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Louder Than Words; An interview...sorta
Topic Started: Dec 9 2017, 10:35 AM (89 Views)
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Stacy Cornbread waited back stage for the Rookie from Rajasthan to come through the curtain. When she did, Cornbread stepped up spoke into the microphone she held in hand. Well attempted anyway. Lal Singh, eyes straight ahead, brushed right passed the interviewer, causing her to wince when their shoulders connected. The Indian wrestler was like colliding with a steel filing cabinet.

Chasing after her, Cornbread not only spoke into her microphone, but raised her voice considerably as to get the towering woman's attention.

<Stacy Cornbread>
‘Ms. Singh! Ms. Singh! Could I have a word?!‘

Lal did not turn, she just stopped suddenly. Cornbread crashed into her back before falling to the floor. Camera on her, Cornbread scrambled for the microphone only to find Lal stooped down, holding the device out to her. Taking the microphone, Cornbread then took an offered empty hand from Lal, who hoisted her up fast with one arm.

Composing while Singh seemed to loom over her, Cornbread resumed.

<Stacy Cornbread>
‘Ms. Singh, you just debuted here in PRW and scored your first victory in just short of two minutes, could I have word?‘

Ever so slowly, Lal nodded, looked off camera and motioned for someone. Moments later, a technician, looking not just a little confused and intimidated, walked up to Lal. The muscly woman wrestler snagged a pen from his front pocket, turned to Stacy Cornbread, and smiled expectantly at her.

A moment of awkward silence followed where Lal Singh simply smiled at Cornbread, and Cornbread traced Lal Singh's face, searching for meaning to what had caused this simple situation to devolve into confusion. Noting the pen in Lal's hand, Cornbread blinked, then produced a handkerchief from the breast pocket of her jacket, offering it to Lal, who, happily took it and began writing. Then, with the smile still on her face, Lal Singh handed the handkerchief back to a flummoxed Cornbread.

Lal Singh then wrapped her steely arms around Cornbread, giving her a big hug, and a pat on the shoulder, a thumbs up followed for good measure before she stalked off. Blinking, Cornbread turned to the camera and held out her handkerchief to it and the viewers.

It bore, generously two words. One name.

-Lal Singh-

Stacy Cornbread laughed as the broadcast returned to the ring.
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