kicked her into position for another high flying attack, nailing a top rope springboard moonsault into an even closer pin! The fans were getting pretty hot for the comeback as Magica gained some serious momentum on the newly minted champion, but in another example of trying the same thing too many times Magica came off the top rope for a flying head scissors only to get powerbombed to HELL! Big gasp from the crowd as Suzy killed Magica dead and went for the cover, getting a big two count in a false finish! An angered Suzy Conrad barked at the crowd that she was ending this before picking Magica up over her shoulder, ramming her into the buckles before slamming her down with the Oklahoma Stampede! Suzy put her forearm on the face for the mean girl cover and the fans knew this was over and done with, BUT MAGICA KICKED OUT BEFORE THREE!!

Suzy couldn’t believe it and the crowd went absolutely wild for the false finish, screaming and cheering while Suzy argued with the referee! Looking broken but not hopeless Magica was reaching her hand up to draw sympathy from the crowd, and after stomping and spitting in anger Suzy lifted her up to finish her with the powerbomb – BUT MAGICA ROLLED OVER HER SHOULDER TO HIT A SUNSET FLIP BOMB! BIG REVERSAL BY MAGICA FOR THE COVER…




Suzy kicked out in a false finish! The fans were on their feet in the Coliseum as the wrestlers separated before getting to their feet, and Suzy made the reckless charge into a high angle heel kick that caught her on the jaw! Magica charged in much more carefully and ducked a clothesline, catching Suzy’s head before kicking off the turnbuckles to hit a Sliced Bread! She rolled the big girl into position before giving the crowd a signal and climbing to the top rope, hitting a super high difficulty Phoenix Splash to a huge pop from the fans!





BOOS from the Texas crowd because they thought Magica had the upset! Suzy just barely got the rope break and the prospect in need of a big win looked like a judge just gave her an unfair score, pouting and giving the ref a “that was three and you know it” scowl! With the Hunan title holder hurting and out of breath Magica rolled her away from the ropes and went BACK to the top hoping to finish her with a corkscrew moonsault – but Suzy rolled away and Magica ate shit on the missed dive! She hit the canvas hard to loud groans from the crowd and Suzy beat her to her feet, lifting her and throwing her up into the air before catching her with a huge Splash Mountain powerbomb! Suzy held on for the cover in the middle of the ring for the three count!

  • Suzy Conrad def. Magica in 12:59 with the Splash Mountain!

Suzy Conrad winning was the first real “bummer” moment of the show but it was a really enjoyable match none the less, and to Magica’s credit she put up a better effort than last time and looked good against the new Hunan TV champion. Speaking of which Suzy got on the microphone to cut a promo, and she played nice at first by telling the audience to give her opponent a hand. Suzy actually put Magica over for being tougher than she looks and a special athlete and the fans in San Antonio gave her a round of applause while she stood on the stage, but of course there had to be a swerve and Suzy added that Magica is doing a good job despite “her handicap,” giving her credit for representing “all her fellow midgets and little people out there.” The fans booed the cheap dig and the referee had to convince a beat up Magica not to go back to the ring to retaliate, and Suzy raised the Hunan TV title in the air while claiming that she represents “ALL the people around the world,” claiming that’s why “they” call her “The People’s Champ!” Suzy Conrad dropped the mic and posed with the belt while her music played, the crowd was booing up a storm and it looked like the end of the segment, but then Vicki’s music hit and the British grappler walked out to a big pop from the fans!

Suzy looked irate that someone would interrupt her moment and Vicki told her to calm down before picking up the microphone, announcing on the PA that she wasn’t here to disrespect Suzy or take her moment. Vicki gave Suzy credit for winning the Wild Clash GP and the Hunan TV title and for finally achieving her potential, saying that no matter how “vile or putrid” Suzy is as a person nobody can take away her accomplishments as a wrestler now. Vicki said it was Suzy’s moment but that the honeymoon period wouldn’t last long, pointing out that winning the belt is one thing and now Suzy had to defend it if she wants to go around proclaiming herself “such silly things.” Vicki brought up the next Wild Hearts show (Wild Games from San Diego) and said that SHE wants the first shot at Suzy’s Hunan TV title, getting a pop from the crowd and a guffaw from the Oklahoman! Vicki with an eye roll of her own said she knew what Suzy was thinking, admitting that Suzy beat her in the Wild Clash semi-finals with the excuse that she had a hurt ankle, but Vicki said she’ll be all healed up and in tip top shape come Wild Games and called this the match “the people” want to see.

The crowd popped in response and Vicki offered a handshake to make it “official,” and in a great heel spot Suzy faked going for the handshake only to pick up the mic, telling Vicki if she wants to get beat up again then she’s got her title shot! It looked like this segment was over once again but in another twist Suzy Conrad went for a cheap shot, but Vicki saw it coming and ducked, taking the big woman down with an ankle pick before tying her up in the paradise lock! The crowd went wild as Vicki essentially hog tied Suzy with her own limbs and rolled her onto her face, getting the Hunan TV title and raising it in the air with a conquering boot propped up on Suzy’s butt for the big photo-op! After getting HER moment Vicki left the ring and hi-fived some fans on her way to the back, and going above and beyond Suzy stayed stuck in the paradise lock until the ref for the next match came out and untied her!

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Trios Match
Meiko, Gemma Traumaward, Zhao Weiwei
The Dirty Pair and Clarissa Richardson

The Tigers and the Alliance have announced their final showdown in the Wild Games match next month in San Diego, but because this was a more light hearted (fan friendly) show veterans Sherri Taylor and Jenna Jett were the opponents instead, and in a neat twist two of the newest girls in Wild Hearts got to rub elbows with four First Beat original roster members. The heels had one entrance to the Dirty Pair’s music and the model/jujitsu player kept her distance from the veterans, but the fans booed all of them just the same. One in a Thousand winner Zhao Weiwei walked out with the Wild Tiger Fight Team and Meiko and Gemma embraced their unlikely teammate for the night, getting loud cheers from the crowd as they all went around hi-fiving fans before the match. When it was clear Meiko was going to start for her team Clarissa Richardson pushed the Dirty Pair back to tell them she wanted to start, getting annoyed looks from them and a total “ok pal” from Meiko. In a twist on the standard pro wrestling feeling out process Clarissa approached Meiko like she was in a BJJ match, trying to pull guard and hit some wacky sweeps that the experienced grappler had scouted. The Platinum Princess and the Unchained Tiger actually had a cool exchange where they blended some traditional chain wrestling together with more modern shoot style positions and moves, and in a sign that they both “get it” neither woman got close to catching the other in something serious like an armbar or a choke.

After Meiko and Clarissa went to a stalemate Gemma and Jenna took over and had a technical wrestling session of their own, using all kinds of unusual Mexican style holds and transitions to make their exchange feel different. They started speeding things up with arm drags and missed kicks to end on one of those standoff spots, popping the crowd before tagging out to Sherri and Weiwei. The Dirty Pair was Zhao’s first hurdle when she arrived in Wild Hearts so there’s familiarity between them, and what this a little more interesting was that this was the One in a Thousand winner’s first match without trainer Sasha Sweet in her corner. The Goldfish only has one speed so they skipped the feeling out stuff, Sherri caught Zhao in a headlock and held onto her hair when she tried to shoot the redhead off the ropes, and the Hall of Famer got the match some heat by whipping the rookie around by her hair. Sherri Taylor did some walking and talking to work the booing crowd until Zhao started fighting back, hitting Sherri with heavy forearms until she got cut off. Wild Hearts’ evil stepmother slapped Zhao upside the head a few times before trying to whip her across the ring, but the Chinese teenager reversed it and caught her coming off the ropes with a big dropkick! The fans popped hard for the reversal and Zhao quickly started building momentum with her basic but fast paced offense, leading to Sherri eventually crawling on her knees and hugging Jett around the waist!

Gemma and Clarissa tagged back in and the Model kept trying to get Gemma to the ground, going for all these wacky rolling techniques that went nowhere. Richardson even went for the butt-scooting Inoki kicks and got booed when she put her hands behind her head and invited Gemma to get in her guard, but the fans popped when Gemma mocked her by just lying down to relax! The Platinum Princess and the 2014 Lioness Cup winner finally started wrestling and they had a pretty serious technical exchange, making it look like the new comer could keep up with the veteran until Gemma started overwhelming Clarissa with techniques she wasn’t familiar with. There was nothing as humiliating like being tied up into a ball but Gemma was clearly styling on her, looking SO in control Meiko actually left the apron to go jump in on a call with Julie Chan at the phone bank! The act offended Sherri and Jenna so much that they too left the ring to go butt in on people’s telethon calls, and amazingly Clarissa finally got a reversal on Gemma when she had no one to tag out to. Zhao Weiwei was ready to get things going fast again but the Model was blown up from so much grappling and she begged off, tricking the rookie into going for a handshake only to slap her across the face! The fans booed and a pissed off Zhao backed Clarissa into her own corner going for a takedown, and with Rissa holding onto her neck Sherri Taylor tagged in and double axed her over the back! Sherri and Jenna used quick tags and took full advantage of the five counts to beat Zhao Weiwei down in the corner, preying on her inexperience to isolate her for the heat segment.

The Matt Logan trained Jenna Jett stretched Weiwei out, Clarissa slapped her around with palm strikes and soccer kicks, Sherri Taylor went for the hair pulling and choking approach, and the Dirty Pair used some tandem offense to get heat from the San Antonio crowd, slowly building towards the hot tag with Zhao getting some signs of life offense before getting cut off. The Wild Tigers tried to rally their Chinese partner from the apron and the fans even chanted “let’s go Weiwei” at one point, and in a big hope spot Zhao countered a whip to the ropes with a springboard cross body to a loud pop! The heels stopped her from tagging out and continued working her over until she countered a whip to a corner by jumping up and hitting a middle rope shotgun dropkick, getting another big pop from the crowd before she got cut off again! In a spot that could’ve been a botch but was awesome either way Sherri and Jenna set Zhao up for a spike piledriver, but she kicked her feet so hard Jenna fell to the floor and Sherri piledrived her without the assist! The fans were actually worried for Zhao on that one and Meiko earned herself a POTNB breaking up the pin, giving Sherri an extra couple of kicks before no-selling a lazy swipe from Clarissa and booting her off the apron! Big Match Meiko fired up for the cheering crowd WHILE getting escorted back her to her corner, and like a true heel goon Sherri was giving her the bad mouth and acting tough only with the referee as a shield.

The Hall of Famer got in the squat position to signal the spear and the fans were all yelling trying to tip Zhao off, and in a truly awesome sequence Zhao leapfrogged over the spear and Sherri ran into Jenna instead, knocking her off the apron to a loud pop from the crowd! A flabbergasted Sherri Taylor turned and made a dive to catch Weiwei before she could get away, but the Goldfish was a step ahead of her and dove into a tag with Meiko! HOT TAG TO MEIKO! The fans in Texas went wild as the two time Lioness of Wrestling champion knocked Sherri and Clarissa around with forearms and teep kicks, tossing Sherri head over heels with a judo throw before dropping Clarissa almost on her head with a backdrop suplex! Jenna Jett tried to catch Meiko with a spear out of nowhere, but in a scary feat of athleticism the Unchained Tiger sprawled on her, took her back, and dead lifted her into a German suplex! Meiko whipped Sherri to one corner and Clarissa to the opposite corner and hit them both with flying elbow smashes before spiking Sherri with a Tornado DDT, following up with a cover that Clarissa broke up! The Model managed to tie Meiko’s arms up to let Jenna take a free shot, but of course Meiko kicked the Voodoo Doll right out of her boots! With a standing switch Meiko set Clarissa up for the Blackcat Suplex, but a heel finally managed to counter something and Clarissa took Meiko down with a rolling kneebar into the Platinum Lock!

The fans were shocked to see the Model catch the former champion in her ankle lock submission and even thought she wasn’t the legal woman for her team Meiko wasn’t going to tap to her, Gemma Traumaward hit the ring to make the save and that just brought in everyone as the match full broke down! It turned into a six way with everyone getting their signature stuff in as the crowd went wild, Gemma countered an imanari roll from Clarissa into a Tiger Suplex, Jett caught Gemma with a spear, Zhao shitcanned Jett and flattened her with a pescado dive, and when Zhao climbed back into the ring Sherri grabbed her by the head! In a callback to a finish earlier in the year Sherri teased the DDT to the crowd, but Meiko pulled Sherri away and Zhao gave the assist with a dropkick into a Blackcat Suplex for the finish!

  • Meiko pins Sherri with a Blackcat Suplex in 14:45!

The crowd popped big for the makeshift tandem offense leading to the three count to cap off this simple but pretty fun match! In this case the M in MVP stood for Meiko and after the bell rang Gemma and Weiwei gathered around her, sharing hi-fives and hugs all around with the vets patting the rookie on the back. A pouting Clarissa Richardson at ringside tried to save face by claiming she had Meiko’s ankle, choosing to hang her hat on that while the Dirty Pair dragged their feet to the back grumbling about those “stupid Tigers” and “stupid rookie punks.” The babyface trio were posing and playing to the crowd on their way out when show emcee Sterling Hawkwind asked Gemma and Meiko to wait, informing them that Alice Harris called into the telethon wanting to speak to them! The reaction from the crowd was a mix of boos (from pure, unironic hatred of the Alliance) and OOOHS because that sounded intriguing, and in a cool gimmick they somehow patched Alice on the telephone into the PA!

With a stock photo of the Alliance leader going up on the big screen Alice got booed again when the audience heard her voice, and she started by congratulating the two Wild Tigers on their victory. “I can’t say it was an impressive victory but you won, and WINNING is what counts in the end.” Harris wished she could be in San Antonio to congratulate them personally before claiming she didn’t go because “you can probably smell the stench from the polluted wreckage all the way over there,” and whatever she said after that got completely booed and shouted down by the live crowd. Alice Harris talked a bit and did some plugging for the Fight For Freedom match coming in PRW’s Togetherness Week before bringing up “the final showdown,” the Wild Games match in San Diego. Going back to her point about winning, Alice said that bragging rights are not on the line, honor is not on the line, the only thing on the line in the Wild Games is survival, so it doesn’t matter how they win as long as they win, and Alice said that finding a way to win is what she does best. From the Caldwell Cup, to Hanna Heathrow’s undefeated streak, to the Thunder Queen Battle, Alice claimed that she engineers victory, telling the Wild Tigers they can go ahead and be the toughest fighters in the world because the Alliance are just going to win the Games and survive. “Wild beasts are hunted, they are put in cages, and ultimately they go extinct, not by the claws of stronger or more vicious animals, but by the engineering of a specious that can out-think them.”

Alice told Gemma and Meiko and the rest of the team to savor any chance they get to team together for the next month, because after Wild Games they will be scattered to the wind and forgotten while the Alliance becomes the dominant faction in Wild Hearts and PRW. The fans booed while Alice stopped talking and she might’ve been done, but a severely bothered Gemma Traumaward got the house microphone from Sterling and asked Alice if she was still on the line. THANKFULLY everyone remembered this was a charity show with a bunch of families in the crowd so we didn’t have a Jones/DC moment (wouldn’t have been the first for Meiko), and when a chuckling Alice told Gemma she was listening Gemma said she too wished Alice Harris was there with them. “I really wish you were here so I could look you in your face, with that smirk that I bet’s on your face right now, so I could punch you hard enough to cut my hand on your broken teeth!” A FIRED UP Gemma got a road warrior pop from the fans in Texas and Alice tried to say something back to her but the WTFT leader yelled at the production crew to cut Alice off, shouting that Alice had her time to speak and now she’s going to shut up and listen… but before Gemma could really get going Meiko covered the mic with her hand! Meiko and Gemma had a quick conversation between themselves before Meiko took the microphone, looking seriously heated as she pointed at the camera like this was territory wrestling, saying that SHE has been silent on this long enough!

Big Match Meiko went on a verbal rampage about how she is the greatest wrestler to ever compete in Wild Hearts but for the last year her career was wasted fighting with Alice Harris and her “scum Alliance,” but she said she only has herself to blame for not doing what “the old Meiko” would’ve done to run them out of here a long time ago. The Unchained Tiger looked at Gemma for a second before admitting that before the Alliance came along she and Gemma were the most hated women in wrestling, reminding everyone that they did bad things and they hurt people and they LOVED it! Meiko told Alice she can talk about it but The Wild Tigers WERE the dominant team, saying they won titles and trophies and they beat the best wrestlers in this company because they did whatever it took to win, and that includes just being better than everyone. They had their run on the top and when it was over Meiko says they weren’t forgotten, in fact somehow in that time they won something they never had when they were dominating, “we won the respect of these fans because even though we were bad, they know how good we are at this!”

With the crowd trying to cheer her Meiko raised her voice to tell Alice she can talk about winning without pride if it means survival, but in a low key sublime moment Meiko said she knows about survival with a depth in her voice, and she knows that in the end “only the strong survive.” Pointing at the camera Meiko told Alice that her Alliance might have strong wrestlers but their bond is weak, The Wild Tiger Fight Team has survived everything together, and she warned Alice that her members will be thinking about their OWN survival… because the Wild Tiger Fight Team that’s going into that cage in San Diego, “OUR HOME,” they’re going to be “the old Wild Tigers, we’re going to be who we were when we loved to be hated, because we can’t just be better this time. We have to WIN to survive, and to win we have to DESTROY YOU!” With the fans going absolutely wild Meiko shoved the mid into Hawkwind’s chest and stormed backstage, getting cheered with a big “Meiko” chant quickly breaking out while Gemma ran after her!

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Before the semi-final match Jonathan Swift came back out to the ring to talk with Sterling Hawkwind, chatting for a minute about the show and the great turnout (with plenty of pandering to the live crowd) before announcing that between the gate, the iPPV buys, and the donations to the telethon they are expecting to raise over 300,000 dollars for hurricane relief efforts! The audience popped for what sounded like a big number and the general manager thanked everyone in the Spartan Coliseum and at home for opening their hearts and their wallets to help a lot of people in need. Jonathan Swift said there were two awesome matches left to go so he wasn’t going to take up much more of the people’s time, but first he had a little more business to announce and that business was Wild Hearts’ schedule for rest of the year! Next up of course is “Wild Games” from San Diego on October 21 with THE Wild Games match between the Wild Tiger Fight Team and the Alliance, and that show will be live and for FREE on PRW 24/7! On November 18 Wild Hearts will return to Portland with Twenty Fifth Beat on iPPV from the Veterans Memorial Coliseum, and Jonathan teased a big main event for the final (!) event in the numbered Beat series! For the last show of 2018 on December 16 they’ll be coming back to Texas with the “Red River Showdown” from the Frank Erwin Center in Austin, and on February 10 they’ll be coming back HERE to San Antonio with Wild Hearts’ fifth anniversary celebration on iPPV! The live audience popped big for the last announcement and Swift said that wasn’t all, adding that on February 9 they will enshrine the first class of inductees into the Wild Hearts Hall of Fame! That’s honestly really cool and the fans in San Antonio were more than happy to learn they’d be hosting the historic event!

Non-Title Tag Match
The Brilliant Pair vs. The Wilde Twins

After chasing the J-Hawks and Rachel and Lola for the Twin Hearts Nebraska and Cassie had one of the feel good moments of the year when they finally won the belts, and for Wild Hearts’ debut in San Antonio they were bringing back the always entertaining matchup. But while it would’ve been easy to just rehash the greatest hits from their previous matches to put on a show for the fans (which wouldn’t be a BAD thing) they tried to do something a little different, and the result injected some heat back into this feud. Since Lux was never officially champion this couldn’t be a rematch for the titles, but in a pretty gross move the twins only accepted this charity show match on the condition they get the title shot if they win. Despite being from the Lone Star State Double Trouble were nearly booed out of the Spartan Coliseum by the fans, and the bratty sisters looked just as happy to be there themselves. The Brilliant Pair got the big pop coming out and they were way over with the crowd, taking time with their entrance to slap hands and show off their new t-shirt to raise additional funds for hurricane recovery efforts. But when Big Cass finally made her way into the ring she got jumped by the Wilde twins to kickstart the match!

Lux and Lola pummeled Cassie to big boos from the crowd before Nebraska Jones hit the ring to make the save, but they quickly cut her off and shitcanned her out to keep focusing on Cassie! The Money Making Swan tried to come back in but the referee started asserting control, and after getting one of the twins out of the ring the match started in the heat segment with Cassandra isolated. This was tag team wrestling 101 with the identical twins cutting the ring in half and working over the smallest woman in the contest, beating her up and choking her in the ropes and using quick tags to take advantage of the five counts. The fans were into it early on with Cassie pretty much built to play the face-in-peril, and Lux and Lola were actually working extra hard with their only opportunity to regain the titles for a while on the line. The fast pace meant Rial didn’t get any hope spots for the first few minutes and she had to wait for the twins to start slowing down, but even then they had attacked her so aggressively it didn’t take much to cut her off. Nebraska Jones looked pretty pissed off being limited to the cheerleader role after getting no offense in, and the twins slowed the match down trying to bait her into coming in and distracting the ref so they could cheat. But Nebraska was too smart to fall for that and the West Texas natives stopped trying after giving Cassie chances to fight back, showing some cleverness for not pushing their luck.

We got the spot where Lola (just guessing) held Cassie’s arms back from the apron while Lux hit her, the referee had to pull Lux away to lecture her about rope breaks and of course while he did that Lola choked Cassie. After tagging out the twins ran the same spot over again (with Lola telling the ref that he told Lux about rope breaks, not her) and Nebraska finally had enough, she tried to intervene but of course the ref caught her. The crowd was booing up a storm as Lola taunted Nebraska behind the ref’s back and pointed a finger gun at Cassie before going for a Super Kick, but Big Cass finally slipped away and Lux ate the kick instead! Lux toppled down off the apron to a road warrior pop and the heat from the crowd was turned up in anticipation for the hot tag! Cassie finally got away and gave Nebraska the tag and the fans probably expected her to run wild with wacky stuff, but instead she just tackled Lola to the mat and pounded her with closed fists and forearms! Nebraska Jones was in a bad mood and the Swan was more aggressive than fancy as she mounted the comeback for the Brilliant Pair, knocking Lux off the apron as soon as she got back up with a running forearm! A fired up Nebraska played to the crowd and teed off on Lola with big right hands, backing her into the ropes before going for a whip, but Lola reversed the whip and in a spot designed for a former track and field athlete Nebraska cleared the drop down, leapfrogged the back drop set up, and ducked not one but TWO clotheslines, building up a ton of momentum before finally dropping Lola with a big clothesline of her own!

With the sold out crowd chanting her name Nebraska backed Lola into the Brilliant Pair corner and climbed up for the ten punches spot, she hit Lola with all ten punches as the fans counted along and Lola teased doing the flop out of the corner, but Nebraska picked her up with a fireman’s carry! It was the set up for the springboard moonsault and the crowd popped for it, but Lola managed to squirm off of Nebraska’s shoulders before getting dropped! Lola shoved her away and tried to cut her off but Nebs caught her with a back elbow, it caused Lola to stumble back and Nebs tried to drop her with a running something, but in a devastating counter Lola caught her with a drop toe hold AND LUX CONNECTED WITH THE KNEE LIFT AS NEBRASKA WENT DOWN! There’s pretty much NO way to not eat shit on that move and Nebraska ATE IT, going motionless to a big gasp from the fans! Lola went for the cover but Cassie made the save, she got shitcanned for her troubles and the Wilde Twins started chasing the big move to put Nebraska away! They put her through the wringer with a series of neckbreakers before hitting a double suplex for a near fall, the twins tried to follow up with their assembly line finish and they hit Nebs with the pair of knees in the corner, but she held onto the top rope when Lux went for the bulldog! Lux fell on her ass and sold it as such while Lola tried to hold onto Nebraska, but the Twin Hearts champ broke free in time to duck another knee that ended up knocking Lola off the apron!

The fans popped hard for the counter and the sister on sister screw up, and after turning around Lux walked into the fireman’s carry! Cassie quickly climbed up the ropes as the Brilliant Pair set up the double flip combo, but in a cool reversal spot Lola slipped free and tried to shove Nebs into Cassie, but Nebs ducked and Big Cass came off the top with a cross body to Lola! Cassie and Nebraska followed up with a DOUBLE Super Kick to Lola and the crowd was going wild thinking Nebs had the pin, but Lux broke it up for a false finish! A freshened up Cassandra tried to get Lux out of there but Cassie got shitcanned instead, Lux tried to cut Nebraska off with a Super Kick but she ducked it, and in an INSANE moment that came out of nowhere Nebraska lifted Lux upside down AND CASSIE SPRINGED IN TO SPIKE HER WITH THE MELTZER DRIVER! Big road warrior pop for the move that led the Brilliant Pair to ruin so many times while they were coming up on their journey, Lux was donezo after getting spiked and Nebs and Cass played to the crowd before setting (the legal woman) Lola up for another Meltzer Driver – but Lola slipped behind Nebraska and shoved her into Cassie, knocking Cass down to the floor! The crowd groaned as the Brilliant Pair suffered a bad screw up of their own and Lola charged in to take advantage, but Nebraska sent her up and over the top rope to the floor below, and when Lola got up Nebs wiped her out with the Fosbury Flop!

All four women were laid out at ringside and the fans were going wild after that big dive, cheering the action as the referee started counting both teams out! Nebraska and Cassie rolled Lola back into the ring and made the tag official before Nebs went for her springboard moonsault – but Lola blocked it with her knees! Cassie came off the top rope next with a 450 splash – but Lola rolled out of the way! That series of counters from the former champ had the fans groaning and getting worried as the Brilliant Pair’s momentum completely stopped, quickly going from great to bad to worse when Cassie got up in the corner and got smashed by a step up knee from Lux! Lux followed up with the bulldog and Lola came off the top rope with a frog splash for the cover to get back in title contention…!




Nebraska made the save in a great false finish and the crowd went wild! A screaming mad Lux tried to shitcan Nebraska but Nebs got the reversal and sent her out of the ring instead, but when Nebraska turned around Lola caught her with a Super Kick! The fans booed when Lola Wilde made a rude gesture at Nebraska after decking her, and the former champ responded by giving the crowd a rude gesture of their own! Looking to finally finish this Lola pulled Cassie to her feet and set her up for the straightjacket neckbreaker, but Big Cass struggled to fight out of the hold and she wound up flipping over Lola’s back! Cassie doubled Lola over with a short Super Kick to the gut and the crowd roared as she went for the Cassandrian Destroyer – but Lola countered with a back drop and Cassie countered THAT with a sunset flip attempt! Lola teetered and tottered trying to stay on her feet and it looked like she was going down, but she grabbed onto the referee’s shirt to stay standing! Lola held on to the ref and the man in stripes couldn’t get her to let go, but it looked like Nebraska was going to take care of that as she loaded up a Super Kick –

BUT LOLA PULLED THE REF IN THE WAY TO TAKE THE KICK! The fans erupted as Nebraska cleaned the dude’s clock and Lola finally went down in the sunset flip, but there was no ref to count the pin AND LUX WILDE BLASTED NEBRASKA WITH ONE OF THE BELTS! NEBRASKA WENT DOWN HARD AND LUX DOVE INTO CASSIE NEXT, SMASHING THE SIDE OF HER HEAD WITH THE TITLE! Jones and Rial were completely laid out after that attack and the crowd was white hot with shock and anger as Lux ditched the title and dragged Cassie off the mat, flipping her upside down for a tombstone driver! Lola rolled out to the apron and the fans knew they were trying to add insult to injury by beating the Brilliant Pair with the Meltzer Driver –





  • The Brilliant Pair def. Double Trouble in 16:27!!

BIG POP BIG CHEERS from the fans in San Antonio as Rachel Langley made the save for the Brilliant Pair, stopping Lux and Lola from blatantly stealing this one! The crowd was going wild in a kind of funny moment as Rachel (the only woman standing at the end of the match) was left alone to fire up and celebrate while they waited for the champs to come to. Nebraska and Cassie looked the worse for wear after that intense battle but they pieced together what happened and figured out that they didn’t lose, Nebs gave her best friend from Colorado a big hug, and in a nice moment playing on their past issues Cassie offered Rachel a fist bump as thanks for saving her bacon. The trio stood tall in the ring with Nebraska’s arms around the two shorter girls while Lux and Lola collected themselves on the outside, backing away in a bad bad no good foul mood as they threatened to get Rachel back for this!

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Non Title Main Event
Bella Quinn vs. Monica Applegate

While the Lioness of Wrestling championship wasn’t on the line this main event had plenty for the fans to be excited about, with former SPARTA champion and Texas native Monica Applegate competing in her highest profile singles match in the arena that her success as a fighter helped build. Tradition was followed with the less experienced Applegate walking out first, getting a BIG pop from the fans in San Antonio for her first solo main event as a professional wrestler. Monica has the look, the talent, and the superstar quality to become a huge deal for Wild Hearts if she makes the switch from MMA full time, and if anyone was going to test the 23 year old in that role it was going to be the company’s top heel and champion Bella Quinn. The crowd erupted in boos when Bella’s music hit and the Glaswegian Gladiatrix walked with a smug look on her face, raising the Lioness of Wrestling title up on the stage for all to see. Bella has done a lot over the last few years to piss the fans off and her repeated disrespect of former friend Sylvia Wrath was especially effective here in Texas, that was part of the back story of this match with Monica looking to make Bella pay for her words, while Bella for sure wanted to avenge a disappointing loss in her lone previous match with Monica over a year ago.

They got things started with a proper feeling out process and the theme was Bella relying on her squared circle experience to counter Monica’s physical advantages. It was a lot of classic chain wrestling from the Gladiatrix while the former Sparta champ was doing more shoot-style, submission based grappling, creating an interesting styles clash with Bella using her veteran wits to try and dictate the exchange. The fans were mostly just watching it unfold but they were smart enough to cheer when Monica tried to lock something in, and if Bella couldn’t counter out of it she got to the ropes and did some walking and talking before getting things going again. There was a game of one-upmanship going with both the experienced champ and the competitive rising star trying to assert some form of dominance, and while it started off subtle with stuff like delaying rope breaks it got more obvious and aggressive until the match finally broke down into a fight. Exchanging forearms with the former SPARTA champion turned out to be a bad idea for Bella because Monica had a hot Texas crowd behind her and she was going to get her babyface shine. Monica got the better of Bella and beat her up a bit before the Scottish star dodged a big knockout strike, Bella tried to fight back only to quickly get out struck by the Texan, and they repeated the process a few times to build anticipation for Applegate finally landing that one big spectacular strike.

There was an apparent cutoff when the Lioness of Wrestling champ stunned Applegate with a headbutt and started teeing off on her, working her over in the ropes and ignoring the referee calling for a break. The fans booed when Bella Quinn kept kneeing Monica while the ref counted and she only broke when she finally had to, putting her hands up for a few seconds as if she was going to give Monica a break, but she went for an Irish whip before Monica could get off of the ropes. But in a run little sequence Applegate reversed the whip and Bella tried to hit a Sling Blade coming back off the ropes, but she ducked it (1) and hit the ropes herself, and when Bella turned back around Monica took her down with Thesz press and started pounding on her! The crowd went wild for the familiar Stone Cold spot as the Wild Tiger Fight Team star used an actual mount to keep Bella pinned down, landing some good shots while the champ desperately tried to get out from under her, and as soon as Bella gave up her back trying to get up Monica snatched on the choke! The sold out crowd was cheering as Monica sunk in the hooks and it felt like this might’ve been another one of those 4:50-4:59 finishes for Monica Applegate, but Bella managed to turn and roll with her until they got tangled up in the ropes!

Monica took a three or four count to break the choke (unsurprisingly the audience didn’t mind her doing it) and the Gladiatrix quickly rolled out of the ring to get some separation, but the 23 year old followed right behind her and ruined her life with a big knee to the body! Applegate picked up where she left off outside the ring, lighting Bella up with strikes and just giving her a hard time. Monica slammed Bella’s face into things and at one point teep kicked her into the guardrails, making for a great spot with the fans behind Bella both popping and cringing when Applegate chopped up her chest with some seriously stiff kicks. Eventually Applegate positioned her British opponent half way in and out of the ring where she could hammer Bella with knees to the face, and after playing to the crowd she spiked Bella with a nasty looking bicycle axe kick to a big pop! The fans cheered as the champion’s head bounced up and down and the blonde former babysitter was about to really spike her with a hanging DDT on the floor, but Bella crawled out of the ring and tackled Monica into the barricade to save herself! Bella held onto Monica’s tights to drive her back into the security railing again, and the crowd booed when Bella started hitting Monica with body shots. After cutting off Monica’s momentum the cagey Lioness of Wrestling screamed at the crowd and tried to take Monica down with a suplex on the floor, but the bigger woman blocked it, scooped her upside down, and slammed her down instead to a big pop from the crowd!

Bella Quinn writhed in pain after getting dropped hard on the Coliseum floor and her young opponent posed over her, playing to the fans before picking her up and rolling her back into the ring. We got more of Monica commanding the early minutes of the contest with the crowd cheering her on, preventing the experienced vet from getting much of any offense going and knocking her around the ring with hard strikes. At one point Bella tried to counter a whip to the ropes with a Sling Blade but Monica countered it (2) into a cool looking STO-backbreaker thing, getting a pop from the crowd and a two count from a cover. Applegate locked in a crossface hold and stretched the champ until she got her ankle on the bottom rope to force a break, and the Red River Dojo trained wrestler might’ve broken the hold but she did not give Bella any separation, dragging her to her feet before planting her back in the middle of the ring with a headlock takedown! The fans chanted Monica’s name and she totally mugged for the camera while holding onto the headlock, grinding away both at Bella’s skull and her spirit by dominating this main event. When Bella got back on her feet she forearmed Monica in the ribs before tying to shoot her off the ropes, but Monica held on and slid on her knee to take the Brit back down. It was that old school headlock spot with the champ going for the shoot-off the ropes escape, but Applegate kept holding onto her and taking her back down. The fans were anticipating the reversal so they cheered when Monica held on, applauding her like she was a home team maintaining the lead in a game.

They did the spot on three sides of the ring but when they went to the fourth side Bella just stepped through the ropes, pretty much conceding the point if this was being judged to Applegate as the crowd groaned. As soon as she let go of the headlock (with an eye roll) Bella hopped out of the ring to some boos, the champ was rubbing her face after being stuck in the hold for so long but Monica didn’t give her much time to recover before going out after her, and we got the ring around the rosie spot with Monica chasing Bella around! Bella got back inside first and of course she caught Monica following behind her, dropping knees on the 23 year old before just grabbing her blonde hair and beating on her like a drum! The fans booed as the Glaswegian Gladiatrix got into a shouting match with the referee before trying to whip Monica off the ropes, but in a fast sequence Monica reversed the whip and tried to catch Bella with a spinning kick, but she ducked it before hitting the ropes again and rolling Monica up with a cazadora, but instead of going for the pin she jumped up to hit a double stomp! The reversal got a big groan from the crowd and Bella wasted no time going for the follow up, whipping Applegate off the ropes and finally catching her with a Sling Blade (3)! Bella slammed Monica down and rushed back to her feet to get up first and deliver a sick soccer kick to the Texan’s ribs! Monica rolled away to the ropes groaning and writhing in pain as the crowd booed, and in something like that Ultimo Guerrero spot Bella Quinn knocked Monica down to the outside floor with a sliding dropkick!

The tables had finally turned in the Lioness Cup and Lioness of Wrestling winner’s favor, and we finally got the start of the heat segment a full ten minutes into the main event. Bella followed her opponent out of the ring and started working Monica over with offense focused around the ribs, softening Monica up for the eventual slingshot double stomp that has put away so many of Bella’s rivals over the past year. In a cool hope spot Applegate knocked Bella to the floor with a trademark WTFT teep kick and the champ started crawling backwards, acting like she was begging off and cowering away only to set Monica up for a drop toe hold onto the ring steps, and the fans groaned as she took a nasty spill onto the steps with her midsection taking the impact! Bella Quinn continued wearing her down in the ring with a whole lot of stomping and soccer kicking, barely letting her breathe. Bella kept stomping even when Applegate crawled into a corner and then she really didn’t let her breath, choking her with a boot to the throat to big boos from the crowd. At one point Applegate grabbed onto the champion’s foot in an attempt to lock in a heel hook or something but Bella grabbed onto the ropes, and when the ref made Monica break the hold Bella started stomping on her again. We got the body scissors/triangle spot for a few minutes as Bella put the squeeze on Monica, they traded pin attempts back and forth and Monica dug her elbows into Bella’s knees, getting the vet’s elbow jammed into her spine as a receipt. With the crowd rallying behind her Applegate tired to fire up and get out of the hold, leading to a big pop when she finally turned over and started dropping forearms on Bella’s face!

The sold out crowd cheered as the former fighting champion hammered Bella with elbows until she opened up the body scissors, and with two handfuls of hair Monica viciously dragged Bella off the canvas and started kneeing her in the face! After getting a warning Applegate let go and landed one last knee strike, sending the Gladiatrix stumbling back into a corner on jelly legs! Monica fired up for the cheering crowd before charging across the ring for something, but Bella moved out of the way and she crashed into the turnbuckles! Bella teed off with toe kicks to take the wind out of Applegate’s sails before whipping her across the ring, but when Bella tried to run into Monica with something Monica stopped her with a boot to the face – before dropping her with a big kick to the head! The crowd roared as the champ went down, popping back up to her feet just to get knocked down the other way! The repeated head kicks had Bella dazed and scrambling and Applegate went on the attack, dropping her again with a straight right hand to the face! Monica went to town with stomps and soccer kicks as the fans went wild, and when Bella tried to turtle up Monica just dead lifted her into a gut wrench powerbomb! That alone would’ve been cool enough but the rising star rolled Bella over onto her knees and blasted her with a big knee lift, and after giving the crowd a roar Monica laid Bella out again with a bicycle kick! The fans were feeling the upset coming as the 23 year old pulled the champ’s limp body up and signaled for the finish before lifting her for a Northern Lights Bomb, but in a big reversal Bella slipped behind Monica and took her down with an O’Connor roll – pulling on her tights for extra leverage…!






The booing crowd erupted with a big pop when the former SPARTA champ pulled Bella down into a rear naked choke attempt, wrapping her up nice and tight in the middle of the ring! Bella tried to roll to the ropes like she did earlier in the match, but when she went flat on her stomach Monica postured up and pounded her with punches to the head, softening her up before turning her over and to go for the RNC again! With the San Antonio crowd chanting Monica’s name Bella tried to roll the other way only to suffer the same fate, and it was looking bad for the Brit as she lost the hand fighting game with Applegate and got locked in the choke…!

But in a big counter the Lioness of Wrestling champion slipped out of Monica’s hooks and rolled on top of her for a pin…!




Monica kicked out before getting caught in a three count! While Bella rolled backwards into a kneeling position the former Sparta Champ scrambled to her feet, and in a real quick draw moment Applegate stepped in for something only to take a headbutt straight into her torso! Big groans from the live audience as Monica doubled over in pain, the earlier work on her ribs was paying off for the Gladiatrix like “money in the bank,” and with Monica unable to defend herself Bella unloaded a series of forearms to the side of her face! Bella Quinn chipped away angrily before reeling back and headbutting Monica on the jaw with a Glasgow Kiss, bouncing her off the ropes with it before scooping her sideways for a rib-breaker! Bella dropped the Texan over her knee and followed up with a double stomp before heading over to a corner, climbing up to the top rope to go old school with a Moonsault in an awesome sequence…!

BUT MONICA TUCKED IN HER KNEES TO BLOCK IT! The crowd went wild as Bella rolled away in pain clutching at her own ribs after a big time counter by the home state girl, but the momentum was still growing for Bella despite the pain and she tried to catch Applegate with a Sling Blade or something – but Applegate countered with an exploder suplex INTO THE TURNBUCKLES! Big pop as Bella Quinn took a nasty spill in the ropes, getting tangled and laid out for the main event double down spot! The fans in the Spartan Coliseum counted with the referee as both wrestlers struggled to get back on their feet, really feeling the wear and tear of this long match taking its toll…!

But they both beat the count at nine to cheers from the crowd! Monica Applegate tried to fire up for the fans but the surly Scotswoman cut her off with a forearm to the face, but the WTFT/RRD prodigy hit back with one of her own and we got the big strike exchange with the crowd going YAY and BOO! Both women were just trying to prove their toughness as they traded forearms in the middle of the squared circle, throwing all strategy and their sense of self preservation out the window! Applegate started rocking her opponent first and the European vet recovered with a knee to the body, cutting her off and getting a lot of boos by slapping her face and talking trash – until Monica shut Bella up with a stiff right hand! The fans cheered as Monica fought back with punches, tagging the champ a few times until she ducked and started digging in with body shots! The momentum shifted back again with the fans groaning and booing as Bella teed Monica up for a goodnight Glasgow Kiss…!


  • Monica Applegate def. Bella Quinn in 26:13 of the main event!

BIG MATCH MONICA JUST BEAT THE LIONESS OF WRESTLING CHAMPION DEFINITIVELY AND THESE FANS IN TEXAS WERE GOING ABSOLUTELY WILD! This was an even more surprising than when Applegate beat Bella the first time and it sounded like the crowd couldn’t believe that it happened just like that, and maybe the only person who wasn’t surprised was Monica herself as she did a fucking Instagram pose with her knee on the defeated Wild Hearts champ! The 23 year old immediately started feeling the pain in her midsection when she stood up and tried walking around, but with one arm around her waist Monica smiled for the crowd when the ref raised her other arm. Monica took a knee and bowed her head to soak in the moment while the fans in the Spartan Coliseum chanted her name, the wrestlers working the phone bank were even applauding her, and this had to be her happiest moment since her last successful title defense in the MMA cage.

It took a while for the Glaswegian Gladiatrix to come to after that finishing sequence, spending some time just lying on the canvas with the Lioness belt in one hand and an ice pack for her jaw in the other, and when she finally got to her feet she tossed the ice and asked for the mic! Bella being thoroughly vanquished meant the fans didn’t feel the need to boo her right away as she started talking to Monica, grudgingly conceding defeat to the younger wrestler with an almost sarcastic “good on ya” thrown on at the end. The Lioness of Wrestling champion said she knew Applegate was good but Bella didn’t know she was THAT good, telling her she made the people of this state proud and “I hate ye now even more than I did before, but ye earned my respect as well.” There was some applause from the tepid crowd for Bella putting Monica over, and things really got interesting when Bella offered her a handshake! Naturally the response from the fans was mixed and people all over the building were telling the 23 year old not to “fall for it,” she asked for the microphone instead of going for the handshake and Monica POPPED the crowd by telling Bella “Ya know honestly I don’t care if you respect me or not because you’re a scumbag!”

The fans howled as Bella put her hand on her hips, looking more bemused than offended as Monica talked about how she didn’t come here to prove anything to anyone. Monica said she doesn’t care if people still see her as a rookie or a prospect because she KNOWS where she ranks among the competition, saying if we have been paying attention to her career then we would’ve seen this coming, and the only question in Monica’s mind was how long it was going to take her to put Bella to sleep! Applegate let the fans cheer for a moment before saying the reason she came to San Antonio was to put on a show for these fans and to lift the people up with a big win, saying she’s going to do it again next month when she and the Wild Tigers take the Alliance out of Wild Hearts for good (big pop), “and then” she told Bella “you and me got a date in Portland for November 18, Twenty Fifth Beat!” The fans roared as Monica officially made her title intentions clear for the next big iPPV, challenging the champion to put the title on the line “and prove to all of us that YOU have what it takes to hang with ME!” The crowd was all in for this as Monica dropped the mic with Bella shouting at her, getting all worked up before extending the hand to make it (unofficially) official…!




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