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PRW World Wide; Lal Singh & Travis Kim Vs. Slapstick
Topic Started: Dec 30 2017, 04:43 PM (101 Views)
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World Wide, PRW's Saturday morning show started off with the typical, extravagant display of fireworks, hard rock, and a video package highlighting the lower and midcard roster. Familiar music echoed throughout the arena as soon as the fireworks and intro ended.

<Josh Brunswick>
‘Welcome to PRW World Wide, and we're kicking it off with PRW's newest rising star!‘

<Doug Smith>
‘No bull there. Lal Singh has started to make blips on the radar of late!‘

<Josh Brunswick>
‘She's caught the eye of Travis Kim and JCJ specifically, leading to this match-up!‘

<Doug Smith>
‘We kick this morning off with Tag Team ACTION! So don't even think of touching that remote!‘

Lal Singh walked out from behind the curtain, and stood at the top of the ramp, hands on hips, her black eyes sweeping the crowd that swept her back. "Lalberg", "Lethal Legs", and "Walking on Air" signs were becoming more common fixtures in the crowd, but still sparse in comparison to Bane, Mordrad, and Biscuit Owens signs.

‘The following Tag Team contest is scheduled for ONE FALL (The crowd echoed ONE FALL), contended under PRW Rules. Making her way to the ring from Rajasthan, India, standing at 5'10'', weighing in at 195 Lbs., The Rookie from Rajasthan...LAL SINGH!‘

An audible reaction. The crowd was warming to the rookie.

Coming through the curtain to a louder, positive crowd reaction was Travis Kim, stopping next to the Rookie from Rajasthan, Amber then billed him.

‘Introducing her partner, making his way to the ring from Bakersfield, California, standing at 6'4'', weighing in at 260 Lbs., TRAVIS KIM!‘

They started down the ramp together. With rippling leg muscles, Lal’s "POWER WALK", was a thing to behold. She pointed at a sign that bore “Power Walk”, and shouted her gratitude at the fan holding it. Coming to the end of the ramp, and before the apron, Travis Kim rolled in. Lal Singh hopped up onto the apron, gripping the ropes, she tugged back on them, then with a burst of force, leapfrogged the ropes, landing on her feet in the ring.

<Josh Brunswick>
‘Those inky black wells of hers; Lal’s eyes alone, the way she gazes at the crowd with them...it makes me wonder if that is what really makes her stick in the minds and hearts of the PRW Universe.‘

<Doug Smith>
‘I’d argue it’s those stalks she’s walking around on; our PRW X-Division champion tweeted about them, calling them Jackhammers.‘

<Josh Brunswick>
‘Good description from Owens, those things are lethal!‘

Going to their corner, huddling for planning, My Hero faded to silence, and new music replaced it, along with a loud negative outburst from the arena occupants.

Coming out in morbid looking clown make-up as well as crossed over ring attire, JCJ and Bubsey stood at the top of the ramp until an entourage of clown men and women (five in all, three women, two men) took up behind them.

‘And their opponents, accompanied by the “Jestourage”, Making their way to the ring from the “Circus of Horrors”, at a combined weight of 293 Lbs., SlAPSTICK!‘

Making their way down, Kim watched the Jestourage closely while Singh stared her peeps through both men of Slapstick.

<Josh Brunswick>
‘With a win over The Mountain Men, and another successful victory over John Smith PHD and Bek Teutem, Slapstick was born, and started this spree with an attack on Lal Singh a little over a week ago.‘

<Doug Smith>
‘Lal has murder in her eyes for JCJ, but Kim’s being smart and keeping half an eye on the Jestourage, Slapstick’s main source of victory. He’s the brains to Lal’s brute force in this pairing.‘

<Josh Brunswick>
‘Hopefully, they can put a stop to Slapstick and their numerical superiority tonight.‘

In their corner, Slapstick and its gaggle plotted briefly before the bell rang. Lal led her team, causing JCJ, who was going to lead his team to immediately tag in Bubsey The Clown. The crowd predictably booed him as Lal’s face bore a soured expression. With a sneer, she locked up with Bubsey. Bubsey went right for the hair, tugging Lal’s head back to gain some traction in their test of strength, but earning a rebuke from the referee.

The two broke away as the official went over some particulars with Bubsey, then the two met in the center of the ring for another tie-up that Bubsey ended with a headbutt to the bridge of Lal’s nose, then a rake to her eyes. Lal recoiled, and dropped to one knee, face in her hands as the referee reprimanded Bubsey again. Once given the all clear, Bubsey went to work on the recovering Lal, aiming a stomp into her left shoulder, then another between her shoulder blades, putting the rookie prone on her side. Bubsey then started a ground assault of stomps to Lal’s legs.

<Doug Smith>
‘Attacking Singh’s source of power. Bubsey’s thinking his tactics through.‘

Dragging Lal up, Bubsey pitched her into the ropes, and ducked down for the Back Body Drop, but Lal aired him with a leapfrog and bounced off the ropes behind him. Lal was on top of him before he had a chance to straighten himself out, wrapping steely arms around his waist. Then she made the ring shake with a massive, snappy GERMAN SUPLEX!

Lal hooked the leg, going for a cover, The referee sliding in to make the count. One, Two slaps to the mat, and one of the Jestourage tugged at Lal’s leg, interrupting the cover, and the ref’s count.

<Josh Brunswick>
‘Official frustrated with the Jestourage, warning them about impending ejection from ringside. Doug, CC17 has seen some major developments emerge at its conclusion. Mordrad and his ilk silent, perhaps in cloister after losing the Internet Title. Paladin and Wire joining forces. The disappearance of John Bane, and Alexander Owens hospitalized. The pervading feelings is that PRW is working in a vacuum of talent, leading to an open, polarized playing field for the rookies on the roster. What’s your thoughts?‘

Vertical, Lal went for the whip, but Bubsey countered, tossing her into the ropes. In turn, Lal countered with a leaping shoulder block, flooring the clown.

<Doug Smith>
‘Less a vacuum, and more of a fall-out, Josh. Wire wasn’t wrong last night on that talk show. And Paladin isn’t either on the microphone here. PRW has used extreme elements in a highly competitive environment to rake in the cash, as well as nightly viewership. The repercussions of which is a battlefield littered with more corpses than standing victors. It’s almost Pyrrhic in PRW these days.‘

Side headlock applied, Lal proceeded to squeeze life out of the vapid clown until he managed to lift her enough for a sideways snap.

<Josh Brunswick>
‘Well said, Doug, hard to argue that. Nice Side Suplex from Bubsey, and he tags in JCJ.‘

Jackal laid in some kicks and stomps to the recovering Lal, keeping her crouched over for a front facelock. Lal’s re-post was to lift Jackal up off his feet, and then she rammed him against the turnbuckle pads. Elbow Strikes to the collar bone followed, drawing a chorus of appreciation from the arena occupants as the referee counted her. Stepping away, but hooking Bubsey's head, Lal delivered a snapmare to Jackal, landing him in a seated position.

Kneeling, Lal headlocked Jackal, and with her free arm drove some more Elbow Strikes into his collar bone. Jackal’s counter was extending a thumb on his left hand, and stabbing up over his shoulder. With a cry, Lal flopped sideways, a hand held to her right eye as she kicked the mat. The official was furious, getting in JCJ’s face, only to be ignored, as he went and tagged in the clown.

<Doug Smith>
‘A dirty move, but an educated one. Put Lal off his back long enough to tag in Bubsey.‘

<Josh Brunswick>
‘Right, but despicable, JCJ hasn’t played fair in months, even when he and Travis Kim were knocking down wins together, he chose to play dishonorable tactics.‘

Kim called out to his partner, even as Bubsey dragged her into their corner after some brutal clubbing, cutting the ring in half. Tagging in JCJ, Bubsey and Jackal nailed Lal with a Double Suplex, Jackal covering for a quick two before Lal kicked out. Jackal tagged Bubsey back in, and the two rained down elbows on the rookie until Jackal was forced to leave.

Bubsey taunted the crowd before leaning over his grounded foe, but the pause proved unfortunate for him, as it gave Lal enough time to get her head clear. She pivoted on the mat, hips, legs, and vertebrae working in poetic unison. The crowd vocalized awe, and winced at the echo of impact made by the BHAKTI KICK ringing Bubsey’s forehead.

Flopping down on his rear end, Bubsey shook his head and went to rise. Halfway up, he went right back down courtesy of Lal and a second BHAKTI KICK, this one delivered from a standing position, colliding upside his head. Hand to her right eye, blood leaked from the eye lid. With gritted teeth, instead of continuing the attack, or going for a cover in the enemy corner, Lal went for a tag to her partner, and was tripped, then dragged to the outside by three of the Jestourage.

All five of the painted assailants clubbed and kicked at Lal, curling her into a ball on the outside. The official had seen enough, and ejected the group by verbal order as they rolled Lal back into the ring, then lingered. As the referee argued with them, and security came out, Bubsey and Jackal took some liberties. Brutal ones.

<Josh Brunswick>
‘Double Underhook Drop. Double Elbow Drop. Kim’s had enough and is entering the ring.‘

<Doug Smith>
‘Referee is blocking him, and trying to restore order; and in classic form, Slapstick is taking advantage of the ref’s back being turned!‘

The referee returned to Slapstick after getting an incredulous Travis Kim back on the apron and behind the ropes, in time to see them hit Lal with their worst. Bubsey lifted Lal at the knees up into the air,, and fell backwards, JCJ leaped into the air, and dropped down on his butt with Lal’s forehead pressed to the top of his head.

The move was called the PRATFALL. Their double team finish. Bubsey covered, and the ref dropped down, Jackal took a clothesline to stall Kim on entry. The inevitable was three. The incredible was the kickout at two.

The crowd stood as Lal’s arm trembled in the air for all to see. She’d been battered, beaten, and brutalized, but still kicked out. That was something.

<Doug Smith>
‘First person to kick out of the Pratfall...never mind the fact that it has only finished two people off, but still, a maneuver that cruel is hard to shake no matter who you are!‘

<Josh Brunswick>
‘Built like a brick house, Lal’s intestinal fortitude must be of steel cabling to take a thrashing like this and keep coming back for more!‘

As Bubsey stood off the cover in disbelief, JCJ cried foul from their corner, holding his head from the clothesline he’d walked away from. Hauling Lal up, the clown sent her into the corner with a whip, and ran at her headlong. The THRUSTING FRONT KICK TO THE CHEST sent him down to the mat with a cheer rising from the seats. Bubsey wobbled up in a blink, gasping for air, then went right down again courtesy of a HOOK KICK from the rookie. Bouncing back up, Bubsey folded at the middle when Lal buried a toe kick, lifting him up off the mat. When his feet touched down, Lal hooked his head and drove him headfirst into the mat with a razor sharp, razor clean SNAP DDT.

Rubbing blood out of her right eye, Lal made like she was going for the tag, only to charge Jackal, sending him flying onto the barricade from the apron with a RUNNING DROPKICK! The crowd was all in, fully invested now, encouraging the rookie to keep going. And she does. Hovering over Bubsey, she wrapped her arms about his waist when he got to knees and elbows, hauled him into a standing position, then hauled him back for another ring shaker of a GERMAN SUPLEX!

<Doug Smith>
‘The arms just hold; that was all leg work, folks! Lal’s legs are some of the powerfullest I’ve ever seen!‘

Spent, and sweaty, and bruised up, Lal stumbled into the tag. The crowd offered up more verbal support as Travis Kim steamrolled Bubsey with a clothesline, then took to the air with a Suicide Flying Bodypress to Jackal on the outside. Lal cleared her head, and went up on the turnbuckle, measuring each step out onto the top rope like precious resource. Her eerie grace took her into a sideways dive onto Bubsey, landing an ELBOW DROP that made the ring quake and the crowd burst.

She rolled out, Kim rolled in picking the limp clown up, and positioning him. He smiled at the crowd before delivering a beautiful execution of his finisher, THE VARSITY BLUES. He mounted a LATERAL PRESS and the referee slid in.





Official raising both their hands, Kim and Singh hugged afterwards, then left the ring for the ramp. Singh clearly looked battle worn. Dotted in purple bruises and red welts, eye still leaking blood, and a slumped posture told the story of what she’d been put through in a very short span of time. But the smile on her face told only one thing. Her satisfaction at winning, paying JCJ back for his cheap attack from over a week ago.

<Josh Brunswick>
‘Don’t go away, we’ll be back in a moment!‘
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