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PRW Tuesday Night Challenge; Lal Singh Vs. Bubsey The Clown
Topic Started: Jan 16 2018, 07:42 PM (98 Views)
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Middle of the "B-Show" card, coming back off a commercial break. Bubsey with the Jestourage hovering outside the ring near his corner, watched the PRW Tron, looking a bit more vicious then he has before. With his alliance, and copying of JCJ's mentality, the clown had become a darker, more nefarious soul.

<Josh Brunswick>
‘Welcome back, folks, we are set for one on one action here tonight on Tuesday Night Challenge!‘

<Doug Smith>
‘Bubsey is anticipating a Mountain Man member, namely Triple B, after last week antics where he blinded him with his flower's pepper spray.‘

<Josh Brunswick>
‘And won the match. Slapstick has been a steady force of late in the Undercard with only Travis Kim, and Lal Singh having a win over the group.‘

The crowd let out some audible excitement for the coming Rookie Of Rajasthan. Bubsey's eyes went wide as the Jestourage started backing away from his corner. When Lal Singh came out from behind the curtain, a camera cut back to Bubsey, revealing his retreat from the ring. But, he was stopped, him and the Jestourage, by The Mountain Men! Grizzly and Triple B mowed down the Jestourage, forcing Bubsey to return to the ring!

<Josh Brunswick>
‘Bubsey tried to get out of twon, but The Mountain Men block his means of escape!‘

<Doug Smith>
‘Jestourage members litter the outside, Bubsey back in the ring, hand on his posey; we might see some pepper spray if JCJ doesn't interfere!‘

He tried. JCJ attacked Lal from behind. But she wasn't having it! Knocked down to one knee, taking ax handle blows to the back of her head, she, threw a wild haymaker that landed squarely on JCJ's jewels. Her assailant doubled at the crotch, Lal took hold of JCJ by the back of his head and the seat of his pants. Once in terrible motion, she could not be stopped. Lal sent JCJ sailing off the top of the tron and into the sound equipment below with a crash.

The crowd roared approval as commentary gasped in shock.

Making a show of dusting off her hands, Lal swept the crowd with black eyes. The crowd swept her back while cheering. Her rippling leg muscles a phenomenal sight, Lal's "POWER WALK" was a thing to behold. Bubsey, regarding her, seemed to shiver where he stood.

‘The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL (Crowd echoed ONE FALL), contended under PRW Rules. Making her way to the ring from Rajasthan, India, standing at 5'10'', weighing in at 195 Lbs., LAL SINGH!‘

<Doug Smith>
‘Bubsey looks like he's about to have a nervous breakdown!‘

<Josh Brunswick>
‘He's likely wishing he was the caliber of wrestler that Greg Samuel is! That man is the only man to date to stop this woman in her tracks!‘

Bubsey, hand on his attack flower, was approached by the referee, who, pulled the gimmick out from his front pocket, verbally reprimanding him. With out hope, help, ore anywhere to go, Bubsey looked like he was going to feint on his feet. Lal Singh hopped up onto the apron, bypassing the steel steps. She gripped the ropes, tugged back on them, then with a burst of force, leapfrogged the ropes, landing on her feet in the ring. The bell rang shortly there after and things got under way.

They circled, Lal calling for a tie-up, Bubsey coming up to meet her hand only to duck out last second, hopping to the outside. He was chased back in by Triple B. Back in, Lal waited for him, hand raised still for the tie-up.

<Josh Brunswick>
‘Lal Singh, finally cleared for competition. Her Rage bout of late with Greg Samuel had her briefly off the books.‘

<Doug Smith>
‘Still didn't keep her from trying to pick a fight with Wire last night. She's still green and reckless, Brunswick, but the talent can't be ignored.‘

Tied up at last, Lal flung Bubsey to the mat, and paced away with some smooth footwork in the form of back steps. She tossed her braided head, and raised a hand again for Bubsey to meet as he rose. Tentatively, the clown locked up with her yet again.

<Doug Smith>
‘Greg Samuel. That's a force right there. He's officially signed now, and he's made his intentions very clear.‘

<Josh Brunswick>
‘He's after the Undisputed title. And I can say with little doubt that he has a chance. His handling of Lal Singh and her insatiable power is a testament to his ability. He can go straight to the top, and it may not take him very long!‘

On the canvas, Lal was strangling the miserable mime senseless with her legs. Bubsey battled it into a headlock, got it all vertical, then spun into a Hammerlock. Singh, attempted an escape, but found her arm wound up in a tight wristlock. On her toes, Lal found herself being rushed towards the apron by the clown. Bubsey intended to pitch her to the outside.

Instead, Lal jumped up, landing booted feet on the top ropes, getting the pressure off her wrist. Then, she flipped backwards, grabbing Bubsey's wrist on touchdown with the mat, kneeling into a wrist toss that sent the clown rolling.

The crowd let loose verbally.

<Josh Brunswick>
‘Damn! What a move!‘

<Doug Smith>
‘Lal and standing on the tight rope, so to speak, is never good territory for whoever is occupying the space below. Bubsey never had a chance, but this one's over right here!‘

Bubsey stood into a HOOK KICK, spluttered and popped up for a THRUSTING FRONT KICK TO THE CHEST! Managing hands and knees after a moment of dizzy sprawling, Bubsey froze when arms, steely arms, wrapped around his waist. Lal hauled him up onto his feet, and in a short breath snapped him back with a ring shaker of a GERMAN SUPLEX! Looking over her shoulder at a spread eagle Bubsey, Lal looked to the far turnbuckle.

<Doug Smith>
‘She's going up top!‘

<Josh Brunswick>
‘Like Fred Astair, she WALKS ON AIR!!!‘

Eerie grace, she glided along the length of the top rope, pitching sideways and rocking the ring with an ELBOW DROP to Bubsey! She hooked the leg, and the referee slid in to make the count.




<Josh Brunswick>
‘That's the bell! Only man to weather that has been Greg Samuel, as well!‘

<Doug Smith>
‘Not his problem anymore. Wire and Paladin have to resolve that hair trigger now! The Net Title has a TIGER stalking it!‘

‘And your winner by PINFALL VICTORY-LAL SINGH!‘

In the ring with The Mountain Men raising each of her arms, Lal looked hungry and ready for a battle to be joined very soon.

<Josh Brunswick>
‘Don't go away! We got plenty more to come!‘
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