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Results from the Cow Palace!; 7-15-2017
Topic Started: Oct 10 2017, 03:27 AM (78 Views)
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Wild Hearts Live Results
From the Cow Palace in California
Saturday July 15, 2017

With both the Lioness of Wrestling and Twin Hearts titles changing hands at 24thBeat we’ve entered the next era in Wild Hearts history, and it only seems fitting that the first show in the new regime would be happing on the doorstep of PRW’s biggest night all year! The big boys take the stage in the big stadium tomorrow at Summerfest, but tonight belongs to the ladies and we’ve got a big main event of our as former Undisputed Champion Ata Tatupu takes on evil Hall of Famer Emily Hart in a Last Woman Standing match! But the co-main event may be even more chaotic though as three members of the Wild Tiger Fight Team and three from the Alliance face off in a tornado trios match, with no tags, no DQs, and most importantly for Gemma Traumaward no holds barred! After defending the Hunan TV title for nine long months Nor-Cal’s own Valencia Del Rey returns to put the belt on the line where she won it against the woman who knows her best, former Smash Sister teammate turned eternal rival Suzy Conrad! The card is packed with even more exciting matchups and before the night is over we’ll be hearing from all of the new champions in Wild Hearts!

San Francisco has grown over the years into a major market for the company and the historic Cow Palace was the venue when the Lioness Cup came through here last October, and with PRW fans from around the world in town for Summerfest tickets sold out soon after it was announced that Ata Tatupu was wrestling here exclusively for the weekend. We get a cool intro video at the top of the broadcast emphasizing the idea that this is the start of a new Wild Heats era, and to ring it in the show goes live with pyro in the building! There’s a big entrance stage for tonight to give the show that special look and the rest of the venue is filled with cheering fans, 11,000 of them according to Sterling Hawkwind as he welcomes the viewers at home! Australia’s Freewheelin’ Matilda Christopher is on the call with Sterling, and after a little banter between announcers we’re getting right into the action with the opening contest!

Opening Singles Match
Mariel Martinez vs. Magica

  • The story here is really very basic. Magica is a highly touted prospect making her second appearance in Wild Hearts after a successful debut and she’s looking to build momentum, while Mariel has been around in the tag scene forever without making much of an impact, and she’s fighting just to keep getting booked. Magica is a five foot tall former gymnast and she’ll be bringing the speed to this match while Mariel brings a power base.

  • Mariel Martinez from Houston Texas is the first entrant and coming out soon after the pyro helps her get some reaction from the fans, and while she’s smiling and playing to the crowd it looks like she knows this match could be do or die for her career in Wild Hearts. The woman they call Magica gets a superstar style entrance but she doesn’t quite get a superstar level reception from the fans, she does have her own cheering section in the crowd though and Sterling uses that to talk about how she got her start on the California circuit after wrapping up her gymnastics career with UCLA. Magica was the first wrestler signed to Wild Hearts by the new GM Jonathan Swift and Mattie Ice claims that Swift “plucked her out of obscurity,” calling Magica his “special project.”

  • It’s a babyface vs. baby face matchup so of course it starts with a handshake and some friendly chain wrestling, and they make this part a little more interesting than usual with Mariel using Mexican style takedowns and transitions while Magica flips and springs around with athletic reversals. The pace picks up when Magica starts running the ropes and she quickly builds momentum with a series of advanced level arm drags and head scissors, showing the crowd a bunch of stuff they probably haven’t seen yet if they aren’t watching a lot of real lucha libre. Mariel powders to the outside and Magica dips through the ropes to start teasing a dive from the apron, but when she goes for a rolling senton Mariel catches her, lifts her back up, and powerbombs her on the floor to a holy shit-pop from the fans! That spot just got everyone’s attention!

  • After playing to the crowd and getting a mixed (but loud) response Mariel rolls Magica back into the ring to go for a cover, but the former Olympic hopeful kicks out and the match continues for a few minutes with Mariel getting heat on her. Martinez is committed to being a babyface though so her offense consists of “playfully” stretching Magica out, such as doing the cute thing where she sets up the Mexican surfboard and rocks a few times before finally lifting Magica up. Mariel is such a great base for Magica she actually rolls around a few times reapplying the surfboard, and after tying Magica up in some weird/impractical lucha holds the fans are splitting between enjoying her doing cool shit and sympathizing with Magica as she plays the face in peril.

  • In a cool hope spot Mariel pops Magica up for her release Blue Thunder Bomb and Magica tries to reverse it into a rana, but when Mariel dead lifts her back up Magica counters with a rolling sunset flip for a near fall! Magica ducks a clothesline and springs off of the middle rope with a Moonsault, but once again Mariel catches her! The muscle of the Southwest Express sets Magica up for a powerslam, but she reverses out of the hold into a DDT to a big pop from the fans!

  • Magica’s reversal equalizes the momentum and kicks off the comeback sequence. Mariel winds up for a overhead chop but Magica doubles her over with a rolling sole-butt, pops her back up with a punt to the chest, and then knocks her back into the turnbuckles with a dropkick! Mariel stumbles out and Magica sets her up for a northern lights suplex, but Mariel blocks it and starts clubbing on Magica’s back until Magica stuns her with a scorpion kick to the head! Magica turns her around with a with a wacky spinning heel kick that sets her up perfectly for a backstabber, and Magica shows off some of her gymnastic skills with a handspring cartwheel into a standing corkscrew Moonsault for a near fall and a REALLY big pop from the crowd!

  • A chant of “Magica” follows and the young lady is feeling the energy from the crowd now as she plays to the fans before whipping Mariel off the ropes, but in an awesome sequence Mariel reverses the whip and Magica goes for the rolling sunset flip bomb that put Matilda away last time – but Mariel blocks it, swings her back up, and catches her on the way down with a sitout powerbomb! The fans did NOT see that counter coming and they’re still popping as Mariel pins Magica, but Magica kicks out in a false finish and that’s just as surprising to the crowd!

  • Mariel Martinez flexes her arms to signal her finisher before lifting Magica up for a Muscle Buster, but the spritely rookie gets out of the hold and stumbles away into a corner. in a fast paced sequence Mariel follows her in for a splash but Magica ducks out of the way, she charges in next but Mariel gives her a boost over the top rope to the apron, and Magica just spams three enzuigiri kicks to the head until Mariel finally falls down in front of the turnbuckles! With the fans hot for the finish Magica climbs up to the top rope and connects with a perfect 450 Splash, but Mariel kicks out before the count of three and nobody can believe it!

  • A stunned Magica fires up for the crowd before climbing back to the top rope and this times she comes down with an even more impressive Phoenix Splash – but Mariel tucks her knees and blocks it! Magica falls through the ropes to the apron holding her midsection in a lot of pain, Mariel tries to pull her back in but that’s no working, and as if this match couldn’t get any crazier Mariel then climbs onto the middle rope and pulls Magica UP – bringing her over the top rope with a DEAD LIFT SUPERPLEX! The sold out crowd roars as both women crash to the mats and the fans count along as Martinez goes for the cover – BUT MAGICA KICKS OUT! The reaction is half “this is awesome!” and half “GTFOH” as the crowd erupts in noise at the false finish, and a fired up Mariel quickly yanks Magica up and plants her with the Muscle Buster, FINALLY putting her down for the count!

  • Mariel Martinez def. Magica with a Muscle Buster in 9:44!

After barely giving her anything when she walked out the fans are now giving Mariel Martinez a standing ovation for winning a super fun match as she stomps around, waving her arms looking ALL hyped up! Sterling calls that an impressive solo outing for the tag specialist and he thinks both women might be in line for a performance bonus, and Mattie Ice says that if SHE’s Mariel right now then she’s really feeling going solo. Magica is rubbing the back of her neck looking bummed out when Mariel comes over to help her up, pulling her to her feet before giving her a hug and some words of encouragement as the fans applaud the nice show of sportsmanship. If Wild Hearts is really entering a new era then Hawkwind believes that these two athletes could have a big role in shaping it, and speaking of new faces he then pitches it over to the newest member of Wild Hearts’ broadcast team…

And Jessica Phan from PRW Dirtsheets is standing by with the Brilliant Pair backstage! Jessica tries to get her first interview as a Wild Hearts employee underway but the new Twin Hearts champions cut in to congratulate her on landing the gig, and Nebraska welcomes her to the team with a one-armed around the shoulders hug. The best part of this is Jessica trying to be a pro and no-sell the gesture only to nearly lose her train of thought, but she gets the interview back on track by asking the Brilliant Pair how it feels to finally share this championship. It’s been a month since they beat the Wilde twins but Nebraska says that her and Cassie are STILL celebrating, calling this a dream she never wants to wake up from. She says they put their blood sweat and tears into this and endured breakups and setbacks, and that night in New York was everything they’ve worked for since they first reluctantly started teaming together three years ago. Cassandra says that a lot of people counted them out but they never lost faith in each other, their fans never stopped believing in them either, and now she can confidently say that she wasn’t wasting her time or opportunities on this wrestling thing. But as much as the Disney princess loving side of her wants to look at 24thBeat as her “happy ending” Cassie knows the fun times are actually in front of them, and her and Nebraska are excited to start defending the titles.

Jessica Phan takes the easy segue and asks what’s next for the Brilliant Pair, asking Cassie and Nebraska what kind of champions they want to be. The Money Making Swan says that she and Cassie have felt like they were the best team in Wild Hearts for a long time and now they’re ready to prove it, but they don’t want to “just” be the best tag team, they want to be the stars of the show and elevate the Twin Hearts to a main event title. Cassie says that the common line is that champs want to “clean out the division,” but she and Nebraska want to rebuild Wild Hearts’ tag division and take it to new heights, and the first step in that direction is figuring out who is actually in line for a title shot. Jessica asks about the last champs getting a rematch and Cassie explains that since Lola and Rachel were the champs they’d have to agree to that together, and she doubts that’s gonna be happening anytime. Nebraska tells the teams of Wild Hearts that the door’s open for them, and she says they’re gonna wanna listen up because she’s got a BIG announcement, and she reveals that they’ve scheduled their first title defense for September third “live on Hunan TV from the FIFTY-EIGHT THOUSAND seat Tianhe Stadium in China! Let that number roll off your tongue baby.” Big Cass adds that the contract will on the line in what they’re dubbing the “Brilliant Invitational,” a four corners tag team elimination match set for August sixteenth in the Hong Kong Coliseum! Four teams will enter and one will emerge with a title shot in front of Wild Hearts largest audience to date! Nebraska asks Jessica how it feels to breaking some news and the new reporter is legit flabbergasted, agreeing that it’s a big announcement before saying (with maybe too much unintentional honestly) that she hopes “somebody good” gets the shot!

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Since they brought it up Sterling Hawkwind takes a moment to lay out the dates for the upcoming “Wild Clash Tour 2017” with a graphic on the screen, and in case you’re curious the dates are August 15 in Taipei (Wild Hearts first show in Taiwan), August 16 in Hong Kong, August 28 in Beijing, August 30 in Shanghai, September 1 in Changsha, and finally September 3 in Guangzhou. The Changsha show will be Wild Hearts’ first stadium show and it will feature the first round of the 2017 Wild Clash Grand Prix, an eight woman tournament with the Hunan TV title on the line, part of that show will air live on Hunan TV and in full on PRW 24/7 by tape delay, and the semi-finals and final of the tournament are on September 3 Tianhe Stadium show which will air in full live on Hunan TV and then on tape delay on PRW 24/7! We just learned there will also be a Twin Hearts title defense on September 3, and rumor has it that Bella Quinn’s first title defense could also be on one of these stadium shows, so make sure to pay attention as more news comes out.

Tag Team Rematch
Sasha Sweet & Zhao Weiwei vs. The Dirty Pair

  • One in a Thousand winner Zhao Weiwei’s clean, clear as daylight victory over the legend Sherri Taylor in her debut could possibly be chalked up to beginner’s luck, but when they went one on one Sherri and Jenna resorted to cheating to beat the rookie, so here we are again.

  • Sherri Taylor and Jenna Jett are out first to a chorus of boos from the sold out crowd and the two vets just strut down to the ring, looking totally confident and conceited as Sherri tells the camera they’ve got this one in the bag. The teacher and student team of Sasha Sweet and Zhao Weiwei are out next to a pop from the fans, and especially so from a cheering section representing San Francisco’s Chinatown with a big goldfish banner. Sasha and Weiwei sure look the part of a seasoned vet and wet behind the ears rookie with Zhao jumping around on the stage all fired up, and Zhao is SO ready to go she takes off running down the ramp! Zhao slides into the ring and goes right after Jenna Jett, jumpstarting the match as the crowd goes wild!

  • The match starts with a shmozz as the nineteen year old Zhao tries to take on the Dirty Pair all by herself, she’s not an experienced wrestler or fighter though so it’s really not a good idea, but luckily before the numbers become too much for her to handle Sasha Sweet hits the ring to even the odds! All four women are brawling in the middle of the ring and it’s awesome to watch Zhao just flailing her arms around wildly like some dude in a mosh pit, eventually making Jenna Jett legit powder out for safety.

  • The action settles down a bit with Sasha and Weiwei getting shine on the Dirty Pair. Sasha is the biggest (and dare I say oldest) woman in the match and she’s not doing more than she needs to, just chopping the hell out of Sherri and Jenna and no selling their stuff like a bad mother fucker. The Scarlet Queen pops the crowd by giving Sherri the face wash boot scrapes and in a cool moment she tags in Zhao so Zhao can boot scrape Sherri, Zhao hits the ropes to deliver the running boot to a big pop from the fans and Sasha looks all like a proud mama!

  • The pace speeds up with Zhao Weiwei working a mile a minute, tossing and bumping the Dirty Pair all around with hip throws and arm drags and dropkicks like an 80’s babyface. Sherri and Jenna finally cut her off and whip her to the ropes for a double something or other, but Zhao hops onto the middle rope and takes them both out with a springboard plancha to a big pop! Weiwei tags out to Sasha and the former Lioness of Wrestling champion levels the Dirty Pair with a pair of clotheslines, and after stacking the Sherri and Jenna on top of each other with a pair of slams Sasha plants a boot on Sherri’s chest purely for the photo op!

  • The cutoff comes not on Zhao surprisingly but on Sasha when Jenna clips her knee from behind with a chop block, and the heat segment is the Dirty Pair working over Sasha’s leg. It’s classic heel tandem offense from Jett and Taylor as they break down Sasha’s knee and exploit the rules, taking advantage of the five count between tags to hit two person moves and to just stomp all over the veteran. Sherri and Jenna take turns choking Sweet and gouging her eyes while one of them distracts the referee, but their greatest advantage comes from fully exploiting Zhao’s lack of experience and limited English. The Dirty Pair do something that makes Zhao try to enter the ring and that in turns ties her up with the ref so they can do even more cheating, and Mattie Ice compares the ease of drawing Zhao offside to “shooting goldfish in a barrel” (you know she was proud of herself for that one).

  • Sherri teases the crowd before going for a figure four but Sasha boots her away through the ropes to set up a hope spot, but Jenna Jett hits the ring and stops her from tagging out. In a great “out of nowhere” spot Jenna tries to pull Sasha back to the Dirty Pair’s corner with a headlock and Sasha just turns that into a big back suplex, almost clearing the way for a tag before Sherri Taylor runs and knocks Zhao off the apron! The fans erupt in boos as the redheaded Hall of Famer waves “bye bye Weiwei” before turning around and setting Sasha up for a DDT, but she gives the crowd a big throat slice first and OF COURSE Sasha reverses the DDT into a Brainbuster! Sherri Taylor gets spiked on her head to a big pop from the crowd and the cheers just get louder when Zhao takes the hot tag!

  • Zhao Weiwei is the house of fire in this instance and she’s just sprinting back and forth across the ring hitting Jenna and Sherri with clotheslines and back elbows and dropkicks and stuff! In an old Kyoko Inoue spot Zhao plants Jenna with a bodyslam then comes off the middle rope with a springboard elbow drop, flying backwards without even looking where she’s going! Sherri Taylor finally cuts her off and works her over a little before whipping her at the turnbuckles, but once again Zhao springs to the middle rope and she wipes Sherri out with a psychotic in-ring tope! I don’t think these fans have seen that before and neither has Sherri Taylor judging by her face before Weiwei plows into her, and Zhao gets a near fall from it! Jenna tries to stop Zhao’s momentum with a Spear but she sees it coming and just leapfrogs over Jenna, and after hitting the ropes the former Twin Hearts champ runs face first into a big dropkick!

  • The fans are going wild and we’ve got a “Zhao Weiwei” chant now as the goldfish fires up to the crowd, and SHE does the throat slice gimmick before picking Jenna up and slamming her down! Zhao is going to the top rope to finish this one off and naturally the former swimmer’s move of choice is to dive head first with a swanton bomb – but Jenna rolls out of the way! The fans groan as Weiwei crashes and burns, and as soon as she gets up Sherri hits her with a Spear! And the Dirty Pair put her on the assembly line with Jenna pulling her up and spiking her with the Tsunami DDT! Jett goes for the cover with Sherri Taylor blocking Sasha – but Sasha limps over and just shoves her down onto Jenna Jett to break up the pin!

  • The match has completely broken down now as Sweet backs Sherri into the ropes with chops, Sasha whips her across and goes for a lariat but Sheri ducks it and goes for a Spear, but the former champ stuffs it to a pop from the crowd! She tries to put Sherri in position for a powerbomb but Jenna steps onto Sherri’s back to hit Sweet with an enzguiri, and the Dirty Pair regroup to set her up for a double spike DDT – but Sasha fights out of the hold and starts throwing chops! She chops Sherri with her right hand and Jenna with her left hand over and over in a wacky spot that has the crowd popping, but the Dirty Pair cut her off with a kick and an eye rake and then run in opposite directions to go for a double spear attack – BUT ZHAO KNOCKS SASHA OUT OF THE WAY AND SHE GETS CRUSHED BY THE DOUBLE SPEAR! The fans gasp at Weiwei taking the bullet for her trainer, and with Sherri tackling Sasha into the ropes Jett gets the three count on Zhao!

  • The Dirty Pair def. Sweet & Zhao with a double spear in 11:28!

The fans are none too happy about this as Jenna Jett sits up with this amazing look of wonderment on her face, shouting “I beat her” almost as if she herself is surprised at the outcome. Zhao is all curled up on the mat favoring her ribs and looking like she’s in a world of pain as the Dirty Pair share a big hug, celebrating their first win as a team in god knows how long while Sasha crawls over to check on her partner. We get a replay of the finish with Sterling Hawkwind talking about how Weiwei sacrificed herself to save Sasha from that double spear, and with nothing but sarcasm Mattie Ice is sure that Sasha appreciates it as Sasha watches the Dirty Pair prance around with a scowl on her face.

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Wild Hearts’ newest correspondent Jessica Phan is in the locker room with Magica to get her thoughts after her hard fought match earlier tonight. Sounding like she’s over the loss already Magica calls Mariel Martinez a tough opponent, she wasn’t expecting Mariel to be THAT strong and she gives Mariel credit for working hard for the victory. Jessica asks if she’s disappointed and Magica shrugs her shoulders, of course she would’ve liked to have won but she’s proud of how much of a fight she put up, and she can take pride in how great the match was for the fans. Judging by the look she gives the camera I think Jessica was expecting more out of this interview, and she tries going a little deeper by asking if Magica thinks this loss will set her back. Without even really thinking about it Magica says “well I’d hope not” before making a case for herself, explaining that she’s still new to wrestling and that she’s not going to beat everyone out of the gate, but she has an elite work ethic and the ability to do things that no woman has done before in the ring, she believes that makes her special and she hopes that Wild Hearts keeps faith in her while she continues to improve. Jessica Phan says she’s looking forward to watching Magica develop in Wild Hearts and then thanks her for her time.

From the locker room we’re whisked away to somewhere else backstage where La Chispa is warming up for her match against Jesminder Kanal, and Vicki is by her side giving her all the insight on facing Jess that she could want. Vicki is clearly more excited and fired up about this than her masked counterpart who is simply stretching out, nodding along before she finally has to tell Vicki (a few times) that she’s got it. La Chispa thanks her British friend for the advice before saying that she’s been here before (fighting Jesminder), she knows how to beat Jess, she’s done it before, and she’s about to go out there and do it again. Vicki just gives her a look and says “well then you should know that it won’t be that easy,” and La Chispa replies that she’s not expecting it to be easy. An agent comes up to tell Chispa she’s about to get her cue for her entrance and La Chispa tightens up her mask, asking Vicki to wish her luck.

Rematch Showdown
La Chispa vs. Jesminder Kanal

  • This is a long awaited rematch from last year’s Lioness Cup, and the reason it’s happening now is because Jess is currently refusing to face Julie Chan in another singles match. At 24thBeat Jess issued an open challenge and ended up putting Vicki through the wringer, and now La Chispa is stepping up to try and take Jesminder’s ego down a notch.

  • The masked luchadora makes her way down the ramp with the crowd giving her a warm welcome to the Cow Palace, and La Chispa hi-fives a few fans before climbing up the ropes to pose for the folks in the cheap seats. Jesminder Kanal makes her entrance next and the crowd does NOT give her a warm reception, some fans are cheering but there’s a lot of booing and jeering as Jess wears headphones AND her jacket hood over her head to isolate herself from the noise.

The first five or so minutes of the match are all about actual wrestling as both women go hold for hold feeling each other out, but there’s an actual story here in all of this. On top of trying to outwrestle her Jess goes for a suplex whenever she gets La Chispa’s back and Chispa has to keep finding ways to avoid it, like reversing the lift into a rollup and flipping back onto her feet. Meanwhile La Chispa keeps targeting Jesminder’s shoulder and it’s the only body part she’s interested in working over, trying to wear it down so that Jess will be ready to tap out when La Chispa locks her in the Complete Circuit (or the Conductor, which is actually what won her the match last year). Neither woman seems to be making much headway with things going back and forth and Sterling Hawkwind talks about how important conditioning and will power is going to be if it keeps going like this, but Mattie Ice is convinced that Jess is going to break Chispa first because she is “the Queen of the Grind.”

Jess diverges with her game plan first by hitting small takedowns instead of going for the big throw, probably letting Chispa get up just so she can keep taking her down in an attempt to break her spirit. The masked woman gets frustrated but she keeps her cool and eventually gets free from the Bossminder, and the first turning point in the match finally comes when Jess tries to ankle pick La Chispa only to get kicked in the head with an enzuigiri! That opens the door for The Spark to start building momentum with stinging slaps to the chest before trying to shoot Jess off the ropes, but the New Jersey native reverses the whip and Chispa ducks under a clothesline before taking her down with a flying head scissors! Chispa hits the ropes before Jess gets up and a shotgun dropkick sends the former tag champ rolling to the outside, and the fans all pop as Chispa gets ready to go for a dive! She hits the far ropes to build up speed and ducks to go through the ropes, but Jess cuts her off with a big forearm to a big gasp from the crowd! La Chispa gets hung up in the ropes and Jess Kanal quickly slides into the ring, grabbing Chispa around the waist and dumping her on her head with a German Suplex!

Jess finally lands that big suplex she was looking for and the crowd groans at the sight of La Chispa folding over like an accordion, and before she can even get her bearings Jess tosses her back the other way with a gutwrench suplex, holding the grip and rolling with her to follow up with not one, but two more dead lift gutwrench throws! Just the raw athleticism it takes to pull off a sequence like that gets some decent cheers from the crowd, but Jess gets her heat back by raising her arms and telling the crowd “this is gonna be TOO EASY!” Showing a new mean streak Jess starts slapping at La Chispa’s masked face (and like, hard) until Chispa goes for a panic takedown attempt, but it’s easily stuffed by the almost Olympian and Jess takes her off of her feet again with a facelock suplex! Jess gator rolls Chispa over and tightens the grip on the hold to put pressure on La Chispa, the fans start chanting her name and Chispa fights her way off the mat, but Kanal just takes her up and over again with another suplex! The Bossminder floats over into a lateral press and then just hangs out in side control for a while, constantly going for pins when she isn’t just grinding her forearm on La Chispa’s face.

It takes a minute (maybe two) but the Caribbean born wrestler eventually shrimps her way to the ropes to force a break, Jess wants to drag her away with a handful of hair but Chispa doesn’t want to go, and after the ref separates them Chispa starts firing away with overhead chops! The fans cheer for The Spark fighting back with a burst of offense until Jess grabs onto her, backing her up and bouncing her off the ropes with a release belly to belly suplex! Jess Kanal bounces from foot to foot in a familiar pose and gets jeered by the crowd while waiting for La Chispa to get off her back, and Jess quickly sends her back through the air with a pumphandle suplex! The Bossminder is starting to build serious momentum and Mattie Ice is marking out as Jess stalks La Chispa into a corner, rocking her with a few European uppercuts before whipping her across the ring, but in a horrendous misfire Chispa skips up the ropes for the Aftershock – and Jess walks out of the way! Chispa crashes and burns and takes a BIG bump for nothing, and a super confident Jess Kanal gives the groaning fans a throat slice before dead lifting La Chispa up – and planting her with a German Suplex! The sold out crowd thinks this could be it and not many fans are excited enough to count with the referee – BUT LA CHISPA KICKS OUT BEFORE THREE!

La Chispa survives and the fans respond with a major pop! An annoyed looking Jesminder sits up and glares at the ref for clarification on the count, and she rolls her eyes with a scoff when he confirms it was only two! The sold out crowd in the Cow Palace rallies the masked woman with a “La Chispa” chant as Jess starts making her next move, hooking both arms behind Chispa’s head in a full nelson! Jess hauls her up to her feet for a Dragon Suplex to put her away, but La Chispa desperately struggles to stay on her feet! In an incredible sequence of counters Chispa breaks the full nelson and steps behind Jess to go for the Destino, but Jesminder turns and sets her on her feet before lifting her back up for the Steiner Screwdriver – but La Chispa swings down with a Destino reversal to a road warrior pop from the crowd!

Both wrestlers stay down after that one with Jess reeling in pain while La Chispa fires up for the fans, and the referee gets to about five in a double count before the fresher Jesminder makes it back to her feet. Chispa is up after her and the crowd is hot as she faces off with Jess, striking first with a stiff overhead chop to the chest! Chispa batters Jess with more chops before whipping her to the ropes, but Jess knee slides behind her to go for a snap German Suplex, but The Spark lands on her feet and cracks Jess with a buzzsaw kick to the head! The fans pop hard for that cool counter as Chispa pumps her fist with a scream, hitting the ropes before nailing Jess with a shotgun dropkick to the face! Jesminder rolls to the outside and La Chispa points to the sky, popping the crowd with the tease before climbing up to the top rope, and when Kanal gets up outside the ring La Chispa wipes her out with a plancha!

The crowd goes wild for the big dive and credit is due to La Chispa for not just popping up immediately, taking a moment to recoup on the floor after the beating she was given before her comeback. The match goes back into the ring and Chispa quickly takes Jess down with the Complete Circuit, stretching her out with the armbar as Jess screams in the pain! She tries rolling out of the hold but Chispa rolls with her and reapplies it to cheers from the fans, but Jess finally escapes by rolling Chispa up – AND SHE GRABS A HANDFUL OF TIGHTS – BUT LA CHISPA STILL KICKS OUT! They both scramble to their feet after the separation and Jess ducks a chop to get a waistlock, but Chispa reverses it with a switch and goes for the Destino – but Jess holds onto her AND DROPS HER ON HER HEAD WITH AN EMERALD FROSION!! The eleven thousand fans in attendance gasp in shock as Jesminder Kanal pulls off the crucial counter in the finishing stretch, and with adrenalin pumping she skips the cover entirely to drag Chispa off the mat, screaming out loud before spiking her down again with the Screwdriver to big groans from the crowd! Jess goes for the cover and there’s no suspense here as she scores the three count!

  • Jess Kanal def. La Chispa with the Steiner Screwdriver in 13:05!

In an awesome bit of dickishness Jess gives the fans a throat slice AFTER winning the match, and she dusts off her palms after that just to rub it in! The fans are definitely not happy with that gesture and she does not care one bit as she yells at the referee to raise her unhurt arm, but it looks like the celebration is going to be cut short as “Tarzan Boy” hits to a massive pop! Jess Kanal with a visual WTF before the camera cuts away to the entrance stage as Julie Chan walks out with a microphone in hand, smiling as the fans sing along to the song to the extreme chagrin of her former J-Hawks teammate! Julie stops on her way to the ring to check on a hurting La Chispa and it can’t be heard what they say to each other, but it looks like Chispa is going to be alright as she gives Julie a little fist bump before heading to the back while Julie climbs into the ring. Jesminder is already talking shit to her and despite coming out to talk Julie looks ready to go, but the referee from the match is working overtime to keep the rivals a few feet apart from each other.

The music fades out but the fans in the Cow Palace keep singing the Tarzan Boy song for a moment, actually drawing Jesminder’s attention away from Julie with a big scoff. When they finally quiet down Julie gets on the mic and offers an obligatory congratulations to her former friend, telling Jess it “wasn’t looking good there for a moment” but she managed to pull it off like she usually does, and the Bossminder earns a POTN bonus for telling Julie “cause that’s what I do.” Julie says it was an impressive victory to go along with her impressive win at 24thBeat before Jess what’s next, asking her how long she wants to keep spinning her wheels while ducking from the one match that matters the most. Julie Chan says there’s still questions that haven’t been answered between them and the fans WANT to see them face off again, drawing a pop from the live crowd for confirmation as Jesminder rolls her eyes. Julie knows that Ata Tatupu has asked them to cool it off and she respects where Ata is coming from, but this is the match she wants and deep down she knows Jess wants it too, and since Jess is always “crying about not getting opportunities” Julie has a big one to offer her.

She brings up the Wild Clash Tour and really puts over Wild Hearts’ first ever stadium shows at the end of it, giving a little callback reference about how they have a lot of seats to fill before saying that Jess vs. Julie is THE match to headline with. Julie calls the tour finale from the 58,000 (!) seat Tianhe Stadium the biggest show Wild Hearts has ever done before asking Jess if she wants to make history, offering her the microphone to respond as the crowd cheers to encourage Jess to accept the match. Kanal just stares Julie down for a moment until the former Lioness of Wrestling impatiently asks “well,” and before saying anything else Jesminder announces that she has ONE condition. With a mix of suspicion and derision Jess makes fun of the idea of Julie beating her in China on Wild Hearts’ biggest show ever as the “fairy tale” ending to their rivalry, it makes her feel like she’s being set up and she tells Julie that she’s nobody’s dummy, reminding Julie that “the marks are out there” as she points to the crowd! Of course that little line gets her both a big pop of boos from the fans and a POTN bonus.

Jesminder says she WILL accept the match because there is “literally nothing” she’d love more than to crush Julie one last time in her “like, second adopted home” in front of their biggest audience ever, but she knows how it is when Julie’s in a big match in China and she doesn’t want to get screwed over the way Meiko got screwed over. Verging on a conspiracy theory Jess says she doesn’t want to give “them” another chance to gift Julie Chan a feel good victory, telling Julie if she really wants to prove something then “how ‘bout you try to pin me for a count of FIVE!” The crowd reacts to the challenge with surprise and Jess says she knows SHE can pin Julie for three, four five, or however long she wants, so if Julie is truly confident that she (Julie) can beat her beyond a shadow of a doubt then Julie will accept her stipulation. Julie is the one glaring at her former friend now as Jess shoves the mic into her chest, they nearly go forehead to forehead in an intense stare down and Julie asks Jess if that’s what she wants, Jess nods her head and Julie tells her she’s on! The Cow Palace goes wild as Julie throws the microphone aside to square up with her rival after making a big match for the big stadium show, and smirking Jesminder Kanal backs away first, flashing five fingers at Julie before dipping out through the ropes! She heads up the ramp and Tarzan Boy hits again purely for Julie to play to the crowd as the show goes to an ad break.

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We’re back with Sasha Sweet and Zhao Weiwei backstage and poor Zhao is busy apologizing while getting her ribs taped up, just saying “I’m sorry, so sorry” over and over with her limited English skills. Sasha clearly looks frustrated but she’s telling the nineteen year old it’s ok, and after patching her up Sasha finally gets her to stop talking and listen. Speaking primarily in English with a few short phrases in Chinese sprinkled in Sasha tells Weiwei that she’s not mad, and she’s not disappointed in her, but Sasha is upset and she doesn’t want to hear Weiwei’s apologies. Sasha won’t say if what Zhao did (saving her from taking the Dirty Pair’s double spear which cost them the match) was right or wrong, what’s done is done and Zhao can only think about what she’ll do next time and hopefully then she’ll make a decision she won’t regret. Sasha does tell the One in a Thousand winner that she doesn’t want her (Zhao) worrying about her, adding “you don’t need to save me” before telling Zhao the only thing she needs to be concerned about is winning. “Always, always keep thinking about winning the match.” The Scarlet Queen tells Zhao that they are going to get another chance against the Dirty Pair because she knows Sherri and Jenna signed up for the Brilliant Invitational in Hong Kong, and Sasha took the liberty of signing them up as well! Zhao’s eyes go wide as she gets the message and she quickly starts thanking Sasha Sweet, saying “we will win” with a fist pump for good measure!

Former Teammates Collide!
Rachel Langley & Shirley Wellington vs. Lola & Lux Wilde

  • It’s a new era at the very least in Wild Hearts’ tag division and it’s about to get shaken up as the previous champions go head to head with NO reason to hold anything back! Rachel needed a partner to back her up against the Wilde twins and this will be an all Red River Dojo affair with Southwest Express member Shirley Wellington getting involved, looking to give Double Trouble some payback for bullying her behind the scenes.

  • The beltless Double Trouble make their way out first looking considerably more sour without the hardware, talking trash and giving nasty looks to the booing fans before doing one twin pose deal when they climb into the ring. The fans pop for the entrance of Rachel and Shirley and those two waste NO time out here before sprinting to the ring to jumpstart the match, but Lux and Lola powder out for safety!

Shirley and Rachel pace around in the ring yelling and waving at the Wilde twins to get in and fight them but Lola and Lux want none of that action, motioning with their fingers that they want to start this thing one-on-one. After some badgering Shirley gets out on the apron and a fired up Rachel waves at one of the twins to get in the ring, Lux and Lola play a game of rock-paper-scissors and through the power of twin magic they draw three times before Lola finally wins, and they BOTH slide into the ring to attack Rachel! In a hot start to the action they go for a double clothesline but the Super Athlete ducks it and puts her back to their corner, baiting Lola to charge at her only to move out of the way. Lola crashes into the buckles and Rachel steps in front of her to bait Lux in, and Lux charges in next but of course Rachel moves again and Lux splashes her sister to a big pop! Langley turns Lux around to start blasting her with two handed chops and the fans cheer as both Wilde twins writhe in the corner, and we get the first teammate from Rachel and Shirley as the former champ waves Shirley in and steps out of the way so Shirley can sandwich press the twins with a splash! Shirley and Rachel give Lux a double whip across the ring and then try to whip Lola into her, but Double Trouble stop themselves from colliding and then powder out of the ring!

They’ve had enough of this and the fans start booing as they head up the ramp, but Mariel Martinez walks out onto the stage to block their exit path! The fans pop as the other half of the Southwest Express shows up and puts her hands on her hips, wagging a finger before telling the twins to turn around! Lux and Lola yell at Mariel to get out of their way, and when that doesn’t work they try baiting her into attacking them to get Rachel and Shirley disqualified – but Rachel and Shirley themselves grab Lux and Lola and start dragging them back to the ring! The Wilde sisters get rolled back into the ring and we get a synchronized mirror spot as they try to cut their opponents off with clotheslines, but Shirley and Rachel both duck and hit the ropes and take the twins out with dropkicks! The fans pop for the sequence as Lola and Lux powder out again, but Mariel’s encroaching presence keeps them pinned in at ringside and Shirley Wellington is sneaking up behind them! Shirley grabs Lola by the hair, Mariel grabs Lux, and together the Southwest Express hold the twins in place as Rachel climbs up to the top rope! The fans hype themselves up for a big dive onto the Wilde twins as Rachel stands tall before leaping down, BUT THE TWINS MOVE AND PULL SHIRLEY IN THE WAY TO CATCH RACHEL!

The fans gasp as Rachel Langley ends up diving onto only Shirley Wellington, and before Rachel can even do anything Lux and Lola start stomping on her and Shirley! We get a replay from an alternate angle for a better look at what happened, and it turns out that Mariel Martinez let go of Lux and helped drag Shirley in Rachel’s way! Now she’s just standing back looking indifferent as the Wilde twins double team Rachel, throwing her into the ring post! The fans are booing hard as Lux and Lola roll the former Twin Hearts title holder into the ring, whipping her from corner to corner for their assembly line finish! Lola floats to the apron with a flying knee attack and Lux follows behind her with a corner Shining Wizard, and after Lux slams Rachel down with a bulldog Lola flies off the top rope with a crossbody splash! Lola hooks the leg as Shirley Wellington tries to crawl into the ring to make the save – but Mariel holds her back! Mariel yanks Shirley out and dumps her on the floor as Double Trouble pull off the heist!

  • Double Trouble def. Rachel & Shirley in just 1:44!

The fans in the Cow Palace boo up a storm as Lux and Lola lean over Rachel Langley and outright mock her over how this all turned out, while an absolutely shocked Shirley Wellington is on the floor asking her teammate of three years why she just turned on her. Mariel actually looks offended at Shirley for asking that as she replies “why shouldn’t I,” angrily asking Shirley just what exactly she’s giving up. Lola and Lux both give Mariel a pat on the back for providing the assist and one of the twins (who clearly wants a bonus) gives Shirley the whole “thought you had a friend girl” deal, and as the trio walk away together to a chorus of boos Shirley goes in to regroup with a clearly frustrated Rachel Langley!

And we go from bad to worse with Suzy Conrad standing in front of a banner for a promo! Suzy has one of her fur coats on despite the heat and she starts this thing off by talking about what she did the last time she was in San Francisco, saying it was a bad night because she had to watch as her “ungrateful former associate” Valencia Del Rey took advantage of the beating SHE gave to Delilah Hansen to finally get the Hunan TV title off of Lilly. Suzy claims she softened Lilly up and VDR merely benefited from better scheduling, and she can’t believe that so long after splitting up Val was STILL leaching off of HER hard work. Suzy tells Valencia she got lucky back then but she’s done a great job holding onto the belt until now, she thanks Val for keeping it warm for her but she says it’s time for Val to kiss the belt goodbye, because just like how Bella knocked off Nina she says it’s time for a change in Wild Hearts.

Elsewhere Lux and Lola are with Mariel Martinez backstage and the twin sisters are hooting and hollering as Jessica Phan comes up to them for an interview, getting right down to business as she asks Mariel why she’s doing what she’s doing. A fired up Mariel yells “is it really that hard to understand” at Jessica before excusing her for being “new at this,” so Mariel will break it down and make it easy for her, Shirley, “and all the other idiots” to understand. For more than two years the Southwest Express worked hard and played by the rules and Mariel says that got them absolutely nowhere, and Mariel is just tired of being a nobody getting no opportunities because she knows she deserves more than that. Martinez points out that she was on One in a Thousand with Rachel Langley, the Brilliant Pair, the J-Hawks, Val, Delilah, and Suzy and in fact SHE was the best wrestler on the show, but for some reason that she STILL doesn’t understand the judges passed on her, and while all of those girls got to come directly to Wild Hearts SHE had to work her way up. Teaming with Shirley Wellington was her ticket to Wild Hearts but it turned out to be what held her back as well, because Mariel says that she’s strong, but she couldn’t carry the Southwest Express to being more than a journeyman team with Shirley weighing them down. Now Mariel is entering the fifth year of her career and she’s done wasting her time in this go-nowhere team, and after watching how the Wilde twins were able to make Rachel Langley “relevant for the first time in her life” Mariel says she knew she had to join up with them to become somebody. Lola and Lux were the “breakout stars” of last year and Mariel wants to be the breakout star of 2017, and if she has to cheat or help the twins cheat or get helped by the twins cheating to do it then “damn it there’s about to be a lot of cheating” because Mariel is ready to go get hers! The Wilde twins both pop for Mariel’s big promo and pat her on her back, jumping in to tell Jessica that it’s all thanks to THEM that Rachel Langley ever became a champion, but they say Rachel made her bed and now she’s lying in it and Mariel Martinez is here to take her place, and Lola warns the Brilliant Pair not to get too comfortable with belts because soon Lux and Mariel will be taking them back!

Hunan TV Title Match
Valencia Del Rey [c] vs. Suzy Conrad

  • It was the breakup and subsequent feud with Suzy Conrad that helped Valencia find her own place in Wild Hearts and eventually work her way up to capturing the Hunan TV title, her very first defense was actually against Suzy and in fact nobody has come closer to winning this title on so many occasions as Suzy Conrad. These two are destined to be rivals for their whole careers and the hostilities are about to heat back up with the gold on the line!

  • VDR is the one wrestler in Wild Hearts hailing from Northern California and the Cow Palace is the building where she won the title last year, and she has about 100% of the crowd’s support. The match starts slow with Suzy calling for the test of strength and it goes pretty even, Val seems to be stronger than Suzy thought and she eventually stomps on Val’s toes to get the advantage. Suzy forces her down to the mat and starts pinning her shoulders, Val keeps getting them up so Suzy mounts her, but Val wows the crowd with her neck stretch by holding the bridge! Suzy goes to jump on her again but we get a rare lucha spot from the big Mexican American as Val gets her boots on Suzy’s hips and rocks her onto her feet, riding the momentum up onto Suzy’s shoulders (!) before rolling down for a sunset flip! Suzy teeters and totters but she remains vertical, slapping Val’s hands away before jumping up for a butt drop, but VDR rolls out of the way!

  • The big Oklahoman lands on her butt to a pop from the crowd and Val just tees off on her for a moment, soccer kicking her spine before hitting the ropes for a running boot to the face, but Suzy lays back and rolls VDR up with a handful of tights for a two count. Suzy shitcans Val through the ropes but she catches herself on the apron, she cuts Suzy off with a shoulder thrust and goes for more atypical flying with a sunset flip into the ring, but Suzy holds the top rope to block it. Del Rey kicks her legs trying to take Conrad down until Suzy kneels and balls her up for a pin with an arm around the middle rope, but the ref catches her cheating and stops counting! The referee orders Suzy to let go of the rope but she doesn’t want to, so he kicks her arm off the middle rope to a major pop and Val immediately reverses the pin for a near fall!

  • Both wrestlers get up and VDR gets a shot off first, teeing off with some stiff forearms that get Suzy staggering, but when Valencia goes to hit the ropes Suzy follows her and slams into her with a splash, rolling her down flat off the rebound from the ropes before hitting the ropes to the side and landing a big splash for a cover!

  • Suzy gets some extended bully type offense on her former Smash Sister before whipping her corner-to-corner and following in for a splash, but she runs face first into Valencia’s boot to a big pop from the sold out crowd! The action picks up with VDR nailing Suzy with more boots to the face before just grabbing her and slamming her face into the turnbuckle, Suzy staggers out and Val slams her face into the opposite turnbuckle, and after Suzy stumbles out of that corner Val takes her down with a running bulldog to loud cheers from the fans!

  • The Hunan TV champ gets a near fall and then mounts Suzy with ease, punching her in the face until she covers up and then Val goes for an armbar! She extends it before Suzy rolls over and stacks her up, and once again Suzy Conrad tries to cheat by putting her feet on the ropes, but again the ref catches her before counting three! He calls for the break and Suzy rolls out to the apron to get free but Valencia grabs her wrist, Val tries to drag her back in but Suzy gets her feet on the floor and wins the tug-o-war, yanking VDR throat first into the middle rope!

  • With Del Rey coughing and grabbing at her throat Suzy takes over on offense, beating her up with chops to the chest and clubs to the back like a big bully wrestler. In a neat combo she hangs Val over the top rope with a reverse suplex and then knocks her down with a big double axe handle, following that up with a big splash into a cover. VDR grabs the bottom rope to break the count and Suzy then gives her a slingshot into it, and after rolling her over and dragging her away Suzy locks her in a Boston Crab. Val struggles to breath under Suzy’s weight and the fans in the Bay Area rally behind her with a big “VDR” chant, and Val eventually gets to the ropes for the break.

  • Suzy pulls her up and away from the ropes by her hair and Val counters out with a jawbreaker to a big pop, mounting some offense for a moment until Suzy drives her back into a corner, ramming her shoulder into Valencia’s midsection a few agonizing times before setting her up on the top rope! Suzy climbs up to the middle rope to go for something big but Val fights back, shoving the bigger girl down to the canvas to a big pop from the crowd! Suzy gets up and VDR goes for an old school flying double axe handle, but in an old school counter Suzy steps out of the way and catches her with a punch to the body!

  • VDR does the flip bump like a pro and writhes in pain while Suzy takes a moment to preen to the booing crowd, putting her boot on the defending champion’s stomach to pose before stepping on Val with all her weight! Suzy hits the ropes to go for another splash, but Val rolls out of the way and Suzy eats shit to a big time pop! There’s a loud “VDR” chant as both women start getting up, but when they meet each other on their knees a fired up Val goes ahead and just starts throwing punches! Conrad grabs at Del Rey’s eyes to cut her off but Val grabs at Suzy’s eyes as well, and after getting up together they both rake each other’s eyes for the mutually assured destruction!

  • Both women are blinded and they feel around at the air before finding each other and locking up, doing the Frye-Takayama wild punch exchange as the crowd goes wild! The momentum changes when VDR starts ripping shots to the body, hurting Suzy enough to tee off on her with forearms to the face until she starts fighting back with headbutts! The fans groan as Suzy clobbers Valencia with her own head to swing the tide of battle, and after giving the crowd a roar Suzy whips Val to the ropes – but VDR rebounds and drops her with a big Yakuza Kick to a road warrior pop from the Cow Palace!

  • Valencia Del Rey fires up to the crowd and starts nailing Suzy with stinging jabs to the chin, a big right hand knocks her back into the ropes and she rebounds into a ring shaking body slam from VDR! That gets a big pop from the California crowd and Val follows up with the leg drop because why wouldn’t she? We get the first finish attempt as Valencia sets up for the Splash Mountain powerbomb, but in a big huge reversal Suzy blocks it, lifts her up, and gives her the Alabama Slam into the turnbuckles! The back of Val’s head whipping into the top rope gets a loud gasp from the crowd, and things quickly go downhill fast as Suzy follows up with an Oklahoma Stampede! Suzy goes for the cover and the fans think it could be over, but Val kicks out in a false finish that gets a big pop from the crowd!

  • An angry Suzy argues with the ref over the count before realizing that time is quickly running out, and to finish VDR off Suzy sets HER up for the Splash Mountain! The fans boo as Suzy does the crucifix pose before lifting Val up, but the Stockton native squirms until she slips out the back door! VDR throws her elbows back at Conrad’s face in desperation and Suzy eats a few before ducking down, picking Val up for a back suplex onto her head! VDR folds over herself to a loud groan from the crowd, and as soon as she gets up Suzy nails her with a running lariat that knocks the sweat off of her body! Suzy hooks the leg for the cover but Valencia kicks out in another false finish, getting a huge pop from the fans as a stunned Suzy Conrad grabs her hair in disbelief!

  • With less than thirty seconds left on the clock Suzy screams and gives the crowd a big throat slice before getting Valencia in position for a piledriver, but with the fans chanting “VDR” the Nor Cal native hangs onto Suzy’s leg to block the move! Suzy desperately tries clubbing on her and lifting her up but Val is NOT going to take that piledriver, and the sold out crowd counts down from ten as the time limit expires!

  • VDR and Suzy Conrad fight to a time limit draw!
  • Valencia Del Rey retains the Hunan TV Title!

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The fans in the Cow Palace (in a stark contrast to when the Swedish Butterfly was literally running out the clock) give Valencia Del Rey a round of applause for surviving to the bell as Suzy covers her face with a loud groan, and the match might be over but Suzy isn’t finished with Valencia yet, putting the boots to her downed rival in a fit of rage! VDR covers up as the crowd erupts in boos and the ref nearly goes airborne when he tries to pull Suzy away only to get flung to the mats himself! Conrad gets on top of Val to throttle her neck and scream about Val costing her everything, and thankfully before Val gets choked out the rest of the referees in the arena hit the ring and drag Suzy off of her! There’s one dude holding onto each of Suzy’s arms and three more officials are acting as a human wall as the angry Oklahoman tries to break free, yelling at the refs that they can’t treat her like this because she’s a lady! It takes a moment but Suzy Conrad eventually stops resisting, she convinces the refs to let go of her arms and feigns like she’s finally going to leave – only to charge past them at Valencia – BUT VAL HITS SUZY WITH A YAKUZA KICK OUT OF NOWHERE! Suzy goes down hard to a road warrior pop in the Cow Palace and the referees have to scramble to start protecting HER from Del Rey, and after getting the tables turned on her Suzy starts backing up the ramp! Valencia is fired up and a big “VDR” chant from the fans only gets her more intense, yelling at Suzy as she struggles with the referees, Suzy is on the retreat and holding her jaw as she claps back at Val for getting “saved by the bell,” and the parting moment from this segment is Valencia raising the Hunan TV Title with Suzy telling her they aren’t through with this!

Tornado Trios Tag Match
Gemma Traumaward, Meiko, Lilly Hansen
Alice Harris, Theressa VDM, Marissa Zuniga

  • The Thunder Queen Battle at 24thBeat was an awesome match and the war between these two rival factions is still raging on in the semi-final match of the evening: a no tags necessary and no holds barred six woman tornado match! Last time out Gemma Traumaward choked Theressa VDM out with the Cat’s Cradle and took a DQ as a result, but this match can only end with somebody getting pinned, submitted, or put to sleep, and to make sure it doesn’t get TOO, TOO out of hand Hanna Heathrow and Monica Applegate have been locked in their dressing rooms!

The Alliance kickstart the match by resurrecting a classic Dump Matsumoto spot, walking out first with a Theressa VDM body double wearing a Hannibal Lecter mask, and the real Theressa jumps the Wild Tigers on the ramp from behind! Best part of this btw is the VDM decoy taking off the mask to reveal that it’s a dude with a beard. After getting choked unconscious in Brooklyn the Dutch Destroyer is all over Gemma Traumaward, just completely assaulting her outside the ring (including a tremendous big woman spot where she picks Gemma up under the arms and slams her against the ring post) while Alice and Marissa get some heat on Meiko and Lilly between the ropes, taking full advantage of the no rules aspect of this as they do a lot of choking and eye gouging. Eventually Alice and Marissa give up a turnaround when get too ambitious, trying to whip Meiko and Delilah into each other only for Meiko to duck under a leapfrog from the Swedish Butterfly, and the Tigers hit simultaneous running elbows on Alice and Marissa to a big pop from the crowd! Meiko and Lilly beat the hell out of the two Alliance members in opposite corners and they successfully whip Alice and Marissa into each other, getting a double knockdown to another big pop! With Theressa straight up throttling Gemma on top of the announce table Meiko and Lilly go out to make the save, and the big woman gets double teamed on for a moment until Harris and Zuniga even the odds. The big fracas gives Gemma her first opening to go after Theressa and she jumps off of the table for a flying something, but the Dutch Destroyer catches her and powerbombs her through the commentary table as the crowd roars in shock!

Gemma Traumaward is left lying in the rubble while the match continues in the ring as a handicap match, mostly three-on-one as Meiko and Delilah take turns being the face in peril. It’s pretty much like the heat segment of a Mexican trios match with the Alliance slowing things down, doing triple team spots (like assembly line corner splashes) and taking timeouts to banter with the crowd. Lilly and Meiko get a few hope spots when the fresher woman comes in fighting, and the cycle repeats once they cut her off. A lot of the heat is building to Gemma Traumaward finally getting back up and into the ring but she only makes it to the apron when Alice Harris knocks her down with a boot, cackling like a madwoman afterwards. The Wild Tigers finally get a meaningful opening when Theressa VDM sets Delilah up for the reverse chokeslam only for Meiko to make the save with a GERMAN SUPLEX to the big woman, getting a road warrior pop from the crowd before Alice and Marissa start stomping on her! They whip Meiko into a corner for an assembly line of splashes but Meiko launches them both out to the apron on opposite sides of the post, and in an amazing little spot they both go for shoulder thrusts at the same time but Meiko steps back and they bonk heads, and Meiko plants them with a double rope hung DDT to another huge pop! There’s a loud chant for Meiko as she gets up in the corner and Theressa VDM quickly rushes in to splash her, but Meiko blocks it with a jumping knee to the face and then plants the big woman on her head with a Tornado DDT! Theressa rolls to her feet and Delilah Hansen immediately swarms her with uppercuts from one European to another, staggering her before finally knocking her down with a middle rope springboard corkscrew uppercut! The fans in California are hot for the Wild Tiger Fight Team’s comeback and the crowd only gets louder when Gemma Traumaward climbs up to the top rope out of nowhere, spiking Theressa VDM with a flying double stomp to a road warrior pop!

Gemma goes for the cover on the Dutch Destroyer and the fans count along, but Alice and Marissa break up the pin! They try to cut off the Tigers momentum but it doesn’t take long for them to get shitcanned, and in a really fun spot Theressa VDM gets knocked around in circles as Gemma, Meiko, and Delilah take turns teep kicking her in the face! The cycle ends when Lilly boots Theressa in the gut to set her up for the cradle piledriver, but when she can’t get the heavyweight off the ground Gemma and Meiko give her a hand, and the Wild Tigers fucking DESTROY Theressa with a triple (!) Gotch style spike piledriver!!! The fans go absolutely insane as the Wild Tigers all go for the cover on VDM and this should be it…




NO! Alice Harris and Marissa Zuniga make the save once again! They break up the pin and manically club on the Wild Tigers before throwing Delilah out of the ring, and I’m not sure if a match with essentially no rules can “breakdown” but that’s what happens next. Alice, Marissa, Meiko, and Gemma just brawl for a moment until we get the run of big moves, Alice drops Gemma with a roundhouse kick, Meiko nails Alice with a jumping enzuigiri, and Marissa takes Meiko out with a spinning back elbow, and finally Gemma counters a Rainmaker style forearm from Marissa with a rolling thunder kick! The fans give a round of applause while all six women are down and the rival leaders of each faction are the first back to her feet, staring each other down in a big fight moment before charging into the center of the ring! In the finishing sequence of the match Gemma cuts Alice off with a boot and ties her arms up for the Tiger Killer, but Alice counters out and lifts her up in the torture rack for the Rack Attack, but Gemma squirms out behind her and locks in the Cat’s Cradle choke, and with nobody to save her Alice Harris taps out!!

  • The WTFT def. The Alliance in 15:21 when Gemma submits Alice!

Gemma Traumaward forcing Alice Harris to give up gets a road warrior pop in the Cow Palace, and just like at 24thBeat she doesn’t let go until Alice passes out cold! The scene after this match is one of pure joy as the California based Wild Tigers stand tall after thoroughly laying waste to the Alliance for the first time since this feud began, scoring a huge measure of revenge after getting their butts handed to them on so many occasions! Theressa VDM is fuming with anger but even the Dutch Destroyer has had enough for one day, clutching her neck and just shouting at Lilly, Meiko, and Gemma while Marissa carries Alice out on her shoulders, and it looks like this conflict is still far from finished!

After a quick video package recapping Bella Quinn’s journey from Lioness Cup winner to new Lioness of Wrestling champion we come back live with Scottish flags draped over the ring ropes, and in an amazingly tacky touch a red tartan carpet is rolled out for the arrival of the new champion! A bagpipe band marches out first to a chorus of thunderous booing from the fans, and a sunglasses, leather jacket, and kilt wearing Bella Quinn strolls out hugging the belt with a huge grin on her face! The Glaswegian Gladiatrix is savoring every second of her first entrance with the championship and she might even be trying to break Meiko’s record for wasting the most time (or she might be tipsy), clapping for the bagpipe players, bantering with the fans, inspecting the flags around the ring, posing and preening, and just moving really slowly. She eventually gets a microphone and the fans do not want to hear what she has to say, they drown her out in boos, but after checking a stopwatch Bella seems perfectly ok with that. Without even trying to speak she lets the crowd boo itself out while keeping an eye on the stopwatch, and after what feels like an eternity she finally announces that it’s been four minutes and fifteen seconds since she walked through the curtain, “which is exactly the amount of time it took to end Nina Wagner’s year long title reign!”

Bella laughs at her own gag like a total goon and the crowd erupts back into boos, and Bella gets on with her victory speech by smugly talking about how hard she worked to get to the top, how she never lost faith in herself when everyone had written her out, this is her destiny, etc, and the best part of this is that she has THE bandana she used to strangle Nina wrapped around her wrist in clear view as she holds the microphone. Bella says that when she first challenged Sasha Sweet for the Lioness of Wrestling title in 2013 she wrote up a list of people she wanted to thank if she had won, but over the years she’s had to cross name after name off of her list, and now the only person she can thank for this tremendous moment in her career is… herself! The fans boo as Bella cackles and after getting that out of her system she talks about “the changing face of Wild Hearts,” particularly her face and how she’s going to change the company, starting with bringing “a little maturity” back to the title. Bella says we won’t be seeing her acting cute or making a fool of herself on foreign television shows, she’s not going to embarrass herself and lose in her first defense, and with her legacy already set Bella says that she’s going to pick the challengers that make the most sense for her pocket boot, telling the booing and unsympathetic fans that she’s earned the right to call her shots after all she’s given to them. Thankfully it looks like Bella is done with her spiel as she calls for a toast from the crowd, she asks the fans to raise their drinks but a lot of folks raise up something else, and before this goes on too much longer Bella is interrupted by the sound of Alex Mesa’s entrance music!

The fans cheer for Alex Mesa crashing Bella’s party and the new champion is royally annoyed at the disrespect, telling Alex she has no business coming out here and that she should turn around and go before “ya get hurt again,” but a resolved looking Alex Mesa just marches right on down to the ring with a mic of her own. Bella takes one step back for every step Alex takes forward and they circle the ring for a brief moment before the former Twin Hearts champion realizes that Bella does NOT want to go face-to-face, and Mesa starts responding to Bella by calling bullshit on how she won the title. Alex says that everyone knows Bella stole the title, she cheated and that’s the only way she was going to beat Nina, and it’s disgusting that she’d come out here and celebrate as if she had actually accomplished something, telling Bella she has NOTHING to be proud about. Alex calls Bella a fake champion (!) and then brings up her promise not to lose in her first defense, saying why don’t they see about that as she challenges Bella for a title match! The crowd pops for Mesa as she stands up to Glaswegian and Bella quickly tells her off, asking “who are YOU” to come out here and start making challenges. Bella asks where Nina Wagner is to ask for her own rematch and Mesa hints at an acting opportunity Nina’s gotten in Korea, Bella scoffs at the idea and jokes that Nina should be great at that “because she’s been pretending to be a wrestler all along,” and Alex Mesa fights back saying that if Bella had HALF of the charm Nina has then maybe she wouldn’t be the least popular person to ever hold that (Lioness of Wrestling) belt.

The crowd pops at that dig as a very annoyed Bella Quinn finally comes forward at Alex, but when Alex goes to step up to her Bella immediately backpedals and tries to defend her star power. Bella claims that she’s going to take Wild Hearts to new heights but not by facing “scrubs” like Alex Mesa, telling Alex to try beating somebody first before she comes begging for a title shot to avenge her “fantasy girlfriend,” and the Gladiatrix adds in the extra personal dig by telling Alex it’s pathetic that she’s still sticking up for someone she’s only an afterthought to. That proves to be all the talking Mesa has patience for as she drops her microphone and rushes forward, but Bella quickly powders out of the ring and backs up the ramp yelling at Mesa to earn her shot. The fans are booing at Bella Quinn as she wags her finger trying to dismiss Alex calling her out, but with her back turned to the entranceway Jonathan Swift walks out to block her escape path! Bella keeps backing up not looking where she’s going even though the fans are starting to cheer and she ends up bumping into Swift, and in a total goof moment she angrily mouths off at whoever she bumped into before going silent when she turns around and faces the 6’5” General Manager! Bella starts backing up from him telling him to hold off on whatever he’s thinking of doing, but Swift gets on his own microphone and tells Bella it’s too late, announcing that he likes the idea of Bella vs. Alex for the title SO much that he just went ahead and signed it for Wild Hearts’ September 1st stadium show in Changsha China! The crowd roars in approval as Bella stomps her feet on the ramp, screaming at Swift about how he can’t just go and do this WHILE he ignores her and plugs how the fans can watch the show!

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Last Woman Standing Main Event
Ata Tatupu vs. Emily Hart

  • Fans have been waiting for this one a very long time, and the first ever one-on-one clash between these two former allies is sure to be SO violent they went ahead and made it a last woman standing match! Ata and Emily have been set on a collision course ever since the Heartbreaker returned and turned her back on everyone who believed in her, and after getting involved with Suzy Conrad and putting Sofia Wrath on the shelf the ONLY option really for Ata Tatupu to deal with Emily is for them to fight until one of them can’t answer a ten count!

Summerfest is tomorrow night and that’s where you need to go if you’re looking for the big spectacle entrances, because after an intro video all we get here is two nasty women walking down to the ring with their fists taped ready to go to war. The fans are super pumped up for the big match as Ambar Garcia does the in ring introductions and Ata is the crowd favorite here, nodding her head with a mean mug for Emily when the fans chant “fuck her up Ata, fuck her up!”

The two PRW Hall of Famers square up and get in each other’s faces to talk some trash before getting down to business, exchanging right hands as the fans go wild! Emily and the Big Dog brawl in the middle of the ring and go blow for blow for a moment until Ata gets Emily off balance, starting the first of a few momentum swings in the opening minutes of this main event. It looks like Tatupu is going to score the first real point when she whips Hart into a corner and goes for a splash, but in the start of a quick sequence Emily ducks out of the way, hits the ropes, and catches Ata with a yakuza kick in the ropes! Emily teases the crowd calling for one more before running to the opposite corner, but the Big Dog runs behind her and nails Emily with a big corner boot of her own! The fans pop hard for that one and Ata quickly whips the Heartbreaker back across the ring, hitting her with that Stinger Splash before mounting the middle rope to rain down some punches! With the crowd counting along Ata pounds Emily ten times and pauses, but in a seriously great little moment Ata shakes her head and goes back to punching Emily! The fans count to twenty before Ata finally dismounts and crouches waiting for Emily to stumble onto her shoulders for a Samoan Drop, but the Heartbreaker slips out the back door and powders out of the ring!

The Big Dog chases after her and the match continues outside the ring with Ata beating on Emily, clubbing her, chopping her, and whipping her into guardrails. The turnaround comes when Ata decides she wants to throw Emily into something a little more solid and goes for a long whip into the ring apron, but Emily slides under the ropes, runs across the ring, and catches Ata with a baseball slide dropkick! It’s Emily’s turn to dole out some offense and she does so with back rakes and throat chops in the mix, being more vicious to make up for being undersized vs. The Scorned Samoan. Tatupu tries mounting a comeback and Emily gouges her eyes to cut her off, leaving Ata blinded while she sneaks away to roll the mats off of the floor! Emily exposes the concrete floor of the Cow Palace and the fans erupt in boos as she pulls Ata into position for a piledriver, but Ata blocks it and instead of doing the old backdrop on the pads deal she pulls Emily’s legs out and drops her on the concrete! The Heartbreaker grabs the back of her head as the fans erupt in cheers and Ata holds onto her legs, dragging her into the right position to catapult her into the ring post! Emily’s face smacks off the metal beam and she stumbles into the barricade before getting sent upside down and into the crowd with a clothesline!

A fan’s drink goes flying as Emily tumbles into the front row and everyone else starts chanting Ata’s name after she plays to the crowd, standing tall for a moment before picking Emily off the floor by her hair. Ata works Emily over with chops and clubs in this great little wacky moment where Emily tries to run away but keeps tripping over people’s feet, and when they reach the exposed part of the floor Ata grabs onto Emily, pounds her into staying still, and just crushes her with a scissors kick while she leans over the barricade! The crowd pops as Emily falls back between the seats in a heap of pain and Ata eventually gets her back up, and it looks like Ata wants to pay Emily back for just thinking about piledriving her on the floor with a suplex onto the exposed concrete, but Emily does everything in her power to stay on her feet and she finally gets an opening on Ata with an eye rake! The fans boo for a moment when Ata is ONLY blinded, but when Emily picks up a chair and rams it into Ata’s face the boos are replaced by shrieks and groans! The Big Dog stumbles away covering her face and Emily Hart finally gets a moment to recover while we take a replay of that nasty chair shot, it was so nasty in fact it busted open Ata’s forehead, and when she turns back to look for her opponent Emily just throws the damn chair at her face!

Ata Tatupu stumbles away and the match continues with Emily getting heat for an extended period, working over the cut on Ata’s head with clawing, biting, and targeted punching while occasionally choking Ata with a ring rope or a camera cord or just her bare hands. The Big Dog is bleeding all over the place and she gets a temporary reprieve when she dazes Emily with elbows and crawls back into the ring, but it doesn’t take long for the Heartbreaker to continue her assault. We get stuff like Emily tying Ata’s arms around the top rope and hitting her with unanswered knife edge chops, Emily bouncing off the ropes to get more height when she stomps on Ata, and at one point Emily mounts Ata in the corner and teases the ten punch gimmick only to dig her nails into the cut forehead! Hart whips Tatupu across the ring and hits her with not one, not two, but three lapping yakuza kicks in the corner, and when Ata drops to the canvas we get our very first ten count spot of this last woman standing match! It looks like Ata is going to beat the count with nothing to worry about, but before she can get up Emily steps on her hands to pin her down! The fans erupt in boos as Emily preens while standing on Ata’s hands and the ref stops counting because this is nonsense, but Hart’s very next move is a shoot piledriver (!) and the Cow Palace erupts with a gasp! There’s definitely drama in the ten count this time as Ata takes a moment to come to before trying to lift herself up with the ropes, but her fingers are not cooperating so she has to get up the hard way and she narrowly beats the ten count!

The fans give the bloodied up former Undisputed Champion some applause while she shakes out her hands before trying to make fists, and her fighting spirit earns her a shithead little golf clap from Emily Hart. Ata winds up for a punch but Emily cuts her off with a boot and picks her up, aiming her at the far corner before running in for the Death Valley Bomb into the buckles – but Ata squirms off of her shoulders and shoves her away! The fans breathe a sigh of relief as both women stumble into opposite corners and Emily quickly turns around to go back on the attack, but she ends up running straight into a Super Kick instead to a road warrior pop from the crowd! Ata gets the break she needed to recover and fire up and she just lets her hands go when Emily Hart returns to a vertical base, tagging Emily up something nasty as the fans go wild for the comeback! Emily bumps and feeds for a series of clotheslines before getting whipped to the ropes, scooped up, and slammed down hard with a Samoan Drop from the Samoan Superwoman! Ata sits up and pumps her fists as the fans pop hard and Emily takes the chance to roll out of the ring, leaning on the apron until Tatupu stomps on her fingers in a great payback spot, and Ata follows up with a big double axe handle that sends Emily stumbling into the guardrail! An utterly desperate Emily Hart freaks some dude out by trying to pull his chair out from under him, but Ata saves his seat by grabbing Emily’s hair and throwing her into the ring post, and in a very brutal sequence Emily bounces off of the post and gets dropped on the floor with a big back suplex!

With Emily writhing in pain and Ata catching a breather after a rush of offense the ref starts counting both women out, but instead of counting the numbers along with him the crowd chants “let’s go Ata,” and that chant gets cut off with a pop when she pulls a table out from under the ring! The Big Dog actually uses it as a crutch to help herself get up before trying to set it up, and the Heartbreaker shows some tremendous sense by letting Ata get it just right before jumping her, throwing some clubbing forearms until Ata tackles her back into the barricade! Hart gets lit up by a series of stiff chops and jabs before Ata tucks her in position for a powerbomb through the table – but she manages to block it and then she escapes under Ata’s legs, crawling into the ring as the crowd boos in disappointment. Ata Tatupu goes chasing after Emily but all she catches is a kick in the face, Emily follows up with a rake of the eyes/cut forehead and then she picks Ata up, running across the ring before dumping her with a Death Valley Bomb into the turnbuckles!! The sold out crowd erupts in roar of shocked cries and groans at the sight of Ata taking a nasty, UGLY bump on her head after bouncing off the buckles, getting all kinds of fucked up on that move! Ata is NOT moving and she’s getting counted out while the Heartbreaker drags herself to her feet, looking honestly ready for this one to be done with as her body aches in pain. The fans are getting really concerned for the Big Dog as the referee hits the count of seven while she’s still laid out, but with the ropes right there in front of her she manages to pull herself up RIGHT BEFORE the ref would’ve counted ten! Big pop as the count gets called off!

Emily legit growls in frustration as she goes behind Ata to hit a German Suplex, but the Big Dog is leashed to the ropes and she’s not going anywhere, only letting go to smash Emily in the face with her elbow! We’ve got a big “Ata” chant as she fights back with those back elbow strikes, sending Emily stumbling back! In a great sequence Hart tries to recover with a rolling elbow but Ata ducks it into position for a Rock Bottom, but Emily elbows HER way out of the hold and just keeps hammering Ata until she can spike her with a DDT! The fans groan as Emily takes a breather out of recapturing the flow of this match as it gets closer and closer to reaching a conclusion, and after a moment to think about WHAT she can do to keep the former Undisputed Champion down for the count Emily drags Ata by her hair and dumps her out to the apron – right next to the table that’s still set up! Hart tries to be clever as she tempts with fate by giving a subtle throat slice motion before stepping through the ropes herself, and the fans don’t seem to pick up on it as they all focus on the impeding table spot! Emily pulls Ata into position for a piledriver either ON the apron or off of it through the table, but Tatupu hooks her arm around the middle rope to block whatever it is and potentially extend her career! Emily beats on her with axe handles and knees but Ata isn’t going down, but the alternative as Emily picks her up might be even worse! Emily Hart gets Ata up on her shoulders and the crowd freaks out thinking Ata’s about to go through the table…!

But the Big Dog struggles until she slips down behind Emily INTO the ring! Emily almost loses her balance and when she turns around to grab the top rope Ata punches her in the face to a roa warrior pop from the crowd! Emily hangs on and Ata wobbles her with second punch, sending her leaning over the table with a third punch – but Emily pulls herself back to safety except there is NO safety as Ata winds up and nails her with a big bloody headbutt! Emily gets painted with Ata’s blood and the crowd erupts in cheers as her knees buckle, she drops onto the apron and a fucking Super Kick lays her out over the table! The crowd is going completely crazy as a bloody and busted up BIG DAWG stumbles over to the nearby corner, climbing up the ropes with Emily lying still on the table! Tatupu climbs up to the top rope and stands up tall, raising her arm in the air before leaping down…!


The double stomp breaks the Heartbreaker through the table to a legit road warrior pop in the Cow Palace and that was a car crash and half, with Ata almost eating shit herself as she stumbles back into the steps, but luckily she manages to take a seat instead of wiping out! It looks like Emily just busted a lung or a spleen or something as she writes in pain holding her torso, and feeling like THIS IS IT the eleven thousand fans in attendance start counting along with the referee! But it doesn’t look like Ata is finished (with you!) yet as she gets up and walks toward the crowd, showing off some fucking strength late in this brutal contest as she lifts up a section of the guardrail (!) and drops it on top of Emily Hart! Ata wedges it under the ring with Emily trapped on the bottom and the fans know what’s she doing here, and they’re going absolutely wild as she walks over the railing and flattens Emily some more before climbing into the ring! Emily Hart is pinned under the guardrail as the ref restarts the ten count, and the fans count along as she struggles just to recover after that huge stomp through the table! The ref gets up to seven before she can even start trying to get up, but with the guardrail on top of her like a big metal blanket she isn’t going anywhere!! Emily is still on her back on the floor and she lets out a loud angry scream after the ref counts ten!!!

  • Ata Tatupu def. Emily Hart in the Last Woman Standing match at 22:31!

With her face covered in blood The Big Dog raises her arms in the air BEFORE the ten count because she knows it was already over, and while she’s not smiling after going through that war it’s pretty clear how satisfied and relieved she is to have put Emily away! The fans from San Francisco and the fans from all over the world here in the Cow Palace on Summerfest weekend give Ata Tatupu a standing ovation after putting this off in a tremendous, truly exiting match that Matilda Christopher DARES PRW to top tomorrow night, and our incredible final shot of Emily Hart for this show is actually of her starting to laugh, still stuck under the guardrail, but maybe finding some humor in how this all folded out, and the BIG DOG closes the show as she poses on the ropes for all of the fans!

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