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2017 Wild Clash Tour Results
Topic Started: Nov 6 2017, 08:57 PM (200 Views)
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Wild Clash Tour Update
August 15, 2017
Taipei Arena, Taipei, Taiwan
Attendance: 12,885

The newly uploaded video from Wild Hearts opens with play-by-play ace and occasional host/emcee Sterling Hawkwind sitting at a desk in a nice studio overlooking the nighttime Taipei City skyline, welcoming the viewers to the FIRST edition of the Wild Clash Tour Update! Sterling covers all the time zone bases as he greets the viewers tuning in from around the world to their one stop destination for results, news, highlights, and interviews from each and every show on the six-city 2017 Wild Clash Tour, and with seven contests including a Hunan TV Title match in the books he wastes little time before getting down to business. Hawkwind disappears into a voiceover narration as the footage starts rolling, showing fans packing into a "sold out" Taipei Arena excited to finally see the stars and the action of Wild Hearts live and in person. Despite essentially being an untelevised house show there was a big stage for the entrances set up to give the audience the full pro wrestling experience, and from a sizzle reel of highlights and crowd chants and reactions it sounds like everyone had a lot of fun.

Alex Mesa, Julie Chan vs. Bella Quinn, Jesminder Kanal

Instead of going in order from the beginning of the card our coverage actually begins with a recap of the juicy main event tag team match featuring the four women headlining the two stadium shows in Changsha and Guangzhou! On September first in the Hunan capital Bella Quinn will defend her newly won Lioness of Wrestling championship against perhaps her second biggest rival, the best friend of the woman whose title she took at 24thBeat, while on September third in the massive Tianhe Stadium Julie Chan and Jesminder Kanal may finally settle their rivalry in a main event match that can only be won by a five count pin fall! This was the main event tonight and all four wrestlers got their own individual entrances, and it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Jesminder Kanal got even more boos from the Taiwanese fans than Bella Quinn did, and according to Sterling the crowd in the arena kept singing the chant from Tarzan Boy for a full three minutes before the match finally got underway.

As we watch about two to three minutes worth of footage Sterling Hawkwind describes the match as a hard hitting, back and forth grudge match where neither team could hold the advantage for too long of a time, saying all four women’s toughness was tested as everyone found themselves isolated at one point and fighting to mount a comeback or press towards a finish. From the highlights it looks like this was a grueling contest with everyone mixing it up with each other and getting their shit in, working hard to impress the local fans. In one of the turnaround spots Bella sat Julie down with a snapmare and hit her with a weak penalty kick to massive boos, preening like a twit while Julie got up behind her, and when Bella turned around Julie dropped her with a Glasgow Kiss to a road warrior pop! Julie went for a PK of her own but Bella laid back to dodge it, getting up quick as Julie hit the ropes to try and catch her with a Sling Blade, but Julie ducked it and nailed Bella with a Pele Kick to another loud massive pop from the fans!

One of the highlights of the highlights has to be Jess going full Bossminder on the babyfaces by hitting something like ten suplexes in a row on Alex and Julie, and we almost got a tandem German/Uranage combo from Jess and Bella to cap it off, but Julie and Alex (respectively) fought out and hit a superman punch (Alex to Bella) and a jumping high kick (Julie to Jess) for a double down! The home stretch finally came down to Julie Chan and Bella Quinn with the Glaswegian Gladiatrix seemingly about to notch another victory with her slingshot double stomp, but Alex climbed up on the opposite side of the ropes to hold Bella while Julie rolled out of the way, clearing room for Alex to take Bella down with a super divorce court arm breaker! Alex got the tag from Julie and she chased after Bella’s injured arm until she got the armbar locked in, and with Julie cutting Jess off from making the save Bella was forced to submit to a massive roar from the crowd!

  • Alex Mesa, Julie Chan def. Bella Quinn, Jesminder Kanal – 19:40 (Alex submits Bella, armbar)

We see Julie and Alex celebrate together in the ring while Jess stormed out of town, leaving the Lioness of Wrestling champion to cradle the belt with her good arm while Mesa gave her the old “the belt’s going around my waist next” hand sign. From there the editing takes us to Alex and Julie backstage in front of a Wild Clash Tour banner (which has a very fancy map with stars and dates over the tour stops) with Jessica Phan for the post match interview, and the victorious Alex Mesa was supremely hyped up after getting the submission from Bella Quinn. Alex called this one of the greatest nights of her career and thanked the people of Taiwan for turning out and being awesome, she called Julie an awesome dance partner and called Jess an idiot (!) for breaking up the J-Hawks, and she promised the fans in Hong Kong that they are going to fight their hardest to go 2 and 0 tomorrow night! But of course Alex knows on September first there will be no partners or second chances, it’ll just be her and Bella for the Lioness of Wrestling championship and Mesa knows this may be the only crack she ever gets at the title. She doesn’t know what 30,000 people cheering for her sounds like but she hopes to find when she goes to Changsha, because Alex said she’s going to do everything in her power to make Bella’s reign of terror as short as possible.

Hunan TV Title Match

After fighting to a time limit draw in San Francisco champion Valencia Del Rey and career rival Suzy Conrad met for the title again in Taipei, and as we get a quick montage of action from the match Sterling Hawkwind explains that it was another barn burner like we’ve come to expect from the Stockton native’s championship run. VDR has been Hunan TV champion for a while now and the fans were excited to see her do her thing, giving her a “VDR” chant while they booed the ornery Oklahoman like crazy. The highlights paint the picture of a very physical, high intensity match that was heavy on the brawling but light on the bumps, saving those for the finishing stretch which of course came in the eighth and ninth minutes of the ten minute time limit. Just like at 24thBeat the story here was that Suzy Conrad was starting to pull away near the end, she got close to pinning Valencia with an Oklahoma Stampede in a false finish with about 15 seconds left, but once again VDR stalled Suzy long enough to escape with her title as the fans applauded her effort.

  • Valencia Del Rey [c] vs. Suzy Conrad for the Hunan TV Title goes to a draw – 10:00

Suzy threw another temper tantrum after failing to dethrone her former Smash Sister for a third time, she nearly put her hands on the referee but then thought better of it and went back after Val, but Del Rey caught her with a big spinebuster to a roar from the crowd! VDR mounted Suzy and got some ground and pound action on her before the security staff for the evening pulled her away, allowing Conrad to slip out of the ring and back up the ramp licking her wounds, still yelling at Valencia that she’s taking the Hunan Title eventually. Suzy Conrad stormed backstage in a super foul mood and stopped in front of the Wild Clash Tour banner to cut a promo on VDR, calling Val lucky for getting saved by the bell because “the jetlag” was slowing her down before warning the champ that her luck is about to run out. Suzy claimed that she was “this close” to winning the title again and accused Val of running out the clock like a coward, claiming that’s the only way VDR can cling onto the belt when a real woman like Suzy Conrad is gunning for her, and Suzy announced that she is entering the Wild Clash Grand Prix to get another shot at the Hunan TV title, warning there’ll be no time limit to save Valencia if they meet in the tournament!

Jessica Phan caught up with the champion backstage and Val was way fired up, telling Suzy Conrad to keep talking all she wants because “CAN’T NOBODY BEAT ME IN TEN MINUTES!” Drawing a line between herself and the previous champion Valencia talked about how she always fights to the end of the match, claiming she has never and she will never try to run out the clock to retain the title, and if you can’t beat her then it’s because you’re just not good enough. VDR said there’s only ONE way that Suzy or anyone else is taking this title from her, (outside of straight up stealing it) meet her in the finals of the Wild Clash Grand Prix where the title will be on the line with NO time limit, and if Suzy STILL can’t beat her then Val thinks she doesn’t deserve another chance, explaining “I moved on from you once and I’m ready to do it again!”

Wild Tiger Fight Team vs. The Alliance

The wild and out of control feud between the Tigers and the Alliance continued in Taiwan with Gemma, Meiko, and Delilah taking on Alice, Theressa, and Marissa in the semi-final contest of the evening. Unlike their tornado match at 24thBeat tags and rules were strictly enforced in this one, but the referee still had a hell of time controlling things as these six dangerous competitors did just about everything they could get away with. All three Wild Tigers got shine offense on Alice and Marissa before the Dutch Destroyer got tagged in, Theressa showed off her power by tossing all the Tigers around until they finally attacked her all at once, and of course the match broke down from there with everyone getting involved. There was a big long brawl inside and outside the ring and rival team leaders Gemma and Alice even went out into the crowd, giving the fans in Taipei a very up-close look at the action.

Occasionally the wrestling spilled back into the ring to stop the count-out time and various pairs of opponents got to run through spots together, like the tall girls Marissa and Delilah dodging and exchanging big kicks and uppercuts and elbows until the Swedish Butterfly sent Marissa flying with a monkey flip. The Unchained Tiger had her working shoes on as she hit THREE elbow suicidas in a row on Theressa VDM, and the big woman only got knocked back into the guardrails until Gemma Traumaward finally took her down with an Asai Moonsault to a big pop from the crowd. From the highlights it looks like there was no heat segment and instead we got wrestlers pairing off for individual finishing stretches, getting their shit in and getting near falls before tagging out for the next two ladies to get their shit in, and it all built up to Gemma escaping a Rack Attack and trapping Alice in the crossface chicken wing. Marissa tried to make the save but Meiko cut her off and locked her in a Kimura, Theressa tried to make the save next but Delilah wrapped her up in an octopus stretch, and Alice finally tapped out as the crowd went wild.

  • Gemma Traumaward, Meiko, Delilah Hansen def. Alice Harris, Theressa VDM, Marissa Zuniga – 15:24 (Gemma submits Alice, crossface chicken wing)

Cassie Rial, Vicki vs. Jenna Jett, Ariel Heart

The night kicked off with a really fun tag team match that started slow, funny, and technical, but ended up being fast and wild with lots of action after a hot tag turned things around. New Twin Hearts champ Cassandra Rial was the big star with the fans in this match, and while the fans weren’t as familiar with Vicki and Ariel both women did a great job establishing their characters to the crowd. Vicki and Jenna started things off with an extending chain wrestling sequence to showcase the Brit’s outside-the-box reversal techniques, frustrating the Dirty Pair member to the point where she just threw her hands up and tagged out. The model Ariel Heart brought a wig for Cassie and it took a group effort by everyone (including Vicki) to convince her to try it on, Cass finally tried it on and the fans popped for her modeling it, but Ariel spun the wig around to blind Cassie before rolling her up for a two count.

The heels put the heat on Vicki with Jett doing most of the technical work while Ariel did the preening and working the crowd, Vicki reversed her way out of hold to give Big Cass the hot tag and Cassie ran wild with dropkicks and head scissor takedowns. Rial chased a few near falls on Ariel Heart before mixing it up with former “mentor” Jenna Jett, including a cool sequence where Jett countered a Destroyer and rolled through a sunset flip to put Cassie in her special leg lock. Cassie got to the ropes and Jenna tagged out to Ariel who then went for her Snapshot Brainbuster, but after using the slingshot to float over to her feet Cassie’s leg buckled and she went down. The fans booed hard when Ariel mocked Cassie’s apparent injury until Cassie hit her with a Super Kick, getting a big pop for that before tagging out to Vicki who came in hot with a sliding dropkick that knocked Jett off the apron. Vicki clobbered Ariel with a running uppercut before picking her back up for the Ode To Joy, crunching her up with the renamed Air Raid Crash to score the win in a fun opener.

  • Cassie Rial, Vicki def. Jenna Jett, Ariel Heart – 13:18 (Vicki pins Ariel, Ode To Joy)

Rachel Langley, Nebraska Jones, Shirley Wellington vs. Lux Wilde, Lola Wilde, Mariel Martinez

Next was a trios tag match featuring the ladies of the Red River Dojo and new Twin Hearts champ Nebraska Jones, who was teaming with friend Rachel and Shirley against the Wilde Twins and their new ally Mariel Martinez, who turned her back on her Southwest Express partner last month. The story here was that Shirley and Rachel wanted to rip pieces out of Mariel/Lux/Lola and their hotheadedness got them in spots of trouble as the heels worked as a team, and instead of only isolating one woman for the heat segment Shirley, Rachel, and Nebraska each got isolated for a short bit before getting saved or capitalizing on some opponent mishap, and instead of centering things around a hot tag the match built it’s drama on Mariel and the twins trying to find the right sequence to put somebody away.

Lux and Lola did their knees-bulldog-frog splash assembly line finish on Shirley but Nebraska made the save, Rachel took Cassie’s place in the Brilliant Pair’s sequence on one of the twins with Nebs hitting her springboard moonsault and Rachel following up with the Rockslide, but Mariel made the save for a false finish. Nebs and Rachel got too comfortable working together and tried to do the Meltzer Driver on Mariel, but Mariel blocked it long enough for Lux/Lola to yank Rachel off the apron and she took Nebraska out of action with a Michinoku Driver. The final stretch came down to the former Southwest Express partners with Mariel trying to put Shirley Wellington away, but with Mariel’s big moves scouted Shirley flipped out of the Blue Thunder Bomb, slipped out of the fireman’s carry gutbuster, staggered Mariel with a Super Kick, and finally laid her out with a Sylvia tribute three quarter wind up elbow. The El Paso native fired up the crowd and went out to climb up for a Frog Splash, but one of the twins held her ankle and kept on the apron until Martinez brought her back inside with the dead lift superplex. Shirley kicked out in a false finish but then the Muscle Buster from Mariel Martinez put her away for the count.

  • Lux & Lola Wilde, Mariel Martinez def. Nebraska Jones, Rachel Langley, Shirley Wellington – 13:30 (Mariel pins Shirley, Muscle Buster)

The winning trio was interviewed backstage after the match and the Wilde twins just talked all kinds of shit on their opponents, calling Rachel Langley a lifelong loser who can’t ride on their coattails anymore, calling Shirley Wellington a “two time geek of the night,” and with a bigger, stronger, and “better looking” replacement Lux said that she and Mariel are going to win the Brilliant Invitational and take the Twin Hearts titles back from the Brilliant Pair, saying “the Meme Team’s dream is about to become a nightmare!”

Magica vs. Matilda Christopher

Tomorrow night in the Brilliant Invitational Lux will be teaming up with Mariel to go after a shot at the Twin Hearts titles, and wanting to stop them and get some revenge for getting betrayed Shirley Wellington made sure to grab up the final spot in the four corner elimination contest. Now because the obvious choice for her partner (Rachel Langley) has made it clear she’s not interested in going after the Brilliant Pair’s tag titles Shirley needed someone to team with, and she wound up with the high flying former elite gymnast Magica on her team. The highly touted prospect was 1-1 going into this after losing in a MOTN contender vs. Martinez in San Francisco, and in Taiwan she bounced back with a dominant performance against the Australian journeywoman. Mattie Ice got some token cut offs and offense purely so Magica could counter and fight back but the highlights are almost all Magica, showing her showing off her crazy athleticism with the crowd oohing and aahing.

In one tremendously ridiculous spot Magica went for a quebrada and Matilda dove under her and rolled out of the ring, but Magica landed on her feet and ran straight at Mattie with a tope through the ropes. Magica rolled Mattie back into the ring and used some of her uneven bars experience, doing a handstand on the top rope (!) and turning around to spike the Aussie with a double stomp. Magica ran across the ring with a cartwheel into a back handspring into a corkscrew Moonsault for a near fall, but when she went for a Moonsault off the top rope Mattie blocked it with a pair of boots to the face. The fans rallied behind Magica during the double down and Mattie tried to pull off the come from behind victory with a Chaos Theory roll through suplex, but Magica landed on her feet to a big pop from the crowd. She stumbled back into a corner and caught Mattie charging in with a back elbow, laying her out with a shiranui before climbing back up to the top rope, and this time Magica connected with a super impressive phoenix splash for the three count

  • Magica def. Matilda Christopher – 5:06 (Phoenix Splash)

Magica caught up with Shirley, Rachel, and Nebraska backstage after their match to try and cheer them up, but Shirley wasn’t in a cheering up type of mindset. Trying to connect with new teammate before work together for the first time, Shirley asked Magica if she’s ever been betrayed by someone she trusted and Magica simply answered no, Shirley then asked if Magica ever had a rival or a bully that made her life or career difficult and Magica again said she didn’t, explaining that in her life she’s only struggled with trying to be a better version of herself. It took Shirley a moment to digest that and then she blew up, yelling to her new partner that that’s all well and good “BUT I HAVE BEEN BULLIED AND MY BEST FRIEND JUST STABBED ME IN THE BACK SO I’M GOING TO NEED YOU TO KINDA SEE WHERE I’M COMING FROM ON THIS.” Wellington said that Magica can do things she couldn’t even hope to do in her dreams and she has faith that she made the right choice asking Magica to be her partner tomorrow, but she asked Magica to understand that the Brilliant Invitational isn’t about stealing the show or wowing the crowd, it’s their chance to fight back against a pair of bitches who see them only as footstools to get to where they want, which is a TITLE SHOT and Shirley wants to take that away from them. “I’m tired of giving and giving and only ever being taken from, this is our chance to finally do something special and get what we’ve worked so damn hard for!” Nebraska Jones at least got fired up and she clapped her hands, patting Shirley and Magica on the shoulders as she and Rachel wished them luck for tomorrow night.

Sasha Sweet, Zhao Weiwei vs. Sherri Taylor, Clarissa Richardson

The Dirty Pair and the team of One in a Thousand winner Zhao Weiwei and trainer Sasha Sweet are the other two squads in the Brilliant Invitational, and tonight they mixed it up with newcomer Clarissa Richardson in Jenna Jett’s place just to add some variety I guess. Sherri Taylor is a well established Wild Hearts heel so the jujitsu player model Clarissa followed closely behind her to bask in the heat from the fans, and the road warrior pop for the entrance of the Goldfish might have even beat Julie Chan for most cheers of the night. With the crowd chanting for Zhao Weiwei she started the match against Sherri Taylor, getting some old school fiery babyface shine with dropkicks and hip tosses to the redheaded veteran. The Platinum Princess got to rub elbows with the Scarlet Queen and her going for her wacky BJJ bullshit to the bemusement of the legend was lowkey the highlight of the match, Sasha welcomed the model to the big leagues by busting her chest up with chops, Sherri ate a bunch of chops as well, and in a fun mother-daughter moment Sasha and Weiwei gave Sherri and Clarissa simultaneous face wash boot scrapes.

The heels finally got the cutoff when Richardson went for an Imanari roll, just holding onto Sasha’s leg long enough for Sherri Taylor to sneak in with a Spear out of nowhere, and they put the heat on Sasha by picking her apart with heel tandem work 101. Given the opponents there was something ironic in the way Clarissa was following Sherri’s lead and actually looking exited to work with the Hall of Famer, but Sherri was more interested in taunting Sasha and Weiwei and the crowd to notice her, leading to an awkward as all get out moment when Sherri left Clarissa hanging on a hi-five. They did a few hope spots and the fans in Taiwan got really hot waiting for Zhao to get the big tag, and after Sasha left Sherri and Clarissa lying with a double clothesline she finally tagged in Zhao to a road warrior pop from the crowd. Weiwei ran around the ring like her hair was on fire hitting both opponents with flying forearms, Clarissa reversed a whip to the ropes and Zhao turned that into a springboard back elbow, and Sherri reversed a whip to the corner but the Goldfish just leapt onto the middle rope and took her out with a missile clothesline. There was even more high flying action when Zhao hit Clarissa with a pescado to the outside, she crawled in and immediately leapfrogged over a Spear from Sherri, and after the redhead spilled to the outside Zhao ran across the ring and wiped her out with a bullet tope.

There was a huge Zhao Weiwei chant from the sold out crowd following that sequence as all three women laid around at ringside, and after finally taking a moment to catch her breath the One in a Thousand winner rolled Sherri Taylor back into the ring to wrap this one up. But Zhao’s inexperience started showing as she tried to put Sherri away with a collection of basic holds and moves that just couldn’t get the job done on the former Twin Hearts champion, and Sherri finally made the cutoff when she countered something into a snap DDT. Sasha Sweet and Clarissa Richardson got the relief tags and Sweet just bulldozed over the model, dropping her with a series of lariats and Polish Hammers before spiking her with a Brainbuster for a near fall. Sasha set up the Scarlet Fantasy but Clarissa somehow maneuvered from the powerbomb position into a grapevine on Sasha’s leg to go for her Platinum Lock, but Sasha blocked it by just punching her in the face until she abandoned the hold to cover up. Another Scarlet Fantasy set up brought Sherri back in the ring to break it up, but Zhao intercepted her with a springboard crossbody and Sasha’s folding powerbomb put Clarissa away for the three count.

  • Sasha Sweet, Zhao Weiwei def. Sherri Taylor, Clarissa Richardson – 11:53 (Sasha pins Clarissa, Scarlet Fantasy)

The crowd went for the ladies from Hunan TV’s One in a Thousand getting the win, and we got a post match highlight in Sasha doing SI swimsuit issue poses on top of the model Clarissa’s unconscious body after pinning her. Sasha and Weiwei exchanged some words with a retreating Sherri Taylor before the rookie cut a live promo in the ring in Mandarin, and with subtitles on this video recap we can see that she played to the crowd and talked about beating the Dirty Pair and two other teams tomorrow. Zhao talked about her personal journey as a kid from Shanghai with a lifelong goal to overachieve, from winning One in a Thousand after nearly being cut to moving to America and going back to her homeland with the possibility of becoming the youngest champion in Wild Hearts history. She thanked Sasha for mentoring her and promised to keep working hard, she asked the fans in Taiwan to continue supporting them and to follow her on social media, and knowing that her message will reach a wider audience Zhao made a plea for peace and empathy across all borders, saying no matter where we live or where we come from we all deserve to be treated with respect and compassion.

Zhao waved and bowed to the cheering crowd and the footage fades out as we return to Sterling Hawkwind in the studio, thanking the viewers for tuning in and watching the video before telling them to like and subscribe for the latest updates from the Wild Clash Tour. Sterling plugs the Brilliant Invitational, VDR & Vicki vs. Emily and Suzy, and the Alex/Julie/Bella/Jess rematch as they key matches in Hong Kong and then announces that the complete cards for the remaining shows will be revealed right here on the Wild Clash Tour Update, and as we go out on a sizzle reel of the first night’s highlights our closing clip is of Julie Chan closing the show with a Tarzan Boy sing-along with the crowd.

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Wild Clash Tour Night 2
August 16, 2017
AsiaWorld-Arena, Hong Kong, China
Attendance: 15,000 (sold out)

The newly uploaded video from Wild Hearts opens with play-by-play ace and occasional host/emcee Sterling Hawkwind sitting at a desk in a nice studio overlooking the nighttime Taipei City skyline, welcoming the viewers to the second edition of the Wild Clash Tour Update! Sterling covers all the time zone bases as he greets the viewers tuning in from around the world to their one stop destination for results, news, highlights, and interviews from each and every show on the six-city 2017 Wild Clash Tour, and with six contests including a four corner tag title eliminator match in the books he wastes little time before getting down to business. Hawkwind disappears into a voiceover narration as the footage starts rolling, showing fans packing into a sold out AsiaWorld-Arena excited to see the stars and the action of Wild Hearts live and in person once again. Despite essentially being an untelevised house show there was a big stage for the entrances set up to give the audience the full pro wrestling experience, and from a sizzle reel of highlights and crowd chants and reactions it sounds like everyone had tons of fun.

Nebraska Jones vs. Clarissa Richardson

This time our coverage is beginning with the actual opening match of the show: a singles match between one of the champions and one possible future contender in the Twin Hearts division. The fans in Hong Kong actually chanted “Nebraska” for the Money Making Swan’s entrance and of course she was the crowd favorite against a lesser known Clarissa Richardson, and because it’s a Nebraska match this contest started with some gaga. The grapple happy model tried to use her unorthodox mat skills and Nebraska tried to play a game of monkey-see-monkey-do, essentially mocking Clarissa until she got all hot and bothered and slapped Nebs across the face. Clarissa got some heat on Nebraska before the Money Making Swan turned things around, running around and knocking Clarissa all over the place with flying knees and forearms and a monkey flip. Clarissa powdered out and Nebraska teased a big dive, but in a wacky cutoff spot Clarissa slide into the ring and log rolled into Nebraska, seemingly twisting her ankle.

Richardson targeted Nebraska’s leg in the heat segment and picked it apart with kicks and holds, locking one thing in to keep Nebraska in place before wrenching at her hurt ankle. While she’s not quite the worker her partner is Clarissa showed some personality in the moments when she wasn’t fucking up Nebraska’s leg, preening to the crowd for boos before going back to kicking and slapping at her opponent. The Twin Hearts champ from Arizona got a hope spot when Clarissa picked her ankle and laughed in her face while she hopped on one foot, Nebs went for an enzuigiri but Clarissa ducked it and mocked her again, but then she caught Clarissa with a rewind heel kick to a big pop, rolling the model up after she spun around for a near fall. Both women scrambled to their feet and Nebraska caught Clarissa clean with a Super Kick for a double down! Jones fired up to a big “Nebraska” chant from the crowd and mounted a comeback on one leg, bumping Clarissa with clotheslines and back elbows as the model kept running at her like a moth to a light. Nebraska picked Richardson up and planted her with the Kamikaze roll, but with her ankle hurting it took Nebraska to follow up with the Moonsault, and that led to a fantastic false finish with Clarissa tucking her knees to block it and grapevining Nebraska’s leg into the Platinum Lock! Nebraska struggled to get to the ropes and Clarissa refused to just let her go, she dragged Nebraska away and spun around the leg to lock something in, but Nebraska caught her with the small package roll-up for a surprising three count!

  • Nebraska Jones def. Clarissa Richardson – 8:45 (counter roll-up)

Rachel Langley vs. Lola Wilde

The next match saw former Twin Hearts champions colliding in a true one-on-one contest with Lux Wilde out of sight, preparing for the Brilliant Invitational later on. Lola walked out first and Rachel sprinted down the ramp with a slide into the ring ready to get this one started, but Lola bailed out and the Super Athlete gave chase. They lapped around the ring before Lola tried to trap Rachel with the tried and true roll in and stomp em spot, but Rachel somehow dodged Lola’s attacks and then finally went on the offensive. Langley got her shine on Lola with a whole lot of stiff chops and forearms, doing her backflip up and over spot to plant Lola with a German Suplex to a big pop from the crowd. A shotgun dropkick sent Lola rolling out of the ring and Rachel climbed to the top rope for the second dive tease of the show, but in a fun fake out spot Lola ran away, Rachel hoped down to the apron to chase her, and when the twin stopped and turned around thinking she was safe Rachel wiped her out with a rolling senton! Langley played to the cheering fans before throwing her former Red River Dojo teammate back into the ring, working her over with double hand chops in the corner before whipping her across the ring, but in a nasty cutoff spot Lola stuck her boots out pressed Rachel down with a double stomp!

The fans in Hong Kong booed as Lola Wilde aggressively stomped away on Rachel’s chest before just choking her with a shin across the throat, and it was almost all Lola from there as she put the heat on Rachel Langley. This is a bitter feud so Lola was much nastier than Clarissa as she beat up on her former partner, fighting mean and dirty while talking some trash that mostly lost on the local crowd, but Rachel heard it loud and clear. The original One in a Thousand trained star tried to fight back with forearms and chops but Lola kept cutting her off, going to her eyes at one point, and Lola got a near fall on a swinging neckbreaker. Lola tried a one woman version of Double Trouble’s assembly line finish when she hit Rachel with a corner shining wizard followed by a bulldog, but without the other moves in the sequence it was only good for a two count! Lola gave the crowd a throat slice to signal the turnaround (let’s be real) before setting Langley up for a straightjacket neckbreaker, but in a really nifty counter Rachel flipped Lola over her back and spun around into a wacky roll-up for a near fall!

Both women scrambled back to their feet and we got the exact opposite of the spot in the last match as LOLA caught Rachel with a thrust kick to cut her off! Big LOLs Lola mocked Rachel and preened to the booing crowd before climbing up to the top rope to hit her frog splash and end this one, but Lola ate shit when Rachel rolled out of the way! The fans popped for the counter as Rachel Langley fired up and she wasted NO time trying to take this one home, sending Lola flying into the turnbuckles with a running dropkick before crushing her with a cannonball senton! Rachel doubled back and hit a SECOND cannonball before dragging Lola out of the ropes to go up top for the Rockslide, but Lux finally made an appearance as she ran down the ramp for the distraction, and the fans erupted in boos until Rachel dove outside the ring to take out Lux with a plancha! Of course that got a big pop and Rachel totally mad dogged Lux after crushing her, telling her “you’re next” before sliding back into the ring to finish off Lola – but Lola cut her off with a knee to the face and followed up with a straightjacket neckbreaker to steal this one!

  • Lola Wilde def. Rachel Langley – 11:29 (straightjacket neckbreaker following a distraction from Lola)

The quick finish got a ton of heat from Cantonese crowd and poor Rachel was left embarrassed and hurting once again as the Wilde twins backed up the ramp together with a pair of forehead Ls for her.

Valencia Del Rey, Vicki vs. Emily Hart, Suzy Conrad

Last night in Taipei Valencia Del Rey and Suzy Conrad fought to their second time limit draw for the Hunan TV Title in recent months, both women are entering the Wild Clash Grand Prix first round in Changsha and tonight they’re meeting again in a tag match with Vicki and Emily Hart. Outside of Theressa VDM Emily and Suzy are the two nastiest, meanest bad people you could put in a team together, and while VDR is the right kind of tough to stand up to them the big question was how the British grappler Vicki would fit into the equation. Suzy and Val were eager to get reacquainted but Emily and Vicki convinced their partners to let them start this deal off, and we got a few minutes of the Heartbreaker letting Vicki do her thing like a cat playing with its prey before eating it. Vicki did some clever hold escapes and reversals to amuse the crowd and the tension came from watching Emily to see when she was going to run out of patience with this, and that moment was when Vicki tied Emily’s arms and legs up in the Paradise Lock. The overconfident Hall of Famer thought she could get out of the hold but the longer she struggled the angrier she got, and the fans popped when Vicki finally let her out of it by dropkicking her in the ass!

A pissed off Emily Hart went after Vicki but the Brit pretty much gave her the matador treatment, dodging her stuff until Emily finally just yanked her down by the hair. The Heartbreaker proceeded to beat the clinical fuck out of Vicki with her trademark brand of violence before tagging Suzy Conrad into the match, and we were into the heat segment from there as Suzy and Emily started taking turns working Vicki over. Valencia could only stand by and watch as the match became a revolving door of Hart and Conrad slamming Vicki, splashing Vicki, choking Vicki, and pretty much just executing her. Suzy made sure she remained vertical by holding onto her hair while Emily ran around the ring, hitting her with three corner yakuza kicks in a row while flipping off Valencia on each lap. They hit Vicki with the Hart Attack (!) clothesline/spinebuster deal, the backbreaker/guillotine elbow drop combo, and a pretty spectacular move where Suzy tossed Vicki down from a torture rack with Emily flying over Suzy to splash down on Vicki AS she landed, and that was good for a false finish as VDR just barely slipped by Suzy in time to break up the pin! The match broke down with Valencia firing off shots at both opponents to cheers from the crowd, but of course the numbers eventually caught up to her.

Emily and Suzy hammered Val like a big fucking drum before whipping her off the ropes to go for a double clothesline, but the Hunan TV champion fucked both of their arms up with a yakuza kick and slammed their heads together to a big time pop in Hong Kong! The heels staggered into opposite corners and a completely fresh VDR ran back and forth across the ring smashing them with clotheslines and forearms, and in THE spot of the night so far Val scooped Emily up and slammed her into Suzy with a “Stockton” Stampede! Del Rey planted Emily on the canvas and then rolled out of the way as Suzy tried to catch her with a double axe handle, hitting Emily instead to a BIG pop from the crowd! Valencia shitcanned Suzy and the match finally got back in order with a slightly rested Vicki desperately going for roll-ups on Emily Hart, getting a series of near falls as the fans counted along. VDR and Suzy Conrad continued brawling outside the ring with the fresh Val getting the better of it, and in a great finishing sequence Emily lifted Vicki up for the DVB into the buckles but Vicki slipped out, Emily reversed a whip to the opposite corner and Vicki kick-turned off the middle rope to go for the wacky World of Sport spot, but when she tried to crawl under Emily’s legs Emily caught her and spiked her with a shoot piledriver! Big groans from the fans as Emily followed up with the pin as Suzy held Valencia back from making the save!

  • Suzy Conrad & Emily Hart def. Valencia Del Rey & Vicki – 12:10 (Emily pins Vicki, shoot piledriver)

The Wild Tigers & Cassie Rial vs. The Alliance

The lone six woman tag on this card featured another shake up of regular teammates as Twin Hearts champ Cassie Rial teamed up with old One in a Thousand rival Delilah Hansen and Gemma Traumaward from the Wild Tiger Fight Team to take on the Alliance, and tonight it was the dangerous Alice/Theressa/Hanna formation of the squad. But given that Cassandra and Hanna are beefing on PRW shows it made sense to add her to this one. The Dutch Destroyer started the match off by playing queen of the hill, giving no ground to her opponents as she shoved them around and dared the next one to tag in. Gemma was unsuccessful getting anywhere, Delilah didn’t do any better, and little Cassie Rial coming in to stand up to the big woman really got a great reaction from the crowd. The Twin Hearts champion tried to chop Theressa down with dropkicks to the legs and it was starting to work until Hanna Heathrow caught her with a kick to the back, but when VDM charged forward to splash her Big Cass yanked down the top rope and sent Theressa tumbling out of the ring!

In the first really wild spot of the match Hanna tried to cut Cassie off again with a clothesline from the apron but Cassie ducked it, Lilly Hansen knocked Hanna down into Theressa with a running uppercut, and then Delilah gave Cassie a boost to the top rope for a plancha – but Hanna and Theressa caught her! That surprised the crowd and for a second it sure looked bad for Cassie, but with Lilly separating the ropes Gemma dove between her legs with a tope that knocked the trio over! Big pop for that! Alliance leader Alice Harris found herself alone and outnumbered and Delilah got the ball rolling on a rare heel-in-peril segment, beating her up with stiff shots before passing her off to Gemma who did the same, the Wild Tigers stretched Alice out and Big Cass got her some of Alice too with a whole lot of somping. The fans were happy just to see Alice get her butt whooped and in the opposite of the classic heat segment they booed whenever she got a hope spot or got close to tagging out, and in a “funny when it happens to them” moment Lilly booted Theressa off the apron to a big pop from the crowd! But VDM was so infuriated by having that happen to her she just started throwing stuff into the ring, and while the ref was distracted yelling at VDM to stop Alice blasted Gemma with the ring bell!

The fans erupted in boos as Alice ditched the bell before the ref turned back around, and a tag to the Perfect Prototype started the Alliance’s heat segment with Gemma Traumaward as the face-in-peril. A fresh Hanna Heathrow put a severe beating on Gemma with Alice constantly screaming at her to “punish” Gemma, and naturally it only got worse for the 2014 Lioness Cup winner when Theressa VDM took Hanna’s place. The fans in Hong Kong groaned and cringed when the Dutch Destroyer chopped Gemma as hard as she possibly could (which is really hard if you were wondering), Gemma took a powerslam and a chokeslam from VDM and multiple Rainmaker style lariats from Hanna (minus the ripcord gimmick) and they both thought about putting her away, but Alice demanded that they make her suffer even longer. When it looked like Gemma was as dead as she was going to get Alice finally decided it was ok to finish her off – but like the truest of cowardly villains Alice wanted to do the honors herself! Some dissention was hinted at between the Alliance members as Theressa hesitated before tagging Alice in, and the fans erupted in boos when the Solid Seven took a victory lap before even going for a pin. Alice taunted Delilah and Cassie AND the barely moving Gemma before finally going to pick her up – BUT GEMMA TOOK ALICE DOWN WITH A DROP TOE HOLD INTO THE CAT’S CRADLE PIN!

Hanna just BARELY made the dive in time to break up the pin in a great false finish and Alice came unglued at Gemma nearly humiliating her with that reversal, screaming at the Wild Tiger leader before dragging her up for the Rack Attack – but Gemma Traumaward reversed THAT into a Blackcat Suplex and the crowd went wild! Alice got dumped hard on that one for a double down and she and Gemma wound up each other AND their respective corners, leading to a big stare down with the fans chanting for Gemma as the two rivals slowly rose to their feet, beating the count and immediately exchanging right hands! The fans cheered as the rival captains tried to slap each other out of their way, but neither woman wanted to give up ground or stand down and they just beat each other silly! Traumaward wound up getting the better of it and she tried to put Alice away herself with a Tiger Killer, but Alice fought free and crawled under her legs to go tag out to Hanna Heathrow – and Gemma dove to give Delilah the hot tag! The fans cheered wildly as the Swedish Butterfly ran wild with huge uppercuts and flying knees to the Perfect Prototype before knocking Theressa off the apron AGAIN with a big boot, and Hanna almost caught Lilly with the Lotus Eater after she turned around but Lilly got back on her feet and whipped Hanna back with a butterfly suplex!

Delilah clasped her hands to signal the Gotch Style Piledriver and she got the big girl from Kentucky off her feet, but Hanna blocked it long enough to get bailed out by Alice Harris, and an attempted Alliance set up backfired when Lilly dodged a Heathrow kick that took Alice out instead! GOTCH PILEDRIVER TO HANNA FROM DELILAH FOR THE COVER – BUT THERESSA BROKE UP THE COUNT AT 2.9!! The crowd was going wild as VDM pulled Hansen up with the hand clasped for a reverse chokeslam, but a running dropkick from Cassie to the GUTS sent the big woman out of the ring – and in the holy shit spot of the night Cassie built up speed and Lilly popped her up OVER THE TOP ROPE INTO A FLYING HEAD SCISSORS ON THERESSA TO THE FLOOR!! Put that in all the highlight reels until the end of time! With the crowd completely losing their minds Lilly picked Hanna up to finish her off – BUT HANNA OUT OF NOWHERE COUNTERED WITH THE LOTUS EATER! Cassie and Gemma were both trying to come in for something but Hanna sidestepped Gemma and sent her into Cassie, knocking the Twin Hearts champ off the apron while Alice tackled Gemma out through the ropes, AND A THROAT SLICE AND A SECOND LOTUS EATER TO LILLY HANSEN SEALED THE DEAL FOR THE ALLIANCE!

  • The Alliance def. Gemma, Lilly, Cassie – 16:45 (Hanna pins Lilly, two Lotus Eaters)

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The Brilliant Invitational

The Brilliant Pair are defending the Twin Hearts titles on the final show of the Wild Clash Tour and their challengers were determined by this four way elimination match featuring the Dirty Pair, Sasha Sweet and Zhao Weiwei, Lux Wilde and Mariel Martinez, and finally Shirley Wellington and Magica, and it should be no surprise that the team of Sweet and Zhao got the biggest pop and most cheers from the fans in Hong Kong. The match started hot with all eight women in at the same time brawling between the feuding teams, and once the ring cleared out to just two people we got a long series of exchanges in a revolving door fashion. Everybody did a sequence with one of their rivals and all four babyfaces got their shine offense in, from Sasha to Shirley to Weiwei and finally to Magica. Lux Wilde was in awe watching the former gymnast flipping and flying around the ring and her only answer to that was to just punch her in the face, but when Lux whipped her to a corner Magica rolled over the buckles and wiped Lux out a springboard missile dropkick! Magica followed up with a corkscrew Lionsault for a near fall and then went up to the top rope to put the finishing touch on Lux, but Mariel pulled her out of the ring and in a devastating sequence Magica ate shit on a missed 450 Splash, took a Spear from Sherri Taylor, and finally got top roped herself by a frog splash from Lux for the first elimination!

  • Magica & Shirley Wellington eliminated by Lux Wilde – 6:39 (Lux pins Magica)

The match shifted gears as the four heels started teaming up to take on Sasha and Weiwei, those two actually held their own for a little while with the crowd firmly behind them, but of course the numbers disadvantage eventually made the difference. With no tags necessary we got a long stretch of a heat segment where the heels went back and forth isolating Sasha and Zhao, working one lady over while trying to keep the other out of the ring. The babyfaces got little hope spots when they were able to break back in and mount some offense before getting cut off, and the nineteen year old rookie got the worst of the punishment. Zhao got stretched out by Jenna and Mariel while Lux and Sherri were more than happy to just stomp on her and slap her around, and in a wacky assembly line spot Mariel picked everyone up on her shoulders to hit some extra high sentons. The heels ran four women splash trains on both Zhao and Sweet in the corners and they added insult to injury by giving Sasha the face wash boots one after the other. But while beating them up was easy getting them out of there proved to be much harder, with the former Lioness of Wrestling Champion and the One in a Thousand winner kicking out and breaking up pin attempts. The heels were getting frustrated with each other and the big sold out crowd chanting “Zhao Weiwei” seemingly only made them more upset, but just when it looked like Jenna and Mariel were going to come to blows Sherri diffused the situation – AND SASHA CAME OUT OF NOWHERE WITH DOUBLE LARIATS TO THE DIRTY PAIR!

There was no “hot tag” but this was the Scarlet Queen mounting the comeback as the fans went wild, showing some tough veteran grit as she stood her ground and chopped everybody that came at her! The numbers caught up to her momentarily and the heels tried to go for another train spot, but in an all time badass spot Sasha bounced out of the corner and ran through all four opponents with a series of lariats! There was so little space left at the end Sherri just got sandwiched against the turnbuckles and Sasha followed up with a Brainbuster to try and get an elimination, but Jenna broke up the pin to save her partner! Jett kicked her feet off the ropes for her Tsunami DDT but Sweet set her and down and spiked HER with a Brainbuster, but Mariel broke that one up to keep the four on two advantage! Martinez got shitcanned and Lux tried to catch Sasha with the shining wizard in the corner, but the twenty year vet ducked just enough to counter the knee into a big powerbomb, folding Lux over for the second elimination!

  • Lux & Mariel eliminated by Sasha Sweet – 14:52 (Sasha pins Lux)

While the fifteen-thousand fans in attendance gave the Scarlet Queen and the Goldfish a standing ovation for overcoming the odds Sasha helped Weiwei to her feet, making the beat up rookie stand tall as the Dirty Pair regrouped outside the ring. The heels stalled for time hoping to cool Sasha Sweet down and some trash talk ensued before she finally just went after them, getting cheered by the crowd despite not getting the better of the two-on-one exchange – but it was a set up for Zhao Weiwei to fly out of nowhere with a bullet tope! Sherri Taylor got all of it and the fans in Hong Kong roared as she slammed into the guardrail! The match continued in the ring with a pretty cool Sasha and Jenna exchange where the Voodoo Doll actually got to look competitive with the original Lioness of Wrestling Champion. Jett ducked a Polish Hammer and connected with the Tsunami DDT for a near fall before going for her wheelbarrow facebuster, but Sweet reversed it into a big back suplex! Sasha signaled for the lariat but Jett ducked it and both women hit the ropes, meeting back in the middle of the ring with Sasha going for another lariat – but Jenna connected with a Spear! The crowd gasped as she went for the cover but Zhao Weiwei made the save in a great false finish!

Weiwei fired up on Jenna with forearms until Sherri cut her off from behind and the Dirty Pair worked her over for a moment before setting up a double DDT, but Zhao almost had her own LTD moment when she rolled them both up with a jackknife for a false finish! The fans really wanted to believe that was going to work but it didn’t and the Dirty Pair went back on the attack, beating on Zhao before Jenna tried to hold her in place for a Spear from Sherri – BUT SHE PULLED FREE AND JETT GOT SPEARED INSTEAD! ROLL-UP FROM ZHAO WEIWEI AS THE FANS ERUPTED – BUT SHERRI KICKED OUT IN A FALSE FINISH! SHERRI CAUGHT ZHAO WITH A BOOT TO SET UP THE SPIKE DDT – BUT SASHA MADE THE SAVE WITH A LARIAT OUT OF NOWHERE! SASHA PLANTED SHERRI WITH A POWERBOMB AND ZHAO FOLLOWED UP WITH A SWANTON BOMB FOR THE FINAL ELIMINATION!

  • The Dirty Pair eliminated by Zhao Weiwei – 18:45 (Zhao pins Sherri)
  • Sasha Sweet and Zhao Weiwei are the Twin Hearts #1 Contenders!

The finishing stretch of this match was getting that 80’s heat from the fans and Zhao scoring the decisive fall and her revenge over Sherri Taylor was a legit road warrior pop! A surprised Weiwei and a proud Sasha celebrated the victory together as the crowd went wild, and after the match Jessica Phan caught up with the new Twin Hearts challengers backstage. Sasha did most of the English answers and glowingly talked about how hard Zhao worked for this, putting her over as a superstar in the making who is dedicated to getting better every time she steps inside the ring, and after three long years “gracefully letting others have the spotlight” Sasha is excited to finally go after some Wild Hearts gold. In a cool moment Nebraska Jones and Cassie Rial approached the winners and offered them handshakes ahead of their contest in 18 days time, congratulating them for winning a hard fought match before thanking Sasha and Zhao for putting the Dirty Pair in their place. Getting a little cheeky Nebraska pointed out the irony in them getting trained by Sasha on One in a Thousand and now Sasha is actually challenging THEM for a title, and Sweet just smirked as she asked the Brilliant Pair if they hadn’t gotten too big to get some advice from her, “take your Christmas pictures with the belts before September third.”

After the Twin Hearts title match getting set the second biggest news from this show was the surprise appearance by Anna Fong and Zhang Shanshan from Hunan TV’s One in a Thousand! Anna was the runner-up after Zhao and as a native of Hong Kong she got the big hometown pop as she and Zhang walked to the ring, and while Anna spoke to the crowd in Cantonese big Zhang just stood behind her like a scary bodyguard. Anna played to the fans, officially introduced herself and Zhang, and congratulated Sasha and Weiwei for winning the title shot before talking about how she and Zhang worked out their differences they had on the show, and now after a year of additional training she announced they are ready to leave Hunan TV’s dungeon and join Zhao Weiwei in Wild Hearts! The fans popped for the announcement and Anna went one step further, revealing that the contracts have been signed and they will be making their official in-ring debuts on September third in Tianhe Stadium! Big cheers for the big announcement and Anna closed the promo by asking the fans to make the trip and support them.

Alex Mesa & Julie Chan vs. Bella Quinn & Jesminder Kanal

And finally our main event of the evening was a return match from last night where Alex Mesa submitted the Lioness of Wrestling champion ahead of their title match on September first in Changsha. Naturally the fans in Hong Kong were super excited to see Julie Chan and they sang the Tarzan Boy song for a long time before the match really got started, and after a lot of fast starts tonight these four ladies actually took their time warming up. Bella had her elbow all taped up and she wanted no part of Alex Mesa, so we got the former fighter and the former wrestler Jess Kanal going at it on the mats instead. The Queen of the Grind was getting the better of the exchange until Mesa caught her with an armbar, but Kanal quickly got to the ropes before any damage could be done. Julie and Bella went to face to face with a big Tarzan Boy chant from the fans while they talked shit in the middle of the ring, and after exchanging shoves they locked up. Both women took turns backing each other into the ropes and giving the slow taunting clean break spot and that led to a cheap shot from the Scottish superstar, Bella worked Julie over with some forearms and chops and then whipped her off the ropes, but the former Lioness of Wrestling rebounded into a sliding dropkick that put Bella on her face! Julie hit the ropes to the side to follow up with another sliding dropkick to the Brit’s head, and the big sold out crowd cheered as Julie Chan got some shine offense on Bella before tagging out to Alex Mesa!

With Bella propped up in their corner Mesa just went work with closed fists, battering Bella’s body and her face with the crowd cheering wildly. Fans counted along in multiple languages when Mesa pounded down on Bella Quinn with the mounted punches in the corner, the champ stumbled out and got flipped upside down with a judo throw into the armbar for a big pop, but she got to the ropes quick enough and subsequently powdered out. Bella tried to call a time out and Julie tried to knock her lights out with a penalty kick from the apron, but in a really wonderful pro wrestling moment Bella ducked it and ran around the ring, until Alex rolled out to cut her off! Bella turned and ran back the other way but Julie Chan blocked her off from there, and Bella started begging off as the babyfaces slowly closed in on her! This crowd was HOT for a Bella Quinn beat down but they didn’t get it thanks to Jesminder Kanal sneaking around AND GIVING JULIE A GERMAN SUPLEX ON THE FLOOR! Thankfully she didn’t take that one right on her head but the fans gasped all the same, and when Alex tried to check on Julie she got jumped by Bella and Jess! The heels put the beat down on the faces and since Alex was still the legal woman she became the face-in-peril when they got the match back in the ring, and after that suplex on the floor the doctor signaled for help and Julie Chan got carried off to the back!

Alex Mesa spent the next several minutes flying solo, getting the shit kicked out of her by two very bad women who were more than happy to take full advantage of her situation. Bella slapped her next challenger around and tried to get in Mesa’s head while Jess did most of the heavy lifting, literally, suplexing Alex around the ring. Every now and then Alex Mesa got an opening and she cracked somebody with stiff punches before getting cut off and beaten back down, and the fans were desperately waiting for Julie Chan to return and make the save. A big Tarzan Boy chorus from the crowd got deep under Kanal’s skin and she responded by going for a penalty kick of her own, but Alex reversed it with a roll-up for a big pop and a near fall. In another hope spot Alex countered Bella’s Sling Blade into a Fujiwara armbar on the hurt arm and when Bella rolled out of it Alex went for the cross armbar, but Jess made the save. The crowd did not count along when Jesminder hit Alex with five rolling German suplexes, holding the bridge on the last one for a two count. After getting some more licks in Bella was finally ready to wrap this up, but she just had to preen and pose on the middle rope before going for her slingshot shot and of course Mesa rolled out of the way. An embarrassed Bella just put the boots to her before tagging Jess, looking to do some real damage as they set Alex up for a German Suplex/Sling Blade combo – but Mesa ducked and Bella took out Jess instead! Big pop followed by another big pop when Alex dropped Bella with a Superwoman Punch, AND THE CROWD WENT WILD WHEN JULIE CHAN RETURNED WITH DOCTORS TRYING TO STOP HER!

After throwing down an ice pack Julie got on the apron and took the hot tag from Alex Mesa, mounting the fiery comeback with kicks and clotheslines to Jess and Bella! The fans chanted Julie’s name while she teed off on her old J-Hawks partner with stiff forearms, just completely trying to bash Jesminder’s face in until Jess went for the desperation takedown, and in a big sequence Julie stuffed it, punished Jess with knees to the face, straightened her up with a punt, and knocked her down with a European headbutt! Bella tried to cut Julie off with a Sling Blade but she blocked it and took the Brit out instead with a Pele Kick, and with Jess sitting up Julie signaled for the PK! The fans all swelled up for a big pop as Julie ran the ropes, but Jess countered the kick into a roll-up! Julie kicked out but Jess turned the cradle into the BSO Lockdown! Kanal was trying to break her former teammate in half with the submission hold and the crowd believed it could’ve been the finish, they were hot and making a lot of noise as Julie struggled to crawl to the ropes, and the fans popped hard when she finally got the break!

The momentum totally shifted as Jess pulled Julie away with a dead lift German suplex, rolling with her to hit a few more before going for the pin – but Mesa made the save in a false finish! Bella got involved and ducked a Superwoman punch from Alex into the STO, taking her out while Jess picked Julie up for a Dragon Suplex, but in a crazy sequence Julie blocked it and reversed out into an O’Connor roll for a near fall, and Jess kicking out sent Julie into the ropes and she rebounded with a PK! Road warrior pop as she went for the cover on Jess – but Bella broke it up! With her elbow tape unraveling the Lioness of Wrestling wrapped it around Julie’s neck to choke her out and that got some major heat from the Asian crowd, but Alex snuck up behind Bella and locked her in a sleeper! While those two were tied up Jess gave the fans a throat slice (!) and lifted Julie up for the Screwdriver – but Julie slipped out behind her and we got the TOTAL ELIMINATION spot from Julie and Alex followed by the PK to a road warrior pop! All fifteen thousand fans counted along as Julie went for the cover, putting Jess away to send the crowd home happy!

  • Alex Mesa & Julie Chan def. Bella Quinn & Jesminder Kanal – 17:08 (Julie pins Jess, PK)

Julie and Alex went 2-0 against their rivals on the first leg of this tour and now they have the momentum heading into the big stadium show clashes. The babyfaces celebrated together and we got Alex making the belt motion at a retreating Bella Quinn while Jesminder screamed that Julie won’t pin her for a five count, and as Julie Chan led the crowd in a Tarzan Boy chant along the Wild Clash Tour Update show returned to Sterling Hawkwind in the studio. Sterling plugged the big stadium shows with the newly made Brilliant Pair vs. Sasha Sweet and Zhao Weiwei and the debuts of Anna Fong and Zhang Shanshan on September third, and after he told the viewers to subscribe and keep checking in for the complete remaining Wild Clash cards we went out on a sizzle reel of highlights from Wild Hearts’ adventure in Hong Kong.

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Wild Clash Tour in Beijing
August 28, 2017
LeSports Center, Beijing, China
Attendance: 17,800 (sold out)

Wild Hearts returned to the Chinese capital for the first time in a year for the next stop on the Wild Clash Tour, drawing an announced sold out house with part of the arena blocked off by an entrance stage.

Brilliant Pair, Magica vs. Ariel Heart, Clarissa Richardson, Matilda Christopher – 11:35 (Magica pins Mattie)

  • The opening match was a fun mix of physical comedy and character work with fast, high flying action. Ariel and Nebraska traded vogues and had a model walk-off, there was an awkward styles clash between Clarissa and Magica that saw the BJJ player butt scoot into a front flip double stomp, and after the long feeling out process this was mostly the babyfaces getting their stuff in for the crowd. In one sequence there were three dives to the outside of increasing difficulty from Cassie, Nebraska, and Magica, and the finish had three more big dives with Mattie Ice taking a 450 splash from Cassie Cool followed by a springboard moonsault from Nebraska and a corkscrew moonsault from Magica!

Rachel Langley, Shirley Wellington def. Lola Wilde, Mariel Martinez – 12:19 (disqualification)

  • This was a return match of sorts from 24thBeat with Mariel in for Lux who was at ringside, giving it a completely different dynamic. The Houston native got a lot of time to show off and look good, getting the better of her former Southwest Express partner on most exchanges and having some good moments with Rachel Langley. Shirley finally started getting some shine on Lola until Lux tripped her up, providing enough of a distraction for Lola to cut Shirley off to start the heat segment on her. Lux was constantly cheating behind the referee’s back and the crowd popped hard when she finally got caught and ejected from ringside, and after getting a double down Shirley gave Rachel the hot tag. The former Twin Hearts champ looked great being the house of fire against Lola and Mariel and her comeback led into the finish. She set Lola up for the Rockslide but Lux came back out to cause a distraction, but Rachel showed a learning curve by not taking the bait and just hitting Lola with the Rockslide to a big pop from the fans. But Lux refused to let Rachel have this and she broke up the pin for a DQ loss instead, teaming up with Mariel to put a post match beating on Rachel and Shirley!

Suzy Conrad, Emily Hart vs. Valencia Del Rey, Vicki goes to a double count out – 13:04

  • Suzy and Emily got the win over VDR and Vicki last time and this was a completely different match. While Emily thought she would humor the Brit by letting her do her wacky World of Sport stuff Suzy really had no idea what was going on, and she played the fool for a little while until Vicki tied her up with the paradise lock and pretended to ride her like in the rodeo. Vicki tagged out to Val before Suzy could get up and kill her and the feel of match changed completely as Suzy and Val just clobbered each other, trading blows as the crowd went wild. The Hunan TV champion started getting the better of it but when she hit the ropes Emily kicked her in the back, Val tagged her with a forearm but then Suzy splashed her in the ropes to cut her off. Emily and Suzy tried to put the heat on Val but it didn’t last very long before she started fighting back against Emily, Vicki scored a blind tag and she got some heat on the Heartbreaker after getting punished by her last time out. They skipped a real heat segment and went back and forth pressing the pace, getting their signature stuff in with some dueling near falls before the match completely broke down, and everybody kept fighting outside the ring for the double count out.

Sasha Sweet, Zhao Weiwei def. Sherri Taylor, Jenna Jett – 14:20 (Zhao pins Sherri)

  • Second to the main event this was the most anticipated match in the arena as it was Zhao Weiwei’s first live match in Mainland China, and everything involving the One in a Thousand winner had a ton of heat on it. The next Twin Hearts challengers got a lot of shine on the Dirty Pair before the heels finally cut them off, and they isolated the rookie for a long heat segment with a few hope spots and false tags. The fans were really into it with loud “Zhao Weiwei” chants, biting on near falls, and going crazy when Sasha finally got the hot tag. Sasha ran wild on the Dirty Pair and got a few near falls until the numbers caught up to her, and Jenna and Sherri took her out with a double snap DDT the fans bought as a false finish with Zhao making the save. The Goldfish tried to fight back against the Dirty Pair until they cut her off, but in a great sequence she reversed a shitcan on Sherri and dumped Jenna over the top rope to counter that Tsunami DDT before wiping them both out with a pescado dive to a road warrior pop! The finish came next with Wewei rolling Sherri into the ring and getting the tag, Sasha planted Sherri in place with the Scarlet Fantasy and the former swimmer dove in with a Swanton Bomb to seal the deal!

After the match Zhao Weiwei cut a promo in the ring thanking the fans for coming and asking them to turn out and cheer for her and Sasha when they challenge for the Twin Hearts titles, and the crowd went wild when Anna Fong and Zhang Shanshan made a surprise appearance. Fong and Zhao engaged in some playful banter before the One in a Thousand winner congratulated the runner up and Zhang for the announcement of their Wild Hearts debut, and Zhao asking them if they’ve been training hard was a complete set-up for a video package showing exactly that. The video (which is online now) reintroduced Fong and Zhang to Wild Hearts fans and showed them training and working out and talking about finally debuting as professional wrestlers, hyping up their debut tag team match at the end of the Wild Clash Tour. After the video Weiwei wished them luck, Anna wished her and Sasha luck against the Brilliant Pair, and Anna totally played to the crowd by teasing the idea of her and Zhang meeting Zhao and Sasha for the titles when Wild Hearts returns to China.

Theressa VDM, Hanna Heathrow def. Gemma Traumaward, Delilah Hansen – 14:54 (Hanna pins Lilly)

  • The Wild Tigers and the Alliance clashed again in the semi-final match in the classic tag team format, a rarity for this long running feud which has seen tornado rules, Thunder Queen Battles, and several six and eight woman lineups, and while this one might not have had all the bells and whistles but it certainly brought the intensity and in-ring action. The live crowd was into Gemma and Delilah as babyfaces and they were almost in awe at the Dutch Destroyer, popping for her big woman power spots and feeling like Gemma and Lilly were in real trouble when Theressa was on offense. Even with a lot of cool stuff going on the spot that got the biggest pop was pure pro wrestling gaga as Delilah peeled Theressa’s hand off her throat and snapped a finger, and they went back to that for the finish with Lilly rescuing Gemma from a Lotus Eater by isolating Hanna’s fingers, but VDM bailed her out with a left handed reverse chokeslam and Hanna followed up with the Lotus Eater on Hansen.

Alex Mesa, Julie Chan, Meiko def. Bella Quinn, Jesminder Kanal, Alice Harris – 17:56 (Julie pins Alice)

  • A year and a half ago Julie Chan shocked the world by pinning Meiko for the Lioness of Wrestling title in this very arena, they faced off again in a tag match last summer but tonight they were teammates in the main event. Despite the controversial and short-lived nature of the title reign Julie is still the people’s champion in the People’s Republic and Meiko and Alex wisely walked out with her, the fans sing-chanted Tarzan Boy and the heels worked hard to stall the match from starting, encouraging the crowd to keep up the chant by showing how much they absolutely hate it. Much like a New Japan multi-person tag match this was built around the feuds between the various opponents and felt almost like three singles matches with tags, there were some double and triple team spots and of course it eventually broke down into a six way with everyone getting their stuff in, but the key moments were all about building tension for the two stadium show main events at the end of the tour. In a wild finish Alice got Julie up for the Rack Attack but she rolled down to her feet, Meiko locked Alice in a sleeper while Jess grabbed Julie from behind, but she blocked the suplex and ducked in time for Alex to nail Jess with a Superwoman Punch, and with the sleeper working fast Meiko sat Alice down for a penalty kick from Julie Chan as the crowd went wild! After some jawing between Bella and Alex the faces stood tall together and Meiko embraced Julie with a hug, really trying to cement her standing with the Chinese fans by raising Julie’s hand to a nice pop from the crowd.

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Wild Clash Tour in Shanghai
Mercedes-Benz Arena, Shanghai, China
August 30, 2017
Attendance: 17,800 (sold out)

Wild Hearts returned to Shanghai for the first time since last year’s Lioness Cup with the next stop on the Wild Clash Tour, drawing an announced sold out house with part of the arena blocked off by an entrance stage. It’s the last show before the big weekend stadium double shot where all three titles will be on the line, with the second (can we call it annual now?) Wild Clash Grand Prix, Bella vs. Alex for the Lioness of Wrestling, Zhao and Sweet vs. the Brilliant Pair for the Twin Hearts, and Julie vs. Jess in a five count match with definitive bragging rights at stake. Tonight was also the first homecoming for One in a Thousand winner Zhao Weiwei as a Wild Hearts wrestler, fans who staked out the arena for hours before the show were rewarded with autographs and pictures when she arrived, and some local vendors probably made a pretty yuan selling inflatable goldfish at the show.

Magica def. Ariel Heart – 8:43 (Phoenix Splash)

  • The opener was essentially a showcase for the cool stuff Magica can do with Ariel filling in the blanks between spots with her model gimmicks, and that combination of action and gaga created a really fun first time encounter to kick off the show. The fans here who have only seen wrestling in Wild Hearts could not believe some of the flips the former gymnast pulled off and the crowd just went crazy when she won with a Phoenix Splash, making herself look really good heading into a tough matchup against Suzy Conrad in the first round of the Wild Clash GP.

Cassandra Rial, Vicki def. Jenna Jett, Matilda Christopher – 10:29 (Vicki pins Matilda)

  • Vicki has Clarissa Richardson in the first round of the tournament and she gave the Shanghainese crowd a taste of her wacky British grappling skills here, getting some laughs with Mattie Ice playing the fool for her. Jenna and Vicki did more serious wrestling and Twin Hearts champ Cassie Rial brought the faster paced action, getting some lucha stuff in with her estranged mentor. The match was designed to make the babyfaces look good and Vicki scored the fall on Mattie after a fun sequence of pin reversals, getting some positive momentum before she enters the two day tournament.

Rachel Langley, Shirley Wellington, Nebraska Jones def. The Wilde Twins, Mariel Martinez – 13:06 (Shirley pins Lux)

  • This followed the classic tag match formula all three babyfaces getting their shine in the beginning, the heels put the heat on Shirley Wellington with some fun trios spots and used hope spots to build up the hot tag, Rachel got it and ran wild on the Wilde twins before engaging in a good back and forth sequence with Mariel the enforcer. They went to a double down and Nebraska got tagged in for the home stretch, she wound up hitting all the heels with Super Kicks and tried to give Lola the Meltzer Driver with Rachel, but Lux saved her sister and in a great false finish Mariel dead lifted Rachel off the apron into a superplex and Lux followed up with a Frog Splash. Shirley made the save and got shitcanned by Mariel, Nebs took Mariel out with a Super Kick, and Lux caught Nebs with one of her own. The twins tried to give the Twin Hearts champ their assembly line finish but Nebraska ducked the first knee and countered the second one into a Kamikaze Roll, Shirley scored a blind tag right before Nebs hit her springboard moonsault and Shirley Wellington followed up with a Frog Splash of her own to pin Lux Wilde! The former Southwest Express partner meet one-on-one for the first time since splitting up in the first round of the Wild Clash Grand Prix and Shirley needed this to look like she has chance.

VDR, Sasha Sweet vs. Emily Hart, Suzy Conrad – 13:12 (double count out)

  • The fans in Shanghai who attended this show were given an absolute treat in this bitter grudge match with years of back story between four super talented and badass women. The match itself was mostly brawling with the occasional moments of signature stuff getting in and sequences between the very familiar opponents, there were a few dramatic near falls down the stretch with the crowd really behind VDR and Sasha Sweet, but once everyone wound up outside the ring there was no coming back. They brawled up and down the aisles and into the crowd as the referee counted them out, and the two favorites for the Grand Prix (defending Hunan TV champ VDR and Suzy) had to be pulled apart by staff and prelim girls.

Meiko, Gemma Traumaward, Lilly Hansen def. Alice Harris, Theressa VDM, Marissa Zuniga – 14:28 (disqualification)

  • Despite the heated rivalry between these two factions this match actually started slow with the Tigers going back to their grappling bases, and the Dutch Destroyer trying to chain wrestle with the Swedish Butterfly was low key one of the highlights of the show. Theressa wasn’t the first Alliance member who got sick of being outclassed BUT she was the first to get some heat on somebody. She beeled and clubbed Delilah around and splashed her for a minute and it looked like this was the start of the heat segment, but when she reached down to pick Lilly up Lilly dislocated her thumb out of nowhere! In a surprising turn of events the Wild Tiger Fight Team isolated Theressa VDM and spent a few minutes breaking her down, using teamwork to wear the big, one-handed woman out with the crowd cheering them on. The match broke down with Alice and Marissa finally just hitting the ring to bail Theressa out, they brawled around the building and teased another count out finish before returning to the ring, and from there the story was The Alliance under siege trying to survive. The Tigers were pushing the pace and chasing falls with Alice, Theressa, and Marissa breaking them up, the tension kept building until Gemma finally trapped Alice in the cross face chicken wing for the false finish, but Hanna Heathrow broke it up for a DQ before Alice could tap out.

Alex Mesa, Julie Chan, Zhao Weiwei def. Bella Quinn, Jesminder Kanal, Sherri Taylor – 18:09 (Zhao pins Sherri)

  • With the hometown girl making her first main event appearance alongside former champion Julie Chan and current champ Bella Quinn this was almost certainly the most anticipated match on the Wild Clash tour outside of the big matches on the stadium show, and the crowd responded to the Julie/Weiwei/Alex trio just as you’d expect. Zhao looked extremely nervous walking out to this thunderous pop but Alex and Julie were there comforting her and pumping her up, and the start of the match was delayed a minute or two by the fans chanting the Tarzan Boy song. This was very similar to the main event in Beijing with the focus on building tension between Alex/Bella and Julie/Jess ahead of the two stadium show main events, but with Zhao in the mix we eventually got her in a lengthy heat segment where she played a very convincing face-in-peril. With Sherri leading the punishment the fans were hanging off of every heel spot and near fall on the Goldfish, popping like crazy for her hope spots and dying when they did a fake tag to Julie that the ref didn’t see. Alex Mesa wound up getting the hot tag and she ran wild on the heels before tagging in Julie Chan to get a second round of comeback action, and from there it went back and forth with sequences and signature spots.

  • In a tremendous sequence Julie got Jess in position for the PK but Sherri cut her off with a Spear, Sherri got taken out with a Superwoman Punch from Alex, and then Bella got her with a Sling Blade, Bella gave the fans a throat slice before trying to pick Julie up but a European headbutt sent her falling out through the ropes, and Zhao Weiwei followed her out of nowhere with a bullet tope to a road warrior pop from the crowd! With the fans losing their shit Jess snuck up behind her J-Hawks rival with a snap German suplex, but Julie landed on her feet and toro’d Jess out through the ropes! An enraged Bella Quinn grabbed the Lioness of Wrestling title and decided that if she wasn’t going to beat these girls then she was going to beat the traffic out of here, Jess Kanal looked at the odds mounting against her and grudgingly followed Bella to the back, leaving Sherri Taylor all alone in the ring surrounded by babyfaces. In the most fanservicey finish of the tour Sherri begged off until Alex hit her with a PK, Zhao followed up with a PK of her own, and she and Alex stood back for Julie Chan to give Sherri THE PK to finish her off, but instead of going for it herself Julie tossed Zhao on top of Sherri to let the rookie get the pin in her hometown!

  • The fans went so crazy for that they missed most of the three count and we got some tears from the One in a Thousand winner as the crowd went back and forth chanting her and Julie’s names. Julie played to the crowd in a really basic babyface promo with her developing Mandarin before passing it off to Weiwei, and the Goldfish was just a one woman post match show as she talked to her people about her journey and her upcoming title shot before basically interviewing Julie and Alex about their big matches. She asked for Sasha Sweet to come to the ring so she could thank her trainer face to face and get the crowd to show their appreciation to Sasha, Zhao even brought her fellow One in a Thousand trainees out to hype up their upcoming debut, and with Tarzan Boy playing one last time the wrestlers played to the crowd on their way out.

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Wild Clash Grand Prix in Changsha
Central South University Stadium, Changsha, China
September 1, 2017
Attendance: 27,000 (sold out)

Last summer Hunan Television cemented its relationship with the Wild Hearts brand of professional wrestling by gifting them an eponymous championship, contested in a one-night eight-woman tournament in Beijing won in the end by Delilah Hansen. The title bout and two marquee tag matches were carried live by the network, the first such time, and were seen by nearly ten million people across the continent. That format of airing the top matches live was revisited tonight when the promotion ran its first event in Hunan TV’s base of operations, offering Bella Quinn’s first title defense, the beginning of a new Wild Clash Grand Prix, and the tour finale headliners in a six women tag on a card that drew a claimed sold out (and a legit capacity) crowd of 27,000. Paid or otherwise this is the fifth highest attended pro wrestling show of 2016 to-date, it’s the highest attendance for a women’s card in nearly 23 years, and it’s going to be eclipsed in just two days when Wild Hearts wraps up the tour a stadium twice the size of this one.

If you’re familiar with the big lighting rigs they have over the rings at WrestleMania and Wrestle Kingdom that is what they had here, one with big screens on the sides for the audience in lieu of a traditional end stage. The wrestlers walked straight out of the tunnel from the locker rooms onto the field with no grand entrances to make them look larger-than-life, but the trade off was seeing the fan reactions up-close as they passed by to get to the ring. For the more popular girls it was like something from an idol concert (there were even light-sticks for Julie Chan and Zhao Weiwei, shaped like a soccer ball and a goldfish respectably), and for the more hated heels the jeering and shouting must’ve been intimidating. Security guards lined the walk to make sure the crowd didn’t tip over the barricades. With the last twilight fading into the night the show kicked off at 7:30 pm with the untelevised part of the card, the four first round tournament matches and an Alliance-Wild Tigers tag match.

Wild Clash Grand Prix 1st Round
Vicki vs. Clarissa Richardson

The opening match of the opening round was largely a technical wrestling showcase between specialists of two distinct and not overly-familiar styles with most wrestling fans. Both women are very new to the Chinese fans so there were no great pops for either entrance. They started with a handshake and chain wrestling, and while Vicki and Clarissa have enough quirky moves to keep viewers entertained (not to mention mocking each other’s stuff) they were going to have to work hard to get this crowd hot with this style. In one particularly good spot Clarissa went for a sunset flip and Vicki balled herself up, Clarissa tried to untie her but she had no idea how, she rolled Vicki around the ring and then got her foot stuck in the ball trying to pry Vicki’s limbs apart, and Vicki finally opened up with a trip into a toe hold on the captured leg. After some more back and forth mat based sequences Clarissa started using dragon screws to injure Vicki’s leg, sliding the match into a heat segment where The Platinum Princess worked over Vicki’s leg. Vicki sold well and used some British style escapes early on, but Clarissa cut her off with strikes (introducing them into a mostly grappling match to this point) and Vicki had to start fighting back as well. Clarissa going for leg locks and Vicki desperately slapping at her from the canvas only to get slapped back and put in the hold really sold the drama, earning Vicki sympathy as she struggled to get to the ropes a few times.

In a good hope spot Vicki countered the Platinum Lock into a roll-up for a near fall, and for a second it looked like Clarissa was going for the same roll-up but instead she latched onto Vicki’s leg, but Vicki reversed that attempt into position for a read naked choke. A different crowd might’ve popped harder but the fans who were engaged bought into Vicki’s choke as a finish, but Vicki made the rookie mistake of crossing her feet and Clarissa used her own legs to apply pressure to Vicki’s ankle. The crafty counter not only forced Vicki to release her choke it also reversed the false finish with Vicki selling like the pain was unbearable, but she pounded away with axe handles until Richardson finally let her go. Desperation kicks from off the mat gave Vicki the opening to get up and she changed this fully into a striking contest, throwing forearms and uppercuts which forced Clarissa to fight back with elbows and palm strikes in a wild exchange. The crowd was heating up from the submission reversals and this brawl is when they really got into the match, but “just like that” it ended with Vicki dropping Clarissa with a British headbutt! The fans popped big for the out of nowhere nature of the strike as Vicki collapsed down on top of Clarissa, getting a three count to cheers from the crowd!

Vicki def. Richardson to advance to the semi-finals – 9:44 (British headbutt)

It started slow being worked so differently from most Wild Hearts bouts but the fans came around on the match by the end, and the finish got a really good, earnest reaction because it really looked like Vicki had to earn it. She hobbled around the ring with tears in her eyes soaking up the applause from the fans and then collapsed on the long walk to the back, she had to be helped out the rest of the way by the referee and that pretty firmly establishes that she’ll be selling the leg injury in the semi-finals.

Wild Clash Grand Prix 1st Round
Suzy Conrad vs. Magica

After going to the finals of the tournament in 2016 Suzy Conrad was back against a first time opponent in Magica, the former gymnast scouted out of California by Jonathan Swift before he took the GM gig. Magica is still a very new face to the Chinese fanbase so she didn’t get that big of a reaction when she came out, but there was definitely a level of curiosity/anticipation based on her highlight reel alone. On the other hand Suzy Conrad is one of the most loathed women on the roster and the crowd let her know that. The size difference between the two women could be seen from any seat in the stadium and the simple David and Goliath story was guaranteed to engage the audience, but this was a David and Goliath match for 2017. Suzy tried to throw Magica around but she flipped through a hip toss and a back body drop to land on her feet, a full orbit satellite head scissors took the big Oklahoman off her feet, and Suzy tumbled out of the ring when Magica pulled the top rope down on her. In the first high spot of the night Magica went for an Asai Moonsault to pop the fans, but Suzy caught her and held onto her in a surprising twist. After wowing the crowd Suzy scared them by trying to ram Magica into the ring post, she slipped free and went for a rana when Suzy turned around, but the big woman countered with a pop-up powerbomb onto the edge of the ring apron! The fans all groaned as Conrad quickly shoved Magica under the ropes to go for the pin, getting a near fall that some in the crowd bit on.

Suzy spent the next few minutes in near complete control, beating Magica up and showing off her strength to the unappreciative crowd. Magica got beeled half way across the ring, Suzy held her up with one arm before slamming her down, and Suzy even gorilla pressed the little woman over her head for a few reps before throwing her down. In one hope spot Magica caught Suzy with a high angle heel kick to the chin that took real flexibility to pull off, and in another she spun out of an attempted body slam into a sunset flip, moving out of the way when Suzy went for the big hip drop. The fans rallied behind Magica as she mounted a short-lived comeback before Conrad cut her off, popping her up and letting her free fall to the canvas. After reasserting her dominance Suzy thought it was time to wrap this up with an Oklahoma Stampede, but while Suzy was running across the ring Magica dragged her down into a double knee backbreaker for the turnaround. Magica fired up and stopped Suzy from getting up with a stiff kick to the head, laying the big girl back down for a standing corkscrew moonsault that wowed the crowd! The former UCLA gymnast followed up with a handspring into a back flip double stomp, and with a real sense of urgency she followed THAT up with a corkscrew moonsault from the top rope, getting a big pop from stadium crowd! They bought it as a false finish and an amped up Magica played to the people before going back to the top rope, and she came off with an even more spectacular Phoenix Splash but Suzy rolled out of the way!

Magica ate shit to a big scream from the crowd and the missed attack created a double down. Suzy got up first and went for a clothesline, but in fun sequence Magica ducked it and went for a reverse rana, it was blocked and Suzy spun her around to go for a powerbomb, but Magica reversed that into a classic rana for a close near fall! Magica seemingly set herself up for another powerbomb to take Suzy down with a rolling sunset flip bomb, getting the capacity crowd with another false finish on Suzy Conrad! A “Magica” chant was starting up somewhere in the stadium as both wrestlers got up huffing and puffing, Suzy tried to splash Magica in the corner but she blocked it and went for a quebrada, but in callback to earlier in the match Suzy caught her and rammed her into the turnbuckles! The fans groaned as Suzy turned and dashed across the ring with Magica still on her shoulder, slamming her into the opposite corner before slamming her down with the Oklahoma Stampede! A forearm-on-the-face cover followed and Magica’s tournament was over!

Conrad def. Magica to advance to the semi-finals – 9:25 (Oklahoma Stampede)

It was a good effort from Magica but she couldn’t stop the stampede of Suzy Conrad into the next round, and while it was to be expected the fans were none too pleased with the result.

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Wild Clash Grand Prix 1st Round
Mariel Martinez vs. Shirley Wellington

After Mariel betrayed longtime partner Shirley to align herself with the Wilde twins this match was bound to happen at some point, and landing here in the tournament raised the personal stakes even higher. The crowd didn’t go crazy for the El Paso native but they gave her a respectable welcome as she jogged down to the ring looking intensely focused, but she was definitely the favorite over her former partner from Houston who walked out nonchalantly. Martinez climbed onto the middle rope to pose for the fans only to get jeered, and while she was scolding them for not cheering her Shirley snuck in and brought her off the ropes with a powerbomb! THAT got a nice pop and Shirley Wellington quickly headed up to the top rope to go for her Frog Splash – but Mariel rolled out of the way and Shirley ate shit! It was a good idea but it didn’t work out and the fans groaned as she crashed onto the canvas, and instead of getting a jumpstarted match we got both women staring each other down while licking their wounds.

They squared up talking some trash and Mariel chest bumped the smaller wrestler, Shirley responded with a shove and Mariel chopped her chest with an overhand slap! Shirley fired back with one of her own and we got the Mexican style chop exchange with both ladies wind-milling each other, getting the crowd pumped up as they laid ‘em in. Mariel eventually took a headlock on Shirley and got shot off the ropes, she bumped the Westerner in the Southwest Express with a shoulder block and hit off the ropes for a senton splash, but Shirley rolled out of the way this time and she connected with a basement dropkick! Martinez reversed an Irish whip but Wellington kept building momentum with a series of arm drags and head scissors, having a great base in Mariel Martinez to make the moves look good. Shirley went for a running attack in the corner but Mariel gave her a bandera to the apron, Shirley sent her stumbling away with a counterstrike and climbed to the top rope again, but this time she hit pay dirt with a flying crossbody! The fans popped for the dive and Wellington fired up before hooking Mariel for a suplex, but she used her weight to block it before reversing the suplex on Shirley, and in a great moment of trolling Mariel rolled her hips to drag Shirley back up with her! Mariel hit a second suplex and rolled with Shirley back up for a third, actually holding the smaller woman in the air for a few seconds before dropping her to complete the sequence! And just to be an even bigger shithead Mariel got mad at the fans for not counting when she held Shirley up, showing them how by shouting “one two three, UNO DOS TRES!”

The match continued at a slower pace from there with Mariel Martinez controlling her former teammate, stretching Shirley out on the mat with surfboards and bow and arrow locks. Mariel tied Shirley up in some weird lucha libre holds and she went for the heel brownie points by locking Shirley in a legit hold just to start fish-hooking her face, drawing the ire of the Chinese crowd as she offered no shame whatsoever. In a hope spot Shirley flipped out of a back suplex set up and started firing away with forearms before hitting the ropes for a head scissors, but Mariel countered it into a backbreaker. Mariel followed up with a senton and locked Shirley in a camel clutch for the heat spot, Shirley sold for sympathy to get the fans behind her as she struggled to crawl to the ropes, and she finally reached them for a nice pop from the crowd. After giving Shirley a clean break Mariel shoved her former partner under the ropes with her boot and climbed onto the middle rope, preening to the crowd before grabbing onto Shirley to set up that dead lift superplex – but Shirley held onto the top rope to block it! They jostled for leverage before breaking to trade strikes with Mariel still standing on the middle rope, and in a crazy turnaround spot Shirley pulled her legs through the ropes, climbed to the top, and stamped Mariel down with a big double stomp! The fans didn’t see that reversal coming and they cheered as both women were left down on the mat, and with the crowd making a lot of noise Wellington fired up for a comeback! Mariel got up with her back to the ropes and Shirley just teed off on her with a flurry of chops and forearms, she was absolutely pummeled but she still managed to reverse an Irish whip, but Shirley took her down with a running dropkick!

Wellington tried to follow up with a monkey flip but Martinez spun her around and sat her on the top rope, slapping her chest before setting her up the Muscle Buster – but Shirley popped her head out and elbowed Mariel in the face, a boot sent the Houston native stumbling back, and Shirley jumped off the middle rope with a flying head scissors to pop the crowd! The face to the finish was on as the former Southwest Express members both got up, and after stunning Mariel with a Super Kick Shirley dropped her with the Sylvia style rolling elbow! Clearly feeling it happening Shirley slapped the top turnbuckle pad before climbing up the ropes and diving down with the Frog Splash from El Paso – but in a SICK counter Mariel pumped her boots straight up and kicked Shirley out of the sky! That looked AS painful as it gets and it sounded like all 27,000 fans in attendance groaned in unison as Shirley rolled to the edge of the ring! After Shirley used the ropes to pull herself back onto her feet Mariel lifted her up, spun her around, and dropped her with a release Blue Thunder Bomb, and if that wasn’t rough enough Mariel followed up with a senton splash off the middle rope! If she didn’t have a broken rib or two already she might’ve after that connected, but the crowd’s surprise she kicked out of a cover at 2.9! Shirley’s resilience got her a big pop from the responsive audience, but that was (kind of literally) her last gasp in this effort as Mariel Martinez flexed and screamed before nailing the Muscle Buster!

Martinez def. Wellington to advance to the semi-finals – 9:50 (Muscle Buster)

The fans didn’t like the result but with Mariel winning in a clean matter they didn’t burst into booing, instead just kind of groaning and giving a little respective applause for a hard fought match by both competitors. The victorious Mariel Martinez paraded around the ring with her arms in the air after dispatching her former partner, and in a really mean moment she stood over Shirley while the latter was still down and yelled at her “don’t ask yourself WHY this all happened, THIS is why it happened!”

Wild Clash Grand Prix 1st Round
Valencia Del Rey vs. Lux Wilde

After losing a hard fought battle in the first round of last year’s tourney VDR relentlessly chased the Hunan Television championship, she won it ten and a half months ago and has defended it against all comers ever since, and the title will be on the line in the GP Final whether Val makes it that far or not. The Stockton native received a very warm welcome from the fans in the stadium as she carried the belt over her shoulder, raising it up high in the ring while pounding her chest for all to see. Where there is Lux there is Lola and the twins’ were definitely trying to give Val some double trouble, going for distractions and sister switches every chance they got. Lux tried to wrestle with Val but that didn’t work and she got overpowered, she tried to brawl with Val and that went even worse as she got the taste slapped out of her mouth. Lux powdered out to get her teeth checked by Lola and the twins yelled at the ref to keep Valencia at bay, and it was quite obvious Lola took her sister’s place in the ring. But Lola didn’t fare any better against the bigger, badder woman and she quickly swapped back out with Lux. VDR got an extended shine segment bumping Lux around, easily handling the West Texan to the amusement of the stadium crowd. Lux tried the old runaround-the-ring deal to get a cheap shot by hiding behind Lola, but in a great spot Val just booted Lola in the chest and knocked them both over like dominos.

Del Rey rolled Lux back into the ring but Lola held onto her ankle to stop her from following, she made Lola pay for it with kicks and stomps before getting free, but when she tried to climb into the ring Lux jumped her with a knee strike to the head! The Regal-inspired cheap shot immediately led into a swinging neckbreaker to put the Hunan TV champion on the mat, and some fans bit at the cover as Lux got a two count! Lux spent the next few minutes trying to work Valencia over but it didn’t take long for the Stockton native to start turning the tables, getting the better of Lux in a striking exchange as the fans cheered for the comeback. VDR went for a neckbreaker of her own but Lux broke free with an eye rake and followed up with an elbow to the back of Val’s head, getting booed for the dirty tactics as she hit the ropes for something, but it was a running nothing into a Sky High spinebuster from VDR to a big pop! Val got a near fall on the counter and got fired up before hitting the ropes herself for a Yakuza Kick, but Lola tripped her down! The fans in attendance erupted at the blatant interference as Lola played innocent, but the referee wasn’t having any of that and he ejected her from ringside! That spot just about always works and big pop here for Lola getting kicked out, but while Lola was lodging a protest Lux poked Val in the eyes and left the ring to go play the identical twin shuffle! It was obvious to everyone except the ref and VDR that they switched roles and the fans booed as Lux started making her way to the back, leaving a fresh Lola to slide into the ring!

With Del Rey fighting blinded Lola got the better of her and started building momentum, Valencia tried fighting back but Lola used cheap tactics to cut her off, and the former Twin Hearts champ gradually started getting near falls with thrust kicks and neckbreakers. After wearing down the double tough Californian Lola tied up her arms for the straightjacket neckbreaker and told the crowd it was over, but VDR resisted and an arm wrestling match of sorts ensued as they fought for leverage! The capacity crowd rallied behind Valencia and they got louder as she slowly overpowered Lola, reversing the hold before escaping entirely with an arm drag! Both women scrambled to their feet and Lola tried to get the jump on Val with a clothesline, but they both had the same idea and the crowd popped hard for the double knock down! The referee administered his count as the fans made a lot of noise yelling at their Hunan TV champion to get up and fight, and that’s exactly what happened when she and Lola beat the count and traded right hands! A fired up Valencia started teeing off on Lola and we got the tried and true bump-and-feed comeback spot, but Lola turned things around by reversing a whip and connecting with a high knee in the corner! She tried to follow up with a bulldog but Val threw her down on her ass, and she stood straight up into a Yakuza Kick to a big pop from the crowd! It felt like the finish as VDR called for the Splash Mountain before hoisting Lola up into the air, but the Wilde twin squirmed free and stumbled into the ref’s arms looking for safety – only to pull him in the way of a Yakuza Kick from Valencia!

The Chinese fans were shocked as the referee went down and it didn’t take long for Lux to come sprinting back to the ring, sliding in and blindsiding Val to big heat from the crowd! Double Trouble double teaming Del Rey with stomps got the loudest booing of anything on the show to this point and the twins worked fast to set her up for their assembly line finish, Lola hit the floating knee in the corner followed by the shining wizard and the bulldog from Lux, and it looked all over for Val as Lola got on the top rope to deliver a splash – but Rachel Langley hit the ring and tackled Lux into the ropes which of course tripped Lola down! The crowd went wild for Rachel making the save as she bullied Lux out through the ropes, hammering her with forearms on the floor while Lola was hung up on the top rope, and before she could go anywhere Val brought her back down to the canvas with a big Superplex! The crowd roared for the big move off the ropes and Del Rey went for the cover just as the ref was coming to, punching her ticket to the next round with a three count!

Del Rey def. Wilde to advance to the semi-finals – 13:28 (Superplex)

It felt like justice was served and the chain of events leading to the finish resulted in a standing ovation from the fans in Changsha. Lux had to crawl under the ring to get away from Rachel and the Super Athlete hyped up the crowd before passing the Hunan TV title belt to its owner (with the ref still down), and in a cool moment Val told Rachel to get in the ring so she could shake her hand for dealing with the interference. After Lux crawled out from the other side of the ring the Wilde twins regrouped and started backing away, but not without getting into a shouting match with their former teammate and Valencia Del Rey as the babyfaces stood tall in the ring.

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Meiko, Delilah Hansen vs. Theressa VDM, Hanna Heathrow

In the main untelevised bout the Chinese fans cheered the arrival of the Wild Tigers and booed Hanna and Theressa, the Dutch Destroyer came out with her hand heavily taped up thanks to Delilah breaking/dislocating a different finger of hers every tour stop, and she looked absolutely pissed off storming down to the ring. This was your classic 80’s tag match of the night with tons of brawling, bruiser heel work by the Alliance, fiery offense from Meiko and Lilly, and crowd heat coming more from simple psychology than from slick sequences. Theressa was the big monster throwing people around and she had a grudge with the Swedish Butterfly in particular, and the two Europeans going after each other’s fingers was great old school style drama. The story between Meiko and Hanna was a clash of attitudes and attributes, the two time Lioness of Wrestling champion tried to boss and bully the rookie around, but the “Perfect Prototype” made that difficult with her size and length, and both women fought bitterly to assert dominance.

In the dramatic final minutes Meiko reversed the Lotus Eater into a guillotine choke in the middle of the ring, Theressa made the save and the Alliance girls set Meiko up for that Lotus Eater/Reverse Chokeslam combo that eliminated her from the Thunder Queen Battle, but Delilah made the save that time. She pumped her boots in both women’s faces with alternating teep kicks before hitting the ropes for something, but she ran into a double goozle and a big double chokeslam from Hanna and Theressa! The crowd groaned as the impact took the life out of Delilah but VDM and Heathrow weren’t finished with her yet, but as they both reached down Meiko snuck up behind them and dumped Hanna on her head with a German Suplex! Alice’s protégé folded over like a slinky to a big pop and quickly rolled out of the ring while Theressa went after Meiko, and the Wild Hearts GOAT ducked a clothesline before dead lifting the big woman off her feet with a waistlock! The stadium crowd marveled at Meiko’s strength while she held the heavyweight above the mat for another suplex, but Theressa eventually got back on her feet and broke free with a big butt bump to the sternum!

After shitcanning the Unchained Tiger Theressa turned her attention back to her Scandinavian rival, she pulled Lilly up by the nape of the neck and gave the audience a BIG throat slice with her tongue out (!) to signal the reverse chokeslam – but while VDM posing for the camera Lilly reached out and broke her OTHER thumb! The fans went wild for that POTNB worthy reversal as VDM grabbed at her thumb and howled in pain, offering no defense as Hansen mounted a comeback with teeps and uppercuts! While Hanna and Meiko were busy brawling outside the ring Delilah knocked Theressa back into a corner and smashed her with a running uppercut, Lilly ran back across the ring and hit VDM with a second one, and with a head full of steam she went back for a third running uppercut – but Theressa moved out of the way! Hansen hit the turnbuckles so hard she stumbled a few steps, the fans groaned as Theressa wiped her out with a big lariat to the back of her head, and with urgency this time Theressa bounced Lilly off the mat with a reverse chokeslam for the fall!

The Alliance def. The Tigers – 15:43 (VDM pins Hansen, reverse chokeslam)

The match was over but the action didn’t stop there as Theressa let her rage get the better of her, looking at her partially mangled hands before viciously clubbing Delilah Hansen with her forearms! The ref ordered the bell rung again to call for help while Hanna and Meiko continued brawling outside the ring, but even with busted fingers and thumbs Theressa still sent security geeks flying, and to make matters worse the other Wild Tiger Fight Team and Alliance members came out to get involved in the fray! It was a wild scene but eventually ENOUGH bodies were sent out to keep the Tigers and Alliance separated, and the show went to intermission while they worked to clear the ring.

While the spectators in the stadium were getting a break and milling about the live broadcast on Hunan TV began, starting at 9 pm with a cool intro video before going to the Mandarin announcers at ringside. The dudes welcomed the viewers at home and hyped up the action they’ve seen so far tonight and the two remaining bouts, including the main event for the Lioness of Wrestling title, and to get caught up to speed the TV audience were treated to highlights and recaps from the previous matches. These weren’t included on the broadcast but the wrestlers were doing short media scrums after their matches, and Wild Hearts’ new correspondent Jessica Phan sent in some notes:

  • Vicki: The British grappler had a lot of trouble moving around on her ankle but she doesn’t think anything is broken or torn, promising as long as she can walk into the ring on Sunday she will be competing in the Wild Clash semi-finals. She admitted it might not be the smartest decision, especially if her opponent happens to be Suzy (and it is), but she worked too hard to win her match tonight and the opportunities from winning the Hunan TV title are just too great to pass up.

  • Suzy: Talked about how she never fell for magic tricks as a kid and said if you believed Magica had any chance of beating her than you’re dumber than her when she was in fourth grade. Suzy told Jonathan Swift she was sorry for beating his girl but made it clear it’s not HER job to make “the project cases” look good, telling him he’s got Matilda Christopher for that. Like a total southern heel Suzy rubbed her palms together, she asked one of the Chinese production staffs if she’s “allowed to thank the lord over here” (!) for giving her a HURT Vicki in the next round, claiming that a higher power must want to see her go to the finals once again.

  • Mariel: She compared hr former teammate’s effort in the match to the story of the Southwest Express, saying Shirley worked hard, she got a little close once or twice, and ultimately it was all worth nothing. Mariel said that her stock has only been rising since dropping “the dead weight” and soon she will hold Wild Hearts gold while Shirley goes back to “slumming it” in the minor leagues, and she made sure to play for that Chinese heat by shouting “Jess had the right idea all along!”

  • VDR: The defending Hunan TV Champion got pretty hyped up taking Lux and Lola to task for thinking they could just take what she worked for, telling them they’re actually lucky that Rachel stopped them because IF they had gotten away with it she would have made sure NEITHER of them made it to the show Sunday. When it comes to Mariel in the semi-finals Val said that she used to think that Mariel was underrated and deserved more chances than she was getting, but Val has NO respect for “snakes” that stab their teammates in the back (“that kinda strikes a nerve with me, ya know”) and she said she’s going to put Mariel back in her place.

Julie Chan, Sasha Sweet, Zhao Weiwei
vs. Jess Kanal, Cassie Rial, Nebraska Jones

After an intro hyping the Guangzhou main event and Twin Hearts title match we got the first televised match of tonight, a six woman tag pitting those competitors against each other as a preview of sorts for the big event. Jesminder Kanal walked out all by her lonesome to big boos from the crowd and the Brilliant Pair tried to make sure the fans were aware they weren’t “with” Jess, and while the champs got a pop for their entrance they weren’t cheered much after the match started. Zhao, Sweet, and Chan all walked out together to Tarzan Boy and of course the Chinese crowd went wild for them, chanting the melody and waving those light-sticks along with the song. Security guards had to push against the barricades as fans reached into the walkway trying to get a hi-five from Julie or Weiwei, and in a nice touch One in a Thousand third place contestant Li Yue got on camera cheering for her cast mate.

Julie and Jess were to start but the crowd chanting the Tarzan Boy song drove Jess crazy and she tagged out before ever locking up. Nebraska and Weiwei both played to the crowd and the response was about 100% one sided with a big “Zhao Weiwei” chant, they got this thing rolling with some spots to show off their athleticism and Nebs used some “veteran savvy” to get the upperhand, and she got some heat on Zhao until the Goldfish countered a whip with a top rope springboard crossbody. Sasha and Cassie played a cat and mouse game with Big Cass ducking attacks and countering stuff into roll-ups, and when Sasha caught her it was time for Cassie to get beat up. The former Lioness of Wrestling champion chopped the hell out of her chest, gave her the boot scrapes, and played to the crowd with a stalling vertical suplex that got a count of ten. Sasha tagged out to Julie and we got a spot where she slammed Cassie down and sat her up, holding her in place for a big kick from Julie to a pop from the crowd. Julie Chan essentially teed off on the Twin Hearts champ with stiff kicks and she gave her former J-Hawks partner plenty of chances to tag in, but Jess wasn’t biting and Julie wasn’t letting Nebs get the tag either. Zhao was given the chance to keep Cassandra isolated and the rookie’s complete inexperience in that role was apparent, she let Cassie slip away following a missed splash and Jess yelled at Nebraska that the tag was hers, and Jess made her presence felt immediately with a belly to belly suplex on Zhao!

Beginning the heat segment Jess did what she does best and controlled the former swimmer with far superior mat wrestling, literally making Weiwei work from underneath her. The Chinese crowd rallied behind the Shanghai native and the popped when Zhao managed to get back on her feet, but each time she did Kanal quickly took her back down with some kind of suplex. Jess let the Brilliant Pair take over and the tag champs kept the ring cut in half, it was weird seeing Nebs and Cassie working the babyface over for a change but they knew what they were supposed to be doing, and the audience in the stadium really bought into Weiwei’s struggle. In one hope spot she got out of Cassie’s facelock with a northern lights suplex and in another she ducked a Super Kick from Nebraska and connected with a high dropkick, but Jesminder was there as the enforcer and she kept Zhao from tagging out, dragging her back one time and knocking Julie Chan off the apron to loud boos from the crowd. Jess tried baiting in Zhao’s partners, Sasha the vet didn’t fall for it but Julie was ready to go and while the ref was distracted dealing with that the Brilliant Pair went for their double flip spot on Zhao, but the Goldfish blocked both of their attacks! The huge cheering from the crowd tipped Jess off that something was wrong and she tried to tackle Zhao down, but in a great hot tag spot the swimmer dove over her and tagged out to Julie!

The fans went wild as Julie hit the ring and cut her rival off with a big knee to the gut, popping Jess in the face with rapid fire knees before going for a big enzuigiri, but in a cool sequence Jess ducked it and dead-lifted her up for a German and Julie landed on her feet! Going on a full speed attack Julie charged under a clothesline and took Jess down with a sliding dropkick to the shin, hitting the ropes again to follow up with a sliding dropkick right to the side of Kanal’s head! The fired up former double champion played to the cheering crowd before going for a penalty kick to the heart, but Jess ducked and rolled her up for a near fall, they scrambled to their feet and the almost-Olympian picked Julie up on her shoulders, but once again Julie flipped out of whatever Jess had in store for her and after landing on her feet she nailed Jess with a Pele kick! The fans popped huge for that counter and it set up another PK attempt, but this time Nebraska intercepted Julie with a super kick that absolutely STUNNED the stadium crowd! She nailed Julie square in the face with that one, and like a total goon she fired herself up just to eat big lariat from Sasha Sweet! Nebs went head over heels with the big sell as the fans cheered, it’s was Cassie Rial’s turn to get a move in next as she countered a lariat into a float over DDT, and Zhao Weiwei capped off the sequence with a springboard missile dropkick to a big pop!

The ring cleared out down to the legal women and the action continued with Jess hitting a knee slide into a German suplex, she held on to Julie to pick her up for a second suplex and the fans got increasingly worried as Jess landed a third suplex with a bridge – but her ex-partner kicked out in a false finish! The fans popped hard for the kickout and started chanting Julie’s name while Jesminder dragged her back up, and without a throat slice gimmick to curse herself Jess hooked the arms for a full nelson suplex – but Julie blocked it! The former J-Hawks battled for leverage with the stadium cheering as Chan escaped the full nelson, but before she could fully counter out Jess ran her to the ropes for an O’Connor roll – but Nebraska made a blind tag while Julie held onto the rope! Kanal rolled away empty handed and Nebraska held Julie back from going for a PK, and in a twist on the old J-Hawks move Jess got the full nelson locked back in and Jones super kicked Julie into a dragon suplex! The fans erupted as Jess held the bridge for the cover, but the ref didn’t count until Jess let go and Nebraska hooked a leg, and she almost got the pin but Zhao made the save in a false finish!

She got shitcanned for her troubles though and Jess got in Nebraska’s face (!) over the blind tag issue, the fans were ALL IN for that team breaking down but Jones tried to shove past her to get to Julie – AND JESS HIT HER WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX! The crowd went absolutely wild as Jesminder dropped her own teammate and Cassie hit the ring to confront her, but Jess caught her with a belly to belly and then stepped out to tag herself back in – BUT ZHAO YANKED HER OFF THE APRON AND JULIE TAGGED OUT TO SASHA SWEET FOR A ROAD WARRIOR POP! Nebraska got up in her corner and got SMASHED by a running lariat from Sasha, and with the crowd going crazy the Scarlet Queen followed up with the Scarlet Fantasy to pin one of the tag champs!

Chan, Sweet, Zhao def. Kanal, Rial, Jones – 14:34 (Sweet pins Jones, Scarlet Fantasy)

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The heavily narrated intro video for this main event had the feeling of a dramatic trailer for some epic film/series, but there actually is history between these two that goes back a ways. Alex spent her early days in Wild Hearts with Nina Wagner as an accomplice to the likes of Bella and Gemma Traumaward, we saw what happened when the relationship with Gemma turned sour, and 2017 has been defined for all three women by the other shoe finally dropping. Bella went out of her way to injure Mesa with repeated slingshot stomps before going on to steal the title from Nina, and with the former champion having other business to attend to Alex has reemerged to give Bella her first challenge. The live crowd was ready to GO and Alex Mesa maintained the hype level as she jogged all the way to the ring, looking laser focused and deadly serious even as she raised a fist to play to the fans. She might not have been the most over lady on the show but she was the clear fan favorite in this match, and the Glaswegian Gladiatrix was right up there with Suzy and Jess getting the loudest boos in Changsha. In a contrast to her opponent Bella took her time walking through the crowd, looking smug with the belt over her shoulder while Alex shadowboxed in the ring to stay loose.

Lioness of Wrestling Championship
Bella Quinn [c] vs. Alex Mesa

Following the bilingual in-ring introductions and the opening bell the match got started with Bella Quinn sprinting across the ring, giving us a fast opening similar to the previous title match! Bella tried to catch Alex off-guard with a Sling Blade but the former fighter ducked it (1), Bella wound up with her back against the corner and Mesa tried to catch her with a superwoman punch, but the Scot ducked out of way herself as the fans went wild! She baited Mesa and slipped a haymaker to set up the uranage suplex, but unlike Ninawags at 24thBeat Alex blocked it, she threw Bella down and with that submission in Taiwan the crowd roared as she tried to lock in the armbar – but Bella Quinn scrambled to the ropes, got the break, and powdered out! The champion paced around outside like a well seasoned heel, stalling for time and barking at the referee to make Alex give her space to get back in the ring. Big Banter Bella thought she’d mock the New Yorker’s boxing background by putting her dukes up, Mesa was more than happy to spar with her and we got a feeling out process in Bella mostly dancing around and trying to not get hit. Now while Bella Quinn was out there playing around and trying to get Alex and the crowd riled up the challenger was ALL business, and when Bella finally decided to fight Alex counter-struck her to a big pop from the crowd!

In a pretty old school shine segment Alex tagged Bella up with closed fists and the champ stumbled into a corner on jelly legs, she covered up and that was smart but not TOO smart because Mesa just started working her body over. The ref called for the break and Mesa tried to pull Bella away by her hair but she held onto the top rope with both hands, Alex let go of the hair but she started snapping Bella’s head back with punches, and in a tremendous little bit of selling the last punch sent the Scot flying back into the turnbuckles and down to the mat! The next few minutes largely continued like this with the former Twin Hearts champ getting the better of Bella Quinn in the shine segment, punching her up and bumping her around with basic but crisp offense to cheers from the Changsha crowd. The fans counted along in Chinese when Alex did the mounted punches spot in the corner and we got another armbar tease after Bella staggered into a big judo throw, but this time the defending champ escaped by folding Alex up and gouging her eyes! With Mesa blinded Bella got the chance to get some offense going and the bitter heel used slaps and chops to keep her opponent’s eyes watering up, but her cleverness was countered by instinct when Alex reversed a whip, ducked a Sling Blade (2), and caught her with a backfist! The British vet went down hard to a BIG pop from the fans in the stadium after that exciting sequence, and after Bella rolled out of the ring Alex went after her!

The first time Lioness of Wrestling title challenger reasserted herself outside the ring, staggering the champion with big right hands and whipping her into the guardrails MUCH to the delight of the fans in front row. Bella tried to crawl into the ring to get away but Alex pulled her back out, resetting the ref’s count as she went back to work tagging Bella, stunning and dazing her before winding up for that big haymaker to put her down – but in a rough counter Bella nailed Alex with a Glasgow Kiss and slammed her on the ground with a STO! Everyone in the audience either groaned or yelled as the back of Mesa’s head hit the thinly padded soccer pitch, and that cutoff gave Bella firm control of the match for the next several minutes. Bella used the time to recover waiting for Alex to get back in the ring before pouncing on her, tearing into her midsection with a vicious series of stomps, and the champ continued to focus on her ribs with knees, shoulder thrusts, and a few rib-breakers. Bella Quinn injuring Alex’s ribs was a major plot point in this feud and they were playing off of that here, building up tension for the slingshot double stomp. In a classic heat spot Quinn squeezed Mesa’s ribs with a body scissors and Mesa bridged back to go for a pin, the Gladiatrix kicked out and started pulling the blonde’s hair, hooking her face, and talking shit to her, and the crowd really rallied behind the challenger when she started trying to turn around. Alex successfully got face to face with her rival and fought against the pain of the body lock to go for punches from Bella’s guard, the fans popped when she landed shots but Bella fought back and squeezed the hold tighter, and in a great escape spot Alex dead lifted her up and slammed her down to break the hold!

The crowd popped hard for Mesa’s counter and it did buy her a moment to catch her breath, but it was all she got before walking into a headbutt that the Brit drove into her sternum. A barrage of forearms and uppercuts followed before Alex got dropped stomach first over the top rope with a suplex deal, and she hung up there groaning in pain until Bella knocked her down with a running dropkick! Mesa tumbled into an ugly landing and the Lioness Cup winner turned Lioness of Wrestling champion heeled it up big time by standing on her chest and posing to the crowd, getting booed hard in the Hunan province capital! The ref finally made her give Alex a chance to get up, and with the challenger’s back against the ropes Bella teed off on her with face slaps and shots to the body. Big Bants Bella insulted and mocked Alex right to her face before trying to whip her, but Alex put on the brakes and tried to counter with a haymaker, but in a cool hope spot the champ ducked it into the Rainmaker setup for a kitchen sink knee attack! Mesa went head over heels and clutched at her midsection in pain as Bella Quinn preened for the fans, and in one of the best bits of working a crowd when Alex sat up Bella ran and hit her with a PK to the back! The crowd erupted in boos at the obvious Julie Chan reference as Alex arched her back with a shout, and if that wasn’t bad enough Bella followed up with a sliding dropkick right to the side of her face! A cover got the defending champion a two count and the challenger started fighting back from her knees, firing off one-twos to Bella’s ribs until the Glaswegian shut her offense down with a knee to the face.

In a great strong style type of moment Bella continued kneeing Alex before just holding her hair and chopping her with Kawada kicks to the face, but the kicks fired up the New York native and the fans cheered as she grabbed onto the leg and rose to her feet! Mesa gave Bella Quinn the mean mug while making her hop on one foot and Bella feigned begging off before going for an enzuigiri, but Alex ducked it, straddled her back, and started pounding her with crossface forearms! The crowd was going wild as Alex tried to mount her comeback with Bella desperately trying to cover up, and when she couldn’t throw those crossfaces anymore Alex stood up tall and stomped down on the back of Bella’s head and neck like PRIDE era Shogun! The champ was covering up for dear life and that only made Alex get more violent, going after her body with big soccer kicks until she finally slipped away under the ropes! Alex went out after her and the hurting Brit lead a chase around the ring, Alex slid back in after her and in a twist on this old setup Bella hit the far ropes hoping to catch Alex with a Sling Blade (3) – but Mesa countered with a t-bone suplex to a big pop from the crowd! We got a short double down for both women to catch their breath and Alex Mesa was firing up, rallying the big crowd behind her effort to upset the new champion! She teed off with stiff jabs and the crowd popped as Bella’s head snapped back before a big haymaker laid her out, and before the champ could get all the way back up Alex grabbed her by the hair and unloaded with punches, driving the crowd wild until she planted Bella’s head with a DDT for a near fall!

The stadium crowd was hot for the comeback and they started chanting something as Alex pulled Bella back up the hard way, she hooked the head and arm for a suplex but Bella started fighting back with shots to the body, finding them very effective with all the work earlier paying off. When she got out of the hold Bella peppered her challenger with forearms before setting up the STO, but Alex blocked it with elbows and reversed the position into a vertical suplex, taking this spot full circle as the crowd popped! The Glaswegian Gladiatrix retreated to the ropes and as soon as she got up Alex nailed her with a running elbow in the ropes, they kept Bella standing and Mesa charged back across the ring for another attack, but Bella popped her up with a flapjack onto the top rope! Her ribs took all the impact and the fans groaned as she stumbled back, and Bella finally put her down with a Sling Blade (4) for a near fall! The cutoff halted all momentum from Alex Mesa and the first time defending champ got the moment she needed to clear out the cobwebs. Alex tried to land the first punch despite struggling to breath and Bella countered with a knee across the midsection, dropping her to all fours where she was defenseless against Bella’s stomps and kicks! After slamming Alex’s face into a turnbuckle Bella trapped her in the corner and worked her over with body shots, Bella beat on her until she folded and when she couldn’t stomp the ribs anymore Bella just pressed both boots into Mesa’s throat to BIG BOOS from the crowd!

The referee finally got Alex some separation and she used the opening to fire off closed fists, but a toe kick to the ribs cut her off and Bella put her down with a neckbreaker! Alex broke a cover with her foot in the ropes and Bella punished her with stomps until the ref forced a separation, the fiery British champ whipped Alex to the opposite corner and followed behind her, but Alex cut her off with a back elbow! A side kick to the chest pushed Bella back and Alex tried to mount some offense with a clothesline, but Bella ducked it and swept her down with the STO! The fans groaned at the counter and bit at the 2.9 count pin before trying to rally behind the challenger, but Bella was convinced this was over as she pulled Alex up by the blonde’s hair to position her for the uranage suplex – but Alex blocked it and desperately fought back with elbows! The big crowd rallied as the Lioness of Wrestling started hitting Alex back with forearms, holding onto her neck to really drive them in, and just when it looked like the challenger was about to go out on her feet Alex PULLED GUARD TO GO FOR AN ARMBAR! The fans went wild for the (almost) flying armbar attempt as Mesa worked to extend the arm, getting closer as Bella tried to pull it out…!

BEFORE SHE STARTED STOMPING ON ALEX’S FACE, FORCING HER TO RELEASE THE HOLD! The fans in attendance groaned and booed and made all sorts of noise as Mesa gave up Bella’s arm to cover her face, and because she was too far from the corner Bella just climbed up the ropes to go for her slingshot double stomp – but Alex rolled away to dodge it as fans shrieked! She rolled under the ropes to the apron and Bella followed her out in frustration, pulling her up by her hair to go for an uranage FROM THE APRON TO THE FLOOR – BUT ALEX HELD ON TO THE TOP ROPE! It was a super desperate situation for both women as Mesa blocked the throw for dear life before fighting back UNTIL BELLA NAILED HER WITH A HEADBUTT! The crowd roared as Alex stumbled back with the top rope saving her from falling down, and with a scream she used it to launch forward AND HIT BELLA WITH A SUPERWOMAN PUNCH! The stadium erupted with a road warrior pop as Bella fell down HARD on the ring apron after getting blasted by that right hand, and she was definitely seeing stars in the night sky over Changsha! With another big scream fire herself up Alex played to the cheering fans before going over to pick Bella up, but when she reached down Bella grabbed her by the gear and pulled


The 27,000 spectators in attendance ALL screamed in shock when Alex careened into the steel steps and went limp on the floor, covering her face as the referee stopped his count to go out and check on her! He waved for the ringside doctor while Bella rolled back in under the ropes, and the crowd was sounding worried as the officials found the challenger bleeding from the forehead! It was NOT looking good AT ALL for Alex Mesa but she telling them to let her keep fighting, showing way more guts than her opponent as Bella yelled at them to “do yer jobs, stop this!” It was looking bad but somehow Alex convinced them to let her keep going and the crowd came alive, cheering and clapping as Mesa tried to get off the ground while the referee resumed the count! The fans got loud in support of the former tag champ as she showed true fighting spirit trying to get back in the ring with her head split open, getting the fake count out of the year award as she got the crowd to scream when she crawled back in with less than a second to spare! But it was the last hope spot of her effort as Bella Quinn nailed her with a punt to her already hurt ribs, pinning her down by standing on her before climbing the ropes and nailing her WITH THE SLINGSHOT DOUBLE STOMP! The fans all groaned as Bella drove her boots into Mesa’s body like the last nail in the coffin of this title match, following up with the three count!!

Quinn def. Mesa to retain the Lioness of Wrestling championship
– 20:12 (slingshot double stomp)

Other than some scattered booing the crowd didn’t make a lot of noise following the finish, deflating like any crowd would when the preferred fighter gets smashed. The triumphant Bella Quinn posed with the title and got up close to camera to talk shit, repeating “this is my time” and warning anyone that wants to challenger her “THAT’s what’ll happen to ye!” It didn’t take her long to head off backstage and when she was gone the attention turned to Alex Mesa as she finally rose to her feet with assistance, she looked bloody and beat up bad but the fans gave her a round of applause for her hard work. While she was helped to the back the show was wrapped up by the announcers before they turned to hyping up the big matches coming up in Guangzhou, and in fact the broadcast ended with another promo video for the last stop on the Wild Clash tour.

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Wild Clash Grand Prix Finale in Guangzhou
Tianhe Stadium, Guangzhou, China
September 3, 2017
Attendance: 45,225

The word “historic” gets thrown around a lot in the promotion business and when a moment in time feels bigger than what it ultimately amounts to in the long run, but “historic” doesn’t even begin to describe the November 20, 1994 AJW Tokyo Dome show that broke a 53 year old record and until tonight drew the largest audience for women’s professional wrestling. 32,500 fans turned out for an all day event that from a business, production, and wrestling standpoint was called “staggering” by Dave Meltzer, it set the standard of big show spectacles for WrestleMania, PRIDE, and New Japan dome shows to follow, and like the Rousey-Holm Etihad Stadium show for women’s MMA would be the biggest event in the sport’s history. There is no question that tonight’s Wild Hearts show from Tianhe Stadium broke the “Big Egg Wrestling Universe” attendance record by a large margin (even including paid attendance), but due to the nature of the emerging Chinese market this show may only break Wild Hearts’ own business records. It wasn’t sold out and even with papering the Wild Clash GP Finale didn’t fill the stadium to capacity, but in one very important way this show has the leg up on both AJW’s event and UFC 193. With AJW failing to hold audience’s attention and with Rousey’s superstardom falling with each loss both shows were the high water mark for their respective spots, but here we are seeing the emergence of Zhao Weiwei, Anna Fong, and Zhang Shanshan as the first wave of native born stars that Hunan TV are banking on to drive the Chinese wrestling business in the future. The hope is that tonight was not the peak, but just the beginning of the world’s most populous country’s interest in wrestling.

The Canadian born Julie Chan has been central to Wild Hearts’ expansion in Asia, her controversial Lioness of Wrestling title win last year was criticized at home but it established her as the top star for the Chinese fans, and the rivalry with former partner Jess Kanal that was tasked with headlining tonight was largely built on Jess trying to discredit Julie’s accomplishments. The feud has elevated Kanal from being a supporting act to the top heel when it comes to China, so much so that they were chosen to main event the bigger stadium show over the Bella Quinn title match and the Wild Clash GP tournament final. The other key match of the card features Zhao Weiwei, the charismatic teenage winner of Hunan TV’s successful version of One in a Thousand, getting her first major opportunity in a Twin Hearts title match, teaming with trainer and legend Sasha Sweet against the Brilliant Pair. It was the new champions’ first defense after one of the best title chasing stories in Wild Hearts, and while the local interest is in Zhao the real story is the Brilliant Pair’s transition from rookies working their way up to now being the established team responsible for the success of their division. Despite strong performances and popularity in parts of the US, Valencia Del Rey hasn’t exactly been the champion that Hunan TV execs wanted, but she has the best possible rival in a Suzy Conrad who represents the classic big American bully for the Trump era, and a tournament designed for these career rivals to meet in the finals was a great undercard story for the pair of stadium shows. But perhaps even more significant than that locally was “the Cantonese Connection,” the debut of One in a Thousand contestants Anna Fong (the runner up) and Zhang Shanshan (the heel on the reality show) as a new team.

When it comes to scale nothing Wild Hearts has done previously comes anywhere close, not even the Changsha stadium show attended by 27,000 just two days ago. This was obvious from the very first look inside the open air venue, where skyscrapers can be seen in almost every direction. A grand entrance stage was designed to reflect the sprawling, modern metropolis that surrounds the Tianhe Stadium, and when viewed from the ring the elevated runway lined up with the 80-story CITIC Plaza to look like a stairway to the sky. The online pre-show had to be the most opulent one Wild Hearts has ever done, combining gameday style hype and interviews along with red carpet arrivals for the wrestlers and celebs attending the show. A familiar face among them for Western fans was Nina Wagner, who was essentially on a day pass from her activities in South Korea. The former Lioness of Wrestling champion praised Alex Mesa for working hard on this tour and giving Bella Quinn a serious challenge, and while Nina didn’t say when she’ll be returning she made clear her dedication to getting revenge and regaining the title. Beginning after sundown at 7 pm, the story of Wild Hearts’ emergence in China was glamorized in the show-opening video, showing the growth of the brand and how Julie Chan’s rise as a star, the creation of the Hunan TV Title, and the One in a Thousand series shaped the stories behind tonight’s card.

Wild Clash Grand Prix Semifinal
Suzy Conrad vs. Vicki

The English grappler with an inspirational story walked out gingerly with her ankle sore from her first round match, and while she was trying to hide the pain the long entrance runway did her no favors. Vicki received a polite but definitely lukewarm reception from the big crowd, but that shouldn’t be too much to worry about because she’s still new to the Chinese fanbase and her look/background is a tough sell. Big stadium wrestling crowds typically need time to get warmed up and that was my expectation until Suzy Conrad made her entrance, getting thunderous boos for driving out in a big pickup truck painted in the Stars and Stripes. Suzy preened to the crowd on top of the truck before strutting down to the ring, not quite doing the Conor walk but something close.

  • Suzy would’ve been overconfident anyway but knowing that Vicki was hurt made her think that she really couldn’t lose, so at first she barely tried to do anything. The big Oklahoman was smirking and teasing ankle picks before letting Vicki lock up with her, and in a change from their previous meeting Vicki was wrestling with urgency, trying to be more aggressive instead of doing the campy reversals. There’s no doubt she’s more technically skilled than Suzy Conrad, but she wasn’t confusing Suzy with anything fancy so her skill and urgency only got her so far before the big woman’s strength took over.

  • After some rough chain wrestling this just became Vicki getting held down and slapped around, getting truly bullied by Suzy to build the heat for when she started fighting back. Some of the crowd got behind Vicki while she mounted offense but there was actually a bigger reaction when Suzy started hitting her back, quickly getting the best of the exchange in what looked like a clear mismatch, and in a strong sequence to start the heat segment Suzy splashed Vicki in a corner before throwing her out with a belly to belly suplex.

  • There’s a psychology to possibly competing twice in one night and Suzy was taking the slow and steady approach, thinking she could coast against Vicki and save her energy, and her disrespect and lack of urgency annoyed the crowd. On the other hand Vicki wanted to get out of there as soon as possible and avoid taking too much damage, so every opening she was given was turned into a roll-up of some sort where she got closer and closer to pinning the big woman for a three count.

  • But things changed when Suzy avoided going down on a sunset flip, she hurt her hand missing a punch and Vicki took the opportunity to start fighting back with forearms and uppercuts. The big stadium crowd got more invested in her as she gained momentum, and in a great comeback spot Vicki knocked Suzy into the ropes with a European headbutt and flipped her over with a sideways back body drop!

  • After getting fired up by a real pop from the fans Vicki ambitiously tried to follow up with her Air Raid Crash, but Suzy fought out of it and scooped Vicki up over her shoulder. Suzy ran across the ring for the Oklahoma Stampede but Vicki squirmed out at the last second, but she tweaked her ankle on the landing! The pain stopped Vicki in place and Suzy absolutely clobbered her with a big lariat, taking the fight out of her before finishing her off with an Oklahoma Stampede!

Suzy def. Vicki to advance to the final – 8:29 (Oklahoma Stampede)

With the forearm on face tongue out cover Suzy Conrad secured a return to the Wild Clash Grand Prix final, getting a second chance to win the tournament and another opportunity at scoring her first championship. Vicki worried enough fans with her bad landing and Suzy’s celebratory antics after taking advantage got her plenty of heat from the crowd.

Wild Clash Grand Prix Semifinal
Valencia Del Rey vs. Mariel Martinez

To date the only match in the Houston native’s career bigger than this was when she and Shirley Wellington challenged for the Twin Hearts titles, and while the Hunan TV title wasn’t directly on the line here beating Valencia would no doubt be seen as a major step up for Mariel. She said as much herself at the Guangzhou media day scrum, calling Val THE woman to beat in the whole tournament. Mariel also added a personal element by speaking too candidly, revealing that she’s always been jealous of VDR for “taking” her spot on the original One in a Thousand and becoming Wild Hearts’ breakout Mexican American star, saying that should’ve been her (but stopping short of claiming Val took everything she worked for). For her special heel entrance Mariel walked out with sunglasses (at night!) and turned her nose up at the booing crowd, and any questions about how the Chinese fans felt about VDR were answered when she stomped down to the ring. The audience didn’t exactly pop for her like they would for a Julie or a Zhou Weiwei, they gave her applause and cheers to show appreciation for her hard work making the belt mean something and excitement for the high standard of action in her matches.

  • The second semifinal started with a lockup and no fooling around as Val and Mariel tested their strength, and deciding they were at a stalemate they broke off and Mariel struck first with an overhead slap to the chest. VDR fired back with a forearm and they continued trading strikes to cheers from the crowd, which only got louder when Val got the better of the exchange and started smacking the shorter Texan around. Val whipped Mariel into a corner and ran after her with a big boot, but in an unexpected (and awesome) reversal Mariel slipped the kick and carried Valencia out of the ropes, getting a whoa from the crowd before she threw VDR down and splashed her with a senton!

  • From there Martinez started building momentum by picking her shots and countering Val’s attacks, using her stocky, powerful build to get under and suplex the champion. The story here was Mariel getting the better of Val and bitching her out to get heat until the Stockton native got angry and started fighting back, but only getting a hope spot before Mariel cut her off.

  • At one point Val tried to reverse a whip but Mariel blocked it and whipped her the other way, she put up a boot when Mariel charged in but the former Southwest Express member stopped herself, swept Val down, and hit her with a basement dropkick to the face. And while the champ was dazed Martinez took a page out of Sasha Sweet’s book, sort of, by bopping Val with boots before smashing her with a running hip attack. After dragging the Hunan TV champion out of the corner Mariel climbed to the middle rope and taunted the crowd before jumping off for a leg drop, but VDR rolled out of the way and Mariel got the shock up her spine to a big pop!

  • The missed leg drop opened the door for Valencia to get something going and the fans were behind her as she clobbered Mariel with a big boot, walloping her with forearms in the corner until the referee forced a separation. VDR fired up to a big pop while Mariel stumbled out, holding the top rope for support, but when Val tried to take her head off with a Yakuza Kick she dropped down and sent the champ tumbling out of the ring! Del Rey crashed down where the apron met the runway to groans from the crowd, and before she could roll back in the ring Martinez caught her with a nasty basement dropkick to the face! Getting really ambitious, Mariel stood on the middle rope and flexed at the crowd before dragging her big opponent into position for that crazy dead lift superplex, but Val blocked it and a desperate tug of war ensued until she finally titled Mariel over with a big suplex ON THE RUNWAY!

  • The stadium crowd roared when Martinez crashed on the elevated ramp, and while she writhed in pain Valencia got fired back up by a “VDR” chant in Guangzhou! She gave Mariel the rare shitcan into the ring and followed her in with a clothesline, getting the classic bump and feed comeback we were all waiting for before she went for the Yakuza Kick in the middle of the ring – but in a great sequence Mariel slapped the boot away and tried to counter with her Blue Thunder Bomb, but VDR blocked it and mercilessly elbowed her before setting her up for the Splash Mountain – but Mariel popped Valencia up and cut her off with a Gut Buster!

  • Wrestling the match of her life against a long reigning champion, Mariel Martinez got the jump on Val with a shotgun dropkick that sent her rolling out to the apron, and in a candidate for the WHOA DUDE spot of the night Mariel dead lifted VDR up for a middle rope superplex! Both women crashed to the mat and the fans popped at how cool that was before biting at Mariel’s cover in a false finish!

  • Feeling seriously pumped up Mariel made a big signal for the Muscle Buster before setting up for it, but Val dropped all her weight to block it and out of frustration Mariel just started beating on her. Martinez tried again by stacking her up on the top rope, but with the fans making noise Valencia held on and started fighting back! VDR rallied a big comeback with boots to Mariel’s face before hopping down and hitting even more big boots, and after screaming at her like a maniac Val finally connected with a Yakuza Kick to a big pop from the crowd! Martinez sat up in a daze and Del Rey quickly followed up with the Splash Mountain powerbomb, punching her ticket to the tournament final!

Del Rey def. Wilde to advance to the semi-finals – 11:52 (Splash Mountain)

The fans in Guangzhou gave Valencia a well earned round of applause for securing her position to defend the title against rival Suzy Conrad after unexpectedly getting her ass kicked for a while, certainly having a far more taxing match than she wanted to. Mariel put forth a great effort but the crowd didn’t have much sympathy for her, all of that was reserved for Del Rey as she tried to play to the fans despite looking banged up from that match, and she wasn’t going to have a lot of time to recover before the next one.

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