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Paladin's Titantrons and Other Graphics
Topic Started: Nov 1 2017, 12:40 PM (94 Views)
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Paladins never forget.
Hey guys. It's your pal Paladin, and this is a topic dedicated to the titantrons/graphics I've made.


My first titantron for Paladin. Used clips from both of Wade Barrett's titantrons (which go well with any song) and the movie Jumper. Features "Lightning and Thunder" by Extreme Music, aka that theme Kyle O'Reilly used once for NXT.

Second titantron for Barbed Wire, formally Marshall Cage's character who I grew so attached to that I could not discard her after one match. Not as fond of this one: there are so few clips of Shayna Baszler, I had little to work with. Still, I like it overall. Theme is "Don't Die Digging" by the Graduate, which used to be used by Johnny Gargano on Evolve.


Inspired by WWE's "Then, Now, and Forever" intro, I decided to make one for PRW, this one a mosaic of different clips.

An intro I made for another promotion ran by Carlos Cruz.

Match Previews

Match preview for Kevin Mordrad vs Paladin at Christmas Carnage for the Internet championship. Was experimenting with templates and After Effects.

My second one of these. Ace vs Ata, the main event of Christmas Carnage 2017. I found this one harder to make because I hate the song...but it is the official one for the ppv.

Package for Paladin vs Lal Singh at Salvation. Went for more of an "awards show" feel. Seemed to fit Salvation.

Trailer for Superbattle featuring the confirmed combatants. It's a bit busy, but it let me play around with a few templates.


Posted Image

With a free font editor, you too can create graphics as stunning as this! It was so hard finding biker gear I was satisfied with.

Posted Image

Who doesn't want to watch a wrestling show where a large British man mocks his guests while sipping tea?
Edited by Paladin, Apr 15 2018, 02:41 PM.
Posted Image

Credit to Regan Crowe for the Awesome Signature

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