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Frank Cross; The Desperado
Topic Started: Jan 8 2018, 06:04 PM (127 Views)
Posted Image

Name: Frank Cross

Weight: 6 feet 3 inches

Height: 245 pounds

Gender: Male

Billed From: Blue Ridge, Texas

Theme Song: "Desperado" by The Eagles

Base Picture: Karl Anderson

Nicknames: The Desperado

Appearance Description: Entrance: Leather Duster and Leather Cowboy Hat. In ring: Broken in Wrangler Jeans and Cowboy Boots. Sometimes wears his Frank Cross shirt.

Finishers (3 MAX, Consisting of either 2 Impact and 1 Submission OR 2 Submission and 1 Impact):

1. Crossout- Pumphandle Death Valley Driver

2. Desperado Driver- Tiger Driver '98

3. The Big Texas Welcome- Surfboard Dragon Sleeper Combo

Signatures (Try not to go overboard):

1. Lariat from Hell (loves to do this running at full speed)

2. Figure Four Leg Lock

3. Spinning Sleeper Slam

4. Shotgun Dropkick

Other Moves:

1. Terry Special- Jumping Texas Piledriver

2. Deep from the Heart of Texas- Flying Elbow from the Top Rope

3. Spinning Toe Hold

4. The Hangman- Second Rope Hangman's Neck Breaker with opponent on second rope.

5. O'Conner Roll German Suplex

6. Through the Ropes Suicide Dive Forearm

7. Get the Funk Out- Diving Moonsault ala Terry Funk

Side notes:

- Cross is super proud of his Texan roots.

- Cross is a ten year Marine with the 1st Combat Engineer Battalion trained in various hand to hand combat skills. Has a tattoo of the insignia on his arm.

- Cross is one of the nicest men in and outside of the ring.

- Cross looks to emulate his idol, Terry Funk. Does not really do hardcore wrestling and is very technical in the ring, with decent enough speed and a good amount of power from spending his entire youth working on a ranch.

Former Accomplishments:

None Yet
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